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<Tony_> Hi, Anybody here ?
<Tony_> I got how to build mainline kernel for rockchip.
<Tony_> from this :
<Tony_> :P
<Tony_> smooth.... about DTS.
<Tony_> Is that a good news ?
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<naobsd> but also NC
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<naobsd> I guess reserved for future or some pin compat variant?
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<naobsd> oh I didn't know there is pwm remote support in u-boot rk3288... ;)
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<cristian_c> but where can I find the source for my device?
<naobsd> cristian_c: sorry, which device?
<cristian_c> naobsd, I'm using mk809iii
<naobsd> oh well
<naobsd> well...
<naobsd> cristian_c: sorry, no right/quick answer. what is your problem?
<cristian_c> naobsd, I've tried to find sources for recovery, so I can understand because some cwm options don't work
<cristian_c> but I need to find the right sources :)
<naobsd> this is cwm source but I'm not sure it's really what you want
<cristian_c> ok
<cristian_c> it's very similar
<naobsd> I don't know what is it, just FYI
<cristian_c> :)
<naobsd> cristian_c: I think you misunderstood something. that github source is not for your device
<naobsd> that's surely cwm source, but
<naobsd> well
<cristian_c> the last one is different, anyway
<cristian_c> uhm
<naobsd> hmm
<naobsd> cristian_c: can you tell me about "some cwm options don't work" ?
<naobsd> ah, sorry, I have to leave here for a while...
<naobsd> I want to see any log about "don't work"
<naobsd> later
<cristian_c> naobsd, sorry for the waiting
<cristian_c> ok
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<Tony_> recovery.img can be build alone ?
<Tony_> I haven't do that.
<Tony_> I got full android4.2.2 source code of rk3188. The recovery source code is just a part of it.
<rperier> mmind00: what is the right way for resending the patch to mark ? I need to send my patch with the following subject "[RESEND RFC PATCH v3 1/5] ..." ? (I will add a changelog note)
<mmind00> rperier: if you mean the power-controller ... no resend but a follow up instead
<mmind00> rperier: Mark already applied the general parts of the series
<mmind00> rperier: clone and create a patch on top of this making the necessary modifications
<rperier> I will probably ask review again because my helper function must be compatible with both properties (so I need to do some parsing to find the vendor prefix)
<rperier> the code will be mostly the same except for this part
<rperier> mmind00: ohh... so I create another patch on top of my previous ones to make the change ?
<mmind00> rperier: exactly
<rperier> mhhh okay... makes sense
<naobsd> lets try to solder uart pins on rk3068 stick...
<cristian_c> naobsd, I've found the piece of code
<cristian_c> naobsd, option 'install zip from...'
<cristian_c> ensure_path_mounted_at_mount_point at line 247
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<cristian_c> naobsd, I think issue is due to search in the fstab file
<Tony_> mmind00, you guys do that merge code to mainline ? so beautiful.
<cristian_c> my /etc/recovery.fstab contains this line: /mnt/sdcard vfat /dev/block/mtd/by-name/user
<cristian_c> but in get_primary_storage_path, line 107
<cristian_c> if (volume_for_path("/storage/sdcard0"))
<cristian_c> primary_storage_path = "/storage/sdcard0";
<cristian_c> else
<cristian_c> primary_storage_path = "/sdcard";
<cristian_c> naobsd, i think I've to change line in recovery.fstab
<cristian_c> to: /sdcard vfat /dev/block/mtd/by-name/user
<cristian_c> naobsd, same thing for this line:
<Tony_> maybe you can change *.rc.
<Tony_> ln -s /sdcard /mnt/sdcard
<cristian_c> ah, ok
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<cristian_c> Tony_, sorry but recovery code looks for fstab file
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<cristian_c> it compares entries in fstab file with strings in the code
<Tony_> I mean that you can link /sdcard to /mnt/sdcard.
<cristian_c> ok
<Tony_> when booting.
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<Tony_> I think that is better than your. :)
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<cristian_c> but there is a problem with fs_mgr_get_entry_for_mount_point, Tony_
<Tony_> init.***.rc in the recovery
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<cristian_c> ok
<Tony_> no hardcode.
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<Tony_> and ...
<Tony_> Yes, recovery need a path than mount the path.
<naobsd> cristian_c: why you changed recovery.fstab? is there any reason?
<Tony_> You are right, wrong path can be mounted by vold.
<naobsd> Tony_: do know know well about cwm?
<Tony_> I just know well about recovery -- how to work.
