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<gspe> Hi, is it possible to have different layout for different tag?
<travankor> how would that work?
<ifreund> ^
<ifreund> you can display multiple tags at once
<gspe> like every other wm, I can have a left layout on tag 1, right layout on tag 2 and full layout on tag 3
<ifreund> and what happens when you display tag 1 and tag 2 at the same time?
<ifreund> I haven't seen any other *dynamic tiling* wm do this
<gspe> awesome wm, xmodad
<gspe> maybe they are workspace...
<ifreund> do they not allow displaying two tags at once?
<ifreund> pretty sure xmonad at least calls them workspaces, but I haven't looked at the behavior in detail
<gspe> I still don't understand the tags concept
<gspe> how do you use tags?
<ifreund> you can put e.g. your browser on one tag, some terminals on another, a chat client on another
<ifreund> then if you want to see the browser and the terminals at the same time, make the first 2 tags visible
<gspe> for example my workflow is the follow, I have my browser on worspace 4 with full layout, on workspace 5 I have file manger with libreoffice with left layout, on workspace 3 I have file manager with pdf viewer with right layout. If I wanto to see my browser I switch to workspace 4 but I want my full layout and it I switch back to workspace 3 I still want my right layout
<gspe> This is what I have with awesome, xmonad, sway...
<ifreund> if your browser is the only thing on the tag, it should already be taking up the full area no?
<gspe> I usally have 5 or 6 browser windows
<gspe> I like to lave some pages open for later read
<leon-p> If you wait for river-layout, you can write content aware layouts, which is a much better solution than "different layout per tag"
<gspe> I'll wait to see.
<gspe> For my use case actually I can't see any value in displaying more tags at same time. I have my workspace organized by argument with 2 or more window at time so if I display 2 tags at time this would mix 4-8 windows together that will be a mess
<leon-p> you are mixing use case and workflow here, I think. You could totally do it, you'd just have to change the way you assign windows to tags.
<leon-p> YOu have to stop thinking of tags as separate contexts you can switch between. They are just arbitrary groups of windows you can enable.
<leon-p> if it helps, you can think of tags as the logical successor to the taskbar you have at the bottom of some desktops. But instead of activating/deactivating individual windows, you are doing that with groups of windows.
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