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<rick42> hello peeps
<Regenaxer> Hi rick42!
<rick42> Hey Regenaxer! :)
<Regenaxer> ☺
<CORDIC> Hi Regenaxer, rick42.
<CORDIC> Should We reply to GC question on the Mailing List that PicoLisp implementation's Source Code should be it's Configuration like
<rick42> yeah, i thought Regenaxer would be the only one who could answer. i only know what i've heard Regenaxer say: something like "picolisp pre-allocates the heap at runtime start and then manages 'allocations' of cells in there manually (i.e. part of the picolisp VM machinations)"
<rick42> so, how could that help this guy? i'm not sure. maybe if s/he learns how it's done then her/his own manual management is already halfway done.
<rick42> he*
<rick42> looks like he's Seteeri on gh:
<rick42> the README of protoform ( says "Protoform moving to PicoLisp", although it's still in CL. nothing else in README about picolisp (like linking to another repo).
<rick42> looks like he understands more than I thought (definitely more than I do :).
<rick42> under the section heading "Lisp defined", he gives high marks to picolisp for actually being a lisp. I also immediately thought of some extreme kool-aid drinking cll-ers who would view it as flamewar fodder. lol
<rick42> CORDIC: i thought he was wondering if gc internals could be exposed to the user (in some way or manner) for *runtime* use (as opposed to suckless-like configuration)
<rick42> maybe i read that wrong
<rick42> CORDIC: btw you just reminded me of when i used to use dwm and st. :)
<Regenaxer> Hi CORDIC, rick42! Yes, I planned to answer, but on the road atm
<rick42> of course. safe travels!
<Regenaxer> I don't understand why he wants to db some things
<Regenaxer> well, just walking in the fields ;)
<rick42> i don't either, but sounds interesting
<rick42> hehe nice!
<Regenaxer> yeah
<rick42> (don't stumble and fall :)
<Regenaxer> I take care :)I see no reason to have a variable CELLS though
<Regenaxer> or all this other allocation stuff
<Regenaxer> My experience is that people worry too early about gc
<Regenaxer> gc is very fast in pil
<Regenaxer> can simply be igored
<Regenaxer> ignored
<rick42> T, and if this is the case here too, it would be a nice non-toy use case to highlight the applicability of what is already in pil
<Regenaxer> true
<rick42> Regenaxer: you are right. more thinking than coding has to be done first :)
<Regenaxer> :)
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<Regenaxer> Wrote something. Now shower :)
<rick42> ok. just read it. looks good!
<Regenaxer> Thanks!
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