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<naobsd> Tony_: well, you know well about how to modify _cwm_ recovery source to build cwm for rockchip?
<naobsd> cristian_c: can you try non-modified cwm for rk? if you need to replace rknand.ko, please replace it but don't modify anything other than it, then please try to use SD card
<naobsd> cristian_c: it should work w/o modification
<Tony_> I'm used rockchip's recovery before.
<naobsd> Tony_: cristian_c is asking about cwm for rk, not RK's recovery
<Tony_> I think that there is no difference between them.
<Tony_> about how to work.
<Tony_> The problem is just that the mount path of sdcard is difference.
<Tony_> cristian_c, where are you going ?
<Tony_> naobsd is here now.
<naobsd> the problem is just path is modified from right one to wrong one
<naobsd> right one(original) should be "/sdcardvfat/dev/block/mtd/by-name/userlun=/sys/class/android_usb/android0/f_mass_storage/lun/file"
<naobsd> if there is any reason to modify path in recovery.fstab, please explain detail about it. "don't work" is too less information
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<naobsd> (lets soldering...)
<Tony_> naobsd, do you merge code to mainline kernel ?
<Tony_> I'm just curious
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<karlp> hrm, need to try rperier's emac stuff on my minix, I had pcfg_pull_default, but he's got it all as pcfg_pull_none. I wonder if that will help
<karlp> hrm, marsboard tps pmic irq is different too, more things to compare
<Tony_> minix for rockchip ?
<Tony_> interesting.
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<karlp> most of the minix devices are rockchip,
<ole_> hi, just wanted to thank you guys for maintaining the wiki. It's quite usefull. According the hints I was able to enable 24bit RGB framebuffer on my RK3288 linux (Firefly kernel).
<karlp> please feel very free to edit and expand at will
<karlp> it's very much a work in progress
<naobsd> Tony_: sorry? what's "merge code"?
<karlp> 3068? what device is that naobsd?
<naobsd> karlp: same one (different revision)
<karlp> can you confirm the different mali MP2 vs MP4 on 3066?
<naobsd> I thought it's same as rk3066
* karlp shrugs, I guess something's cut out
<naobsd> maybe
<naobsd> what is fastest way to confirm...?
<naobsd> I have 3066 stick but I'm not sure I can make android kernel from same source
<naobsd> no official source & no schematic for both ;)
<Astralix> hey guys
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<Tony_> naobsd, I mean that submit to the linux mainline kernel.
<Tony_> Astralix, hey
<Astralix> hey
<naobsd> Tony_: what to submit? anyway, I don't have anything to submit for now
<Tony_> submit code to mainline kernel.
<naobsd> Tony_: which code? probably I don't have it.
<Tony_> driver or whatever.
<naobsd> Tony_: I don't have any code to submit to mainline
<Tony_> okay, clear, I'm just curious. :P
<naobsd> Tony_: yes
<Tony_> Very cool.
<naobsd> not so beautiful...
<Tony_> I have problem with rk3188.
<Tony_> I remove sdcard0 driver from kernel, but it
<Tony_> it's wifi can be enable
<Tony_> wifi is used sdio(mmc ctl1)
<Tony_> it's wifi can't be enable.
<Tony_> naobsd, do you get what i mean ?
<naobsd> Tony_: why sdcard0 driver is removed?
<naobsd> Tony_: and how
<cristian_c> naobsd, I got the recovery.fstab because I couldn't mount system partition
<Tony_> just disable mmc ctrler0 driver
<cristian_c> *from stock
<Tony_> I want sdcard to be main flash.
<Tony_> boot system from sdcard.
<Tony_> all things are just in sdcard.
<naobsd> Tony_: can you explain detail e.g. diff? "disable some driver from stock" is not "how"
<naobsd> Tony_: I understand about "why"
<Tony_> okay, wait for while.
<naobsd> probably you need to disable CONFIG_SDMMC0_RK29
<Tony_> Yes! that's is.
<Tony_> SDMMC0_RK29
<Tony_> but my wifi can turn on.
<Tony_> wifi ic is AP6330
<naobsd> can? cannot?
<Tony_> use sdio interface(mmc1)
<Tony_> so I'm confused.
<naobsd> oops, sorry about "stock" :(
<naobsd> cristian_c: it should work, if you got any problem, please tell me "detail" more than "couldn't"
<Tony_> makes sence
<Astralix> naobsd, I got confirmation about our "thoughts" of loader behavior and reserved area at end of NAND.
