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<karlp> man, this default rom is missing a pile of useful things.
<karlp> no sed, no seq, no tee, no expr
<naobsd> as you know, gpio is not only for wifi/bt...
<naobsd> busybox?
<naobsd> busybox is in stock rom for most rockchip device
<karlp> "toolbox"
<naobsd> toolbox must exist because it's part of standard android userland
<naobsd> I'm talking about extra "busybox"
<karlp> oh, mofo, I'm used to busybox having all the links installed
<karlp> now I can see busybox
<karlp> I had wget afterall!
<karlp> now I understand the purpose of the "b" variable:
<naobsd> busybox (command) will work if symlinks are not installed
<karlp> yeah, found that out now, thanks for the pointer :)
<naobsd> "busybox (command) (args)"
<naobsd> lol
<naobsd> lets s/b/path_to_busybox_binary/ :)
<naobsd> btw
<naobsd> current wiki uses GFDL as license
<naobsd> I want to change it to "CC BY-SA"
<karlp> I consider all of my contributions to be CC-BY or freer,
<karlp> it's a wiki, attributing wikis is a disaster
<naobsd> you can put any license for _your_ content
<naobsd> what I wanted to say is
<naobsd> current content which is written by someone who cannot contact now, cannot be reuse if I say "our wiki will be CC BY-SA"
<naobsd> btw
<naobsd> any content which uses incompatible license cannot be "copy&paste"ed
<naobsd> I guess some of contents on current wiki was "copy&paste"ed
<karlp> which is high reason I'd like to _not_ have any sort of SA license
<karlp> iðd like it to be as free as possible for copy/paste.
<naobsd> if you're talking about wiki as _source_ of copy&paste
<naobsd> I can understand you
<naobsd> but what I'm talking is copy&paste _destination_
<naobsd> we cannot put any incompatible content to our wiki even if we choose more free license
<karlp> if we're going to remove content just becaus some prior author can't be contacted, I can't support a change in license
<karlp> but hell, it's not a very big wiki,
<karlp> I've only just started getting comfortable enough with what I'm doing to even start editing or contributing,
<karlp> I'd just wayyyyy rather leave it as is and get edits, rather than have a licensing debate about one copyleft vs another copyleft.
<naobsd> even if we don't change license
<naobsd> we(I) should make content clean
<naobsd> why I thought about "CC BY-SA" is because it's compatible to wikipedia, but it's not strong reason
<naobsd> I don't like the talk like license openness/which is better/etc/etc
<naobsd> but I don't like some kind of people who just says "GPL! GPL! give source! GPL! GPL!" without understanding copyright/license ;)
<naobsd> s/give source/give me source/
<karlp> let's talk about something more interesting, how to make "for n in {0..2}" work on this shitty shell...
<naobsd> seq
<naobsd> seq 0 2
<karlp> yeah, and busybox contains seq, so that will work, thanks.
<naobsd> last one: what I wanted to say is, if we say "we are open/free", we should treat others' rights well
<karlp> naobsd: absolutely,
<naobsd> last one more(oops, sorry): i.e. "don't copy&paste without permission"
<karlp> but we should do that by assuming that people have done the right thing, and removing anything we find,
<karlp> not by changing license and removing everythign from people we couldn't contact
<karlp> that's all
<karlp> anyway, fun! running the gpio dump scriptlet to check the states crashed my device :)
<naobsd> our wiki is small
<karlp> speaking of wikis and code,
<karlp> could/should the scriptlet at be put into a repo?
<karlp> then it can get some changes.
<naobsd> I want to correct existing pages
<naobsd> and if I rewrote it in my own words, it's my content :)
<naobsd> (even if it's based on someone's idea, it's not protected by copyright law)
<naobsd> I will reorganize pages step by step
<naobsd> I've almost done server things, it's time to do wiki things
<naobsd> then, if someone want more free license, I'm ok, I can prepare it and write new pages in my own words
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> you want to join github group?
