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<Tony_> cristian_c, In my opinion, you can judge from log of the bootloader.
<Tony_> If there are "u-boot" in the log, It could be open source.
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<Tony_> I will share the result about sdio wifi(mmc0) and rknand.ko.
<Tony_> there:
<Tony_> After I changed the rule, the mmc0 can be works fine with rknand.ko whatever boot from eMMC or SDCARD.
<Tony_> sdio wifi works fine too.
<Tony_> naobsd told me that "guessing" with trial & error, I will keep in mind. :)
<naobsd> Tony_: congrat. btw, your !strcmp("mmc0") version should be used carefully. you shouldn't use that fix on "mmc0 is eMMC/SD" system (=without rknand.ko)
<naobsd> you should try "if (host_dev_id == 1)" as like as 4.4 kernel
<naobsd> ^I'm not sure hardware unit id is provided in 4.2 driver
<Tony_> Yes, you are right.
<naobsd> anyway, you confirmed that rknand.ko doesn't interfere with SDIO controller (SDMMC unit #1). thank you.
<Tony_> But host_dev_id is not exist in mainline kernel. That is added by RK.
<naobsd> no problem, RK's bug doesn't exist in mainline too :)
<Tony_> :)
<naobsd> actually I didn't try sdio on mainline yet, but I don't believe there is such a bug ;)
<Tony_> Me too. I think that RK change a lot about sdmmc_rescan_try_freq.
<Tony_> That is.
<Tony_> I see the diff of driver/mmc/core version 3.0 between mainline and RK.
<Tony_> RK separate mmc_rescan to two func that are emmc_rescan and sdmmc_rescan.
<Tony_> and sdmmc_rescan calls sdmmc_rescan_try_freq which is added by RK.
<Tony_> This bug is only exist in RK'code, not mainline. RK change too much code about mmc from mainline.
<naobsd> I think you don't need to worry for bugs in RK 3.0 in mainline... basically mainline is not descendant of RK 3.0
<Tony_> Yes, I'm clear than before.
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<Tony_> After that, I'm confused again.
<Tony_> Why need to disable SDMMC0_RK29 when boot from SDCARD.
<naobsd> Tony_: because rknand.ko controls SDMMC unit#0
<Tony_> rknand.ko => SDMMC unit#0 => SDCARD.
<Tony_> ?
<naobsd> Tony_: you're driving a car, and what happen if someone try to take handle?
<Tony_> rknand.ko is driving SDMMC unit#0, so the SDMMC0_RK29 need to be diable.
<Tony_> this metaphor so pretty.
<Tony_> How you will do when you want to boot from SDCARD but you don't use rknand.ko ?
<Tony_> I can answer myself now.
<Tony_> you can enable SDMMC0_RK29, and add parttion info to MBR of SDCARD.
<Tony_> My question and answer are right, aren't that?
<naobsd> it was my first answer about your sd boot question some days ago ;)
<Tony_> yes. :P
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<Tony_> naobsd, another question, the rest of partition(fat32) of SDCARD can be detected or mounted when boot from SDCARD?
<Tony_> I think it should be by logic. but the truth is not after I test.
<Tony_> This is only for rknand.ko.
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<naobsd> Tony_: same as usual, kernel driver detects sd card. rest of things are the matter of user
<Tony_> really? why not VOLD mount the reset partition ?
<Tony_> *rest
<Tony_> naobsd, really? why don't the VOLD mount the reset partition ?
<Tony_> after kernel driver detects sd card.
<naobsd> vold is part of user(land)
<naobsd> there is no different between vold and mount command in this context
<Tony_> Yes, maybe I should try to mount by hand.
<Tony_> for test.
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> I never said vold doesn't mount partition(s)
<naobsd> if you use vold to mount partition, vold mount partition
<naobsd> if you use mount command to mount partition, mount command mount partition
<naobsd> if you use something to mount partition, something mount partition
<naobsd> "matter of user"
<Tony_> yes, but the problem or truth is that the fat32 partition of SDCARD isn't mounted when booting sdcard.
