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<wens> apritzel: I actually don't know much about the A80 dram controller
<wens> btw, on the R40, there's this "new" PLL lock status mode, which I had to turn off to get the lock bit working with the old code
<wens> miasma: EFI seems to be u-boot core stuff, I don't know what we need to do to support it... maybe nothing?
<wens> miasma: display should also have an RGB (LCD) column
<wens> maybe VGA and TV composite if you want to be specific
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<miasma> wens: right thanks. what about FEL, does it need some extra support? thinking about this https://linux-sunxi.org/FEL/USBBoot#SoC_support_status
<miasma> wens: tbh, I tried to extract info all over the wiki, but a lot of things aren't mentioned at all for that table. I'm not sure how to come up with the data without testing all boards or reading through the u-boot sources. maybe others with more knowledge can help later. that was just the first attempt to build such a table
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<wens> miasma: i guess you could focus on SoC supoprt first, meaning if a feature is supported on 1 board for an SoC, it's supported
<wens> miasma: as for FEL, i think that is up to sunxi-tools, not U-boot
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<codekipper> wens: Hi, do you have your A31 boards nearby?
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<codekipper> I'm struggling with the SPDIF clock.
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<wens> codekipper: i do
<wens> however i don't have a coaxial cable for that board
<wens> i keep forgetting to bring it
<codekipper> I don't need you to verify sound...just need the playback to last the expected length
<codekipper> which board do you have?...and what branch do you work ontop of?...I'll put together some patches.
<wens> sina31s, sunxi-next should be fine
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<KotCzarny> random funny quote of the day: OMAP 5432 has 270 pages just of contents and is about 3500 pages in all and Willi tells me is still missing vital bits
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<codekipper> wens: ok...I'll email them to you soon...thanks.
<beeble> KotCzarny: documentation can be fun. one time i read something in a freescale manual describing how to change some settings. but that was actually just a copy&paste of the verilog code and would have required synthesizing different silicon
<wens> codekipper: it's easier if you have a branch i could use directly :)
<codekipper> wens: I can't push at the mo but have your sunxi-next syned
<codekipper> synced
<codekipper> it's 3 patches
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<lovepupils> I tried understanding branches, once...
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<jski> armbian uses the orangepi's kernel?
<KotCzarny> depends
<KotCzarny> not for h3 though
<jski> it is a 3.4...
<KotCzarny> but its from another vendor
<jski> am impressed with the armian image for orange pi though was very easy and works
<jski> so far :D
<KotCzarny> and im impressed how usable android for h3 could be
<KotCzarny> :)
<MoeIcenowy> KotCzarny: how are your android for oranges? ;-)
<KotCzarny> MoeIcenowy: fine, i've managed to make it work on my opipc with 8188eu realtek dongle (and at the same time probably on most other realteks ;)
<MoeIcenowy> how about 8189fs?
<KotCzarny> works
<MoeIcenowy> congrats ;-)
<KotCzarny> though i should test my latest build on my opi+2e again after changes i did for wifi
<KotCzarny> also, i've reenabled status bar and soft keys
<KotCzarny> which make it now possible to run youtube in firefox in background
<KotCzarny> yay for youtube playlists!
<KotCzarny> and did few other tweaks on the way
<KotCzarny> i still have mainline for H3 in todo list though
<igraltist> hi
<igraltist> my orangepi-pc is arrived
<igraltist> hmm but powersupply is missing
<lovepupils> kot are you talking about android-tv or just android
<lovepupils> igraltist, powersupply does not come with it unless you order it or buy a "bundle"
<KotCzarny> just android
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<KotCzarny> but since it's 'just android' one can install anything
<KotCzarny> for example kodi
<jski> igraltist: lol
<lovepupils> eh, I doubt arm can play my hi10p weeb stuff, intel atom is now barely handling it
<jski> I got a pc plus and a pc plus 2 with only 1 cable
<igraltist> i order of course a powersupply but is not arrieved
<lovepupils> I use a nvidia shield tv as kodi box, that tegra is a beast
<KotCzarny> igraltist: maybe it was sent with another carrier/package
<KotCzarny> lovepupils: my opipc is playing youtube now, 40C, 480mhz clock, as long codec is supported by hardware,its fine
<lovepupils> it could be, my pc2 was in a small box, no space for a powersupply. if those boxes are presealed and ready to ship, it's quicker for them to send the ps separately
<lovepupils> after all, china govt subsidizes them for shipping
<KotCzarny> lovepupils: seriously?
<KotCzarny> that would explain a thing or two
<lovepupils> yes KotCzarny I have no doubts about that. I was specifically referring to the out of standard hi10p for h264, which has to be done in cpu
<KotCzarny> i was asking about govt subsidizing
<lovepupils> yes, it is a fact, they pay exporters for shipping
<lovepupils> up to a certain threshold
<igraltist> can i use usb for power?
<KotCzarny> igraltist: you can,but expect crashes
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<KotCzarny> and no, you better grab proper power supply
<KotCzarny> you can connect power to gpio pins
<lovepupils> is it normal that the "power button" on my orangepi pc2 does nothing? I have to plug/unplug power everytime (after shutdown)
<KotCzarny> yup
<KotCzarny> it's up to OS
<KotCzarny> connect a switch on the power cable if you plan on doing dev work
<lovepupils> but if it is off, can I not use it to power on? how sad. Not a huge concern since mine will be running 24/7 but still
<KotCzarny> it's always on
<KotCzarny> if you connect power
<KotCzarny> its just that legacy uboot sleeps and waits for power button
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<jski> you need a good 2A power supply
<lovepupils> I plug the power, leds fire up, debian starts without pressing buttons. This is expected afaik and I'm okay with this. Then in debian I shutdown -h now, board remains with only one led.