<karlp> sure :)
<naobsd> github account please
<karlp> karlp
<naobsd> I should make some (not so hard) rule to make account for future
<naobsd> there is only "owner" group which has all rights :)
<karlp> I'll be good, I promise, but yeah, I dn't need anywhere near that level of permissions
<karlp> though, if you give me owner, I can do it for you ;)
<naobsd> I wanted to ask "which one? owner or other group", I see, you are one of owner :)
<naobsd> you also have responsible about github organization :)
<naobsd> about gpio_dump forking, please use original one
<naobsd> as source
<naobsd> well
<karlp> yeah, already modified the wiki to poitn to that one
<karlp> and looking at pulling the script from the wiki to there in it's original orm,
<karlp> then add some mods to try and test for busybox automatically
<naobsd> ok, I make new rule on github now: to become owner, make your account as public member
<naobsd> ah, correction
<naobsd> if you're owner, make your account public
<naobsd> public(owner) member is responsible
<naobsd> I'll add new "team" on github
<naobsd> for developer who can push changes
<naobsd> but no responsible about organization
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<naobsd> karlp: I invited (probably) you to github linux-rockchip
<naobsd> karlp: please check it's surely you are invited ;)
<karlp> yep, that's me :)
<naobsd> thanks
<naobsd> let make your account public by new rule :)
<naobsd> or make new team "developer" and move your account into it :)
<naobsd> developer? developers? why owner is owner, not owners? ;)
<naobsd> "developers"
<naobsd> I have to learn about organization on github :(
<naobsd> I really don't like this kind of work
<naobsd> I just want to tweak code :(
<karlp> ah, I missed the public button
<karlp> ok, I'm in writers, but not admin now :)
<naobsd> oh
<naobsd> nice work :)
<naobsd> ah
<naobsd> "devs"
<naobsd> well, it's ok, no objection :)
<karlp> (I'm gone from owners now, so you're on your own to move/shuffle things further)
<naobsd> I see
<naobsd> this is first time I saw "edit team" page
<naobsd> and surprised, only 3 class
<karlp> I've used it a fair bit for work.
<naobsd> what's for "read access"??? ;)
<karlp> you can then more and diverse permissions on the per repository basis
<karlp> if your repositories aren't public :)
<naobsd> ah, I see
<karlp> ie, my work has both public and private repos,
<naobsd> sure
<naobsd> I forgot about private repo
<karlp> and with the private repos, we sometimes give read access to partners
<naobsd> I only have free account
<naobsd> on github
<naobsd> by new rule, I have to kick out other people to "devs" ;)
<karlp> or, leave off moving people for a bit? you only declared the new rule ~40minutes ago :)
<naobsd> of course I don't it now
<naobsd> there was no organization(community)
<naobsd> no one think "I'm admin, I'm responsible"
<naobsd> but I'll ask when I do something
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<naobsd> ah I misunderstood about team name and class name
<naobsd> I'm owner class in owners team
<karlp> with that ARM: dts: rockchip: fix rk3188 emmc pull references mail from mmind,
<karlp> is that really correct? default -> none, but also default -> up ?
<naobsd> I guess it depends on role of pin
<naobsd> btw
<naobsd> I think you had to make/add repositories to "devs" at first
<naobsd> can you fork/make new repo?
<naobsd> forked/added now
<karlp> I can't fork to linux-rockchip, but that's ok, I think new devs shoudl only be given rights to a few repos at a time as they need them, we don't need the old style of 10000 repos with slightly different kernels or anything
<naobsd> I added current repos and newly forked gpio repo
<naobsd> except rockchip-3.0, it will be removed soon
<naobsd> ah, one another rule
<naobsd> "please if you become new member(owner/devs/etc), please join google group"
<karlp> no, screw google groups
<naobsd> IRC may be enough
<naobsd> screw?
<karlp> oh, groups might be ok, just as long as I don't hav eto use this silly hangouts thing
<naobsd> well, sorry, what's the problem?
<karlp> I just find google hangouts to be terribly difficult to use and find, and google+ circles just as bad,
<naobsd> ah
<karlp> the google-group at present has nothign in it anyway,
<naobsd> what I said is mailing list
<naobsd> e.g. to post request "make make/fork XXX repo"
<karlp> what's wrong with just using linux-rockchip@infradead, it can have discussion if need be too, not just patches
<naobsd> announce something from owners
<naobsd> etc
<naobsd> ah
<naobsd> linux-rockchip@infradead is not for general talk in community
<naobsd> that's for linux developers
<naobsd> I don't want to hijack that ml
<naobsd> at least I have no right about that ml
<temptwo> Holy wall of text, Batman.
<temptwo> Just caught up on the backlog.
<karlp> mostly just administrivia :)
<naobsd> or my monologue
<naobsd> btw I like google hangouts and g+ for some specific purpose
<naobsd> then
<naobsd> karlp: is it ok to use google groups to talk about (at least) maintain repo on github?
<naobsd> IRC is ok too when I'm join/active
<karlp> anything you like :)
<naobsd> I really want someone who can cooperate admin things ;)
<naobsd> or I should change my mind to become king :D
<naobsd> terrible!
<karlp> what actually needs admin now?
