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<wens> MoeIcenowy: it seems only the first seven patches of your v831 series made it to the lists
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<MoeIcenowy> wens: it's intended
<MoeIcenowy> my SMTP server has some cooldown
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<wens> anyone know what "3EE MC1" trailing Mali-G52 means?
<MoeIcenowy> MC1 seems to be equal to MP1
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<aphorise> I have a BPI-M2U - how do I configure the graphics? trying to get 1080 on splash & mate desktop enviroment.
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<aphorise> I tried updating the 1080p & 720p folders on boot uncommeting the hdmi group lines but it's had no effect.
<aphorise> (after reboot ofc)
<aphorise> I've tried a lot of omodes and differnt settings nothing works
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<BorgCuba> on h313 (x96q) cat /proc/device-tree/gpu@0x01800000/compatible gives arm,mali-midgard
<BorgCuba> shouldnt this be a bifrost since the h313 is supposed to have a g31mp2?
<MoeIcenowy> BorgCuba: seems that Midgard and Bifrost shares kernel driver
<BorgCuba> okay
<BorgCuba> and for h313 dt on this device it also says compatibel allwinner,h616.arm,sun50iw9p1
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<apritzel> BorgCuba: the compatible strings on those newer Malis are of less interest, since the exact GPU model can be autodetected
<apritzel> BorgCuba: also: many of those compatible strings in the BSP DT are totally made up by Allwinner
<apritzel> which is not how compatible strings work
<aphorise> What am I doing wrong and why can I not get 1080p on my BPI-M2U ultra
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<aphorise> With raspberrypi and same monitor it works fine.
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<aphorise> I have 3x uEnv.txt files no matter which I edit with whatever value I always end up with 720p
<apritzel> aphorise: did you remove the QC sticker?
<aphorise> I have to remove it? :-)
<aphorise> Ok removed trying again
<apritzel> aphorise: dunno, it help that guy, apparently
<apritzel> btw: are you running mainline kernels or some dodgy BSP based image?
<aphorise> I remove the sticker it's still the same though :-( also restarted and cleaned it a bit more too
<apritzel> "No official support" is still miles ahead of those vendor provided images
<aphorise> So Focal or Bullseye whats the difference acctually
<Werner> Focal is Ubuntu and Bullseye is next Debian ;)
<apritzel> what he said ^^^^
<aphorise> Bullseye it is that
<aphorise> thanks
<aphorise> So do I boot off of USB / SD card and bpi-copy that img onto eMMC?
<aphorise> is that bpi-copy just dd?
<Werner> Armbian comes with a script called nand-sata-install that will do this job for you
<Werner> But you do not have to copy your system to emmc, you can simply leave it on sd as well
<aphorise> But I'd like to have it boot off of the 8gb emmc
<aphorise> its a bit faster
<Werner> up to you :)
<apritzel> aphorise: mainline can boot the same image from SD card or eMMC alike, it's just those stupid BSPs that need different images for that
<apritzel> so I recommend dd'ing to an SD card, boot it, try it, then transfer to the eMMC
<aphorise> Thats a good idea too but I have to get the old laptop out for the SD drive writer and I'm too lazy - so going to play it wild
<aphorise> ryncing image already and just booted off of their old image from SD card
<aphorise> Didnt boot though
<aphorise> just black screen - no activity lights
<Werner> serial console handy?
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<aphorise> How to serial interface? - with just power I can do that?
<Werner> It is always wise to have an USB UART adapter laying around when tinkering with SBCs. It is great help to debug things when you cannot get either network or display to work
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<aphorise> Oh wait it came up eventually with "Loading Please wait" and a few other lines in 1080 :-) but nothing else its kind of hung
<aphorise> USB UART? - Is that just a 4-3/pin to USB?
<Werner> First boot always takes longer because the filesystem expands itself across the whole sd card. depending on quality and size this can take a while
<aphorise> I booted off of eMMC - I'll leave it for another 20 minutes but doesnt seem to be doing anything.
<Werner> It should not take that long as long as it was no 1TB sd card or something :)
<aphorise> Last message was: "... Scanning Brfs filesystems."
<Werner> 32GB U3 takes a few seconds for me as comparison
<Werner> Each board usually has an accessible serial console via UART pins that allows debugging down to the boot loader. Also kernel errors will be posted there
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<Werner> Dont know where it is located on your partiuclar board but I assume you will find info on wiki for debug ttl uart and needed baud rate
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<aphorise> I found it in the wiki - trying to figure out the reset -
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<gediz0x539> hi. any guide on making qt work utilizing mali on mainline? either proprietary or lima would be ok.
<gediz0x539> I could successfully probe mali on 5.8 kernel using sunxi-mali repo of mripard and bootlin/mali-blobs but I get that infamous 0x3003 EGL_BAD_ALLOC while trying to launch an example qt app
<gediz0x539> I'm not sure I could set DRM properly. How to tell?
<gediz0x539> I can modprobe sun4i-drm but the only thing I see on dmesg about DRM is "[drm:drm_core_init] Initialized", despite setting "loglevel=7" and "drm.debug=0xff"
<asdf28> i think the drm driver should create a device in /dev/dri
<gediz0x539> I may say something stupid, but I could not see /dev/dri until I enable LIMA on kernel config
<gediz0x539> and could not enable mali when I've enabled lima
<asdf28> yes you need to blacklist lima
<asdf28> but you can use either one
<asdf28> just not both
<asdf28> no, wait
<gediz0x539> so /dev/dri is not removed when I blacklist lima?