<lovepupils> now pressing or holding the button does nothing, I have to unplug and replug to boot. is this correct?
<dgp> lovepupils: the kernel can't actually turn the hardware off so it just sits there
<lovepupils> or is it up to my image
<noblock> I tried to run a mainline kernel on my H5 opipc2 board without any success. Do you know how to proceed? (u-boot compatibility...)
<KotCzarny> android does just reset into sleeping uboot on 'shutdown'
<jski> apt-get upgrade taking ages on stock armbian image
<KotCzarny> so unless you have proper software, no banana
<lovepupils> noblock, no unfortunately all I did was building a jessie image from the H5 SDK, not armbian
<KotCzarny> noblock: not ready yet, come back in 2017
<noblock> Some patches are already available - This must be working...
<KotCzarny> if you are a dev, go for it, otherwise, see above
<lovepupils> by the way should you attempt to build from H5 SDK, please go through the issues first as some patches have to be applied by hand
<dgp> some patches == working? :/
<ErwinH> Haha, at least there is someone at Xunlong working on it :)
<jski> is anyone here from Xunlong?
<noblock> The H5 legacy is working with poor performances - the NFS is slow, and this is not the only issue.
<dgp> So there will be some patches with printk's at every function entry and exit at some point? ;)
<dgp> noblock: and..? no ones going to fix it for you right here and now.
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<jelle> jski: don't think so
<lovepupils> the jessie image I built (after enabling nfsd in the kernel) is doing good enough for me to stream 8 GB movies ( 30 Mbps) to my kodi box.
<lovepupils> not a scientific measurement by all means but good for me
<dgp> lovepupils: "good enough" is basically all you can expect for stuff that's this cheap
<lovepupils> yes and I am happy. 20 bucks and I have a NAS + torrentbox with low consume. I do not plan to guide Missions to Mars from it :)
<ErwinH> Still you should be able to get a better performance (as a server) from the PC2 than from a RPI3. :)
<lovepupils> other people goals may vary
<noblock> dgp: Yes indeed; I may help on the mainline; But some help to start a mainline kernel is helpful. Is the provided u-boot compatible with the dtb or not? etc...
<lovepupils> yes excluding price, the rpi3 STILL has 100M eth0 on the usb bus
<dgp> noblock: If it's something that's public knowledge it's probably on the wiki
<lovepupils> the pc2 has gigabit on it's own bus
<lovepupils> its*
<dgp> lovepupils: all the raspberry pi stuff is a joke.. they basically produce e-waste while making it look like they are saving the children
<KotCzarny> and has each usb port on own cpu line
<KotCzarny> not on internal usb hub
<lovepupils> oh that's great news
<jski> compiling linux headers on the pi pc plus taken over 30 minutes :/
<KotCzarny> that's expected
<jski> :)
<KotCzarny> grab better sd card or connect usb-hdd
<lovepupils> well still gotta give them credit for reaching the mass. it's thanks to them that I bought a raspi B+, realized its limitations and looked at Xulong :D
<jski> I stupidly tried this image on a transcend one :(
<jski> should of used the samsung or sandisk :P
<lovepupils> have :)
<lovepupils> what do you people actually do with your boards, other than developing?
<KotCzarny> home router/server, audio player, video box, compile farm
<jski> if I dd the same armbian image to emmc should it boot the same?
<KotCzarny> jski: different mmc device, so update uboot/fstab etc
* jelle uses mine as an audio player too
<jski> just the config though right?
<KotCzarny> just guessing, never done that. but emmc is seen from the os as another sd card
<lovepupils> router with a single interface?
<KotCzarny> lovepupils: banana pi r1
<jski> will try if/when this upgrade finishes
<KotCzarny> but you can always buy usb-eth or usb-wifi
<lovepupils> oh this looks cool
<KotCzarny> lovepupils: if you talk about bpi r1, beware, its severely limited. good for home/unimportant stuff
<KotCzarny> best if you have external router/fw too
<jonkerj> I think that goes for all allwinner-based stuff
<KotCzarny> jonkerj: well, tkaiser uses allwinner boards in commercial tasks, so not that bad as you would think
<KotCzarny> ;)
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<jonkerj> don't think they are bad, but you should really know what to expect when you're depending on it
<lovepupils> are you implying my 40€ tp-link is better than this?
<jonkerj> of course, that goes for everything
<jski> I only worry about the life expectancy for allwinner
<KotCzarny> lovepupils: nope, im saying bpi-r1 has a quirky design
<dgp> lovepupils: espressobin is probably the board to go for if you want a router and can wait until march
<jski> I will be using it commercial
<lovepupils> oh wait the "wan" port is actually another ehternet
<lovepupils> for a sec I thought it could do dsl
<lovepupils> over twisted pair
<lovepupils> ok I'm generally skeptical of kickstarter but I'll keep eyeing this espressobin
<jski> this armbian images does not show the other uarts :(
<dgp> lovepupils: it should be generally available in march. Should have mainline support etc
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<igraltist> is there an os which default support the basic orangepi?
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<KotCzarny> armbian
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<igraltist> hmm the smartphone powersupply looks not enough no led when power up
<jski> is it 1A?
<jonkerj> I'm a bit of an oddball here, since I use ubuntu with a externally sourced kernel/uboot
<igraltist> no 2A
<jski> should be fine
<jski> cheap psu?