<karlp> we need content editors more than admin right now right?
<naobsd> yes
<naobsd> we need editors, developers, etc for community
<naobsd> _I_ needs someone
<naobsd> :)
<naobsd> I don't need admin rights if everything works well
<naobsd> but "no admin" = "no protection" for spamming
<karlp> stupid gpio dump script uses the old linux 3.0 names of the pins,
<karlp> should try and update it once more to make modern names :|
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<naobsd> karlp: you already have right to push to linux-rockchip repo
<naobsd> or do you want work flow for code review? ;)
<karlp> rfc for starters, but yes, I know I can push to it, that branch is in the same repo,
<naobsd> ah
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<naobsd> well
<karlp> if you agree it seems useful, hit the merge button, and we can delete the wiki page and link to the repo.
<karlp> I have a gpio labelled " play" in my stock firmware :)
<karlp> I wonder what it does
<naobsd> currently there is no reviewer
<naobsd> and no need to get my permission to use master branch
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> origin of that repo seems dead, no reason to keep master clean
<karlp> usmfarice updated it only 7 days ago
<karlp> seems active to me :)
<naobsd> oh really? sorry
<naobsd> ah, hramrach sent pullreq
<naobsd> well, then,
<karlp> anyway, late for me. I'm off to bed.
<naobsd> if you want to keep our own repo, please use it as you want
<naobsd> if you want to send pullreq to someone, origin may be better place ;)
<naobsd> I see, goodnight
<naobsd> (later case: we shouldn't have own repo, there is no reason to hold someone's pullreq)
<naobsd> mmind00: do you have dts for R89 converted from dtb on device?
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<Guest5292> I watched some videos yesterday, and found out that hardware decode video player is available in Chrome OS on rk3288.
<Guest5292> I'd like to try chrome os. Where can I find the firmware? Or, is it possible to compile one by myself?
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<naobsd> hmm
<naobsd> vendor name should be removed from dts file name? only product/board name should be used?
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<naobsd> oops
<naobsd> my private branch doesn't boot :(
<naobsd> I thought it booted last night...
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<mmind00> naobsd: nope, that is based on the evb dts ... and I also still need to recheck things
<naobsd> I guess there are few modifications...
<naobsd> I checked Orion R28 SDK, that rk3288-box.dts is modified a little (compared to Rockchip SDK)
<naobsd> but I'm not sure that dts is really shipped version
<naobsd> hmm
<naobsd> net-next/master + usb-next + clk-next + v3.18-next/{dma,dts} finally works...
<naobsd> ...and hanged somewhere in my root fs... :(
<rperier> hi all
<rperier> the arc core driver seems to be buggy, I will have work on it these days :)
<naobsd> ah, wrong root file system :(
<rperier> (skb_panic throught arc_emac_poll, lost packets via NFS... a lot of fun !!)
<rperier> but that's the game :)
<naobsd> I'm just trying up-to-date code
<naobsd> oh
<naobsd> emac dead ;)
<naobsd> works fine this time
<naobsd> UG: Bad page state in process swapper/0 pfn:8d562
<naobsd> !?
<naobsd> [<c03760a0>] (__netdev_alloc_skb) from [<c0252f30>] (arc_emac_poll+0x288/0x418)
<naobsd> got it :)
<naobsd> rperier: do you have any idea?
<rperier> I have strange behaviour in arc_emac_poll
<rperier> me too
<rperier> however I did not get this error, my error was a kernel panic in skb_put (called from arc_emac_poll)
<rperier> I will investigate
<naobsd> simple workload seems fine
<naobsd> ah, no, it seems it's just "sometimes work, sometimes not" :(
<naobsd> btw, reboot doesn't work?
<naobsd> should I toggle some GPIO by hand? ;)
<rperier> it does but you probably need to take linux-next or backport the patch wrote by Heiko (something like "add restart handler" in the description)
<naobsd> I see
<rperier> reboot works fine, shutdown not implemented yet but it is in my todo list
<naobsd> trying usb network...
<naobsd> haha
<naobsd> dwc2 101c0000.usb: dwc2_assign_and_init_hc: Failed to allocate memory to handle non-dword aligned buffer
<naobsd> I really wonder why linux doesn't have function to allocate buffer suitable for DMA...
<naobsd> maybe: it's available, but driver is not nice
<naobsd> it should be host controller limitation, host controller should handle it. I don't want to fix all driver...
<naobsd> rperier: core driver works?