<Tony_> It will be mounted auto when booting from eMMC.
<naobsd> if you did nothing to mount partition, nothing mount partition
<naobsd> if some system mount partition automatically when booting, someone configured something
<Tony_> in my opinion, the user space is always user space, whatever boot from.
<naobsd> if you are talking about Android, vold should have responsibility
<Tony_> I don't change the user space: mount, etc.
<naobsd> did you use MBR partition for eMMC boot?
<naobsd> your eMMC boot system and SD boot system are really same?
<Tony_> No, I'm always use rknand.ko so far.
<naobsd> are you using rknand.ko for SD boot?
<Tony_> Yes.
<Tony_> so far.
<Tony_> rknand.ko can mount the rest partition of SDCARD ?
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<naobsd> "user" partition?
<Tony_> Nope/
<naobsd> which partition?
<Tony_> the rest of SDCARD. Its format is fat32. I can see it from PC.
<Tony_> when I plugin the sdcard into PC.
<naobsd> how your PC detect partitions in parameter?
<Tony_> okay, Let me explain.
<Tony_> When I use SD_Fireware_Tool make [SD BOOT](boot from SD).
<Tony_> then there will be two part.
<Tony_> I can see from PC.
<Tony_> one part has no parttion info, the other part is fat32.
<naobsd> <naobsd> your eMMC boot system and SD boot system are really same?
<Tony_> the fat32 part is part what I said.
<Tony_> I think so.
<naobsd> "the other part is fat32" this exist on eMMC too?
<Tony_> I can't answer. :|
<naobsd> only you have answer
<Tony_> because I don't know,
<naobsd> these are your system
<naobsd> your PC just see MBR partition
<naobsd> "internal SD" on RK Android is "user" partition defined in parameter.
<Tony_> I know about "internal SD".
<Tony_> But I can sure that It is fat32 or not.
<naobsd> RK Android/vold mounts "user" partition in parameter
<Tony_> yeah.
<Tony_> then ? or I should do something to them.
<Tony_> user partition and the rest partition of SDCARD.
<naobsd> <Tony_> yes, but the problem or truth is that the fat32 partition of SDCARD isn't mounted when booting sdcard.
<naobsd> <Tony_> It will be mounted auto when booting from eMMC.
<naobsd> what are you talking about? "fat32 partition only on SD" or "user partition in both parameter"
<Tony_> Sorry, give a one more time.
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<Tony_> user partition(eMMC)
<Tony_> rknand.ko mount fs by parameter.
<Tony_> rknand.ko can mount user partition when booting eMMC.
<Tony_> rknand.ko can't mount [the rest of partition sdcard(fat32)] when booting from sdcard.
<Tony_> It seem that I fond something.
<naobsd> btw any storage driver does NOT mount file system, it just provides block device. user can format block device and can request block device to mount as file system
<Tony_> When booting from sdcard, I should change parameter.
<naobsd> RK Android is configured to mount a partition named "user" as internal SD card
<naobsd> you/your system can mount "user" partition defined in parameter when booting SD card as same as eMMC
<Tony_> you/your system can mount "user" partition defined in parameter when booting SD card as same as eMMC! yes, It is.
<Tony_> naobsd, you are right. the real question is what you said. ;)
<naobsd> rknand.ko shouldn't detect partitions defined in MBR
<naobsd> PC will detect partitions defined in MBR
<Tony_> (forgive me my poor organizational competence)
<Tony_> (;P)
<Tony_> Yes, you are right now. because MBR.
<Tony_> Is it possible that I mount by hand.
<Tony_> *Yes, you are right, I'm clear now. because MBR.
<Tony_> Is it possible that I mount by hand ?
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<naobsd> mount partition defined in MBR on Android with rknand.ko?