<igraltist> huawei
<lovepupils> I advise against power through the uUsb
<igraltist> but i try different
<ErwinH> lovepupils: Router on a stick, but I wouldn't use an ARM for that purpose ;)
<KotCzarny> smartphone powersupply is a big no-no
<KotCzarny> if you want nice psu google: meanwell rs-50-5
<jonkerj> yeah those are even better
<KotCzarny> if you want one with 12V too google: rd-65a
<KotCzarny> (or was it rd-65b)
<jonkerj> but cheap ass switching china PSU works for a couple of pi's for me
<lovepupils> if you have a PSP, the sony power supply is perfect
<jonkerj> make sure you have smoke detector
<KotCzarny> jonkerj: sure, sometimes works, sometimes you get eth/mmc errors, sometimes it reboots itself, etc
<jonkerj> and dont be surprised if your board is fried (same goes for china usb psu)
<jonkerj> not with these bricks
<jonkerj> you set the voltage with a potmeter
<jonkerj> and they are fairly powered (25W in my case)
<KotCzarny> i power whole bunch of stuff with rd-65, 2x hdd, bpi-r1, monitor, sometimes switch
<MoeIcenowy> to be honest the charger come with my Xiaomi phone is ok ;-)
<KotCzarny> MoeIcenowy: those things aren't meant to run 24/7
<jonkerj> I think the meanwell is more or less the same brick as the one I linked, Kot
<KotCzarny> ;)
<lovepupils> so to use these bricks you have to link wires to them and the board?
<MoeIcenowy> KotCzarny: ah... ok
<jonkerj> lovepupils: yeah, connect mains cord with screws, connect 5v wires using a barrel plug (ebay them as well) and use a voltmeter to double check it's not spewing 10kV to your pi :-)
<KotCzarny> lovepupils: yup, but you can buy ready made connectors
<jonkerj> ebay calls the pi plugs "1.7mm x 4.0mm Male DC Power Plug"
<jonkerj> 10pcs for $2 shipped, iirc
<dgp> jonkerj: also make sure not to touch the mains terminals when it's powered
<jonkerj> indeed
<KotCzarny> :)
<jonkerj> and I discovered that you need to tighten the bolts really really good
<KotCzarny> dgp: i've bought optional protection plate for it
<jonkerj> icinga (home monitoring, I tend to overdo stuff) notified me that my pis went down
<dgp> my Anker multiport charger seems to have no problems powering anything with a USB port. 2A on 5 ports
<jonkerj> I almost electrocuted my wife when I called her to check the cupboard
<KotCzarny> o.O
<jonkerj> on of the main leads had escaped the screw terminal
<jonkerj> :-)
<dgp> jonkerj: You're meant to use crimp terminals I think ;)
<jonkerj> ssssht
<dgp> So the wires can't escape the screw
<jonkerj> but you are completely right
<jonkerj> but they can escape the crimp
<jonkerj> it is a skill to do that right
<jonkerj> and easy to do it wrong
<KotCzarny> you can also secure cble to the box, so it won't wiggle
<jonkerj> doing all those things this weekend
<dgp> yeah tell me about it. I bought a decent crimping tool and I still can't crimp 2.54mm terminals without them looking like crap :(
<jonkerj> I find those hard too
<KotCzarny> i've tried to crimp thos gpio pin terminals with with pliers. failed miserably
<KotCzarny> yeah, adding relays soon too
<dgp> orange pi zero would be pretty good for this sort of home automation project.. ;)
<jonkerj> only trouble is that there seems to be no way to uniquely identify the multiple ch341's in the usb hub
<jonkerj> they have no serial
<jonkerj> and hub port enumeration is not very deterministic, I find
<dgp> jonkerj: ch341s a cheap so you probably can't change the usb id .. cp2102 isn't much more expensive and you can change the product name etc and then use some path in sysfs/dev to find the right one
<jonkerj> yeah, I know
<jonkerj> but I found out most usbuart clones (pl, cp, ftdi) are unreliable @ 115200, except ch341
<jonkerj> so I use those, since H3 defaults to 115200
<lovepupils> all that stuff just to make sure it gets the correct (and costant) power?
<dgp> jonkerj: I would thought it would be the other way around :/
<jonkerj> lovepupils: usb-relay to remotely powercycle the pi's, ch341 for usb<->uart, hub for putting it all together
<jonkerj> lovepupils: I use a system outside that picture to access the TTY of my pi's and control their power. Really great for remote developping kernel/uboot/fdt-stuff
<jonkerj> and maybe adding a pi0 to be that control system would not hurt. Add that to this board, ethernet switch.. good idea!
<lovepupils> very interesting
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<codekipper> jonkerj: nice rack :-)
<codekipper> there should be more show and tell on here
tkaiser has joined #linux-sunxi
<KotCzarny> or just make a wiki page for people to link their productions?
<jonkerj> I am thinking about mounting the boards vertically, so I can add more
<KotCzarny> this one is cute
<tkaiser> jski: You should urgently visit docs.armbian.com
<jonkerj> ok, now I really need a laser cutter
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<scelestic> KotCzarny: nice one, still looking for a few sbc's cheap enough to make one as well
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<jski> tkaiser: what am I looking for on there? :)
tkaiser has joined #linux-sunxi
<tkaiser> jski: The stuff you're asking for (how to transfer installation to eMMC, serial ports and so on). We wrote documentation for a reason.
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<jski> not got that far yet
<jski> still compiling headers :/
<tkaiser> jski: Run iotop in another shell and you know why. Better call nand-sata-install prior to updates, eMMC is way more fast.
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<jski> yes I should of setup on there first
<jski> iotop is not installed
<jski> can see using top it is running the make commands
<jski> is okay can work it out armbian is well setup :)
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<igraltist> hmm still no leds
<tkaiser> igraltist: Which OS image?
<igraltist> still downloading :D
<igraltist> so without os its does not trigger on leds?
<tkaiser> Without a booting OS image and powering the board either through barrel plug or GPIO pins you'll never see an led.
<zoobab_> anyone ever played with lsgpio on 4.8?
