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<snakedye> If I send a layout request to river for each of my outputs, does river sends back an event to both output even if only one of those output's layout needs to be updated?
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<leon-p> it shouldn't
<leon-p> or better said, if your layout is "active" (which basically means it was the last one used and hasn't since been destroyed) then river trusts the layout generators judgement
<leon-p> if you send river the paramters changed event, river will start a new layout demand, if your layout is active of course
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<leon-p> we do it this way to a) allow layouts to seemlessly depend on external parameters and b) to avoid having to track which layout depends on what river-option (I tried implementing it and it was pretty annoying)
<leon-p> snakedye: ^
<leon-p> snakedye: by the way, I investigated the other issue we talked about before
<leon-p> when changing the tags, river first sends the layout demand, then the output_status update
<leon-p> but it is possible to have your layout to depend on the currently focused tag
<leon-p> you just need to issue the parameters_changed request, like you would when an option changes.
<leon-p> this isn't ideal of course, because it means one layout demand is wasted and clients have to do a ton of unecessary configures, but it works
<leon-p> we might want to improve this in the future though, as layouts depending on the focused tag is a feature I had mind when I designed the protocol
<snakedye> I did this but yeah it isn't really efficient and you can see the views being adjusted when you focus the tag
<leon-p> yeah, it is not great, but it is a functional workaround
<leon-p> I might fix it later, but I do not know when
<leon-p> ifreund: your input on this? Do you think the order of the output_status update and the layout_demand can be swapped when focusing tags without messing anything up?
<ifreund> hmm, that would mean that you'd see your status bar update its UI for the currently focused tags before the transaction completes if the transaction takes more than one frame
<ifreund> add a "probably" there, it'd be very timing dependant and racy
<leon-p> I am pretty sure most status bars would be out of sync anyway, wouldn't they? Considering they render to a buffer and commit _after_ the transaction is done.
<leon-p> swaybar on sway definitely is a frame late
<ifreund> probably, though I don't notice any bad frames with waybar currently
<ifreund> maybe telling them about the tag change early would improve the average case, I don't known
<ifreund> s/known/know/
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