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<wrkzk> hey guys
<wrkzk> quick question
<wrkzk> I am configuring yambar to be used with river, and I noticed that river appears to create an abundance of tags (25+) on startup
<wrkzk> is there any way to limit this number
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<wrkzk[m]> hey guys
<wrkzk[m]> quick question
<wrkzk[m]> I am configuring yambar to be used with river, and I noticed that river appears to create an abundance of tags (25+) on startup
<wrkzk[m]> is there any way to limit this number
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<wrkzk[m]> There seems to be a default of 32
<wrkzk[m]> is there any way to create something more like 9
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<novakane[m]> wrkzk: no on yambar you need to hide unused tags, just display focused and occupied tags
<leon-p> wrkzk[m]: River always has 32 tgas. This is hardcoded. The reason for this is that tags are interally just a bitfield represented by an 32-bit unsigned int.
<leon-p> You don't have to use all of them, though. The program you use to display tags should have some way of defining what tags should be displayed.
<dnkl> wrkzk[m]: check out https://codeberg.org/dnkl/yambar/issues/9#issuecomment-73252 for a (very) simple example
<leon-p> dnkl: do you have plans for a river-options module?
<leon-p> It could for example be used to have the common layout symbols ([]=) dynamic tiling window managers on X often have.
<dnkl> leon-p: I'm currently not using river as my main driver, and until I do I don't see myself implementing anything more river-specific. Patches are of course welcome 🙂.
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<leon-p> I'll try to find time for it when river-options-v2 hits master
<dnkl> Once river gets damage tracking, and better input configuration I'll make a serious attempt to switch to river
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<novakane[m]> I probably messed up trying to fixing something else but what can cause this when building river https://paste.sr.ht/~novakane/142a06d0f43ca3c7dd816e9f3c56fa15f5596caf
<leon-p> novakane[m]: Hey, thats on of the errors I introduces to zig-waylands scanner a few days ago :D
<novakane[m]> ah
<novakane[m]> well glad to be the one testing it :p
<leon-p> novakane[m]: did you try to build master branch?
<leon-p> or river-layout?
<novakane[m]> river-layout but I tried on the master branch and I have the same error
<novakane[m]> does it come from zig-wayland then?
<leon-p> I am investigating right now.
<leon-p> ifreuns river-layout branch or mine?
<leon-p> because mine builds on My Machine™
<novakane[m]> yours
<leon-p> weird. let me try building it again.
<leon-p> hey, now I get it too :D
<novakane[m]> haha well same I build it without problem at first but then I had it
<leon-p> we seriously need better errors for zig-wayland -_-
<leon-p> oh noe
<leon-p> I think I know the issue
<novakane[m]> look like if use zig-wayland your scanner commits it build without issue
<novakane[m]> before*
<leon-p> yeah. I added support for copyright and toplevel description to zig-waylands scanner but apparently forgat that there is a summary= field for descriptions D:
<leon-p> that's an easy fix though
<novakane[m]> oops :p
<leon-p> I could have sworn one of the protocols I tested it with had a toplevel description, but apparently not :o
<novakane[m]> glad it just that, I messed up my zig setup building zig-master I thought it was that at first
<novakane[m]> also nice that for once I'm not the only one with an error :P
<ifreund> well, to be fair I don't have that error because I'm using the pinned zig-wayland commit in .gitmodules for river :P
<leon-p> fix will be PR'd in a moment
<ifreund> RE better zig-wayland error messages, yeah they suck but I'm not sure it's worth investing time in them yet while wayland-scanner will trivially give better ones
<ifreund> for better error messages we need a more featureful xml parser that will tell us where tokens are in the source and supports .dtd verification
<leon-p> actually I was just thinking about easiely seeing which file is causing the error. That would be immensely helpful
<novakane[m]> ifreund: well someone has to sacrifice themselves to test it before you have tons of issues opened :p
<ifreund> novakane[m]: appreciate it ;)
<ifreund> leon-p: that would indeed be helpful and relatively simple to implement
<leon-p> PR is out
<ifreund> wonderful, thanks for the quick fix :)
<novakane[m]> damn I spend way too much time to understand why pinentry wouldn't use gtk anymore before realizing I forget to build river with xwayland
<leon-p> Unrelated, but am I the only who initially read pinentry as pine'n'try? :D
<novakane[m]> nah I will always read it like this :p
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<leon-p> btw, asked my sister if she would be interested in drawing us a ziguana. Not sure if that will lead to something, but if she gets bored she usually works well
<ifreund> cool :)
<novakane[m]> so with the latest commits on river-layout we could have differents layout on differents tags, that's right? or I misunderstood
<leon-p> novakane[m]: yes
<leon-p> well, not different layouts as in different layout generators
<leon-p> but a layout generator now gets the focused tags of an output with every layout deman so it can generate the layout based on that
<novakane[m]> nice, does it works with rivertile yet?
<leon-p> rivertile does not support it, no
<leon-p> or better said it just ignores that value
<leon-p> you'll have to write your own if you want to make use of that feature.
<leon-p> also note that is entirely client side, river does not actually do anything here other than passing the focused tags. River really does not care what happens then
<novakane[m]> alright thanks
<novakane[m]> maybe I'll try to modify a bit rivertile then, since it already make what I want
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<strikersh> hi, I was wondering if there is a way to compile river staticaly ?
<strikersh> My work machine is running ubuntu lts and I can't link it properly
<ifreund> strikersh: unfortunately it's not really possible to link mesa statically
<ifreund> in the future statically linked versions with software rendering only might be possible with the wlroots pixman backend
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<wrkzk[m]> <novakane[m] "you can look at my config too ht"> thanks
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