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<novakane[m]> btw you removed the layout full in `river-layout-unstable-v1 ` or I missed it ?
<leon-p> yes that one is gone now
<leon-p> instead, river now treats all windows as floating when no layout is active
<novakane[m]> ok thanks that's what I thought
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<snakedye> ifreund there something special I have to do to get rivertile to work? I tried running it from the terminal inside river but except from having namespace conflicts, it didn't do anything
<leon-p> it wont do anything until you tell river to use it
<ifreund> snakedye: did you set a layout for your current output with riverctl set-option?
<snakedye> ifreund how do i set a layout?
<ifreund> set the "layout" optioin
<snakedye> how do I tell river to use any layout generator?
<leon-p> riverctl set-option -focused-output layout <name of layout>
<leon-p> rivertile exposes four layouts named "tile-left", "tile-top", ...
<snakedye> is that layout option somehow related to the namespace?
<leon-p> the layout option of the output must match the namespace of the layout you want to use.
<snakedye> does the fact you told to set the option implies it's already declared by default?
<leon-p> it is
<snakedye> so if i were to test my layout generator with the namespace "test", unless i set the option "layout" to "test", it won't send any events to it
<leon-p> indeed
<snakedye> Nice, rivertile works
<snakedye> knowing this just saved me a lot of trouble
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<exception> Hey, I have a question regarding multiple monitors: does river need some extra config because the second monitor can display windows and the mouse work but the input wil be given to the program on the main monitor
<exception> *keyboard input
<leon-p> you need to focus a window on the other output
<leon-p> try `riverctl focus-output next`
<exception> Ty
<skuzzymiglet> workaround for freezing because of lack of damage tracking: `while true;do grim -g '0,0 1x1' -t ppm - >/dev/null;done`
<skuzzymiglet> taking a screenshot seems to cause a redraw
<yyp> But that doesn't make any sense, taking a screenshots only copies display buffer to where you need. Why could it even cause a redraw?
<yyp> s/Why/How
<skuzzymiglet> no idea :)
<ifreund> that really smells like a wlroots bug
<yyp> ^
<skuzzymiglet> so it's a bug that the screen redraws on screenshots?
<ifreund> probably one that is rooted in the fact that river doesn't do damage tracking so it hits less-tested wlroots code paths
<yyp> In any normal sense making a screenshot could cause a redraw. Maybe that's what should be done I guess
* yyp shrugs
<ifreund> skuzzymiglet: the bug is that the freezing happens in the first place
<yyp> Wait
<yyp> It might redraw before making a screenshot so you don't get some messed up garbage
<yyp> Not sure where/if it happens though, I'm a bit afraid of reading wlroots code
<ifreund> types/wlr_screencopy_v1.c
<ifreund> wlroots code really isn't bad to read
<yyp> I'm scared of reading any C code that is not written by me :)
<ifreund> yyp: note that you're probably running wlroots 0.12.0 with river and a lot has changed since then in wlroots
<yyp> yep
<yyp> That line is still there
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<v0idify> am i supposed to use ShellInterface?
<v0idify> i see it's used in this thing i'm copying https://github.com/eyelash/tutorials/blob/master/wayland-egl.c but it's not used anywhere else
<ifreund> see also the other branches for more examples
<ifreund> v0idify: that looks super out of date, it's using wl_shell
<v0idify> it felt like i was doing a legacy thing :P
<v0idify> i didn't know there was many branches, thanks
<ifreund> if you didn't see it yet, i also have a simple zig xdg-shell/wl_shm example here: https://github.com/ifreund/hello-zig-wayland
<v0idify> yes i saw it