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<sunshavi> fALSO: have you got libva-v4l2-request working with kernel 5.5 and vlc?
<fALSO> nah, never managed to build with libva-v4l2-request
<fALSO> with recent kernels
<fALSO> i think it needs/or needed specific files from the kernel
<sunshavi> i got it compiled with 5.5 after updating linux-api-headers properly
<sunshavi> but it fails on runtime
<sunshavi> fALSO: let me chk my runtime failures
<sunshavi> see them:
<tuxd3v> sunshavi, I assume you have CEDRUS driver module for the kernel, and have assigned a lets say cma=256mb to bootargs?
<sunshavi> tuxd3v: It was working on kernel 5.4
<sunshavi> i hav done that changes before. But Let me double check
<tuxd3v> maybe I am confusing something to do with panfrost driver and cedrus..
<tuxd3v> cma- contiguos memory assifment
<tuxd3v> assigment
<sunshavi> see: setenv bootargs console=${console} root=PARTUUID=${uuid} rw rootwait cma=256M
<tuxd3v> its needed, but I don't remember if for panfrost or for cedrus ...or for both lol
<tuxd3v> :)
<sunshavi> it is for cedrus :)
<tuxd3v> yeah, and you seems to have it
<sunshavi> I do think libva-v4l2-request needs a tiny change. But I could be wrong
<sunshavi> cos it was working until kernel 5.4. I remember MoeIcenowy mentioned something about a change in an assembler file. Could that be the needed change?
<tuxd3v> I haven't copiled it yet, only CEDRUS, but I read about dependencies and requirements, that's why I remember about cma=?? ;)
<sunshavi> i am going to dig 15 minutes on these and see where it lands me
<tuxd3v> kernel 5.5 brings HEVC/H.265
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<sunshavi> and also fixes H.264
<sunshavi> I have found three patches. I am going to apply them and test
<sunshavi> some compilation issues
<sunshavi> I am going to try to fix them
<sunshavi> just in case:
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<tuxd3v> some struct members are missing indeed.. could be that you are using a older version?
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<tuxd3v> I would go for mainline to check if something changed or not..
<tuxd3v> in mainline I also can't find such members :S
<tuxd3v> in Mainline at least some are there..
<tuxd3v> I assumed you cloned the 2019.03 release
<sunshavi> but there is another pkg that seems to compiled it libva-v4l2-request-hantro-h264-git
<tuxd3v> I was looking to here:
<tuxd3v> its there a reference to release 2019.03, but I believe that mainline is the one to go..
<sunshavi> yes. that is the one that worked until 5.4
<tuxd3v> ho..
<tuxd3v> have you tied mainline branch?
<tuxd3v> tied -> tried
<sunshavi> yes. that is mainline
<sunshavi> the one I am compiling now
<tuxd3v> and it his giving you errors?
<sunshavi> yes
<tuxd3v> humm..
<tuxd3v> because I checked some members of the first struct and they are there declared in :
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<sunshavi> mmm. You are right
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<sunshavi> then what happens with my clone. I am going to check it
<tuxd3v> but its true that I haven't saw '/h264-ctrls.h' included in 'h264.c'
<sunshavi> my clone is from master git://
<sunshavi> How should I proceed?
<sunshavi> i could send an email to the pkg maintainer of libva-v4l2-request-hantro-h264-git. And wait some days for his answer
<sunshavi> I was hoping fALSO got it fixed
<tuxd3v> I first learned about the handtro version by fALSO
<tuxd3v> I didn't knew that it existed before..
<tuxd3v> but I tought it was for rockchip
<sunshavi> i learned by the error today
<tuxd3v> the hantro version doesn't have this problem?
<sunshavi> same error on handtro and on libva-v4l2-request
<fALSO> sorry but lately i havent been playing with the orange pi boards or rockpro
<sunshavi> i would like to know it too (about the hantro)
<fALSO> too much work
<tuxd3v> fALSO hello \o
<fALSO> yo
<tuxd3v> me neither
<tuxd3v> :)
<sunshavi> fALSO: no problem. That is the reason those devices are for hackers
<fALSO> im quite scared of the coronas, starting tomorrow going to work @ home
<tuxd3v> fALSO, yeah that driver, is driving us nuts...