<naobsd> ^about arc emac
<rperier> naobsd: emac_arc works better than emac_rockchip but it has lost packets too in some cases and panic too
<naobsd> I think
<naobsd> I guess
<naobsd> who uses arc emac...
<rperier> when I wrote the patch, dhcp, tftp , iperfs via tcp worked just fine. Problems appear while mounting rootfs throught NFSv4 (tcp)
<naobsd> ah, I wonder
<naobsd> mysterious
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<mmind00> rperier: do you also have these
<naobsd> trying mainline on my HDMI stick...
<rperier> mmind00: thanks, I did not see it
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<naobsd> oh, OTG port works too(as host)
<rperier> interesting, I need to test these patches
<naobsd> oh Interesting
<naobsd> lets try
<naobsd> lol
<naobsd> I understand why simple download worked
<rperier> the weird thing is
<rperier> that I tried linux-next.git yesterday... beniamino's commits was applied yestesday in this repo...
<rperier> and I still had problems... (did not retry with tag from today)
<rperier> naobsd: does it work better for you ?
<rperier> s/was/were/
<naobsd> just compiled, trying now...
<rperier> which repository ?
<rperier> ok
<naobsd> lol
<naobsd> hanged just after "NET: Registered protocol family 1"
<naobsd> strange
<naobsd> probably I did something wrong...
<naobsd> ah
<naobsd> I tried wrong binary :(
<naobsd> (no idea why it hanged at that point)
<naobsd> hanged :(
<naobsd> this shouldn't be problem of that patch...
<naobsd> it should be my problem...
<naobsd> let clean my machine...
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<naobsd> ah...
<naobsd> it's lite, not full...
<naobsd> :(
<naobsd> testing now...
<naobsd> apt-get update/dist-upgrade works, at least
<naobsd> it seems fine
<rperier> I will retry with NFS this evening
<karlp> have any ofyou tried arc-emac on rk3066? or just on rk3188?
<rperier> not yet, we need to enable the driver in the devicetree first (and do some tests)
<rperier> and I need to buy a marsboard (this evening I think) :/
<karlp> ok, I tried adding the emac block into my dts, does it need more board support as well? or just appropriate dts entries?
<karlp> or, more to the point, if I get all the dts entries correct, _should_ it then work? or is it expected that more code is required in the platform?
<karlp> (emphasis on getting the dts entries correct)
<rperier> you need to use the variant "emac_rockchip" in arc-emac. No more code should be expected
<karlp> right ok, that's this evening's project to play with then.
<rperier> You need to use the right compatible property in your emac node, provide a phy-supply if you need it. Use the correct clocks as suggested in the documentation and it should work
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<naobsd> oops, this time, I did something wrong for rk3288 ;)
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<cristian_c> Hi
<cristian_c> I tried to launch the command: sudo ./rkflashtool p > parm.bin
<cristian_c> but I get:
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: rkflashtool v5.1
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: fatal: cannot open device
<cristian_c> any ideas?
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<karlp> I think I got phy-supply worked out, there's a "phy-int" config inthe radxa dts I wasn't sure about, for the same smsc lan8720a part. Will have a look.
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<karlp> I noticed last night while poking on the stock firmware that the mac addresses were 10:00:00:xxxxxx which seems truly bogus,
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<cristian_c> I solved the problem
<cristian_c> I explain how I've solved
<cristian_c> I've changed the pid of the pid table in rkflashtool.c
<cristian_c> and I rebuilded with make
<cristian_c> now, I get:
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: Detected RK3188...
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: kernel driver active
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: driver detached
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: interface claimed
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: reading parameters at offset 0x00000000
<cristian_c> a question: how much time is required to complete the command work?
<mmind00> karlp: phy supply and phy int are different parts :-) ... the phy-supply is supplying the phy with power (on the marsboard it's vcc_rmii coming from the tps659102)
<mmind00> karlp: while phy-int is the interrupt line from the phy to the host
<karlp> yeah, I presumed it was interrupt, and Ithink I got the supply working, I'm just not sure how (yet) I'm going to work out the phy-int line for my board
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<cristian_c> it is working, again
<karlp> cristian_c: what rkflashtool repo are you using?
<karlp> the ones I've got have all been updated to have the right pids in them already
<cristian_c> karlp, I've got rkflashtool-5.1-src.tar.gz
<cristian_c> karlp, sourceforge is the source
<karlp> link?
<cristian_c> karlp, but I've corrected the pid in the source
<karlp> nvm, found it.
<naobsd> sf is original repo, it has unique information
<naobsd> but it's bit old as today's tool
<cristian_c> it's old too
<cristian_c> ah, ok
<karlp> neo-tech has the most uptodate at the moment.
