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<tomeu> robclark: guess you also get an oops when trying to change the devfreq governor that freedreno uses?
<tomeu> ah no
<tomeu> alyssa: the problem seems to be that we don't have CONFIG_DEVFREQ_GOV_PERFORMANCE
<tomeu> will make devfreq a bit safer in this regard
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<cwabbott> alyssa: fwiw, you can run deqp through piglit which will give you process isolation so that you don't need to fix all the crashing tests to get a full run
<cwabbott> you can also tell piglit to run tests in parallel for moar speed
<cwabbott> I was just doing that recently for some work-related stuff
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<alyssa> tomeu: I mean, followup request... could we get GOV_PERFORMANCE implemented? =P
<alyssa> Should be the easiest one, I'd think
<alyssa> cwabbott: Oh, neat. tomeu ^^
<alyssa> Thank you!
<tomeu> alyssa: oh, I meant that nor you nor me had CONFIG_DEVFREQ_GOV_PERFORMANCE enabled in our ekrnels, so we were seeing that issue
<tomeu> I have enabled it since and can report that it works :)
<tomeu> I have sent a patch to devfreq so ENODEV is returned instead of trying to dereference a NULL pointer
<tomeu> cwabbott: we found piglit to be very slow to run deqp when we tried to use it for virgil
<tomeu> because it was trying to execute the deqp binary for each subtest
<tomeu> so I just wrote a shell script that does some batching and recovers after a crash
<alyssa> tomeu: Ahhaha whoops :p
* alyssa class
<ezequielg> tomeu: do we need to add a select to the PANFROST driver, so devfreq and governors are selected?
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<anarsoul> alyssa: hey, what deqp target do you use? x11_egl?
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<TheCycoONE> if it's option I've found lldb to be significantly less buggy on aarch64. Haven't tried gdb in quite awhile though.
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<alyssa> anarsoul: wayland_egl
<anarsoul> I see, thanks
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