<naobsd> or mount partition defined in partition on PC?
<naobsd> for former, you can add another partition or modify "user" partition which point same area as fat32 partition in MBR
<naobsd> for later, you can modify fat32 partition in MBR which point same are as "user" partition in parameter
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<naobsd> don't forget 0x2000 sectors offset
<Tony_> ok.
<Tony_> actually, I'm a idiot again. let me explain it.
<Tony_> I thought the fat32 partition of SDCARD what I saw from PC can be mounted to /mnt/external_sd point.
<Tony_> I saw the /mnt/external_sd has no mount. so I guess that the fat32 partition of sdcard is never mounted.
<Tony_> but actually, it's mounted in the point /mnt/internal_sd.
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<Tony_> The /mnt/internal_sd is the fat32 partition of sdcard.
<Tony_> Maybe nothing could be confused if I don't saw the fat32 partition from PC.
<Tony_> But what you said is still useful for another added partition.
<Tony_> I noted to my note book.
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<naobsd> I guess fat32 partition in MBR and "user" partition in parameter already point same area
<naobsd> did you check both offset?
<naobsd> if my memory is correct, SD tool refers partition in parameter
<naobsd> ^to make fat32 partition, which stores update.img for "restore" SD card, which stores user data for "boot" SD
<naobsd> I remembered I wrote memo about partition layout but I cannot remember where memo is...
<naobsd> and you can check which partition is mounted by "mount" command on android
<Tony_> it's mounted by VOLD after I checked.
<naobsd> you can check _mounted_ partitions by "mount" command
<naobsd> not "mount /dev/xxx /path/to/somewhere"
<naobsd> ah
<Tony_> /dev/block/vold/31:9 /mnt/internal_sd vfat rw,dirsync,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime,uid=1000,gid=1023,fmask=0002,dmask=0002,allow_utime=0020,codepage=cp437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,utf8,errors=remount-ro 0 0
<Tony_> That is.
<naobsd> probably device path is converted...yes
<naobsd> try "ls -l /dev/mtdblock9"
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> I cannot remember, thare is better way to get what is vold/31:9...
<Tony_> Actually, there is no /dev/mtdb* , there is /dev/mtd/mtd9.
<naobsd> ah, /dev/block/mtdblock9
<naobsd> probably
<naobsd> ls -l /dev/block/mtdblock9 /dev/block/vold/31:9
<naobsd> grep mtd9 /proc/mtd
<Tony_> root@android:/ # grep mtd9 /proc/mtd
<Tony_> mtd9: 345180000 00004000 "user"
<Tony_> root@android:/ #
<Tony_> you are right again.
<Tony_> I guess.
<naobsd> you can check offset both fat32 partition and "user" partition
<naobsd> user + 0x2000 == fat32
<naobsd> size should be same
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<Tony_> I got what you mean, but I don't know how to do this.
<Tony_> my parameter:mtdparts=rk29xxnand:0x00002000@0x00002000(misc),0x00004000@0x00004000(kernel),0x00008000@0x00008000(boot),0x00010000@0x00010000(recovery),0x00020000@0x00020000(backup),0x00040000@0x00040000(cache),0x00200000@0x00080000(userdata),0x00002000@0x00280000(kpanic),0x00100000@0x00282000(system),-@0x00382000(user)
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<naobsd> you can see partition table by fdisk command on PC linux
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<naobsd> (or non "SD boot with rknand.ko" system)
<Tony_> sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb
<Tony_> Disk /dev/sdb: 15.9 GB, 15931539456 bytes
<Tony_> 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 1936 cylinders, total 31116288 sectors
<Tony_> Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
<Tony_> I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
<Tony_> Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
<Tony_> Disk identifier: 0x00000000
<Tony_> Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
<Tony_> /dev/sdb1 3686400 31101839 13707720 b W95 FAT32
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<naobsd> hmm?