<asdf28> i don't think you can use the ARM blobs using lima
<asdf28> at least i did not get that to work
<asdf28> no
<gediz0x539> oh okay then let me try this. thanks
<gediz0x539> it's just more than complicated. it does not seem like something easy to comprehend in a short while.
<asdf28> it's extremely complicated, yes
<asdf28> and the error messages are often unhelpful
<gediz0x539> yep
<asdf28> for example, i've had EGL_BAD_ALLOC when it just couldn't find the monitor... and such things
<gediz0x539> wew
<gediz0x539> btw, another thing to ask, is it necessary to add something like "panel" to dts to make drm work properly?
<asdf28> what system are you using? i mean what distro?
<gediz0x539> trying to compile it with buildroot right now
<asdf28> sorry, i don't know this setting
<asdf28> but i never had to change anything in the dts to make it work
<gediz0x539> br 2020.11.x, sun5i-a13-olinuxino-micro and u-boot 2020.10 if it matters
<gediz0x539> I had to add mali node to dts because mali was not included in sun5i-a13.dtsi
<asdf28> you should also check if you have a /dev/mali
<gediz0x539> if I can somehow make it work properly, I'd like to submit it. I just do not want to cargo cult and send some copy/pasted thing.
<asdf28> after loading the mali driver
<gediz0x539> fortunately /dev/mali is there
<asdf28> that
<asdf28> 's good
<asdf28> :)
<gediz0x539> thanks :)
<asdf28> what platform will you be running QT on? x11, wayland or framebuffer?
<gediz0x539> currently trying for framebuffer but if it's easier to do on x11, I'd prefer it. or wayland.
<asdf28> would be very interesting if you can make it work
<gediz0x539> I just feel like it'd cause more abstraction layers/bloat to start with x11. not to mention that I do not know how to properly configure an x server
<gediz0x539> and I have basically zero knowledge about wayland
<gediz0x539> I hope so...
<asdf28> yes i also don't know anything about it
<asdf28> wayland
<asdf28> because i found it too complicated
<asdf28> i never got it to work when i wanted to try it
<gediz0x539> I can relate
<gediz0x539> booting an archaic twm/x11 took some days for me. and x11 seems to have more info around the interwebs
<gediz0x539> I just cannot think about wayland :D
<asdf28> if you run a qt app in framebuffer, how does that look like?
<asdf28> do you still have a window title bar at the top?
<gediz0x539> I could actually make it work on legacy kernel
<gediz0x539> using eglfs
<gediz0x539> it was a basic QML app, there were no window bars
<gediz0x539> but you can have if you want using some custom widgets, iirc.
<asdf28> interesting
<gediz0x539> yes. it was kinda easier.
<gediz0x539> btw I've enabled lima and got some stack traces on dmesg
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<asdf28> are you sure you haven't both drivers loaded at the same time?
<asdf28> lima and mali
<gediz0x539> /dev/dri (and card0, renderD128) is there. /dev/mali is not
<gediz0x539> yes I've tried it on purpose
<gediz0x539> now I will blacklist lima
<gediz0x539> both of them are enabled rn
<gediz0x539> btw I get "Could not initialize egl display" while trying to launch analogclock demo app after enabling lima. just for the record.
<gediz0x539> "/dev/dri" is gone after "modprobe -r lima". things start to look obvious after some brute trial and errors, eh.
<asdf28> yes
<asdf28> you are probably using lima with the ARM opengl driver blobs
<asdf28> in my experience this does not work
<gediz0x539> I'd need mesa drm to get an egl display if I'm using lima, right?
<asdf28> you'd need the mesa library, i think
<gediz0x539> okay
<gediz0x539> I will try with them
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<asdf28> you might also have to recompile EGL apps if you switch between the libraries
<asdf28> because they use different header files
<gediz0x539> oh... qt would probably take about half an hour to recompile.
<gediz0x539> but thanks for that :)
<asdf28> maybe it still works, i don't know
<asdf28> but what could happen is for example, you compile an app using the mesa opengl headers, and then try to run it using the ARM opengl driver
<asdf28> and this could fail if the app uses functions from the mesa headers that the ARM drive doesn't support
<gediz0x539> oh I could not think about that. I will definitely recompile then.
<asdf28> you need to make sure you overwrite the headers with the ones from the mali-blobs repository before
<gediz0x539> "make clean && make" would probably do it, I assume :D
<asdf28> no, i mean in /usr/include
<asdf28> these are the files you'd need to copy
<gediz0x539> I mean I executed "make clean" on buildroot directory, which completely wipes out staging and target directories
<asdf28> oh, okay
<asdf28> sorry, i do not know about buildroot
<gediz0x539> my fault, I had to provide ctx lol
<gediz0x539> btw it probably depends on the case but using ccache sometimes reduces compile time about 50%. which is great.
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<gediz0x539> and there some errors I have never encountered before. "drmModeGetResources failed (Operation not supported)" and "Cannot create window: no screens available"
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