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<dkeav> you would never end up with a file you hadn't requested on your node right
<dkeav> that solves the CP fear of being part of intermixed nodes
<TUSF> Nope. Far as I know, the only way something like CP could end up on your node is if you looked it up, or if it was part of some big folder structure that you pinned without verifying.
<TUSF> Or if you have a public gateway and someone else requested it
<ex-parrot> how long on average should it take from initialising ipfs on a new machine and adding a file before I can load that file elsewhere?
<dkeav> right, i was trying to explain this IPFS thing to some other nerds and that was their holdup, said you would be liable for others like a tor exit node
<ex-parrot> not if you don't run a gateway I would think
<TUSF> Yeah, if you don't expose your gateway, then you should be fine.
<dkeav> i think the trueos guys were using it for their updates
<dkeav> err or are rather
<TUSF> I think there was some other IPFS-like project that might have actually had nodes cache random objects, (to ensure they remained on the network) which of course led to a fear of having CP sent to you.
<d4ve9> how can I allocate a harddrive space to the ipfs network?
<TUSF> Pin things.
<d4ve9> i have an 8tb drive not being used.. can't I just dedicate it for other people?
<TUSF> Set IPFS_PATH to a location on your harddrive, so when you run your daemon is saves everything there?
<ex-parrot> d4ve9: that is not really how IPFS works. you only store files you pin the hashes of
<d4ve9> ok
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<TUSF> Yeah, what you could do is open up a pinning service so others can request you keep their files up and running
<dkeav> that seems dangerous
<TUSF> Yep.
<TUSF> Well, if you have a system set up to keep track of them and all, you can later go back and verify the data
<darkdrgn2k[m]> so what you guys think of cloudflare running ipfs gateways
<darkdrgn2k[m]> 👍 or 👎
<TUSF> Probably just a PR move
<TUSF> d4ve: you can try doing a pinning service like https://pinbits.io/ or https://www.eternum.io/
<d4ve> thx tusf
<TUSF> Actually, something I haven't seen is something that pins and regularly updates an ipns address.
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<d4ve> eternum should give me a cut from letting them host on my hd
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