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<leon-p> How do I tell a wl.Signal to call all listeners?
<leon-p> (currently working on the output title thing so I get a feeling how options work)
<ifreund> leon-p: wl.Signal.emit()
<leon-p> ah, nice. Thanks!
<ifreund> no problem, hopefully it works :P I don't remember if I tested it or not
<leon-p> it does!
<leon-p> PR in a minute.
<leon-p> this tangent, albeit more a toy than anything, definitely helps me understand how to integrate options into river-layout, which was the biggest mental blocker sofar
<ifreund> cool, sounds like the right thing to work on then :)
<leon-p> PR sent. Surprisingly little code, under 50 lines.
<ifreund> leon-p: nice, under 50 lines sounds good. Looks like you forgot to commit the zig-wlroots submodule update though :P
<leon-p> oops :P
<ifreund> hmm, I wonder if we should add the output name to the title we set
<ifreund> the current "wlroots - WL-1" is a lot more informative than "river"
<leon-p> I don't thinkg we should add it, if the user wanted it the name is easy enough to get. However it should probably be the default title
<ifreund> yeah that makes sense
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