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<gspe> Hi, is there an option to change screen resolution?
<gspe> I'm asking because on virtual machine screen resolution is not always right
<ifreund> gspe: you can use any wlr-output-management client such as wlr-randr, wdisplays, or kanshi
<ifreund> I don't have any experiance running river in a virtual machine though, not sure exactly how that affects things
<gspe> the problem with virtual machine, qemu at least, is that they report all virtual screen resolution but they are not in order
<gspe> the default one is 1024x768, but my screen is 1920x1200
<ifreund> sounds like you need to configure qemu to run at 1920x1200 then?
<gspe> yeah but it's not that simple, actually is not possible
<gspe> there are some works in that direction, but actually this is not possible for the best video driver they offer
<gspe> I've tried kanshi and wdisplays and they both works but river on qemu virt-manager use 100% of cpu
<gspe> on my real hardware it works normally
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<ifreund> hmm, wonder if that's an issue with wlroots or river
<ifreund> it coudl be that river is falling back to software rendering with llvmpipe which is horribly inefficent
<gspe> I think it's river, I've also tried sway, hikari, wayfire all with the same configuration and they don't have this problem
<ifreund> river will currently be far worse than those if software rendering is used as river doesn't do damage tracking yet
<gspe> if you want to know, How can I check if software rendering is used?
<ifreund> gspe: it should show up in debug logs. Alternatively if you use htop and press 'H' to show threads you would see a bunch of llvmpipe threads hogging the CPU
<gspe> with htop there aren't any llvmpipe threads
<gspe> maybe this screenshot can help https://ibb.co/LvN90xW
<ifreund> yep it's using llvmpip
<ifreund> "GL renderer: llvmpipe (LLVM 11.0.0 ..."
<ifreund> so yeah, river should be as good as the other compositors once damage tracking is implemented
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<ifreund> until then, I'd recommend using river in an environment with compatible graphics drivers
<gspe> ah I've found it too
<gspe> is it possible to reload the configuration?
<ifreund> you can rerun your startup script if you want
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