<zoobab_> CNX said kernel guys have introduced deprecation of sysfs
<KotCzarny> wtf
<zoobab_> and people have to use /dev/gpiomem entries as far as I understood
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<zoobab_> yeah, how to convert shell guys in C developers :-)
<KotCzarny> seriously, dev, proc, udev, sysfs, now back to dev?
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<zoobab_> maybe sysfs is kept as backward compatibility, still have to play with it
<zoobab_> if I get a 4.8 on one of my boards
<dgp> zoobab_: this is the sysfs gpio interface that's deprecated right?
<KotCzarny> if you have any a20 board its a nobrainer
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<zoobab_> yeah, I have many a20
<zoobab_> bananapi 1
<KotCzarny> then you should've done it long time ago
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<mripard> zoobab_: gpiomem has never been supported upstream, that's just rpism
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<jski> I feel like the compiling headers is going round in circles :D
<jski> can systemd attach to the build process pid for more output?
<KotCzarny> jski: you can run strace -p pidofprocess
<KotCzarny> but if you ask about console output, in the future run on a 'screen'
<jski> I am using screen
<jski> have had "Compiling headers - please wait ..." for 2 hours
<KotCzarny> check swap usage, process list, top etc
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<tkaiser> jski: you know http://image.armbian.com/betaimages/ ?
lkcl has joined #linux-sunxi
elvirolo has joined #linux-sunxi
<elvirolo> hi all
<ElBarto> mripard: thanks, I assumed this was on your local tree but wanted to be sure that I was looking at the right place (answer here so I don't pollute the list once more)
<ElBarto> mripard: also follow up to that, it seems that the mmc-pwrseq is not needed on this board, we (FreeBSD) don't support that and the emmc works
<ElBarto> also I haven't configure uboot to do the pwr-seq (don't even know if it supports it) and no problem using the emmc
<msevwork> tkaiser, i invite you to join #armbian the unofficial armbian irc channel
<msevwork> in addition to other guys here
<msevwork> :D
<msevwork> everyone whos using armbian should go there so we have a nice use base of opinions :D
<tkaiser> msevwork: No way, thanks.
<msevwork> :P
<mripard> ElBarto: might be, I never really looked at tha board
<mripard> feel free to send a patch removing it if it doesn't need it
<ElBarto> I'll probably do that, might contact the olimex guy that did the dts first
<ElBarto> maybe it depends on the board rev and they all share the same dts ...
<ElBarto> I have three of them, need to check the rev on each
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<jski> no not tried the beta image
elvirolo has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
<igraltist> why the armbian guys use 7z for compressing
<jski> preference?
<jski> it has a good high compression ratio
<tkaiser> igraltist: Size and compression happens multi-threaded (important since we produce +80 images with a new release)
<jski> :D
<jski> don't like this nand-sata-install... it is to easy to use...
<igraltist> space is today not so important
<tkaiser> igraltist: Good to know. Thanks. As soon as .etch format is established I hope we'll switch to this: https://github.com/resin-io/etcher/issues/906
<zoobab_> @mripard don't know what they are using as a naming convention now with 4.8
<zoobab_> avoid bzip2, lbzip2 uses all the cores
<zoobab_> we are in 2016 after all
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<MoeIcenowy> mripard: is there anywhere we can find your WIP codes for CSI?
leviathanch has joined #linux-sunxi
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<igraltist> orangepi-pc cant get power over usb otg this means waiting untill powersupply arrives
<KotCzarny> gpio pins
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<ErwinH> Let the fun part begin, 4.9 running on OrangePi PC2 :D
<lovepupils> is that a goal or a fact? :D
<ErwinH> That's a fact :)
<ErwinH> Nothing works, but it's running :
<lovepupils> oh so it's an hyperbole
<lovepupils> jk, good stuff
<cnxsoft> zoobab_: I did not know lbzip2. I can see it can be used with tar too. This probably deserves an article.
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<tkaiser> cnxsoft: I did some tests a while ago to identify the best compressor when used on a SBC (depends then on CPU horsepower): https://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/2096-backup-script-for-block-devices/?p=16035
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<tkaiser> cnxsoft: And post #14 in same thread.
<tkaiser> cnxsoft: pigz looks also good or even better.
<cnxsoft> tkaiser: You have not test lbzip2 though. Are pbzip2 and lbzip2 very similar?
<tkaiser> cnxsoft: Testing right now ;)
<cnxsoft> I'm compressing mainline linux on my main PC now...
<cnxsoft> It takes longer than I expected...
<tkaiser> cnxsoft: Do you run 'iostat 5' in parallel to get a clue whether you're bottlenecked by IO?
<cnxsoft> Nope. I'm pretty sure it will bottleneck. Just testing a real case scenario. The files are on a HDD so I/O will slow things down for sure.
<cnxsoft> time tar cjf linux2.tar.bz2 linux --use-compress-program lbzip2
<cnxsoft> does not work for some reasons. I'll check that tomorrow.
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<tkaiser> ErwinH: Did you activate ehci/ohci nodes in DT?
<ErwinH> Not yet, why?
<tkaiser> Since apritzel mentioned USB should already be working IIRC
IgorPec has joined #linux-sunxi
<jski> thanks for providing the armbian examples they are really good
<ErwinH> tkaiser: connecting a usb device does not give any output in dmesg.
<ErwinH> But that might as well be a configuration error.
<tkaiser> ErwinH: Does lsusb output anything?
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<ErwinH> lsusb isn't installed yet...
<ErwinH> And 4.9 doesn't have internet-access yet, since the emac driver is missing.
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<ErwinH> There are so many versions of the linux kernel available you just don't know which one's the best...
<jski> ^^
<jski> could say the same for distros
<jski> I am use to gentoo and arch but now trying to install all the libs requried for my projects on armbian :D
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<jski> any idea which package i require for ft2build.h?
