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<pkill9> hi, is River stable enough for daily use?
<yyp> probably is unless you want advanced input settings
<leon-p> current git master hasn't crashed for me in a long time, so probably yes
<pkill9> nice
<pkill9> how does this views and tags system work?
<leon-p> at least if you mean that kind of stability. If you mean the other kind, than you should expect breaking changes considering we are pre version 1.0
<pkill9> I haven't used dwm but I'm interested
<pkill9> yea I mean it not crashing
<yyp> pkill9: riverctl(1) man page explains it much better than I could ever do
<leon-p> ok, so you have on single global list of views (wayland term for toplevel windows) per output
<leon-p> each view has tags, which is a bitfielf, like f.e. 10010
<leon-p> each output also has tags
<leon-p> if the outputs tags OR'd with the views tags is true (meaning at least one of the resulting bits is 1), the view gets displayed
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<pkill9> my understanding is, a view is similar to a 'workspace' from most other tiling window managers, is this correct?
<leon-p> Or to use common words: Tags are effectively arbitrary groups of windows. A window can be part of multiple such groups and multiple groups can be active on one output at once
<leon-p> nope
<pkill9> except instead of being given a list of windows, it's given a list of tags
<pkill9> ok
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<leon-p> forget workspaces when using river
<leon-p> A view more or less is a window.
<pkill9> ah ok
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<pkill9> does that mean the view gets filled with a window? so you can save layouts of views?
<leon-p> nope
<pkill9> ok lol
<pkill9> i'll look up a demo of dwm
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<leon-p> view == window, more or less, it does not get filled with it. view is just a Wayland term of what X calls windows
<pkill9> ok
<leon-p> and you can not save layouts. Layouts get auto-generated.
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<pkill9> is it possible to enable multiple tags at the same time?
<ifreund> indeed
<pkill9> nice
<pkill9> gonna try running it sometime
<ifreund> regarding stability: river should ideally never crash no matter what you do and master hasn't crashed on me in a long time
<ifreund> fixing crash bugs is pretty much the highest priority thing for a wayland compositor IMO
<ifreund> now the exact features river provides are definitely not stable, so expect those to change
<pkill9> im getting compilation errors: https://paste.debian.net/plain/1185333
<ifreund> pkill9: you need zig 0.7.1 not zig master
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<pkill9> ah thanks
<pkill9> i'm getting the same issue
<pkill9> actually i probably need to clean the build directory
<pkill9> ok those errors were fixed but I have new ones https://paste.debian.net/plain/1185334
<leon-p> seems to be c-import related. which distribution are you on?
<ifreund> you're missing libevdev headers
<ifreund> probably need the libevdev-devel package or whatever your distro's equivalent is
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<pkill9> ahh i didn't even read the top, thanks
<pkill9> im on guix
<pkill9> oh hmm i have libevdev
<pkill9> I added libevdev-1.0 to beginning of include path as that's where it is in th package
<yyp> Does `pkg-config --cflags libevdev` work?
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<pkill9> oh, the problem dissappeared *shrug*
<pkill9> i got it compiled \o/
<pkill9> and running
<ifreund> nice :)
<pkill9> could you show all windows of a given class?
<pkill9> nice i see there is a set-focused-tags command
<pkill9> does river add the current focused tag to a window when the window is first created?
<ifreund> the currently focused tags yeah
<pkill9> nice
<pkill9> so you can see where the window came from
<pkill9> e.g. if i have 'chat' tag focused, and click a link in quassel, and open new browser window, it gets tagged with chat
<ifreund> yup, that's what I would expect
<pkill9> is there a way to automaticlaly sewt tags for certain classes of windows
<pkill9> s/sewt/set
<pkill9> ?*
<pkill9> all this will make everything easier
<ifreund> nope not yet, though that's certainly planned
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<pkill9> a good workflow turns your laptop into something akin to a powerful book
<leon-p> meh, zero boot time beats 20s boot time, so for some things I'd prefer the book :P
<ifreund> 20s? you need to drop that systemd crap :P
<leon-p> actually, void with runit on that laptop was about 5s slower, so...
<waleee-cl> clearlinux boots extremly fast, but I think some of the checks are disabled
<waleee-cl> (^ with systemd)
<leon-p> the fastest I got was with some homebrewed init I found online once
<leon-p> but that still used the shell, which makes it a bit slower than it could be
<leon-p> I suppose to get a fast init you'd need to have the config in binary format.
<leon-p> but to be fair, a better ramdisk may also help :D
<pkill9> I find playing a game in steam it freezes the output, and then I switch to another tty and back and it unfreezes, then it freezes soon again, it says xwayland support is experimental though
<pkill9> what needs to be done to make it work better?
<ifreund> that sounds strange, I'm not sure why that would happen
<leon-p> probably the same output-freeze bug that's already known?
<ifreund> oh yeah, that one I've been hoping will evaporate when I finally implement damage tracking
<pkill9> actually i think it might not have anything to do with xwayland, it was just more noticeable, it did freeze when I was just using 'foot' terminal
<pkill9> so yea probably the freeze you mentioned https://github.com/ifreund/river/issues/103
<leon-p> do you use multiple monitors, by chance? In my experience the bug does not trigger with only a single output.
<pkill9> no i don't
<leon-p> interesting
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<ifreund> what graphics hardware/driver? I have yet to reproduce this once on my RX580/amdgpu
<pkill9> intel hd3000 (thinkpad x220)
<pkill9> i think it's hd3000
<pkill9> integrated intel graphics anyway
<Bonicgamer[m]> Just found out that the set_region signal inside of wlr.PointerConstraintV1 is actually supposed to be void.
<pkill9> can you set xkbmap options to swap caps and ctrl?
<pkill9> found an env variable for it
<ifreund> Bonicgamer[m]: indeed, just pushed a fix
<ifreund> pkill9: yeah, the XKB_DEFAULT_* environment variables mentioned in river(1) are the best way to do keyboard config currently
<pkill9> steam's window has a limit to how small it can get in river, whereas in sway it squashes down
<pkill9> how can this be changed?
<leon-p> No idea what sway does here, but river respects a windows size constraints
<leon-p> so if the steam sets the minimal size of its window, river will never make it smaller than that
<pkill9> i guess sway just ignores the minimal size
<leon-p> possibly
<leon-p> or, considering steam is probably going through XWayland, we may be using the wrong size constraints. On X there are tons of them for some odd reason.
<pkill9> it does cut it off too, so maybe the application gets the minimal size, but the window cuts it off
<pkill9> so the window thinks it has the minimal size
<leon-p> either way, resizing a window smaller than it's constraints is not supports and will probably never be supported. if a windows constraints are impractical, that is a bug in the application and should not be worked around in the compositor
<leon-p> s/supports/supported/g
<leon-p> note that if the window cuts off, its application-internal. River renders the buffer as-is
<leon-p> we do no cutting