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<margaritamike> Is it possible to allow slime to use an environment for more than 1 lisp without having to go back and change inferior-lisp-program everytime I wan't to program in a different lisp?
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<Shinmera> margaritamike: I use something like this.
<Shinmera> this will make the last entry the default for M-x slime, and allow you to launch others with M-x <implementation-name>
<margaritamike> Nice :)
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<margaritamike> So in order for me to use anything from slime-contribs, I have to use a cloned git version? I can't still use slime-contribs if I installed slime via the quicklisp helper?
<luis> margaritamike: the contribs ship with SLIME (including quicklisp's copy), you just have to enable them explicitly.
<margaritamike> Ohh
<margaritamike> How do I do that? I'm trying to use the mit-scheme contrib
<margaritamike> :)
<luis> margaritamike: oh, is that missing from quicklisp's copy?
<margaritamike> Following the instructions in the comments, yields errors for me
<margaritamike> Well what I did was follow the instructions in the comments of that file. Is there another way to load it in?
<margaritamike> Doing so resulted in errors when trying to start up slime.
<luis> margaritamike: I don't know. I've never used MIT Scheme, sorry.
<margaritamike> Those were the errors
<margaritamike> Alrighty
<luis> margaritamike: that looks like an error on the Scheme side of things. It's quite possible that swank-mit-scheme is suffering from bitrot, but I couldn't say.
<margaritamike> I see my problem
<margaritamike> I believe this would require me to clone the repo though, with inserting a path in the load
<margaritamike> But maybe not.. I'll try just downloading the swank-mit-scheme.scm file
<luis> margaritamike: it appears to be failing even before it tries to load swank-mit-scheme.scm. It's complaining about create-package-from-description right? How do you create a package in MIT Scheme?
<luis> margaritamike: the instructions suggest MIT Scheme 9.2 is needed. Maybe try and getting that version?
<margaritamike> I'm on it
<margaritamike> I was using 9.1.1
<margaritamike> We shall see!
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