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<piggz> anarsoul|2: jolla dev tells me their gecko engine uses gles2
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<anarsoul|2> piggz: well, debug it then
<piggz> anarsoul|2: yes, i got a list of the params that are requested
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<piggz> anarsoul|2: would you mind casting your eye over this .... its the list of capabilities gecko requests from EGL, do any of them stand out as likely to result in no suitable configs found?
<anarsoul|2> piggz: check if es3 is set
<piggz> anarsoul|2: lets see if i can trace it through the code ... a build takes about 2 hours"
<piggz> !
<enunes> piggz: maybe 'eglinfo' on the target is helpful? apparently it lists supported configs
<piggz> enunes: thanks, ill see if thats build
<piggz> s/built
<piggz> anarsoul|2: so, all the flags passed in are false, inc es3
<piggz> i ended up adding printf's ... ive got all the attributes, just gonna work out what they are
<anarsoul|2> piggz: feel free to ask #dri-devel. EGL code is not lima-specific
<piggz> anarsoul|2: is lima capable of 8 bits per channel ?
<anarsoul|2> yes
<enunes> it seems that you request a 16bit depth buffer, according to that list 0 or 24 should be supported
<anarsoul|2> enunes: IIRC it'll promote 16 bit to 24
<enunes> oh well
<piggz> enunes: anarsoul|2: this is whats requested, (read from bottom to top)
<piggz> enunes: is this eglinfo
<enunes> I think it just comes from mesa-demos
<piggz> oh, ok
<anarsoul|2> piggz: I doubt that you'll get something different from enunes' output
<anarsoul|2> I don't see 'pb' in eglinfo output
<anarsoul|2> so probably it doesn't like LOCAL_EGL_PBUFFER_BIT
<anarsoul|2> I'm not sure what platform you're using (X11/wayland/gbm), but it's not supported for gbm for sure
<anarsoul|2> same for wayland
<anarsoul|2> so unless you're using X11 you can't use PBUFFER surface
<piggz> anarsoul|2: its wayland
<anarsoul|2> piggz: it likely fails the same way for Intel. elginfo doesn't advertise pbuffer surface support for wayland on my laptop.
<enunes> ok here you go, all platforms
<enunes> indeed pb is only on X11
<piggz> how odd
<anarsoul|2> piggz: that's not lima specific
<piggz> anarsoul|2: sure ... what are the other surface tpes?
<piggz> types
<anarsoul|2> window
<anarsoul|2> and pixmap, only window is supported for wayland
<enunes> and the supported ones on the eglinfo table (only win)
<piggz> i guess ill try egl_window_bit then
<piggz> wondering how it works ok hybris devices now tho!
<anarsoul|2> ask gecko devs?
<anarsoul|2> or #dri-devel
<piggz> well, im aso gonna double check the gecko configs incase im somehow taking a code path i shoudnt be
<piggz> worst part, even if i fix this error, it probably wont work anyway becuase of another sailfish bug!
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<piggz> anarsoul|2: enunes: so yes, thats fixed my crash ...i still have the problem i thought i would have...and this, which i guess is expected:
<piggz> WARNING: NS_ENSURE_TRUE(context->IsOffscreen()) failed:
<piggz> so, gecko is expecting to do offscreen rendering ... that isnt possible on wayland from what you said?
<enunes> piggz: good luck :)
<piggz> fricken nightmare
<piggz> im sure i have better things to be doing!
<enunes> piggz: according to the eglinfo output no, it's not supported and indeed I can see the same not supported on my laptop, does your application work on any target running mesa?
<piggz> enunes: no it doesnt, only works properly on hybris devices
<piggz> id like to fix that!
<enunes> well, unfortunately it seems that you have an issue which is not lima specific and then something that is specific to your application, so we can't help much here
<piggz> sure
<piggz> its something weird like, when using mesa and a qglwidget, the application internally renders correctly, but the screen just shows white
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