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<flip214> I tried to make the cross-beams by clicking on a border edge and one of the post-corners; that didn't result in a volume.
<flip214> Then I tried to split the border edge up; that resulted in bad edges again. With ---border>>----A---B---Corner and A/B being the newly added points,
<flip214> intersecting the border with the edges coming to A and B gave me a border up to A, an edge AB, and another edge A-Corner (instead of B-Corner)
<flip214> is that a bug in 2.3+repack1-4 or am I just holding it wrong? Seems to happen to me every time I try to intersect lines with each other.
<flip214> Even using separate construction lines and intersecting them with the corner edge gave me such duplicated edges.
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<tjader> Is there a newer Windows build available other than 2.3?
<tjader> Thanks, I'll check it out
<tjader> I've recently got a 3d printer and am trying it cad programs, so far solvespace is my favorite
<whitequark> nice!
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<tjader> It's complaining about a missing dll, vcomp140d.dll
<whitequark> ah, I should fix that
<whitequark> can you file an issue so I remember to?
<tjader> Sure
<tjader> Is there some workaround I can do for now?
<whitequark> yes
<tjader> Do I have to follow the suggested format on the issue or is a short explanation enough?
<_whitenotifier-f> [solvespace] RodrigoTjader opened issue #631: Windows artifact complains about vcomp140d.dll - https://git.io/Jf7TJ
<tjader> Oops, submitted it by mistake
<_whitenotifier-f> [solvespace] RodrigoTjader edited issue #631: Windows artifact complains about vcomp140d.dll - https://git.io/Jf7TJ
<tjader> That other link you sent also didn't work
<whitequark> short explanation is enough
<whitequark> ugh, probably not old enough
<whitequark> one moment
<_whitenotifier-f> [solvespace] whitequark commented on issue #631: Windows artifact complains about vcomp140d.dll - https://git.io/Jf7Ta
<tjader> That one runs, thamks