<jski> i have freetype2-demos and type6 packages
massi has joined #linux-sunxi
<jski> oh missed the dev on 6 :/
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<willmore> Do all allwinner chips have an OpenRISC core in them or just some of them?
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<noblock> jski: ft2build.h is located in the package: freetype
<jski> yes libfreetype6-dev
<jski> I don't miss debian or ubuntu in the slightest
chomwitt has joined #linux-sunxi
<buZz> jski: you must have good aim then
<buZz> :)
<buZz> willmore: afaik, none of them
<noblock> I'm using mainly the distribution Slackware.
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<jski> buZz: lol
<noblock> ErwinH: On the H5/opipc2 mainline are you using the legacy u-boot?
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<jski> 20 days for another orangepi pc plus :(
<ErwinH> noblock: Yup
<ErwinH> u-boot 2014.07 from OrangePiH5SDK and modified mainline 4.9
JohnDoe_71Rus has joined #linux-sunxi
<elvirolo> I have an Olimex Lime2 (A20) board, which freezes about once a day. I've been running the DRAM test from https://linux-sunxi.org/Olimex_A20-OLinuXino-Lime2#Hardware_reliability.23DRAM_test_results with the Debian Wheezy official image and the system freezes at Block Sequential : setting 81. I've read I should lower the DRAM frequency.
<elvirolo> Thanks :)
<elvirolo> 3) I can't find documentation exaplaining when and how to adjust CPU freq and voltage.
<elvirolo> 2) I normally use an Arch ARM image, with a different kernel version. Will I be able to apply the same changes to it?
<elvirolo> 1) Is this done by recompiling uboot?
<willmore> buZz, *sigh*
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<zoobab_> so booked HSBXL for 2 days before FOSDEM for the zmq hackaton, if sunxi devs are interested we could also do a hackaton in parallel
<jelle> ah fun
<jelle> zoobab_: I'm tempted, is taototek coming? :p
<zoobab_> yes
<zoobab_> you know him?
<jelle> zoobab_: yup from other places
<jelle> zoobab_: how big is the space?
<zoobab_> let me try to find some pictures
<jelle> zoobab_: /me will just check the website :)
juri_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<zoobab_> yeah the website needs some revamp
<jelle> ah nice
chomwitt1 has joined #linux-sunxi
<jelle> zoobab_: =)
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<ErwinH> Sweet: cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp => 39168
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<noblock> H5/opipc2 : Do you know the CPU voltage controller model?
<miasma> isn't it mentioned on the datasheets
<lovepupils> temp is rounded to integers for me (xulong image)
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<tkaiser> elvirolo: You need to compile u-boot and choose a sane DRAM clockspeed there.
juri_ has joined #linux-sunxi
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<tkaiser> noblock: Did you had a look into PC 2 wiki page?
<elvirolo> tkaiser: Thanks.
<elvirolo> tkaiser: that's wonderful, thank you
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<tkaiser> elvirolo: The 480 MHz advertised and even commited by Olimex never worked. They sent a patch few weeks ago so if you're using mainline u-boot you should be ok (now).
<noblock> The H5/opipc2 wiki contains mainly chapter titles - The voltage controller is likely defined in the schematics (I've not checked yet).
<elvirolo> tkaiser: Ok, I'll recompile uboot and see. Thanks a lot for your help.
<lovepupils> iirc I read somewhere it is the same as the H3
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<KotCzarny> umkay, quick hdparm test of jmc578 based adapter: Timing buffered disk reads: 110 MB in 3.01 seconds = 36.55 MB/sec
<KotCzarny> (banana pi r1, @~700mhz)
<KotCzarny> |__ Port 1: Dev 18, If 0, Class=Mass Storage, Driver=uas, 480M
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<KotCzarny> hdparm -i isnt supported, smartctl is (with -d sat)
<ErwinH> The SY8106a controller also works with the patches from megous.
<tkaiser> lovepupils: There is no 'generic' coltage regulation with H3 or H5 boards.
<tkaiser> ErwinH: Tried already with H5 / OPi PC 2?
cptG has joined #linux-sunxi
<KotCzarny> tkaiser, what was iozone cmdline?
<tkaiser> KotCzarny: tkaiser iozone site:forum.armbian.com <-- google
<ErwinH> tkaiser: Yes, just compiled.
<tkaiser> ErwinH: Nice :)
<KotCzarny> oh well, im in a hurry now. will test later then
<ErwinH> Only thing I forgot to bring is my multimeter... :)
<lovepupils> The SY8106A is an I2C programmable voltage regulator used by Orange Pi boards with H3 SoC. The default/initial voltage is configured via a pair of resistors.
<lovepupils> is this not it?
<lovepupils> for H3 at least
<ErwinH> It says it's running at 900mV
<tkaiser> lovepupils: Outdated information. On all the newer/smaller H3 boards it's a more primitive voltage regulator.
<tkaiser> But OPi PC 2 uses SY8106A and all this stuff should be on the device pages in our wiki.
<lovepupils> I see thanks
<KotCzarny> tkaiser: on newest h5 based boards (zero plus and prima) there will be probably NO voltage regulator, or unconfigurable
<KotCzarny> stuck on 1.1V
<tkaiser> KotCzarny: We will see, the latest commits over there are simply weird.
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<tkaiser> But at least OPi PC 2 is the board where DVFS works with mainline but not with legacy kernel. Nice :)
<KotCzarny> hehe
<tkaiser> KotCzarny: If you redo your tests better choose a H3 device with mainline kernel.
<lovepupils> I am very happy to see interest in the PC2 here, I was starting to feel I made a bad purchase given my limited dev abilities
<tkaiser> ErwinH: 'weird' as already mentioned ;)
<ErwinH> Sorry, didn't notice.
