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<dbarron> Hello folks, can anyone lend me some expertise with regards to communicating with waybar from River? I have tags 1-5 displayed on waybar, but not sure how to make a tag clicked pass parameter to 'riverctl set-focused-tags' to switch? Any other status bar program suggestions also accepted :)
<ifreund> hmm, waybar probably has a way to run an arbitrary command on click. Don't have time to look into it now though, maybe this evening
<dbarron> It does...I understand that part, just not how to pass the tag parameter to it.
<dbarron> Disregard the instance (tried stuff), but like this: "on-click" : "riverctl set-focused-tags {instance}"
<leon-p> Do you want waybar to activate the tag you click on? Because I think that is not possible. The tag indicator is one single element and user-commands have no idea where on an element you clicked. This functionality would require first-party support from waybar.
<dbarron> Ah...well that would explain why I don't understand how to get it out :0
<dbarron> But yes that was the goal...duplicating some sway functionality.
<dbarron> Waybar does have a tiny tiny bit of River support (there is a module)..maybe I need to look at who supplied that and query there.
<leon-p> pretty sure ifreund wrote that module
<dbarron> *lol* Ok, so fingers point back to him (not surprised)
<dbarron> It's not that I'm dying for the feature, this sort of 'port' adaptation is my way of getting a handle on River (well one way)
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