ifreund changed the topic of #river to: river - a dynamic tiling wayland compositor - https://github.com/ifreund/river - channel logs: https://freenode.irclog.whitequark.org/river/
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<epsilonKNOT> o/
<epsilonKNOT> hello
<epsilonKNOT> ah, fancy seeing ammen99 here XD
<ifreund> o7
<epsilonKNOT> thans for the response on the x11-backened
<epsilonKNOT> that fixed the build issue
<ifreund> cool, thanks for reporting :)
<epsilonKNOT> ah, just saw that you fixed the behaviour, lemme try that out
<epsilonKNOT> i enabled x11-backend instead, i'll try without x11-backened now
<epsilonKNOT> yep that worked too
<epsilonKNOT> thanks!
<ifreund> nice :)
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