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<leon-p> hmm... turns out having layouts depend on options is kinda complex
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<leon-p> all my attempts at implementing that are kinda messy
<leon-p> so I have a different approach in mind:
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<leon-p> instead of layout declaring options as dependencies, there could be a parameters_changed request
<leon-p> layouts can raise it if their parameters, including options and external stuff, changed.
<leon-p> the server will ignore all of these requests except for the one coming from the last used layouts
<leon-p> This approach has the drawback that all layouts per output wake up and respond to options changing if they all depend on it, but I think this is not a big deal as 1) the server implementation is significantly simplified, 2) there will probably not be many layout clients running at once.
<ifreund> leon-p: that sounds reasonable and a lot simpler
<leon-p> I want to get river-layout done for real this week-end, so I could use your help with the transaction.
<leon-p> I think I already explained it, but I can't block commitTransaction when a layout demand is in progress, because then river will crash when a view is destroyed.
<ifreund> Is making transactions per-output something that would help if I implemented that today?
<ifreund> ah yeah, the code handling destruction is a little ugly, it probably needs to be slightly reconsidered
<leon-p> no idea, tbh. I have not yet have the time to attempt to grok the transaction system.
<ifreund> my sense is that it would make the code a bit cleaner and more efficient if there are in fact multiple outputs in use, but wouldn't really allow anything that isn't already possible
<ifreund> I'll probably wait until river-layout is merged to avoid conflicts
<leon-p> ok, then I'll get back to you once I have done all the non-transaction things
<ifreund> sounds good :)
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