<tuxd3v> I also don't go on the street, when somebody aproxes me, I tell him right way to backof at least 1.5 meters from me
<tuxd3v> :D
<sunshavi> jernej: Do You have any idea about those errors?
<sunshavi> tuxd3v: which country?
<fALSO> portugal
<tuxd3v> yeah
<fALSO> the numbers are duplicating every day... lets hope that everyone stays safe
<tuxd3v> I am scared.. I smoke 2 packs of cigarrets a day..
<sunshavi> both of You on the same country nice. CR7 has some hospitals there
<tuxd3v> sunshavi, yeah, but not for us
<tuxd3v> hehehe
<fALSO> ;-)
<sunshavi> here on South America no soccer player has donated hospitals :)
<tuxd3v> this treatments costs a lot of money, has you need to be conected to life support machines 24x7
<fALSO> sunshavi, from what i've read - that was fake news - the cr7 hospital things
<sunshavi> probably If I need it. my h3 is going to be on sale from my children
<fALSO> a lot of those now passing on
<fALSO> :-X
<fALSO> i just set up Barrier (synergy clone) on my desktop and work computer
<fALSO> now with one keyboard and mouse, i control both machines
<fALSO> the mouse just snaps from windows to linux very nice
<tuxd3v> Barrier is a ssh manager?
<fALSO> nop - shares the mouse and keyboard between two or more computers
<tuxd3v> ok
<fALSO> no need for two keyboard two mouses
<sunshavi> KVM?
<fALSO> software based
<fALSO> a server where you want the main keyboard and mouse (in my case - windows)
<fALSO> and client on my case linux (my work laptop)
<fALSO> when the mouse reaches the rightmost part of my windows screen
<fALSO> just goes to the laptop screen ;-)
<fALSO> pretty awesome
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<tuxd3v> sunshavi, what are the deps for building the libva-v4l2-request?
<tuxd3v> I just cloned master branch
<tuxd3v> and installed libva-dev
<tuxd3v> but I am having some troubles with it..
<jernej> sunshavi: I don't use libva-v4l2-request
<tuxd3v> it says libva not >= 1.1
<tuxd3v> that is silly, I have version 1.7.3-2
<sunshavi> jernej: those errors look familiar? no clue about it?
<sunshavi> tuxd3v: libva libdrm
<jernej> those errors are vaapi specific, so no clue. As I said, I don't use vaapi
<sunshavi> jernej: thanks
<sunshavi> tuxd3v: libva 2.6.1; libdrm 2.4.100
<tuxd3v> yeah that is my problem :S
<tuxd3v> I will try maybe in my Lime2 :)
<tuxd3v> have you tried to add:
<tuxd3v> #include "../include/h264-ctrls.h"
<tuxd3v> in h264.c ?
<tuxd3v> file
<sunshavi> I am going to try it now
<sunshavi> h264.c has this line #include <h264-ctrls.h>
<tuxd3v> you right..
<sunshavi> i am going to update linux-api-headers from 5.5.4 to 5.5.8
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<sunshavi> perhaps that fixes it (who knows)
<tuxd3v> that line should come from libva-dev
<sunshavi> libva-dev?
<sunshavi> then I am going to update it too
<tuxd3v> comment it ahd let the new one in place and compile..
<tuxd3v> only to check..
<tuxd3v> libva-dev is how the package is called in debian :)
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<sunshavi> i am in Arch
<sunshavi> compiling libva-git
<sunshavi> libva 2.7
<sunshavi> recompiling
<sunshavi> same errors
<tuxd3v> #include "../include/h264-ctrls.h"
<tuxd3v> and comment the other one
<tuxd3v> and try again ;)
<sunshavi> ok
<sunshavi> more errors
<tuxd3v> almost the same errors at beguining..
<tuxd3v> :/
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<sunshavi> something was wrong. I am replacing the complete file included in libva-v4l2-request now and recompiling
<sunshavi> let's see how it goes
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<sunshavi> tuxd3v: r u sure VAPictureParameterBufferH264 *VAPicture is equivalent to struct v4l2_ctrl_h264_pps?