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<Tony_> I'm learning about PARTITION.
<Tony_> :P
<Tony_> Actually, I don't know means of "user + 0x2000 == fat32" .
<naobsd> 0x00382000 + 0x2000 != 3686400, strange...
<naobsd> oh well
<naobsd> sorry
<naobsd> 0x00382000 + 0x2000 == 3686400, strange...
<naobsd> nothing is strange expect my broken brain...
<naobsd> except
<Tony_> time to go home. I will continue at home. see you later.
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<Tony_____> 3686400 ==> 0x384000
<Tony_____> 0x00382000 + 0x2000 == 0x384000
<Tony_____> Yes, It is. you are right again. naobsd.
<Tony_____> you told me a lot this time. I have to view wikimedia. find why. :P
<cristian_c> Tony_____, I don't know where I can find the bootloader log
<Tony_____> serial console
<cristian_c> lol
<Tony_____> from serial console you can find the bootloader's log.
<cristian_c> There is a less destructive method?
<cristian_c> *Is there
<Tony_____> bootloader's log is 16 line at first such as:
<cristian_c> I see
<Tony_____> Maybe you should "cat /proc/cmdline" can get less infomation about bootloader. And I don't think serial console is a destructive method.
<cristian_c> yeah, but if I open the device, I ca't close it again
<cristian_c> (there are not screws)
<cristian_c> *can't
<Tony_____> ha.
<cristian_c> Tony_____, I've got an idea
<cristian_c> maybe
<Tony_____> say it.
<cristian_c> mmmm, no, no ideas
<cristian_c> It is needed to open up the tablet and solder all four pins to PCB pads to get 1.8V LVCMOS output, baud rate is 115200 bps.
<cristian_c> it's needed to sold pins
<cristian_c> it's not a tablet, anyway
<Tony_____> ha, I'm lucky than you. My board is dev board.
<Tony_____> And there are many tools to soldering.
<Tony_____> What's your real purpose.
<cristian_c> yeah, you are right
<cristian_c> Tony_____, I've to use sdboot
<cristian_c> I've read the page on androtab website
<cristian_c> and I've downloaded the new sdboot version. I've read the README included in the zip
<Tony_____> than
<cristian_c> I can paste the README on pastebin (its' different, anyway)
<cristian_c> Tony_____,
<Tony_____> Actually, I haven't use these tools.
<Tony_____> I only use the tools from RK.
<Tony_____> SD_Fireware_Tool.
<Tony_____> It is a software on Windows.
<Tony_____> You want to boot system from sdcard ?
<cristian_c> contents of the zip: FlashBoot_rk124.bin, FlashBoot_rk210.bin, FlashBoot_uboot.bin, FlashData.bin, parameter text file, parameter.img, sd_header_64, sd_header_64.enc, sd_header_65
<cristian_c> and obviously the readme
<cristian_c> Tony_____, boot systems from sdcard
<cristian_c> *booting
<naobsd> cristian_c: what's your problem?
<Tony_____> ha, here is naobsd.
<cristian_c> naobsd, I think that bootloader version is important to prepare the sdcard
<cristian_c> '# only for proprietary loader?'
<naobsd> cristian_c: no, what you need is write loader and check it boots or not
<cristian_c> I've asked to many different people
<cristian_c> naobsd, ok
<Tony_____> oh, yes, I think so. booting from sdcard, I have to use 1.28 version bootloader from RK.
<Tony_____> That is only my case.
<naobsd> no need to ask everyone. you have device, sd card, images, procedure. you can try.
<cristian_c> but they provide conflicting views, there is much confusion around about the bootloader
<naobsd> because you asked people in community at random
<naobsd> we are not rockchip person
<naobsd> we don't have any official information
<cristian_c> I know
<cristian_c> naobsd, I say in general
<cristian_c> I've asked people about bootloaders in general
<cristian_c> naobsd, not in this channel
<naobsd> how many people not in this channel knows about RK loader...?
