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<jaafarrc_> I'm having trouble starting river via tty
<jaafarrc_> I run `river`, then this huge error pops up.
<ifreund> jaafarrc_: it would probably be helpful if you pasted that huge error in a pastebin
<jaafarrc_> Here's the thing, I can't.
<jaafarrc_> I can't pipe it or redirect it to a file.
<jaafarrc_> I was just uploading a picture of it on Imgur.
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<yyp> Do you have an X server running?
<jaafarrc> Yes.
<yyp> You should kill it, xwayland conflicts with it
<jaafarrc> It fails regardless, I've seen it. But I'll try again.
<ifreund> what distro?
<jaafarrc> Artix Linux
<ifreund> are you using elogind or seatd?
<jaafarrc> I'm pretty sure I'm using elogind, I'll double-check.
<ifreund> and you can pipe it or redirect it to a file, you probably tried to redirect stdout not stderr
<jaafarrc> ifreund: Yeah, I guess so.
<yyp> I'm using Artix with elogind too, no problems with river
<jaafarrc> Yup, elogind.
<yyp> The error says it couldn't connect to /tmp/.X11-unix socket. Probably somewhat related to X11
<yyp> jaafarrc: can you try disabling xwayland by not removing -Dxwayland?
<jaafarrc> That's not there if I reboot and not start X immediately.
<ifreund> that error about the socket isn't what's causing things to fail
<yyp> ?
<ifreund> mesa init is failing for whatever reason
<yyp> probably because X has taken it over
<ifreund> no, that's not how this works
* yyp shrugs
<ifreund> the errors about the sockets are expected if there is an x server running
<ifreund> wlroots just retries until it finds on that's not in use
<ifreund> probably shouldn't be logged as an error though tbh
<jaafarrc> BTW, river starts just fine *under* X, it's just I don't wanna run it like that.
<ifreund> jaafarrc: do you have a nvidia gpu?
<jaafarrc> Yeah, but I'm not using it. I'm just using my integrated Intel card.
<jaafarrc> Without the xf86-video-intel DDX driver, in case that's relevant in any way. Just mesa.
<ifreund> that driver is an X-specific thing iirc
<ifreund> do you have mesa-dri or whatever that package is called on artix?
<jaafarrc> I'll check.
<jaafarrc> I guess not.
<jaafarrc> There is no such package on the repos.
<yyp> It's just mesa then
<jaafarrc> I think whatever is in mesa-dri, comes with mesa on Arch/Artix.
<jaafarrc> Or I just don't know what it's called on Arch.
<yyp> jaafarrc: just mesa
<jaafarrc> Yeah.
<jaafarrc> Uh... so what do I do now?
<yyp> More errors?
<jaafarrc> Fair.
<jaafarrc> How do I pipe stderr?
<yyp> 2>file.log
<yyp> river 2>file.log I mean
<jaafarrc> Alright.
<jaafarrc> I'll be right back. Just gonna reboot for something.
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<jaafarrc> Alright, I've rebooted, fresh start. This is the error I get when I run `river`: https://termbin.com/b5u5
<jaafarrc> For some reason, after I run `river` and get said error, `startx` would fail if I try to run it. Strange.
<ifreund> jaafarrc: well that log is pretty clear that it's failing because it doesn't have permission to access the input devices
<ifreund> are you sure your elogind is working correctly?
<jaafarrc> I am sure.
<jaafarrc> How do I check that anyway?
<ifreund> idk, (e)logind is too complex for me to reasonably debug
<ifreund> I think you need a system dbus session running for it to get started though
<ifreund> I use seatd myself
<jaafarrc> To get river started?
<ifreund> seatd or (e)logind provide seat management and allow running river without setuid
<jaafarrc> Interesting, `top` tells me river is running as a process.
<jaafarrc> But it's not on any of my ttys.
<novakane[m]> you just need to enable dbus service for elogind, but you can also enable elogind service if you have problem
<novakane[m]> personally I enabled dbus and elogind service and I have no problem
<jaafarrc> With rc-update/rc-service?
<jaafarrc> Or what?
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<jaafarrc> If I look for dbus commands, I find `dbus-lauch`, `dbus-run-session`, and `dbus-daemon`.
<yyp> rc-service elogind start
<yyp> and `rc-update add elogind` to make it permanent
<jaafarrc> Already started.
<jaafarrc> Same with dbus.
<yyp> still doesn't work?
<jaafarrc> No, I'm saying both were already started prior to me running those commands.
<jaafarrc> Like, Artix started them *for* me.
<yyp> So, still same error?