<tuxd3v> I am not sure
<sunshavi> BTW? the file 'h264-ctrls.h' is not part of libva but it is part of libva-v4l2-request. Just for clarification
<tuxd3v> true
<tuxd3v> what structs me, is that, h264.c has:
<tuxd3v> #include <h264-ctrls.h>
<tuxd3v> which come from libva, almost for sure, at least its what me instinct tells me
<sunshavi> i have listed of libva files on my distro and that file is not part of it
<tuxd3v> but then you have the same names in include/h264-ctrls.h in libva-v4l2-request
<sunshavi> try dpkg -S libva | grep -i h264
<sunshavi> then let me find / -name 'h264-crls.h'
<sunshavi> and see
<tuxd3v> '/usr/src/linux-headers-5.5.5/include/media/h264-ctrls.h'
<sunshavi> then i should update linux-api-headers
<tuxd3v> yeah, probably that is the problem
<tuxd3v> yopu find it in your system?
<tuxd3v> 'find /usr -name h264-ctrls.h -type f'
<sunshavi> /usr/lib/modules/5.5.8-1-ARCH/build/include/media/h264-ctrls.h
<sunshavi> it is part of linux-armv7-headers
<sunshavi> I am going to replace it
<sunshavi> well. First I am going to compare it
<tuxd3v> :)
<sunshavi> tuxd3v: after comparing them i think the kernel version is more up to date
<sunshavi> it is 5.5.8
<sunshavi> i am going to test the same compilation with 5.6.rc5
<tuxd3v> it could be
<tuxd3v> I don'tknow why they are shiping the same headers as part of libva-v4l2-request
<tuxd3v> if they are already availlable as part of the kernel headers..
<sunshavi> this was release more than a year before. At that time were they part of kernel-headers?
<tuxd3v> maybe to provide people with a second option..
<tuxd3v> if you don't have the kernel headers, then you are still able to build?it could be..
<sunshavi> mmmm. could be who knows. maybe mripard or paulk-leonov have better understanding of it
<tuxd3v> probably
<tuxd3v> I start to think that this will be a hard to crack bone :D
<sunshavi> yeah. It could be solved. But it is going to take some time
<tuxd3v> I will also have to build it.. :S
<tuxd3v> the documentation about it is also a litle poor
<sunshavi> libva-v4l2-request needs refactor on kernel 5.5 and superior
<sunshavi> the change is easy. just one file is not compiling h264.c
<sunshavi> is there a chanell vaapi?
<tuxd3v> only a user there--- me :(
<sunshavi> lol
<tuxd3v> hehehe
<sunshavi> this is the time when a mentor is needed
* tuxd3v fALSO is hiding from corona behind a rock at the moment
<tuxd3v> indeed
<sunshavi> corona is a beer in Mexco
<sunshavi> Mexico
<tuxd3v> We can check who created the info in the wiki
<fALSO> y
<sunshavi> tuxd3v: Do You have the url?
<tuxd3v> looking into the history
<tuxd3v> I think you know who laterly changed things..
<tuxd3v> it was the user 'PaulK'
<sunshavi> yes Paul did it
<tuxd3v> march 2019
<tuxd3v> 1 year :(
<sunshavi> then git blame could give a better idea
<sunshavi> git blame on h264.c
<sunshavi> mripard has more lines on that file
<sunshavi> just 16 functions on that file
<sunshavi> which one would be the entry point?
<sunshavi> the other way could be getting 5.4 kernel-headers for comparing it with 5.5 {h264-ctrls.h}
<sunshavi> or git blame that file on kernel?
<tuxd3v> Paul Kocialkowski is all over the place on that file :)
<tuxd3v> sprry on
<tuxd3v> include/h264-ctrls.c
<tuxd3v> the work of Paul is more recent
<tuxd3v> in 'include/h264-ctrls.c'
<tuxd3v> in 'include/h264-ctrls.h'
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<tuxd3v> that API for sure is not yet stable, at least is wha it says at beguining
<tuxd3v> but I believe we can substitute </h264-ctrls.h> by ../include//h264-ctrls.h
<tuxd3v> they should be equivalents
<tuxd3v> it could also be that he doesn't find the file <h264-ctrls.h>
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<sunshavi> those are the errors after using h264-ctrls.h from the kernel
<sunshavi> i am going to move to my n900 (phone).
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