<cristian_c> naobsd, sorry, not rockchip in particular, but bootloaders in general
<cristian_c> some say bootloader are all proprietary, others say bootloader are all open
<cristian_c> *someone
<cristian_c> *bootloaders
<naobsd> what bootloader you asked? there is no "general" bootloader
<naobsd> some bootloader is proprietary, some bootloader is open, nothing is wrong
<cristian_c> all the android bootoloaders, except the nexus devices
<cristian_c> I understand, guys say _all_ the bootloaders are proprietary/open, not some bootloader. Sorry for what I've said
<naobsd> how "info about general bootloader" helps to understand RK loader?
<cristian_c> naobsd, I say this because I asked to the people how I could know if my bootloader is proprietary or not
<naobsd> probably they answered all bootloader _for his device_, I don't think their answer was wrong
<cristian_c> they said that all bootloaders are proprietary. Someone said all bootloaders are open
<cristian_c> Here is because I've said that is confusing :)
<cristian_c> naobsd, they talked about all devices
<cristian_c> :)
<cristian_c> they haven't asked what device I've got
<cristian_c> I stop the offtopic
<cristian_c> :)
<Tony_____> see, there is bootloader source.
<cristian_c> ok
<Tony_____> I just want to tell you that what naobsd said is right.
<naobsd> Tony_____: it's u-boot source, not RK proprietary loader
<cristian_c> ok
<karlp> Tony_____: uboot is only on the 3288, not all the older ones.
<naobsd> u-boot works on (some?) rk3188 and rk3066/3068 too
<naobsd> ^work != perfect
<Tony_____> okay, how about this one:
<Tony_____> I have run this.
<cristian_c> ok
<naobsd> u-boot-rk3188 and u-boot-rk3066 branches on linux-rockchip/u-boot-rockchip is forked from radxa/u-boot-rockchip
<naobsd> radxa's wiki is bit old
<naobsd> I'm trying to make latest binaries and write howto about u-boot from some days ago,
<naobsd> but I'm too busy to answer questions here ;)
<Tony_____> Good.
<naobsd> (and some other work of course ;)
<Tony_____> ha.
<Tony_____> Maybe I can help to do something.
<Tony_____> :)
<cristian_c> ok
<naobsd> there is no strong reason to use u-boot for most people
<naobsd> functionality is almost same as RK proprietary loader
<cristian_c> I try to ask to all the users here :)
<Tony_____> can you tell me "latest binaries version" you use.
<cristian_c> Tony_____, bootloader?
<naobsd> Tony_____: you can build it from latest source on github/linux-rockchip
<naobsd> source is already there, binary is not.
<Tony_____> okay, but I think is not perfect yet. I have try it before.
<cristian_c> I see that in the website dd commands are a little bit different than the readme
<naobsd> cristian_c: because it's different. I explained it's not linked from web, it's different.
<cristian_c> yeah
<cristian_c> I guess that README dd commands are more correct
<naobsd> README is correct if you are using files in same zip
<naobsd> dd command on web is correct if you are using files linked from web
<naobsd> nothing is wrong.
<cristian_c> I'd like to use files in the zip
<cristian_c> I think maybe the website commands are little old
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<cristian_c> the trouble about the loader , is regarding the second dd command
<cristian_c> #dd if=sd_header_65 of=/dev/XXX conv=sync,fsync seek=65
<naobsd> cristian_c: I explained web is old a litlle...
<naobsd> if you really typed # and /dev/XXX, it will not work as expected
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<cristian_c> there are three important files in the zip, I think: sd_header_64, sd_header_65, and sd_header_64.enc
<cristian_c> naobsd, no, I'm not referring to # and XXX
<cristian_c> naobsd, so, all the dd commands contained in the readme are necessary?