<cristian_c> karlp, can I press ctrl+c to kill the process?
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: reading parameters at offset 0x00000000
<karlp> cristian_c: no idea sorry, it just works for me, and I'm not near any rk devices right now.
<karlp> naobsd: what information is on sourceforge that's not in the git repo?
<cristian_c> karlp, for the security
<cristian_c> the command is active yet
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<cristian_c> but I don't know if it has done something
<naobsd> I don't say it's 100% correct
<cristian_c> usually, how much time is needed to finish the command?
<naobsd> just a sec for reading parameter
<cristian_c> I see in the task manager that rkflashtool uses 0% cpu
<cristian_c> several minutes for me
<cristian_c> I've killed it
<naobsd> sorry
<cristian_c> ok
<cristian_c> I try to use neo-technologied repo
<naobsd> that txt is included in neo-technologies
<cristian_c> *s
<karlp> yeah, the neo-tech is a proper git clone from sourceforge, with all the original authors properly in it,
<naobsd> julien is a person who knows right way
<cristian_c> ok
<cristian_c> ok, downloaded from git
<cristian_c> ok, built
<cristian_c> sudo ./rkflashtool p > parm.bin
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: rkflashtool v5.2
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: fatal: cannot open device
<cristian_c> uhm
<cristian_c> karlp, pids are the same
<cristian_c> { 0x310b, "RK3188" },
<cristian_c> thw wrong pid
<cristian_c> Bus 002 Device 005: ID 2207:0010
<cristian_c> 0010 is the right pid
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<naobsd> it's not loader mode, I think
<cristian_c> ah
<cristian_c> naobsd, sorry for the question, but 'recovery mode'?
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<cristian_c> ok, i've changed the pid
<cristian_c> now: rkflashtool: info: reading parameters at offset 0x00000000
<cristian_c> karlp, same previous problem
<cristian_c> with this repo too
<karlp> well, I was only really suggesting the other one so that were working with code that didn't need pids changing and patching,
<naobsd> loader mode
<karlp> if you're device was't working before, I can't really imagine anything's changed much...
<cristian_c> karlp, no, I've changed the pid
<cristian_c> it's the wrong pid
<naobsd> "recovery" is used as a name of program which does factory reset/ota update
<naobsd> what's your pid?
<cristian_c> 0010
<cristian_c> not 310b
<naobsd> did any tool work before?
<cristian_c> I don't know
<cristian_c> then, rkflashtool is recognized in 'loader mode'?
<naobsd> you changed pid, but it didn't solve anything
<cristian_c> naobsd, I don't know exactly you are reffering to when you write 'loader mode'
<naobsd> any tool requires loader mode
<cristian_c> entering loader mode, ecc...
<naobsd> which is used to flash on-board NAND memory
<cristian_c> I know how ro enter to recovery mode
<cristian_c> -to
<cristian_c> *to
<naobsd> if your device has a hole/button/something else to "update firmware", push it while power on
<cristian_c> but i don't know if loader mode is related to the same screen
<naobsd> you don't know
<cristian_c> ah, ok
<cristian_c> I know it has got a reset hole
<cristian_c> thanks
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<karlp> mmind00: heh, thanks for the cpu script. I'll have a poke at it tonight, but I've currently only got a single console, until I get ethernet working (or wifi) I'll try and poke something up to test this out for max though
<cristian_c> ok, the reset hole doesn't reset
<cristian_c> it has no effects.
<karlp> no, you have to hold it down and power cycle normally.
<cristian_c> uhm
<cristian_c> karlp, uhm, I've found the trick
<cristian_c> I've tried with adb reboot bootloader
<cristian_c> the screen has become black
<cristian_c> (now too9
<cristian_c> *)
<cristian_c> and I've launched rkflashtool command
<rperier> what is the state of the wifi on rk3066/rk3188 btw ?
<cristian_c> also if adb shows no devices :)
<cristian_c> karlp, parm.bin has been created
<cristian_c> thanks
<cristian_c> I think now I've to disconnect and reconnect the android device
<cristian_c> ah, cat parm.bin
<cristian_c> 0x00008000@0x00010000(recovery)
<mmind00> rperier: depends on what chip is used?
<cristian_c> When using the rkflashtool, swap the 2 hex numbers found in the parm.bin for the respective partition
<mmind00> rperier: when I was playing with the usb controllers it at least detected some of the wifi controllers
<rperier> what is the wifi chip on the radxa rock ?
