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<novakane[m]> I'm not sure to understand what is exactly the main view as there can be several at the same time
<novakane[m]> the second parameter that river appended to the end of the command with riverctl layout
<leon-p> there is no such thing as a "main view".
<leon-p> the "main amount" is just some arbitrary value a layout can use to decide where to place windows
<leon-p> you can totally ignore it if you want
<novakane[m]> leon-p: oh ok i thought it was somthing like the new window or focused window
<novakane[m]> thanks
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<dominikh> hm, I'm wondering… instead of dealing with xwayland, can one just run an X11 server as an ordinary Wayland client, and X11 clients in that server, without any of the xwayland integration?
<yyp> dominikh: I don't think this is possible
<dominikh> surely it must be. isn't xwayland basically that with more functionality on top?
<ifreund> dominikh: you can totally just run you x11 programs inside cage instances for example
<ifreund> they won't integrate as well with the rest of the compositor though
<dominikh> yeah I'm happy to forego integration, if it means I don't have to deal with X11 breaking the guarantees that Wayland offers
<dominikh> (I'm also hoping that all important software will run natively on Wayland soon… only leaving me with approximately Steam, which doesn't need to be integrated)
<dominikh> > In rootful mode, the foreign window system as a whole is represented as a window (or more) of its own. You have a native window, inside which all the foreign windows are. The advantage of this approach in Xwayland's case is that you can run your favourite X11 window manager to manage your X11 applications. The disadvantage is that the foreign windows do not integrate with the native desktop.
<dominikh> Therefore this mode is not usually used.
<dominikh> hah
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<dominikh> imagine how nice your code base could be without having to support individual xwayland clients :P
<ifreund> Xwayland hasn't dirtied up river's code too much yet tbh
<ifreund> I've refused to make any concessions in the View abstraction over xwayland and xdg-toplevels, so it's isolated to the xwayland view implementation and a few random if statements scattered around the code
<ifreund> not that river's xwayland support is all that good, sway's is much better I'm sure, but for the level of effort put into it it works pretty well
<dominikh> I see
<dominikh> well, when I tried out Sway, the X clients caused all kinds of flickering and corruption when moving things around
<dominikh> and I'm not happy with the idea of having to track absolute positions for X clients and all that crap
<ifreund> tracking absolute positions is trivial with wlr_output_layout tbh
<ifreund> you already need to be aware of that coordinate space for cursor stuff
<dominikh> yeah but it's not just knowing where the window is; it's agreeing with where the window wants to be
<dominikh> the Wayland model makes it so easy to transform windows in any way you want
<dominikh> and then X11 butts in and wants to be placed at a specific coordinate
<dominikh> and does weird stuff with menus
<ifreund> yeah I definitely see the annoyance there
<dominikh> how's River coming along, anyway?
<dominikh> I've been side-tracked trying to learn Rust before coming back to Zig
<ifreund> now what made you want to try and do that?
<dominikh> I long for a language with a fancier type system that isn't insane. also Zig's "generics" piss me off :|
<ifreund> I haven't been giving river the attention it deserves recently, first I got distracted helping rewrite zig's parser and formatter, then exams, then someone started paying me to write zig code that isn't river
<dominikh> getting paid to write Zig? that sounds like a sweet deal
<ifreund> I hope to get the river-layout PR unblocked and merged this weekend though, it's long overdue
<ifreund> yeah, I'm pretty happy and suprised that it's already possible to be a Zig consultant :)
<dominikh> and in a couple months they'll hire you again to port the code to Zig 0.8 :P
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