ifreund changed the topic of #river to: river - a dynamic tiling wayland compositor - https://github.com/ifreund/river - channel logs: https://freenode.irclog.whitequark.org/river/
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<ifreund> dimenus: if you need to run code before river starts yeah, otherwise put the code in your init script
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<dimenus> ifreund: i was thinking of something like `exec always` that sway has, but since River just uses a regular shell script i can probably figure something else out
<dimenus> need to only run waybar, mako, and polkit once
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<dimenus> i really need to setup a relay....
<novakane[m]> I thought exec_always was for execute after reloading sway? What would be the point to have this in river?
<ifreund> dimenus: I use runit for stuff like waybar
<dimenus> novakane[m]: ah, i could just move my keybinds into another file and source it in the init script
<novakane[m]> dimenus: yep I have a file for the theme and a file for autostarting program that I source in the init script
<dimenus> it's not possible to set the main factor per tag, correct?
<ifreund> nope
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<snakedye> I think I've found a bug in the layout protocol. Here's a debug log of the events (there are 3) : https://srv-store6.gofile.io/download/vrUTMs/ee68e721d824e6a2961cc048e4d923ee/swappy-20210331_111115.png
<snakedye> I initially though my layout generator was at fault because I somehow missed the river-status event but it seems like river generates the layout of the other tag from the focused tag before focusing the other where it generates the layout again
<snakedye> the issue is that once you move to the other tag, it still shows the layout for the tag that was previously focused. this can be corrected by simply moving a view inside the stack but afaik and from what I observe doing so doesn't send a layout event, it just position views the way they were positioned in the last commit
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<leon-p> that would not be a bug in the protocol, but in the implementation.
<leon-p> I already suspected that something like that would come up but did not have the time and energy to investigate
<leon-p> I think river may send the layout demand event before it sends the river-status events
<snakedye> That's also what I get from the screenshot
<snakedye> I'm noticing just now that the last 2 layout events have the same id
<leon-p> I might look into that later, if I find the time.
<leon-p> But if it has anything to do with the transaction system, I am out. I am currently not in a place to do anything big.
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<snakedye> Good luck
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<GoldsteinE> Hi! I'm very interested in using river (and Wayland), but I need to be able to switch keyboard layouts. setxkbmap doesn't seem to work on river, and I failed to find anything regarding keyboard layouts on Wayland compositors other than Sway and Gnome.
<GoldsteinE> Is there any way to make setxbmap work / to change keyboard layouts via rivers own configuration?
<GoldsteinE> Oh, sorry, I failed to read documentation. :)
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