<rperier> I don't find it :/
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<cristian_c> sudo ./rkflashtool w 0x10000 0x8000 < recovery.img
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: rkflashtool v5.2
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: Detected RK3188...
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: interface claimed
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: writing flash memory at offset 0x00010fa0... Done!
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: premature end-of-file reached.
<naobsd> cristian_c: what I said is push/hold hole/button while power on, not reset
<cristian_c> karlp, can I reboot the device with rkflashtool b
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<cristian_c> naobsd, only a hole is present on the device
<cristian_c> *?
<cristian_c> naobsd, but then I've entered the loader mode with adb reboot bootloader
<cristian_c> now, I reboot the device with rkflashtool b
<naobsd> about wifi, at least wlan0 device is attached
<karlp> wlan on radxa rock is usb though right?
<naobsd> adb reboot bootloader works of course, but only when adb is running
<cristian_c> ./rkflashtool b
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: rkflashtool v5.2
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: interface claimed
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: Detected RK3188...
<karlp> I need usb first ;)
<cristian_c> rkflashtool: info: rebooting device...
<karlp> and my wifi is on sdio anyway.
<naobsd> karlp: yes
<cristian_c> device is rebooted
<naobsd> karlp: my HTC-T010-V2 has sdio wifi
<karlp> cool, I'll let you figure out how to make it work first then ;)
<cristian_c> it seems no problems
<cristian_c> *there are no problems
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<naobsd> usb works but dwc2 host controller wants 4bytes aligned buffer, some device driver passes unaligned buffer to host controller
<naobsd> I thought dwc2 is (relatively) common, it's fixed in mainline :(
<naobsd> is there ehci USB port on rk3288 evb board?
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<cristian_c> karlp, cwm recovery installed, very thanks!
<cristian_c> I'll writer a detaled how-to about this device
<cristian_c> *writer
<cristian_c> -r
<cristian_c> *thank you very much
<cristian_c> lol
<naobsd> let cherry-pick restart handler from linux-next...
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<naobsd> mmm
<naobsd> zzz
<naobsd> maybe I should use linux-next as a base...
<naobsd> best solution: "don't mind"
<naobsd> lets solve rk3288 hang issue...
<naobsd> strange, console output is stopped just after ttyS2 is configured...
<naobsd> :(
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<naobsd> thanks, try it now...
<naobsd> only timer init part can be used? cpufreq thing (dt_init part) is not merged in my tree
<naobsd> well, lets try
<mmind00> naobsd: the important part is the timer, as the old uboot-versions do not init it correctly
<naobsd> oh, I updated u-boot to 2.15.02 few minutes ago...
<naobsd> RKLoader_uboot 2.15.02
<naobsd> compiling...
<naobsd> do you have info about changes in u-boot?
<naobsd> checking chromium gerrit...
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<naobsd> mmind00: worked, really thanks
<naobsd> and sorry, this is 2nd time I heard about timer :(
<naobsd> that code is harmless for both old/new u-boot?
<mmind00> naobsd: don't worry, I fall for the same problem also every time :-)
<mmind00> correct ... in the worst case the kernel will enable the already running timer
<mmind00> (hopefully)
<naobsd> I cannot find something in chromium gerrit :(
<naobsd> let confirm my dts correctness first...
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<naobsd> node naming(w/o schematics) is most time consuming task
<naobsd> USB works...oh, I forgot to attach PSU ;)
<naobsd> OTG (as host) doesn't work...
<naobsd> root hub is surely attached
<naobsd> oh, no (e|sd)mmc ...
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<naobsd> dr_mode = "host" worked for OTG port
<naobsd> it may be strange...
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<mmind00> naobsd: there were still a lot of dwc2 patches pending on the usb list ... not sure if they were applied yet
<naobsd> otg port (as host) just work on rk3188
<naobsd> same source tree
<naobsd> maybe I missed something
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<naobsd> hmmm vmmc-supply and vqmmc-supply ...
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> no message about mmc thing
<naobsd> CONFIG_MMC_DW=y
<naobsd> but not probed...?
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<temptwo> Greetings, all. I'm back.
<karlp> temptwo: might have been helpful in creating all your images yesterday...
<temptwo> Thank you for the link. Reading, now.
<temptwo> I'm interested in finding out how to pull the complete update.img from a raw (unmodified) device, so that I can see what's in there. I've found resources for unpacking and repacking, but I'm still looking for instructions on how to pull the image out of a device.
<naobsd> rkflashtool can do it
<naobsd> and latest official tool for Windows too
<temptwo> I'm trying to find those, now, for Windows.
