ifreund changed the topic of #river to: river - a dynamic tiling wayland compositor - https://github.com/ifreund/river - channel logs: https://freenode.irclog.whitequark.org/river/
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<ifreund> daurnimator: yeah, I don't like it either. Fixing it upstream before 0.8.0 is a priority for me
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<ElPresidente> I'm having an issue where my cursor is changing between programs. Like, it's one size in river, another size when I hover over waybar, and q
<ElPresidente> and another size when I open brave
<ElPresidente> I have riverctl xcursor-theme Adwaita in my init file
<ifreund> ElPresidente: clients are allowed to set the cursor theme on wayland, you may need to set some GTK setting or whatnot
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<ElPresidente> hmm, i have the theme set to Adwaita in lxappearance
<ElPresidente> cursor theme*
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<novakane[m]> hmm I can'l launch river anymore, log: https://paste.sr.ht/~novakane/8c8dd0ef74d82b07c6d96ee42635bce1723556da
<novakane[m]> I suspect the new update of systemd, I don't see why I would I have this suddenly
<ifreund> novakane[m]: hmm, can you try running it with gdb inside e.g. a sway session?
<ifreund> looks like a null pointer deference
<ifreund> a full debug build might give a better stack trace too
<novakane[m]> yeah I can try
<novakane[m]> what the command for a debug build with zig?
<novakane[m]> I update libxkbcommon too, so maybe that's the problem
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<novakane[m]> then I have an infinte loop of display connect failed
<novakane[m]> ifreund: ok so I downgrade libxkbcommon and libxkbcommon-x11 1.2.0-1 to 1.1.0-2 and the problem is gone
<ifreund> hmm, did they break ABI?
<ifreund> honestly this might be an xkbcommon bug, they apparently made the function where the null pointer deference happend "faster" in the 1.2.0
<novakane[m]> yeah I was reading the changelog, why it only broken in river though?
<novakane[m]> since I launch dwl without any problem to debug river
<ifreund> could be river is also doing something wrong, I haven't looked very closely yet
<ifreund> could you open a river issue if you haven't yet?
<novakane[m]> sure no problem
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