<jaafarrc> Yes, because Artix starts these both on boot.
<jaafarrc> So they never affected any prior errors I've sent.
<yyp> Try to add yourself to input group
<jaafarrc> yyp: That didn't fix it.
<jaafarrc> Still the same error.
<yyp> Did you relogin after that?
<jaafarrc> Woops.
<jaafarrc> It works!
<yyp> yay
<jaafarrc> yyp: I prefer to use `paru` :)
<yyp> lol
<jaafarrc> Is there something like sxhkd but for Wayland?
<yyp> No, use river's keybinding system
<jaafarrc> Aw, maaan. :(
<yyp> Hotkey daemons are generally a bad idea
<jaafarrc> But it saves me so much time! I don't wanna learn how each and every different compositor configures keybindings.
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<ifreund> then wait for someone to develop and standardize a protocol for that, and get all the compositors you want to use to support it
<ifreund> I don't think that would make a whole lot of sense though tbh
<jaafarrc> Perhaps I'll write this down as a program idea.
<ifreund> or at least it wouldn't fully replace compositor-specific keybinding config
<yyp> ^^
<jaafarrc> Maybe a simpler thing I can do is make a format for keybinds and write (or fork) a compo that supports such format.
<jaafarrc> Maybe I can just use sxhkd's format. The possibilities are endless!
<yyp> You can write a parser for sxhkd's format and convert the bindings to target compositor's format
<jaafarrc> That's actually a really great idea.
<jaafarrc> I'm writing it down right now.
<yyp> Though it wouldn't work completely because xdotool or similar things are not possible on wayland
<yyp> And you would need to rewrite the commands anyway
<jaafarrc> What? I'm just gonna make a CLI to convert a sxhkd config -> compo-specfic config.
<yyp> But you would need to update your sxhkd config anyway, that's what I meant
<jaafarrc> Why?
<yyp> you can't do xdo or xdotool on wayland
<jaafarrc> I'm not gonna use either of these things.
<yyp> ok
<jaafarrc> I don't know they even xDO.
<yyp> Most people use xdo or xdotool to make WM-agnostic keybindings on X
<jaafarrc> Errr, I screwed up my pun.
<jaafarrc> I'm not gonna do that.
<jaafarrc> I'm just gonna use a parser or something.
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<yyp> Did anyone have success building river on Alpine?
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<ifreund> should work fine if you have all the right dependencies
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<novakane[m]> ifreund: so how do you handle `XDG_RUNTIME_DIR` without elogind? Like just mkdir and then export it?
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<jaafarrc> How do I select windows via the arrow keys?
<jaafarrc> I literally have no idea how to do this.
<yyp> Add keybindings :)
<jaafarrc> What's the riverctl command for it? I don't know how to navigate the man page properly.
<yyp> Check out man riverctl for more info
<jaafarrc> I am
<yyp> Scroll down to mappings section, for examples you can see /etc/river/init
<jaafarrc> The mapping section doesn't have anything about selecting windows
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<yyp> riverctl map normal Mod4 ArrowUp focus-view previous
<yyp> You also probably need to look up xkb key names for arrows, I don't exactly remember any of those
<jaafarrc> Why is it previous/next? What if I have more than 2 windows?
<yyp> jaafarrc: river is a dynamic window manager in which windows are organized as a stack, and you use focus-view to cycle through the stack
<yyp> And window placement is detemined by layouts
<jaafarrc> Well, I never had to do that in bspem.
<jaafarrc> bspwm
<yyp> river is like dwm + bspwm
<yyp> If you want bspwm-like window management, use sway
<jaafarrc> Isn't that more like i3?
<yyp> They are basically the same in terms of window management
<jaafarrc> I thought bspwm wasn't a manual WM. My whole life is a lie.
<jaafarrc> Well, that clears the confusion. Thanks, I guess.
<yyp> No problem
<jaafarrc> What's the most minimalist Wayland compo out there? Besides dwl. I dislike how dwl's config is laid out.
<jaafarrc> Okay, maybe I shouldn't ask here.
<yyp> river probably
<jaafarrc> I've seen this one.
<yyp> Doesn't work?
<jaafarrc> But I'm too afraid to use it; it's unmaintained.
<yyp> Being unmaintained doesn't mean bad
<jaafarrc> It is for me. I just can't trust unmaintained packages to be reliable.
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<snakedye> the most minimalist compositor would probably be tinywl but I doubt anyone uses it
<leon-p> the myth of "minimal == good" really must die
<snakedye> I completely agree
<snakedye> minimal = does less = more burden on the user
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