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<mifritscher> hmm, whats needs to be done to be included in ?
<mifritscher> presumly panfrost needs to be added to ?
<HdkR> Needs to get to the point that it is actually implementing extensions in that yes :P
<bbrezillon> tomeu, robher: should I send the perfmon patches directly to the ML or should I create a MR in gitlab first?
<bbrezillon> (not sure it's a good idea to send new patches before the panfrost driver has landed)
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<robher> bbrezillon: ML. Fine to go ahead and send them so we can be ready to apply them once the driver lands.
<bbrezillon> robher: ok
<bbrezillon> alyssa: same for mesa patches?
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<bbrezillon> tomeu: looks like the GPU hangs with your DVFS patch
<bbrezillon> anything I should in the DT
<bbrezillon> ?
<alyssa> bbrezillon: I prefer email for patches; just make sure to CC me or I won't see it :)
<Lyude> cwabbott: you don't happen have any contacts at valve who work on steam that might have a minute to take a look at some very low hanging fruit with the steam client, do you?
<alyssa> bbrezillon: Very nice work! :)
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<milloni> hi everyone, i've been looking to learn about gpu drivers and i found out about panfrost from the collabora blog. as i understand panfrost is under heavy development
<milloni> if i want to contribute, where do i start?
<milloni> all i know so far is that panfrost is a driver for Mali-T880 GPUs, as i understand these are integrated GPUs for arm SoCs
<milloni> what kind of hardware should i get to hack on it? is there a recommended SoC?
<TheCycoONE> midgard/bitfrost - so technically the target includes T-6xx to T-8xx and GXX.
<milloni> TheCycoONE: ack, so - up to the newest mali GPUs?
<TheCycoONE> yes
<milloni> how does one get started? do i get something like
<urjaman> practically right now it (somewhat) runs on T760 and T8xx
<Lyude> mhm, if you are starting out I would go for a midgard system
<Lyude> we don't even have the compiler for bifrost working yet
<milloni> right, okay
<milloni> so when you're doing development on a midgard system, what board are you using?
<Lyude> I have a couple that I've been given from a few various companies, afaik the best experience usually is with the rk3399 SoCs/laptops, alyssa uses a kevin chromebook for their dev
<TheCycoONE> rk3288/rk3399 were the earliest targets, and she was using chromebooks
<Lyude> (or did-I don't remember if they changed systems)
<milloni> hmm okay
* milloni looks at chromebooks
<TheCycoONE> socs would be cheaper for the same thing if you already have a setup for it
<TheCycoONE> e.g. rockpi4 for rk3399
<milloni> yes i just saw the prices for chromebooks..
<milloni> TheCycoONE: this one?
<milloni> it seems to have quite an extensive documentation \o/
<TheCycoONE> yeah, that one
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<milloni> TheCycoONE: hmm sorry, what am i looking at here in this thread?
<TheCycoONE> mainstream kernel support in linux 5.2 for the gpu on the rockpi4. You might want that?
<alyssa> TheCycoONE: "mainline" is the word you're looking
<alyssa> The mainstream kernel is some vendor mess ;)
<TheCycoONE> :) Ubuntu something? good catch
<TheCycoONE> technically not merged into torvalds yet either
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<bbrezillon> alyssa: thanks. Next goal is getting gallium-hud on the screen :)
<alyssa> bbrezillon: I mean, I would hope the next goal is cleaning up the few nitpicks and getting merged :)
<bbrezillon> yes, apart from that of course :)
<alyssa> :)
<TheCycoONE> alyssa: you're on a pedant role today
<alyssa> TheCycoONE: Aren't I always? :P
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