<temptwo> I have found tools that pull out the individual .img files, but want to find one that pulls out the complete update.img file. Hopefully I have luck with that, this morning.
<naobsd> ah
<karlp> doesn't update image erase itself when it's unpacked and run it's install scriptlets?
<naobsd> update.img is splitted by flashing tool and flashed to partitions
<karlp> oh, I'm thinking of, it has scripts inside as well.
<naobsd> you can make update.img from dumped individual partition image
<temptwo> Yes. By *that* flashing tool. Everywhere I read, there is a way to download the update.img and look inside of it.
<temptwo> I want to do that.
<naobsd> but bootloader image cannot be dumped
<temptwo> So that I can confirm which version of the RK3XXXLoader.bin I need.
<naobsd> check /proc/cmdline or dmesg...
<temptwo> I don't need the image itself. I just need to know what it is, and evidently, when you pull the complete update.img you get that info in the parameters file.
<karlp> man seriously, your hardware has either a 3066 or a 3188, just pick the one it has...
<temptwo> There are types of chips and *VERSIONS* of bootloaders.
<karlp> sure, but he doesn't hve a changelog
<temptwo> V1.04 does not = V2.13
<naobsd> why you can't ask someone who made/sent images to you?
<temptwo> So if I look at what version the device is calling out, I can build the correct image for ...
<temptwo> If this is what trying to learn is like, there's not much point in people getting into the community, is there?
<temptwo> "How do I do this thing, to learn how to find the answers I need?" "Don't bother. Just go ask someone for the version, instead."
<karlp> fair point, but you seemed to be interested in just flashing 80 devices,
<karlp> I got my rkloader from unpacking the factory stock firmware iamge
<temptwo> I *am* interested in doing that, but I want to learn how to work with what I've been provided, and build the necessary components to do that job.
* temptwo nods
<karlp> as naobsd mentioned, you can't read the bootloader with rkflashtool
<naobsd> I thought 80 devices are important for you, that's all
<naobsd> and I already answered several ways
<temptwo> 80 devices *are* important, and I *do* have a deadline.
<karlp> the sarg github snippet tries to work around that.
<naobsd> not only ask someone
<temptwo> But if I don't learn anything along the way, what's the point in doing the job?
<naobsd> probably AndroidTool and upgrade_tool can dump bootloader area
<naobsd> include ecc etc
<temptwo> I downloaded the ADT SDK, and believe I have that up and running in Windows.
<naobsd> it's not ADT thing at all
<naobsd> ah
<temptwo> I am trying to figure out how to get that to interface with the device, as the next step.
<naobsd> I see
<naobsd> please
<temptwo> I can see the device when I put it into flash mode. I can also see it as USB storage, when it's in regular boot mode. But I can't seem to get to the console. I think the driver I have might be the issue, because I can't see/assign a com port to the device from the Windows Device Manager. It just shows up as its own entity. o.o;;
<temptwo> I know I'm missing something/doing something wrong. That's the obvious answer. I just can't figure out what.
* temptwo introduces head to desk
<naobsd> well, I forgot what I wanted to do...
<naobsd> run setting app
<naobsd> enable connect to pc in usb setting
<naobsd> enable debug in developer setting
<naobsd> then run adb
* temptwo nods
<naobsd> run adb on host pc side
<naobsd> ah, usb storage, connect to pc should be enabled
<temptwo> I had connect to PC, but not debug.
<temptwo> Derp. >.<
<temptwo> brb
<naobsd> maybe adb driver .inf need to be tweaked if it's for another device
<naobsd> usb vid/pid can be different (matter of firmware setting)
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> I cannot use mmc on rk3288 :(
<naobsd> sleepy
<naobsd> lets sleep...
<naobsd> (oh I forgot to send patches...)
<naobsd> I noticed something in drivers/mmc/host/dw_mmc-pltfm.c :(
<temptwo> naobsd: I'm installing the driver pack from the link.
<temptwo> It's taking a little while to complete, but it seems to be progressing.
<temptwo> I also have a unit switched into USB *and* Developer mode, so I should be able to see the COM port in a moment.
<naobsd> no COM port
<naobsd> run adb on PC
<naobsd> oh, on board emmc is mmc1...
<temptwo> The ADB that was in the package is run from command line.
<temptwo> What syntax and command should be issued to connect it to the device? I have tried adb shell and adb -d shell, as well as adb shell -d (figured it would be the wrong order, but tried it anyway). All that is being returned is error device not found.
<temptwo> However, the ROM Flash Tool can see the device.
<temptwo> ...
<karlp> if "adb devices" doesn't list the device, then no amount of adb shell will ever work.
