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<alyssa> urjaman: It's 'optimistic' :P
<alyssa> But RK3399 support is definitely a lot better than RK3288 for various reasons
<alyssa> TheCycoONE: Interesting.
<alyssa> The firmware image I have is "mrvl/pcieusb8997_combo_v4.bin" with md5sum "2bb268621d9872b8b7449a352699e8c8"
<alyssa> Thought maybe it'd be something else, but no, the difference really is night and day versus internal Kevin and internal phone + usb tether
<alyssa> TheCycoONE: Speaking of, I should probably issue a retraction on "", since my views have shifted so much since then as you can infer :P
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<alyssa> Slow boots are slow
<alyssa> Disabling a bunch of random services and suddenly it boots like a Chromebook
<alyssa> *dissing systemd intensifies*
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<alyssa> Doing a much needed compiler refactor but aaaaaa so many hacks getting removed at once and it's getting overwhelming to deal with the regressions :P
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<alyssa> Guess I'll go one hack at a time, modernising some of the lesser hacks.. :P
<Lyude> B
<Lyude> oops,
<alyssa> C
<HdkR> E
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<davidlt> Collabora shows Radxa ROCK Pi 4 running Panfrost open source Mali GPU driver
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<mmind00> excellent choice of soc :-)
<TheCycoONE> alyssa: modinfo doesn't show my mwifiex_pcie (or mwifiex) using linux-firmware. (If it was my md5sum on that file is different)
<HdkR> I was wondering when that video would drop :D
<TheCycoONE> nice video
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<daniels> clicked on it and didn't realise there was a pre-roll ad - as it zoomed into a laptop with some incredible lighting balance, I thought 'wow, our production values have really gone up; wonder who did this'
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<alyssa> daniels: Heh
<alyssa> TheCycoONE: Bwap?
<TheCycoONE> ?
<alyssa> TheCycoONE: I don't know how to interpret modinfo output to know what fw it's using
<TheCycoONE> oh, it's obvious when it reports it, e.g. mwifi_usb reports firmware: mvrl/usbusb8997_combo_v4.bin, mrvl/usb8801_uapsta.bin, mvrl/usb8797_uapsta.bin, mvrl/usb8766_uapsta.bin
<TheCycoONE> how did you find what firmware you were using?
<alyssa> TheCycoONE: I didn't install any firmware since Debian main
<alyssa> And then I just looked at dmesg for the "loading failure" line and installed just that one
<alyssa> And then it was fine for CrOS
<TheCycoONE> ahh, yeah the journal does say it's loading something but doesn't tell me what :s
<alyssa> Bwap
<TheCycoONE> you say that word again ...
<alyssa> TheCycoONE: "Bwap?" is like "Huh? What?"
<alyssa> "Bwap." is like "Bleh. Ugh. Alright."
<alyssa> "Bwap!" is like "Wee! Hooray!"
<TheCycoONE> dmidecode can't work on kevin?
<alyssa> Dunno
<alyssa> d
<alyssa> Nope, doesn't work :p
<alyssa> Though I'm pretty sure that's an x86y thing?
<urjaman> yeah (atleast i think so... maybe UEFI could have similar info on ARM but ehh...)
<TheCycoONE> yeah, no idea how to find it, there's firmware loaded - but definitely my md5sum doesn't match yours
<alyssa> TheCycoONE: Where did you *get* that firmware?
<alyssa> Oh, I do see a different binary now
<alyssa> Grabbed the new firmware, still weirdly slow
<alyssa> (Latest from linux-firmware.git)
<TheCycoONE> alyssa: pacman -S linux-firmware :p
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<alyssa> TheCycoONE: You are now my arch enemy.
<alyssa> <-- Debian
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<urjaman> :P
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<TheCycoONE> :D
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<urjaman> mesa/src/ '# TODO: opengl' :D
<alyssa> urjaman: OpenGL is generally a TODO for us..
* urjaman is not sure what is actually meant with that, but i just lol'd because that sounds like the "TODO" that mesa was created for :P
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<alyssa> urjaman: Yup yup
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<alyssa> TheCycoONE: This is interesting -- I have a large file downloading in the other window and it seems to make the SSH feel a little *more* snappy? I'm so confused
<alyssa> Wondering if there is some power management shenanigans going on, or maybe I'm imagining things
<TheCycoONE> you could measure it with ping to a local server probably?
<TheCycoONE> if it's a latency issue, which it sounds like
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<alyssa> TheCycoONE:
<alyssa> Siilar issues for so I know it's not my server
<TheCycoONE> wow, yes that's all over the map
<alyssa> TheCycoONE: Now imagine trying to type into IRC/SSH over that
<TheCycoONE> for reference, all of my pings to are between 3 and 5ms... one 9
<alyssa> Woop
<TheCycoONE> you tried the new firmware; no change?
<TheCycoONE> maybe network settings. I'm on 5g everywhere; using networkmanager.
<TheCycoONE> 5ghz rather
* hanetzer gentoo
<hanetzer> me, alyssa and TheCycoONE must now have an epic 3-way battle to the death
<hanetzer> were this a shonen anime the gentoo user would be that one fighter who spends like 3 episodes charging a mega-attack
<alyssa> Hmm
hanetzer was kicked from #panfrost by alyssa [hanetzer]
<alyssa> Epic battle successful.
<anarsoul> :(
<alyssa> anarsoul: I /invite'd him back.. uh..
<urjaman> I've been jumping between Xorg and mesa codebases very confusedly for a while
<urjaman> anyways to me it looks like the modesetting driver is set up in a way where it will only enable DRI2 (call DRI2ScreenInit) in a way that allows the hardware accelerated path to work if you enable glamor ...
<urjaman> i kinda did not expect this.
<urjaman> (and yeah if you try to run glamor, the result is not pretty ... or once it was a pretty gradient accross the whole screen so YMMV, but atleast not usable)
<alyssa> urjaman: Trying to get X11 up, huh? :P
<alyssa> The issue is mostly that glamor does bizarre GL stuff that hits cornercases in the driver => bugs
<alyssa> I'm not going to specifically debug it any time soon, but it'll probably fix itself through dEQP stuff. Probably.
<urjaman> yeah the thing is, i dont really even want glamor :P
<alyssa> That's fair
<alyssa> But I think the whole stack kinda assumes glamor if you have 3D now.
<urjaman> i dont need full screen compositing right now, just "basic" GLX put the fastly drawn pixels onto a window :P
<alyssa> I'm just not sure if you can separte that these days
<urjaman> i tried, but i think i'd need to apply more brute force :P (=I think it drew a desktop and then crashed (because no actual glamor and i had just forced a few code paths...) when the first app that thought about GLX started)
<urjaman> HMM.