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<naobsd> some news
<naobsd> u-boot for rk3188 can be used for sdboot too (with some fix)
<naobsd> and rk3288 box is arrived just now ;)
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<naobsd> lets take apart...
<ganbold_> cool
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<naobsd> T031 sounds like hotack board
<naobsd> but they don't make rk3288 yet?
<naobsd> (I guess they just don't update web yet...)
<naobsd> CPU is on bottom side
<naobsd> interesting thermal pad(?)
<naobsd> KLM8G1WEMB-B031 eMMC?
<naobsd> GL850G uhub
<naobsd> ACT8846
<naobsd> N2CB4G16CP-DI DDR3?
<naobsd> ah, "HTC-T031-V0.2", it's hotack's board
<naobsd> AP6330
<naobsd> RTL8211E
<naobsd> RK1000-S
<naobsd> DRV632 audio amp?
<naobsd> 8563 RTC
<naobsd> black place on cpu seems to be thin aluminum with tape
<naobsd> there are 3 holes, probably it's UART :)
<naobsd> let's power on...
<naobsd> it's uart
<naobsd> board TX seems ok, I can see output
<naobsd> but RX... I cannot put command
<naobsd> I changed USB-UART, works now
<naobsd> let's prepare HDMI display...
<naobsd> HDMI display is used by family...
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<naobsd> I'll put binaries
<naobsd> for NAND boot, CONFIG_SECOND_LEVEL_BOOTLOADER needs to be defined (see UserManual)
<naobsd> I need to do some community thing too
<naobsd> u-boot SD card layout is same as RK loader(I modified u-boot to keep layout)
<naobsd> just replace FlashBoot, that's all
<naobsd> functionality of u-boot for RK is almost same as RK loader, don't expect more ;) (for now)
<naobsd> ah, it's miniHDMI
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<naobsd> hmm, no USB port for EHCI?
<naobsd> 3 host are under hub
<naobsd> CPU part: 0xc0d <- Cortex-A12?
<naobsd> hardware looks fine
<naobsd> rockchip still uses gcc4.6(aosp prebuilts)
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<naobsd> hmm
<naobsd> sdboot header for rk3188 seems to work on rk3288
<naobsd> err
<naobsd> sdboot header for rk3188 seems not to work on rk3288
<naobsd> in other words, I cannot boot rk3288 from SD yet
<naobsd> first 8192 sectors in emmc on rk3288 are similar to rk3188, but different a little
<naobsd> header is at 0x8000, encrypted with same key as rk3188
<naobsd> there are some data at 0x8400-0x87ff
<naobsd> DDR code starts at 0x8800 (same as rk3188)
<naobsd> loader code starts at 0xc800
<naobsd> let's copy emmc header to sd...
<naobsd> doesn't work :(
<naobsd> or emmc is prior than sd in boot sequence?
<naobsd> no idea
<naobsd> and no time :(
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<karlp> naobsd: that pulse h5007nl magnetics are super pricey at mouser/digikey!
<naobsd> hmm?
<karlp> was just looking at the parts in that rk3288 board you posted pics of
<karlp> nothing important :)
<naobsd> :)
<naobsd> hmm, mainline(arm-soc/for-next) doesn't boot :(
<naobsd> L2C: failed to init: -19
<karlp> so, this uboot you're talking about, is that installed to nand as a second bootloader after the factory rom one?
<naobsd> CPU1: failed to boot: -38
<naobsd> for nand, u-boot must be 2nd, flashed to uboot partition
<karlp> does that need a rom bootloader that understands to look at a uboot partition then? is this rk3288 only?
<naobsd> 1st loader is included in uboot source tree
<karlp> I don't follow, the rk3066 rom bootloader doesn't know about a uboot partition does it?
<naobsd> RKxxLoader_xx.bin(1st) and uboot.img(2nd) are made by "make rk30xx"
<karlp> ok, where do you flash rkxxLoader.bin to?
<naobsd> what's "rk3066 rom bootloader"?
<naobsd> RKxxLoader.bin need to be flashed as same as existing proprietary loader(it also RKxxLoader.bin, nothing is changed)
<naobsd> nothing is changed -> naming rule and how/where to flash are not changed
<karlp> care to write tis down a little on
<karlp> (does actually work foryou? it fails here)
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<karlp> perhaps update the "boot sequence" or move to a new page for it?
<naobsd> wiki will be updated
<naobsd> but
<naobsd> if you think I found something not documented
<naobsd> no
<naobsd> please see UserManual in u-boot source
<karlp> which part, that's a pretty big document :)
<naobsd> sorry? big?
<naobsd> wc -l UserManual
<naobsd> 89 UserManual
<naobsd> I will write wiki
<naobsd> but it was impossible to write wiki before I tried/learned
<karlp> what UserManual are you referring to? is huge
<karlp> ok, reading that :)
<naobsd> it's easy to put not-yet-arranged info on IRC while I'm trying
<naobsd> but it's impossible to write not-yet-arranged info into wiki while trying...
<karlp> yeah, I'm just trying to understand what you're saying, so I can try it, and then write it down too :)
<karlp> I completely understand how hard it is to write wiki docs while you're still exploring :)
<karlp> it just feels like some of the earlier steps are understood enough now that we should be able to get them written down :)
<karlp> so where do the RKLoaderxxxx.bin come from in the uboot build? is that a binary blob somewhere in the github uboot-rockchip repository?
<naobsd> yes and no
<naobsd> dram init code is blob
<naobsd> other part and tool to pack RKxxLoader.bin are built from source
<naobsd> see tools/rk_tools/
<naobsd> ah, rk30usbplug.bin is also binary blob ;)
<naobsd> I want to see working mainline dmesg on rk3288
<naobsd> give up today...
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<naobsd> ah, there are many patches on lakml only...
<mmind00> naobsd: the l2c init fail is normal, as the cortex-a12 does not have an external l2c controller [it's inside the soc on the a12]
<naobsd> ah, I see
<naobsd> arm-soc/for-next just hanged around cpufreq init
<mmind00> similar for cpu1-cpu3 ... no smp support yet
<naobsd> oh
<naobsd> which repo/branch should I use for rk3288?
<mmind00> most likely the bootloader on your device did not turn on the timer supplying the architected timer
<naobsd> currently I'm using shipped u-boot (no firmware image)
<mmind00> naobsd: yep, that is affected ...
<naobsd> mmind00: do you know how to boot from SD on rk3288? I want to keep u-boot in emmc...
<mmind00> naobsd: nope, I haven't looked at anything bootloader-related ... I only every boot a kernel+simply ramdisk ;-)
<naobsd> U-Boot 2014.04 (Aug 21 2014 - 14:47:54) <- current u-boot
<naobsd> not so old...
<naobsd> ah, it must be same as u-boot.bin in firefly repo
<naobsd> hmm
<naobsd> let's try...
<naobsd> ah
<naobsd> drivers/regulator/Kconfig:1:error: recursive dependency detected!
<naobsd> ignore for now ;)
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<naobsd> mmind00: devel/workbench works, thanks :)
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