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<tankf33der> morning
<tankf33der> razzy: here ?
<Nistur> mornin'
<Regenaxer> Hi Nistur
<Regenaxer> Hi tankf33der
<Nistur> o7
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<razzy> tankf33der: yop
<tankf33der> razzy: do you have linux on arm?
<razzy> tankf33der: yes
<razzy> workable
<razzy> buuuut, arm have some power management and raspberry have extensive powermanagement and it is a bit slow on response
<tankf33der> can you monocypher library test suit on it?
<tankf33der> easy steps, just eats cpu, performance is not issue
<razzy> tankf33der: sure, give me shell steps
<razzy> tankf33der: and personal qarantee what the library does
<tankf33der> just modern crypto library.
<tankf33der> tar -xzf monocypher-2.0.5.tar.gz
<tankf33der> cd monocypher-2.0.5
<tankf33der> make test
<tankf33der> lets see if passed.
<tankf33der> thanks.
<razzy> ok, afk for now, could it be done in 2 hours?
<tankf33der> yeap, in any time.
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<razzy> tankf33der
<tankf33der> perfect, thanks.
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<freemint> Hello
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<razzy> freemint: hello, long time no see
<freemint> oh i read the logs, so i was not online, but still listening
<freemint> I can not imagine you really trying the Hutter challenge
<razzy> freemint: it is not that i try to win, it is that i try to compete
<freemint> razzy i think Hutter got the implication wrong
<razzy> freemint: in friendly competition you grow in a way competiton aim in
<freemint> He showed that general ideal compression is equivalent to general perfect ai.
<freemint> This statement can be read in two ways
<razzy> compression have lot to do with AI
<razzy> if you have perfect AI, it can compress perfectly.
<freemint> yes but in my opinion AI has little to do with maximal compression
<razzy> perfect compression, does not equal perfect AI
<freemint> But that is Butters claim!
<freemint> *Hutters
<razzy> but "perfect" compression is big step towards good AI
<razzy> perfect resource bound compression
<freemint> Nah, it is not
<razzy> it is at least aimable goal
<freemint> Perfect compression <=> perfect ai
<freemint> yes it is
<razzy> no
<freemint> That is Hutters claim
<razzy> i do not agree with him
<razzy> it is false claim to attract attention
<freemint> and i do not set that better compression => sensible AI
<razzy> imho better_compression=>better_AI
<razzy> imho better_compression=>better_computing
<freemint> Ok, when somebody males false claims to advertise himself, i find it questionable to give him attention
<razzy> i am not giving him attention
<freemint> ok ...
<razzy> i am giving attention to the work of people who tried to solve it
<razzy> they spend considerable resources
<razzy> freemint: it was hutters evil mastermind plan all along, imho
<razzy> and it costed him only 30k euro so far
<freemint> I saw a few presentations by him and either he is a lying evil mastermind or he is just missguided.
<freemint> Following do not attribute to malice to what can be reasonably explained by incompetence, let's me conclude he is just misguided
<razzy> hard to distinguish between top lvl craziness and top lvl geniality
<razzy> freemint: statistically you are right, and it is safer to explain it that way
<freemint> There is system to his madness but the problem his statements are only true when you let the calculation go to infinity.... it makes no statements over the way how to get there
<razzy> freemint: better compression *is* one of the steps
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<freemint> razzy: better decompression of human language into computer understandle things is so too.
<razzy> yews
<freemint> So the opposite direction is the way to go to ...
<freemint> Which means we can not hill climb on this axis and need to find a different "basis" to optimize on
<razzy> freemint: but you also need to efectivelly store the data
<razzy> and better compression, less "infinite" his infinite resources AI is
<freemint> I do not see a bottleneck on this end
<razzy> not bottle neck, just better performance
<freemint> Hard-drive space and SSD space grow faster than Moores law i think
<freemint> are you aware of the theory constraint?
<razzy> freemint: not under this name
<freemint> +theory of constraint
<freemint> it comes from factory management
<razzy> freemint: compression is imho best purely computer inteligence test possible
<razzy> all in all, it is worth the try for me
<freemint> the idea is when want to improve a system that has an internal flow which is to be maximized, the resources are best spend on the constraints repeatedly
<freemint> razzy: we need a different axis to analyze since decompression is also important
<razzy> sure it is
<freemint> razzy: translation is IMHO a better computer intelligence test
<razzy> freemint: translation is hard to measure improvements
<freemint> that statement is not longer true when you introduce an adversary who has judge which translation is more human /better
<razzy> freemint: and translation is testing only human-inteligence space-of-possible-inteligences
<freemint> nope
<razzy> yes :] it favours very much human minds
<freemint> translation chaining can minimize errors due to back translation
<freemint> i do not think so
<razzy> i do not see why it is relevant
<freemint> translation chain over many (including non-human languages) to end up back at the same place and look that each intermediate translation is good
<razzy> freemint: and compression could be viewed as data transformation. the same as translation
<freemint> compression is only an subset of all translations
<razzy> freemint: depends how you implement compression
<razzy> afk
<freemint> beneroth, Nistur, i recently thought about implementing a "roleplay forum" /text-based adventure game hybrid.
<Nistur> hah. When I was younger, my friend, who was a self tought webdev, persuaded me to learn PHP. I followed a tutorial to make a blog, then decided that was boring, and turned it into precisely that :P 5 accounts, the designated DM would post first, and then each person could post once. There was an OOC chat box at the side, and it had some basic functionality for character cards and arbitrary dice rolling
<freemint> I plan to go in another direction
<freemint> Nistur i take the inventory, NPC and room system from MUDs and add a forum where people can roleplay in this world on top
<freemint> To be able to reuse content i add an time travel mechanic. That is the idea at least.
<freemint> I have no monetization idea yet.
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<razzy> freeemint: if you have something of big value, monetization comes almost free of work
<razzy> freeemint: seems like lot of trouble with little value
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