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<fiddlerwoaroof> Here's a proof of concept of the output-streams contrib:
<fiddlerwoaroof> It works for the simple use-cases I've tried, but I'm not sure if it's the best way to do this.
<fiddlerwoaroof> It's also a bit surprising that I have to update swank.lisp every time that I add a new event keyword
<fiddlerwoaroof> Shouldn't it do what the emacs function slime-dispatch-event does and only fail if the contribs don't handle an unrecognized keyword?
<Shinmera> I'd like it if the target-identifier was optional, and it would create a target buffer for me that is guaranteed not to clash with any potentially existing ones.
<fiddlerwoaroof> Yeah, that would be a good addition, maybe just number them in that case or something?
<fiddlerwoaroof> Anyways, I'm off to bed
<Shinmera> My elisp-foo is weak so I don't know if there's already a function to get a unique buffer
<Shinmera> Good night!
<fiddlerwoaroof> I think there is, I wanted also to be able to "reattach" to a buffer, though
<Shinmera> Of course.
<fiddlerwoaroof> Anyways, I'll think about it and read through any feedback sometime tomorrow
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<luis> fiddlerwoaroof: looking good. I'll see what we can do to avoid having to change swank.lisp. It's unfortunate indeed.
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