<cristian_c> maybe I'm wrong
<cristian_c> *needed
<naobsd> 2nd dd (commented out) is not needed if you will not use RK proprietary as comment says
<cristian_c> ok, as I suspected
<cristian_c> so, this is the reason because it's important to know if bootloader is proprietary or not
<cristian_c> but if all those dd commands can be typed, this is a different matter
<cristian_c> *situtation
<naobsd> why you cannot get bootloader version _on your device_ is because you don't have file (bootloader binary and/or firmware)
<naobsd> ^and serial console
<cristian_c> ok
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<cristian_c> but I know the bootloader version
<cristian_c> from dmesg
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<naobsd> I'm not speaking about only number
<cristian_c> also if I know the bootloader version I cannot know if it's proprietary or not (if I don't use serial console)
<cristian_c> naobsd, ok
<naobsd> rk124 is made from RK proprietary 1.24, rk210 is made from RK proprietary 2.10, uboot is u-boot
<naobsd> why you want to know about version? functionality is almost same
<naobsd> (I'm talking about bootloader for SD boot)
<cristian_c> naobsd, yeah, I thought that is important to know what dd command execute and what not to execute
<cristian_c> ah, sorry, you are right
<cristian_c> I was confusing me
<cristian_c> they are different bootloaders
<cristian_c> one on the sdcard, the other on the device
<cristian_c> they are not related between them
<cristian_c> :)
<naobsd> yes
<naobsd> you can try and see it works or not
<cristian_c> so, I'll flash sequentially: sd_header_64.enc, then Flashdata.bin, FlashBoot.bin, and finally parameter.img
<cristian_c> in the sdcard
<naobsd> my web page just explain how to make bootable SD, not make some usable system which boots from SD
<cristian_c> I understand
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<Tony__> Actually, I don't know why "user + 0x2000 == fat32" yet. I'm finding and finding.
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<rperier> it's me or.... ... ?
<rperier> "Rockchip RK3188 TRM" (I just found this on the web)
<rperier> I mean, I know that RK30xx TRM and RK3288 datasheet was available, but I did not know that it was the case for RK3188 :)
<Tony__> I'm here, May I help you ?
<Tony__> rperier
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<rperier> for what ? I was just saying that I did not know that technical reference manual is publically available for rk3188
<rperier> I have just discovered it earlier
<naobsd> Tony__: logical sector 0 is placed at physical sector 0x2000 on SD/eMMC
<naobsd> someone decided/implemented
<Tony__> naobsd, could you give me the wikimedia url.
<Tony__> about you said.
<naobsd> Tony__: sorry... I said what?
<Tony__> naobsd, "logical sector 0 is placed at physical sector 0x2000 on SD/eMMC"
<naobsd> Tony__: why you need wikimedia url?
<Tony__> I want to know the detail.
<naobsd> <naobsd> someone decided/implemented
<Tony__> Isn't that not a common rule ?
<Tony__> Isn't that a common rule ?
<naobsd> what is common? RK does it on rk3188/rk3288, is it common?
<naobsd> we can see parameter at 0x2000 sector (4MiB)
<naobsd> we know logical 0 is physical 0x2000
<naobsd> that's all
<naobsd> we know -> we can understand
<RaYmAn> isn't that just due to the boot "partitions" on eMMC? e.g. usually mmcblk0boot0/boot1 - usually they are 2MiB each (though, bigger on larger flash chips) (I say partitions because they are eMMC partitions that aren't actual partitions in the sense of a partition table)
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<naobsd> possibly
<naobsd> anyway, it needs some space to store loader etc, logical partitions need to have offset
<Tony__> okay, I noted.
<naobsd> RK proprietary loader uses 0x2000. I don't know it's common or not,
<naobsd> sleepy
<Tony__> the loader is in (3686400)0x384000 ?
<Tony__> no, no, no. maybe I should read what you said again and again.
<naobsd> loader is in 0x0-0x2000
<naobsd> good night
<Tony__> naobsd, good night.
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