<Tony_> *sense
<naobsd> cristian_c: if my memory is correct, you had to replace rknand.ko, right? then, "mount /sdcard"(=NAND partition) shouldn't work until you replaced rknand.ko, but it should work after replace
<Tony_> naobsd, Could you give me some advice ?
<naobsd> Tony_: disable SDMMC0_RK29 -> wifi _cannot_ work, right?
<naobsd> Tony_: then, how it cannot work?
<Tony_> [busybox ifconfig -a] can find it's node.
<Astralix> naobsd, christian_c, Tony_ can I help one of you?
<naobsd> Tony_: and you can use SDMMC0_RK29 enabled kernel for "boot from SD" system, just stop to load rknand.ko
<cristian_c> naobsd, I was suggested to replace also recovery.fstab
<cristian_c> naobsd, ok, I try to restore the original recovery.fstab
<naobsd> Tony_: what you changed is only kernel?
<Tony_> yes.
<naobsd> Astralix: any help is welcome, of course
<naobsd> Tony_: any difference in dmesg?
<Tony_> the reference doc told me that i need disable mmc0 driver if i want to boot from sdcard.
<Astralix> Just need to catch up, what you problem might be
<Astralix> Do you boot with normal loader using parameter?
<naobsd> Tony_: disable mmc0 if "boot from sdcard" AND using rknand.ko
<Astralix> It doesn't matter if rknand.ko is present or not
<naobsd> Tony_: if you don't use rknand.ko, you can(need to) use mmc0 driver
<Tony_> are you sure ?
<Tony_> I can boot from sdcard.
<Astralix> Tony_ did you prepare the sdcard with naobsd's tools?
<Astralix> Or do you have kernel in NAND and rootfs in /
<naobsd> Astralix: no, rknand.ko try to access mmc0, so if mmc0 driver is running, they are conflict
<Tony_> there is only problem that my wifi can be turn on.
<naobsd> Tony_: sure
<Astralix> cannot confirm this
<Tony_> I will past dmesg log.
<Astralix> please
<naobsd> my sd boot images are not special at all
<Tony_> [ 8791.469587] Current WiFi chip is AP6330. [ 8791.507772] ======================================================= [ 8791.507825] ==== Launching Wi-Fi driver! (Powered by Rockchip) ==== [ 8791.507880] ======================================================= [ 8791.507924] RKWIFI WiFi driver (Powered by Rockchip,Ver 4.53.WFD) init. [ 8791.508106] =========== WLAN placed in POWER ON ======== [ 8791.508202] ANDROID-ERROR) wifi_set
<Astralix> I do have kernel in NAND and parameter modified to fetch rootfs from sdcard. Works fine even I only changed rootfs=/... entry
<naobsd> Astralix: I think it's not "boot from SD" we're talking
<naobsd> it's "root on SD"
<Tony_> log
<Tony_> dmsg
<Astralix> I tested boot from nand + rootfs nand and boot from nand + rootfs on sd and boot from sd + rootfs sd and boot from sd + rootfs on nand
<naobsd> "boot from SD" = everything (bootloader, parameter, kernel, etc) which is needed for "boot" is on SD
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<Tony_> Yes, agreed.
<Astralix> the rknand is still in the initramfs?
<naobsd> oh, I don't know how to do this: "boot from sd + rootfs on nand"
<Astralix> naobsd, one of the kernels from hipboy I got for solving my HDMI problems boots from everywhere...
<Tony_> It's voltage is correct.
<Tony_> naobsd,
<naobsd> Tony_: I'm not sure mmc1 can run fine with "boot from SD" + rknand.ko
<naobsd> Tony_: please try "mmc0 enabled"(= stock configuration) but without rknand.ko
<Astralix> which kernel is it? Not a mainline I guess
<cristian_c> ok, new recovery.img prepared
<Tony_> rockchip provide
<naobsd> RK 3.0
<Tony_> 3.0.36+
<Astralix> ok...
<Tony_> naobsd, why talk about rknand.ko.
<Astralix> but you set up the GPIOs in your board config fine?
<Tony_> my sytstem can run well.
<naobsd> talking about mainline, it's impossible to use rknand.ko as sdmmc driver for "boot from SD" ;)
<naobsd> Tony_: you said your wifi doesn't work, or you already removed rknand.ko?
<Tony_> Nope, my kernel is not mainline.
<Tony_> is provided by rk.
<naobsd> I just talked about mainline, not about your problem
<naobsd> I just talked there is no rknand.ko or any other nand driver for rk in mainline
<naobsd> Tony_: you said your wifi doesn't work, I don't think your system can run well.
