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<hanetzer> imovit movit
<hanetzer> foss internet is really abuzz with panfrost :)
<HdkR> The internet loves it
<alyssa> hanetzer: Where particular?
<hanetzer> just looking at the stuff you've guys have posted. it's made it into linux-next now :D
<alyssa> hanetzer: Ya
* hanetzer does his happy dance
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<alyssa> Well then.. I have this zext stuff dealt with.. so now what?!
<alyssa> (Why are my textures still Bad)
<HdkR> Dangerous textures?
<alyssa> Hmmph
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<alyssa> Okay, what happens if I mix iuintBitstoFloat with the texture pipeline
<alyssa> It doesn't seem to do anything weird
<alyssa> Here it is, feeding an f2u straight into the texture unit
<alyssa> Even cleaner, here it is feeding an iadd straight into the texture unit and having the casting work right
* alyssa wonders...
<HdkR> alyssa: Disassembler patch v2 sent
<HdkR> Makes the dissassembly much easier to digest
<alyssa> HdkR: Tasty.
<alyssa> I'm knee deep in Midgard so won't be able to review tonight but I'm hopeful :)
<HdkR> np
<alyssa> Trying something outlandish
<alyssa> Will be concerned if this works
<alyssa> HdkR: Also, sample disasm please
<alyssa> (Was that psoted already?)
<alyssa> HdkR: OK, suuuper nit (not for v3 or anything, just fot general future)
<alyssa> Maybe consider prepending a tab to the instructions? :P
<HdkR> Yea, I can do that with something in the future. Maybe an empty line between clauses as well
<alyssa> +1
<alyssa> HdkR: Maybe even drop the braces too, at that point
<alyssa> and put flags on the same line
<HdkR> Sure
<alyssa> OK, so if I replace the imov's with iand's (with the source and itself), the problem remains
<alyssa> Dunno if that's good or bad
<alyssa> For one it says the imov isn't 'special' as far as int ops go
<alyssa> Maybe I should copyprop it away and stuff worrying so much
<alyssa> If this is a genuine bug that needs more attn, it'll show up on CTS (though maybe not till GLES3)
<alyssa> And I'll know what to look for
<alyssa> If it's not, well, shrug :P
<alyssa> (It's totally possible there's a hw bug or something that never got discovered since this is a bad code path :P)
* alyssa implements copy prop
<alyssa> MIR is suddenly becoming a real IR I guess
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<alyssa> There, just sent off an overly long patchset with the weekend's changes. *whistles*
* alyssa is off to do weekday stuff, evidently, adieu \o
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<tomeu> alyssa: the plan isn't to run all tests and fail if they all not pass, but to maintain a list of "expectations"
<tomeu> which are the tests that should be passing atm
<tomeu> and when we commit code that changes the expectations, that commit should ideally update the expectations (adding the tests that now start to pass)
<tomeu> alyssa: the crash when changing governors is a good one
<tomeu> indeed, you should do that if you want to have the GPU running at 100%
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<tomeu> alyssa: I'm seeing crashes when freeing random stuff, and running under valgrind gave me this:
<tomeu> haven't checkd if it isn't a false positive
<tomeu> that's in your indexing branch
<alyssa> x
<alyssa> tomeu: I'm worried such a list will be impossibly difficult to keep up to date
<alyssa> Since when I fix a test, usually a bunch of other tests also fix that I'm not aware of (since it's annoying to rerun the entire CTS)
<alyssa> Not sure what you mean by "a good one"..? :P
<alyssa> That valgrind trace looks like a legitimate bug. I'll have to poke around when I get a chance (not sure when that'll be)
<tomeu> alyssa: the second is due to ctx->temp_count being 0, but then calling ra_set_node_reg
<tomeu> alyssa: regarding updating the test list, you can just let a run complete in your repo, and that will tell you what expectations have changed and thus what needs to be updated
<tomeu> a big part of this is for running the entire CTS to stop being annoying :)
<HdkR> That reminds me that I should run my code through valgrind
* HdkR adds to task list to remember
<tomeu> works suprisingly well on arm
<HdkR> Did gdb fix its issue of breakpoints not working on AArch64?
<HdkR> Where it would break and `c` just wouldn't continue
<tomeu> don't know, I'm currently on rk3288
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<HdkR> I guess probably
<HdkR> Last time I tested was...over a year ago at this point
<HdkR> Although last time I tested was when I was disassembling a JIT and GDB would try handling a GCC style stack frame and explode
<HdkR> Which was awesome
<tomeu> yeah, saw such things when debugging memory issues in browsers on arm
<tomeu> hopefulyl stuff has been fixed since
<alyssa> tomeu: "you can just let a run complete in your repo, and that will tell you what expectations have changed" What is this voodoo? :P
<tomeu> well, you push code, and the pipeline will fail because of differences between expectations and reality
<tomeu> a diff will be presented to you that can be applied to your branch
<tomeu> the subsequent run should succeed, if there's no flip-flops
<tomeu> panfrost-ci isn't there yet, but it's what I implemented for virgl
<alyssa> tomeu: Like, I push to a branch on my personal repo, and then I can forcepush over with changes to the expectations list (so we don't create a million micro commits)?
<tomeu> yep, but first I need to create a lava account for your branch
<tomeu> and well, need to get the CI working :)
* alyssa smiles and trusts you know what you're talking about :)
<tomeu> alyssa: needed these two commits to avoid instability:
<tomeu> no idea if they are correct
<tomeu> needed them for dEQP-GLES2.functional.shaders.random.*, whcih I guess trigger lots of corner cases that don't make sense in real life
<tomeu> but sometimes the heap was overwritten and subsequent tests failed
<alyssa> tomeu: Cool, will take a look soon
* alyssa class
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<alyssa> tomeu: Re the two commits in panfrost-ci,
<alyssa> "Skip liveness analysis for instructions without dest"
<alyssa> That's a legitimate fix, I think
<alyssa> In particular which be checking:
<alyssa> 0 <= dest < SSA_FIXED_MINIMUM
<alyssa> I think you can also get -2 in dest but don't quote me there
<alyssa> (I don't remember if I got rid of that)
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<alyssa> Though, it isn't clear to me where we're getting a negative dest from anyway
<alyssa> That denotes unused, which makes... little sense
<anarsoul> alyssa: set a watch on it in gdb?
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<ezequielg> alyssa: hey \o
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<alyssa> ezequielg: \o
<HdkR> o/