<KotCzarny> tkaiser, then tests will have to wait, as i need this disk online (and previous adapter either died or dies)
<lovepupils> (although the debian I built from the "SDK" is good enough for my pleb goals for now)
<ErwinH> BUt looks like they adjust the voltage from userland?
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<tkaiser> ErwinH: How should this be possible with SY8106A?
<ErwinH> No, I mean with the Zero plus
lemonzest has joined #linux-sunxi
<tkaiser> ErwinH: There's obviously a little bug in the BSP that prevents voltage regulation done by the driver. And instead of fixing it strange workarounds are introduced for whatever reasons.
<tkaiser> ErwinH: In the past Xunlong OS images did voltage regulation on the smaller H3 Oranges not correctly. Now it seems they repeat this BS with H5...
<tkaiser> ErwinH: Also fiddling around in sys_config.fex for this other H5 board while fiddling around in DT with PC 2... WTF? And then this https://github.com/OrangePiLibra/OrangePi_H5SDK/blob/8f1abd319f0c41b0f9d25dbdd902706ecbdf66c2/external/sys_config/OrangePiH5_Zero_Plus2_sys_config.fex#L932 is only useful when relying on the deprecated sunxi gpio driver. This is a clear sign of missing understanding.
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<tkaiser> And in [dvfs_table] section this stuff https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib/blob/master/config/fex/orangepizero.fex#L731-L734 is missing
<ErwinH> At least they are trying to improve by giving something that kind of works, and in the meantime, lets get mainline in a state that makes the board usable as servers.
<ErwinH> The hardware is pretty ok, especially for the money :)
<tkaiser> ErwinH: Since DVFS is working all that's missing is GMAC + USB (and according to apritzel this should also work already). So we're almost there :)
<ErwinH> Yup :)
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<tkaiser> ErwinH: In case you have Buddy's BSP stuff up and running you could give it a try to add pmuic_type = 2 to dvfs table section. And adjust the dvfs operating points according to https://github.com/OrangePiLibra/OrangePi_H5SDK/blob/master/external/sys_config/OrangePiH5_PC2_sys_config.fex#L1375-L1382
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<lovepupils> btw I should note that at the moment the building.sh cannot build an image from zero without patching (issue 3 iirc), because kernelcompile.sh tries to run pack and cannot find uboot or something because it's not ready yet
afaerber has joined #linux-sunxi
<lovepupils> not that I think anyone here would want to build form Buddy repo alone...
<tkaiser> ErwinH: Something like this http://pastebin.com/TypVYtLv
<tkaiser> lovepupils: He should have done the same as longsleep: Instead of dealing with this smelly BSP mess, checking out u-boot 2014.07, then importing BSP changes and then adopting stuff as longsleep did 11 months ago for A64. As it is now every second spent with this BSP mess is a wasted second.
<lovepupils> yes I read the thread on the armbian forum, you are right
<tkaiser> ErwinH: A typo of course, it should *not* read 'muic_type = <0x2>;'
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<jski> yay orangepi pc plus with armbian is running all my hardware and apps using the 40pin connector :D
* jski ships it to a customer
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<hojnikb> tkaiser: H5 already has a bootable mainline kernel ??
<tkaiser> ErwinH: At least with A64 it was necessary for DVFS changes to adjust the stuff already in u-boot. Playing around with dtc later wasn't an option.
<tkaiser> hojnikb: apritzel booted 4.9 on his OPi PC 2 maybe 2 days after he got it, where's the point?
<hojnikb> so dvfs works on mainline, but not much else i suppose
Christos_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<Christos_> Is there any WIP repo with PC2(H5) that we can actually boot for view and test?
fkluknav has joined #linux-sunxi
<MoeIcenowy> Christos_: view the github repo of apritzel
<elvirolo> My question will sound very weird but when I clone the https://github.com/linux-sunxi/u-boot-sunxi repo, many directories are missing. Why is that?
<Christos_> In here?-> https://github.com/apritzel?tab=repositories where exactly since there is no specifc repo for that.. is there?
<tkaiser> elvirolo: Why not 'git://git.denx.de/u-boot.git' instead?
<tkaiser> Christos_: Care to read the backlog? I posted the link to the specific branch not an hour ago as question for ErwinH.
<Christos_> ok, thnx, let me see the irclog
Putti has joined #linux-sunxi
<elvirolo> tkaiser: got the repo URL from this guide: https://github.com/OLIMEX/OLINUXINO/tree/master/SOFTWARE/A20/A20-build-3.4.90
deskwizard has joined #linux-sunxi
<tkaiser> elvirolo: Well, then... ;) As already said: Simply use latest mainline 2016.11 and your problem is gone.
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<miasma> hm, so can the boards that use sy8106a later configure the voltage via i2c once the board is set up?
<miasma> or is it only via resistors
<tkaiser> miasma: I2C of course
<miasma> tkaiser: but the two voltages used e.g. on opi pc are both produced with resistors and gpio?
<tkaiser> miasma: Nope
<miasma> ok, maybe the wiki page needs some fixing then
<tkaiser> miasma: On OPi PC you can adjust voltage between 0 and 1500 in 20mV steps.
<tkaiser> miasma: Which wiki page? On the device pages the correct voltage regulator should be mentioned?
<miasma> so the initial voltage defined with resistors is fixed? it can't be changed in any way?
<miasma> nah, nevermind
<tkaiser> miasma: My understanding is that the initial voltage is set and as soon as something talks to the regulator through I2C it can be adjusted. Otherwise it remains at the 1.1V that are set.