<naobsd> sigh
<karlp> adb is looking for android in the right mode, rom flash tool might be seeing it in reovery/loader mode
<temptwo> Did I just try to connect to a device that is already being occupied by the flash tool, and derp all over the place?
<naobsd> flashtool can detect it = it's loader mode, not adb mode
<karlp> check lsusb to see what usb id it's currently pretending to be,
<karlp> yeah, what naobsd just said.
<naobsd> how do you enable "connect to pc" and "debug" on loader mode...
<temptwo> I plugged it in following the flash process, not just plugging it in to power and USB.
<naobsd> mmind00: emmc is mmc1, sdmmc is mmc0
<naobsd> mmind00: if external sdcard is inserted, it becomes mmcblk0 and emmc is mmcblk1
<naobsd> mmind00: if sdcard is not inserted, emmc is mmcblk0
<naobsd> anyway, emmc/sdmmc on rk3288 seems faster than rk3188... maybe hs mode
<naobsd> sleeeeeeeeeeepy
<naobsd> gooooodnight
<temptwo> Sleep well, and thank you for the help, again!
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<temptwo> karlp: adb devices was blank.
<temptwo> I had the unit set to developer mode, and connect to pc, in the settings.
<temptwo> But I originally tried to connect via the flash tool process.
<temptwo> Do I need to go back and change settings in the UI, then try to connect again? Did I miss something while installing the drivers?
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<karlp> temptwo: on my x5 mini, everytime it reboots, I have to go into the gui and choose "connect"
<karlp> if the x7 mini you have doesn't have a proper usb-otg port, you'll probably need to do the same thing.
<temptwo> I'm working on getting a display hooked up to the unit now, so that I can tell it to connect.
<temptwo> Okay. I have a display connected. The debug mode is checked. Where do I find the connect option?
<temptwo> Never mind.
<temptwo> Derp, again.
<temptwo> It is now showing in adb.
<temptwo> What should I grep when I issue the dmesg command, to find the version of RK3188Loader? Just rk3188?
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<karlp> getting floods of "rockchip-pinctrl pinctrl: unmapped irq 1
<karlp> " would seem to imply that my emac is on and owrking, and the phy's working, and it's triggering an irq, but it isn't the one I said?
<karlp> nah, too early in the boot up, must be somewher eelse
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<srao_> naobsd: mmind00: we got around that problem of mmc numbering by using aliases. see:
<srao_> naobsd: mmind00: you can likely do something similar for rk3066/3188
<mmind00> srao_: should already happen:
<mmind00> ha but maybe naobsd is missing the dwmmc patches adding the aliases
<mmind00> i.e. I don't carry them, so they're only in the mmc-tree itself
<srao_> mmind00: naobsd: ah you're right I think you will need these also:
<karlp> in the marsboard code, and the other rk3066 3.0.x trees I have, there's "IRQ_MAC" defined as rk30xx_Irq(19), but that's the irq for the emac part right? not the phy interrupt?
<karlp> the phy interrupt being on a general irq is going to come through one of the IRQ_GPIO[0-6] parent interrupt blocks for the gpio it's connected to I presume
<mmind00> correct ... the emac interrupt lands directly in the GIC, while the phy-int is using a pin of the soc, so lands in the pinctrl
<karlp> so, i should be able to find in the marsboard code where it's hooked up.
<mmind00> marsboard also has schematics available
<karlp> I can look at the schematics, but it would be nice to figure out how to get it from the code if I ever get the source from minix for this board.
<mmind00> karlp: not ugly, but simply two different things ... one is the interrupt and one is the pinconfig so that you get the interrupt (pull setting on the rk3188)
<karlp> oh yeah, that makes sense.
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<temptwo> Anyone around?
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<Astralix1> Hi temptwo
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<naobsd> mmind00: srao_: mmind's dts branch is merged in my tree
<naobsd> I'll check patches, thanks for the info
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<naobsd> it seems I need Stefan Agner's 2patches
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<naobsd> patchwork "State: New" means no one merged yet?
<naobsd> currently I'm using net-next, usb-next, clk-next, and mmind's v3.18-next/*
<naobsd> I don't know how to find correct repo quickly, maybe I should try linux-next...
<srao_> yeah it's not merged
<srao_> if you grab pwclient, its' easy to apply them using that
<naobsd> srao_: thanks for the pointers
<srao_> naobsd: np
<naobsd> I should write "how to follow -next" :)
<naobsd> I prefer to use linus's master (3.17-rcX) as a base,
<naobsd> is it better to use linux-next?