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<rellla> anarsoul|2: i think i need some help finding the issue :)
<rellla> dEQP-GLES2.functional.texture.specification.basic_copytexsubimage2d.2d_rgb* are the only tests in this series, which use the "hardware" path (lima_blit->util_blitter_blit) to blit sth into the texture buffer.
<rellla> this results in a draw in the end and works for the first iteration. so i guess somehow the buffer got lost or is missing, when we do that the second time...
<rellla> or maybe there is an issue with mipmap levels, but i guess this all should be handled correctly with mesa's util helpers, so lima is just executing the draw with mesa input parameters.
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<rellla> hm, seems mipmap level related.
<rellla> running the test with an iteration with (level = 0; level < 2; level++) fails at level 1.
<rellla> (level = 1; level < 3; level++) also fails on level 1, which is the first run.
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<Ntemis> hi
<Ntemis> can anyone tell me what lima reports here?
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<rellla> Ntemis: Isn't the issue tracker answering your question?
<Ntemis> yes am test compiling the fix right now
<anarsoul|2> rellla: panfrost_blit_wallpaper() is essentially panfrost's version of reload
<rellla> ah ok.
<anarsoul|2> if it's mipmap related - check how it's handled in vc4 or panfrost
<rellla> i'm not sure, if it's really reload related at all due to my second test...
<rellla> if it is a reload thing, i shouldn't get this one imho
<rellla> ah stop. my last two comments are wrong.
<rellla> glCopyTexSubImage2D(GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, 51, 43, 50, 16, 30, 7) triggers the first draw, so it was wrong, what i said, so could be reload issue...
<rellla> for my understanding: glTexImage2D transfers data to the buffer. the first glCopyTexSubImage2D triggers a lima_draw_vbo_update and submits a job.
<rellla> is this buffer still available after the job is done? is this the place, where reloading joins the game?
<anarsoul|2> reloading is prepended to the job
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<Ntemis> fyi my issue was not lima related, thank you
<Ntemis> fixed
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<anarsoul|2> rellla: it should be unless there's a missing dependency somewhere
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<piggz> anarsoul|2: hi .... in what cases might eglChooseConfig return no configs?
<anarsoul|2> piggz: no idea
<piggz> anarsoul|2: ok ... i think thats what happening with mesa/lima and the sailfish gecko engine
<anarsoul|2> probably it requests something that's not supported
<anarsoul|2> anyway, that's not even lima code, egl is generic in mesa
<piggz> anarsoul|2: yes, i think it also affects intel
<piggz> im just adding some debug to print the requested attributes
<anarsoul|2> piggz: IIRC firefox needs GL3
<piggz> anarsoul|2: what egl does mesa support?
<anarsoul|2> I think 1.5, note that EGL version != GL version
<piggz> yeah, im talking EGL .... gecko must use EGLsomehow, thats the library it loads
<anarsoul|2> EGL is just GL<->winsys interface. You still need to specify what GL version you want while creating context
<anarsoul|2> firefox wants GL3 (or GLES3, I don't actually remember)
<anarsoul|2> so it's likely the same for gecko
<piggz> ok, so what GL versions are possible on mesa/lima?
<anarsoul|2> GL2 (not fully compliant) or GLES2
<anarsoul|2> and hardware can't do GLES3
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<piggz> anarsoul|2: so, what browsers are people using with lima
<anarsoul|2> chromium works
<anarsoul|2> however that's on pinebook, not on pinephone
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