<KotCzarny> miasma, its the bootup default voltage configured via resistors
elvirolo has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
<KotCzarny> then software can do whatever it likes
<miasma> so it's the other regulator that is controlled with gpio
<tkaiser> miasma: Yes
<tkaiser> miasma: But some vendors use the other regulator but are too stupid to add GPIO stuff to turn on/off resistors.
<miasma> I think the datasheet actually says that you could change the voltage in 10 mV steps
<tkaiser> miasma: Banana Pi M2+ also uses SY8113B but uses 1.3V all the time (schematics are of course wrong and mention 1.2V -- the typical 'SinoVoip experience' we all love so much).
<miasma> between 0.68 - 1.95V
<KotCzarny> mmm, 1.95V on opipc, wonder what would happen
<tkaiser> miasma: Then the 20mV are a driver thing (legacy kernel -- no idea how megi's implementation looks like)
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<tkaiser> ErwinH: I don't know whether you missed the suggestion to try this http://pastebin.com/rSjuxq7N out with legacy H5 kernel?
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<tkaiser> Anyway: Since I can't test just a suggestion: https://github.com/OrangePiLibra/OrangePi_H5SDK/issues/6#issuecomment-267383480
elvirolo has joined #linux-sunxi
<elvirolo> tkaiser: ok thanks
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<jski> really confused... I have set up wlan0 and got a dhcp lease however it seems to be using eth0 as when I unplug the network cable connection is lost
<dgp> on the same network?
<tkaiser> jski: Go to Armbian forum and read what to do. TL;DR: BSP kernel sucks
<tkaiser> dgp: Sure ;)
heffer has joined #linux-sunxi
<jski> oh nmtui?
<tkaiser> jski: Set up WiFi (if you did not use 'sudo nmtui' before then please do now), then unplug Ethernet cable, reboot and enjoy WiFi
<jski> package does not exist
<KotCzarny> or just uninstall networkmanager and setup network manually
<tkaiser> KotCzarny: Crappy suggestion!
<jski> I did make my own wifiscript
<jski> the gui networkmanager?
<tkaiser> jski: If nmtui is not available then it's just installing this https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib/issues/493#issuecomment-252751466
<jski> would prefer not to use network-manager
<tkaiser> jski: Then happy suffering. :)
<jski> :D
<jski> does network-manager use systemd-networkd?
<tkaiser> jski: Neither know nor care, it simply works. And it can re-establish lost connections and you can store more than one SSID and and and...
<jski> okay will try it. just reminds me of the bloat in ubuntu :P
<KotCzarny> tkaiser: network manager IS crap
<tkaiser> KotCzarny: Sure! Fiddling around in static config files like we did back in 1970 is the way to go!
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<jski> before time existed :o
<KotCzarny> tkaiser, show me one network admin using nm crap
<KotCzarny> otherwise gtfo
<KotCzarny> hehe
lkcl has joined #linux-sunxi
<tkaiser> KotCzarny: Show me one network admin loving ZeroConf. I'm sure you don't want to hear my opinion on 'the average network admin'
<KotCzarny> mmm, you love it?
<tkaiser> I love 'networking that just works' so of course I do.
<jski> have always used config files but then have never used wifi
<jski> okay tkaiser good news network manager brought wlan0 up
<jski> bad news is I have the same problem :P
<KotCzarny> setting up wifi is just adding wpa_supplicant config, then its usual static ip or dhcp
<jski> network manager did exactly the same as my script
<tkaiser> jski: Nope, you just did not finish what I suggested. Power the board down, disconnect Ethernet cable, enjoy WiFi. And forget about this wpa_supplicant BS
<beeble> if you want /easy/ wlan configuration with systemd-networkd you could use netctl
<jski> so I can not use both at the same time?
<jski> I have no screen
<tkaiser> jski: You can but only if you start to dig a bit deeper. And IMO it's not worth the hassles. Am also too lazy to search for the thread in Armbian forum where everything is explained.
<tkaiser> jski: But as long as both interfaces are connected to the _same_ network you'll always run in trouble when you disconnect the first NIC (Ethernet).
massi has joined #linux-sunxi
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<tkaiser> jski: And in case you want a serial console over USB it's just adding g_serial to /etc/modules and https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib/blob/0ca301701388b6f942a8c66f144adadb96af1032/config/sources/sun8i.conf#L43-L49
mzki has joined #linux-sunxi
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<tkaiser> wens: Did you notice that SinoVoip now also sells BPi M2+ EDU (like M2+ but just 512 MB DRAM, no WiFi/BT and no eMMC).
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<tkaiser> And the next A64 board shares form factor with NanoPi M1: http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/NanoPi_A64/zh#.E6.9C.BA.E6.A2.B0.E5.B0.BA.E5.AF.B8
Christos_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<MoeIcenowy> Nano Pi A64......
<Wizzup> They are very creative
<Christos_> tkaiser: can you describe exactly what tests you would like for the dvfs here?-> https://github.com/OrangePiLibra/OrangePi_H5SDK/issues/6#issuecomment-267388160
<jski> okay thanks tkaiser
<jski> just installed our whole product on the opipc+ took it to my boss in a box connected to wifi running off battery backup and he was shocked at how cheap it is
<Pe3ucTop> Hello once again. Question : which distro+kernel have working camera on OrangePi-Lite/One ?
<Pe3ucTop> and may be someone know, what happend with links for Debian/Lubunt for OrangePi. No possible to download.
<tkaiser> Pe3ucTop: Armbian has improved camera drivers and a thread worth of information. Forget about official forum and OS images.
