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<fiddlerwoaroof> luis: I don't think so, I wasn't quite sure if I put them in the appropriate places, because I don't know the codebase very well
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<trafaret1> hi there
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<fiddlerwoaroof> I didn't realize I had committed this code I was using to debug a macroexpansion issue
<fiddlerwoaroof> Anyways, once that's merged, I think the stream contrib is ready to merge
<fiddlerwoaroof> looks like it's been merged
<luis> Cool. Sorry I didn't catch it during review.
<fiddlerwoaroof> Do you have any idea why (let ((inferior-lisp-program "ccl")) (slime)) might not start ccl?
<fiddlerwoaroof> luis: from #lisp
<fiddlerwoaroof> "verisimilitude: I have to run now, but slime is a convenience
<fiddlerwoaroof> wrapper around slime-start and slime-start works as expected."
<fiddlerwoaroof> I'm also not sure if the failing test on buffer-streams is my fault
<fiddlerwoaroof> the test identifier is 'traditional-recipe
<fiddlerwoaroof> it seems to be flaky on my local machine
<luis> It is flaky indeed.
<luis> fiddlerwoaroof: do you have a script called "ccl"? It usually has a more complex name, IIRC.
<luis> (setq inferior-lisp-program "dummy") (slime "sbcl") ; same as binding inferior-lisp-program <-- works for me
<luis> (I only have SBCL on this laptop)
<fiddlerwoaroof> luis: i do, let-binding i-l-p around slime-start does the right thing
<luis> M-x trace-function slime-start to see what's different
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