<naobsd> Tony_: if you are using rknand.ko, please remove it and re-enable mmc0 driver
<Tony_> enable mmc0, my system run well.
<naobsd> Tony_: then why you disable mmc0?
<Tony_> I just confused why I disable mmc0, my wifi(used mmc1) can't work well.
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<Astralix> Tony_ It may have to do with your problem: RK does have its own WiFi driver detection system
<naobsd> Tony_: well? your wifi cannot work well when you disable mmc0? or when you enable mmc0? which?
<naobsd> Tony_: if your system works well with mmc0 enabled, please use it
<Astralix> The sdio driver, which relies on rkmmc driver, tests the plugged in card and decodes which WiFi chip is present
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<Astralix> It presents the name of the chip somewhere in /sys/class/...
<Astralix> The rk wifi driver then picks up this information and loads the matching driver.bin and config.txt into the connected chip
<Astralix> So I guess you are stumbling over this interconnection the three drivers have
<naobsd> Astralix: Tony_ already has working configuration
<naobsd> ^if I understand this talk correctly
<Astralix> Yes, but he tries to modify it, for whatever reason, and it then doesn't work anymore and he doesn't know why
<Astralix> So I explaind that in rk kernel the rkmmc, rksdio and rkwifi driver need to work all together or you have no wifi
<naobsd> Astralix: he disabled only rk mmc0, not whole rk mmc
<Tony_> Yes, I think that mmc0 and mmc1 are substantive.
<Tony_> mmc1 can work fine after disable mmc0
<Astralix> Rk had some functions to control wifi power as "extentions" in the mmc code
<Tony_> mmc1 can't work fine after disable mmc0
<naobsd> Tony_: please post full dmesg, not part
<naobsd> Tony_: and please tell us why mmc0 need to be disabled
<Astralix> But if you have a working configuration, why do you want to modify something there?
<Tony_> the reason why mmc0 need to be disable is I want to boot system from sdcard. (everything is in sdcard.)
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<Tony_> than I need disable mmc0.
<Tony_> if I don't, it won't run at sdcard.
<naobsd> Tony_: you said your system works fine :(
<Tony_> clear ?
<naobsd> Tony_: are you using rknand.ko in your "boot from SD" system?
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<naobsd> (or post full dmesg to make things clear)
<Tony_> Yes, it works fine before.
<naobsd> Tony_: what is "before", please explain detail
<Astralix> But... wait a second, I need to switch radxas...
<Tony_> I need it run from sdcard, so I need disable mmc0.
<Tony_> than I fond it's wifi can be work fine.
<naobsd> Tony_: please ask my question, are you using rknand.ko in your "boot from SD" system?
<naobsd> it should be used, but please answer
<naobsd> ^please answer, sorry
<Tony_> Sorry, I know a little about rknand.ko.
<Tony_> so I can't talk about rknand.ko.
<naobsd> Tony_: please post full dmesg from "boot from SD" system
<naobsd> and/or lsmod output
<Tony_> okay, I will post it tomorrow. it's 00:03 here. :)
<naobsd> it's 01:05 here :(
<Tony_> I'm at home now. :(
<Tony_> my device is at my company.
<naobsd> I see
<naobsd> currently I'm not sure "boot from SD with rknand.ko" breaks sdio wifi or not,
<naobsd> if you're using rknand.ko(rk30xxnand_ko.ko.3.0.36+ for rk3188 3.0.36 kernel), please remove (or disable insmod line somewhere in your system) and use mmc0 enabled kernel
<naobsd> "mmc0 enabled kernel" == "kernel worked well before"
<Tony_> Yes, every things are okay before I want to run system from sdcard.
<naobsd> I understood about it
<Tony_> wifi flash sdcard bt etc..
<naobsd> I have rk3188 stick which uses sdio wifi, probably I can try myself, but it's 01:10 AM now :(
<naobsd> I have to sleep soon
<Tony_> Yes, me too. we are close, aren't ?
<naobsd> cristian_c: I'll sleep soon, but I'll read irc log at whitequark, please leave message if you got something
<Tony_> It's 00:11 here.
<naobsd> cristian_c: and if you got "error", please post detail not only "it doesn't work"
<naobsd> cristian_c: dmesg, cwm log, etc
<naobsd> Tony_: I'm in Japan
<Tony_> I'm in China.
<Tony_> Asia.
<Tony_> :P
<Tony_> naobsd, Good night. to be honest, you are so sweet.
<naobsd> good night
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<Astralix> too late...
<cristian_c> lol
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