<tkaiser> Christos_: Someone is needed who can deal with this BSP crap and compile a new image including u-boot+spl (since I would assume DVFS settings live there)
<Christos_> tkaiser: well, a full bootable/working image build was possible lately, but I need someone to tell me what needs to be done exactly if a source or config modification is required from what is currently provided in that BSP
<Christos_> tkaiser: I'm more like a knowledgable user than a dev
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<Christos_> (*rather than*)
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<Christos_> tkaiser: at this moment, the Libra does produce a working image and dtb changes get reflected in the booted system
<tkaiser> Christos_: It's about modification of the .dts file used for u-boot. I neither know where this file is nor whether changes there do anything. I also can not test since I have no board. So this is clearly dev stuff
<tkaiser> Christos_: Nope, I'm talking about something different: u-boot+spl not changes to the .dtb file lying around on the FAT partition. Explained on Github.
<Christos_> tkaiser: the problem there is that I also tried to find how to change u-boot devices and it looks that u-boot specifically relies on .fex and not on .dts ..
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<Pe3ucTop> but what especialy need to be changed in u-boot ?? Is it not enough to change .dts for kernel to startup with needed parameters ??
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<Christos_> tkaiser: from the exact fex you pointed to.
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<tkaiser> Christos_: Still, I don't have a f*cking board here and can not test. And it gets a waste of time. If the fex stuff is read by u-boot then the changes should go there. pmuic_type = 2
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<Christos_> Pe3ucTop: dont know, but since yesterday the changes to .dtb do get reflected (were not in the past), so if someone tells me what to change there I can do it
<tkaiser> Christos_: Noooo, you can't *there* as already explained. Let's stop here. I knew it already. Every second spent with this BSP crap is wasted :(
<Christos_> tkaiser: so you need changes in the u-boot's .fex, right?
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<tkaiser> Christos_: I don't know and that stuff obviously needs someone able to try this simply out. Why not trying it out?
<Christos_> tkaiser: I can put some changes in the u-boot fex and try it out obviously. Just type somewhere exactly what you need to be included in the .fex . Didnt find any reference to pmuic_type searching all BSP so that pmuic_type might not even gets read by any driver at all
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<tkaiser> Christos_: Then this won't work. But somehow the voltage regulation has to be chosen...
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<TheLinuxBug> tkaiser: so is the Orange Pi PC2 even worth getting? Was debating it but from what I can see there is very little support? Was curious your opinion
<Christos_> tkaiser: got to go, if you need a test, specify some details in the opened issue there, I'll see it. seeya
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<tkaiser> Christos_: Thanks
<tkaiser> TheLinuxBug: OPi PC 2 is great especially for the price if your use case involved Network and plenty of USB ports. Please don't ask me about display (and especially Mali) stuff.
<TheLinuxBug> hmm
<TheLinuxBug> so really only good for a NAS based off USB drives it sounds like
<TheLinuxBug> cause it doesn't sound like there would be a good X windows experience based on what you say
<TheLinuxBug> Is Armbian gonna make a release for it?
<tkaiser> Sure, when everything is ready. 2017.
<tkaiser> And when did I say something about X windows (other than that I'm not using it)?
<TheLinuxBug> Is there any gfx acceleration for x windows on it? You made it sound like there wasn't much support
<TheLinuxBug> hmm well I will think on it
<TheLinuxBug> your right the price isn't that bad
<TheLinuxBug> but I really can't think of a good use case atm, was more so gonna get it to tinker and help you guys if you needed it
<TheLinuxBug> was also gonna order an OPi PC Plus to check out as well
<TheLinuxBug> nut that I was more thinking about getting Android working on
<TheLinuxBug> but*
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<tkaiser> TheLinuxBug: 2D and video acceleration should require only minor tweaks and regarding 3D acceleration this thing looks more capable then most Allwinner stuff so far. Also there should be useable Mali450 blobs be around for arm64. But please don't ask me about display/multimedia stuff. I know nothing and don't care.
<mpmc> tkaiser: You seen this "opensource" box? http://www.gearbest.com/tv-box-mini-pc/pp_580662.html
<tkaiser> mpmc: wrong channel, here's not amlogic
<mpmc> tkaiser: I know, hence why I pointed it directly to you as you seem to be pretty up to date on everything from what I've seen :p
<miasma> TheLinuxBug: if you only want accelerated graphics, why would you even buy a SBC?
<tkaiser> mpmc: Nope and not that much interested in 'opensource android TV boxes' anyway.
<TheLinuxBug> miasma: there are many SBCs that can make use of the accelerated graphics and work well for a small desktop client -- tkaiser's explanation actualy tells me the same is probably possible on the H5 board with firmware blobs -- But for example the Orange Pi Plus 2E is quite a power house for a small desktop setup and using Armbian you can play full screen 1080p video using mpv for example - the only missing parts is Chromium acceleration..
<TheLinuxBug> which as far as I know some boards do have, like Odroid C2 for example
<TheLinuxBug> plus SBCs are very low power
<mpmc> tkaiser: I thought I'd see what your opinion of it would be :p I've not heard great things about amlogic & I think I'll give this a pass!
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<tkaiser> Ntemis: You have Lakka support for BPi M3?
<Ntemis> no sorry
<tkaiser> Ntemis: Ok, I'm asking since it's listed as supported (nightly builds)
<Ntemis> whaat? O.o
<Ntemis> hmm
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<willmore> Am I correct in believing that the OpiPC2 runs mainline with working ethernet, USB, and DVFS?
<willmore> And micro-SD...
<Ntemis> u r
<Ntemis> modified mainline 4.9
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Gerwin_J_ is now known as Gerwin_J
<willmore> Cool, thanks.
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<igraltist> hi
<igraltist> does the cubietruck can powered from usb otg?
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<apritzel> igraltist: I wouldn't do it, it _may_(?) work for low loads (like booting), but will probably fail very quickly if you do real stuff
<apritzel> igraltist: I don't have a Cubietruck, but that's my observation when powering the BananaPi M1 from the OTG port (instead of the separate uUSB power port)
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