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<andlabs> ValleyBell: and it also segfaults for me every so often :D
<andlabs> I will debug that shortly
<andlabs> -> 339 CurBufL[0] = CAA->lSmpl.L;
<andlabs> something here is NULL
<andlabs> CurBufL is
<andlabs> that's in Resampler.c
<andlabs> and it still segfaults hm
<andlabs> now in vgmplayer.cpp
<andlabs> -> 1207UINT8 curCmd = _fileData[_filePos];
<andlabs> since this is all in thread 5 I am guessing there is a race
<andlabs> yeah this is pretty loud
<andlabs> oh boy
<kode54> andlabs: macOS?
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<kode54> the only race I can think of is that the callbacks will be called from the context of Audio Toolbox
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<andlabs> kode54: yes
<andlabs> hmm
<andlabs> is the problem the Sleep(50)?
<andlabs> yeah IDK what the race is
<andlabs> also vgmrips needs better organization of consoles
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<andlabs> oh I should mention
<andlabs> the segfaults themselves only happen when I either change tracks or quit the program, and they happen unpredictably at that
<andlabs> but ThreadSanitizer is very loud throughout the program execution
<ValleyBell> I actually thought that libvgm was a lot more thread-safe then the current VGMPlay.
<ValleyBell> VGMPlay had quite a few race conditions related to start/stop/seek (and I did thread synchronisation via Sleep and bool variables there)
<Sarayan> Whitequark, if you're around, do you have an opinion on the altera cyclone V se (as in ? In particular, do you think there's any chance of open source dev tools for it?
<cr1901_modern> someone's working on cyclone v RE
<cr1901_modern> so eventually there will be support for it in the open flow
<Sarayan> yosys seems to have some support for it actually
<cr1901_modern> Yes, I think yosys understands the primitives. You can feed yosys output into the pnr phase of quartus flow (idk what it's called)
<cr1901_modern> but there's no FOSS pnr tool for cyclone yet
<Sarayan> Oh? I thought yosys was pnr in the first place
<cr1901_modern> No, it spits out a file that describes how FPGA primitives should connect to each other.
<cr1901_modern> Up to the pnr tool to actually figure out how to physically realize those connections
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