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<beeble> lurchi_: gpio count depends on the package size. the smallest one has 4. and yes programmable serialnumber. fully custom or unique one from silicon
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<rperier> beeble: yeah but you did this from uboot mainline and not from uboot rk ?
<rperier> arrfffff :/
<beeble> i don't have a uboot rk at hand and not really interested in building it. but the test would work on any
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<rperier> mhhh in rk_uboot
<rperier> switching from EL3 to EL1 seems to be configurable
<rperier> well, so BL31... switches from EL3 to EL1... so no way to get this stuff working :/
<rperier> I think , I will have to ask for testing. Heiko or Klauss if you have 5 min today, could you try to replace "rockchip_rk3368_efuse_read" by "rockchip_rk3288_efuse_read" (if you have a working uboot mainline) in my patch. I should just work, I think
<rperier> I am sorry but I am completly blocked :/
<rperier> s/I/It/
<rperier> well, I will send a v2 and ask for testing on the ML, that's the best I can do
<ayufan> rperier: what are you working on?
<rperier> on efuse support for rk3368
<ayufan> ok
<ayufan> is it similar to rk3328?
<rperier> the problem is that with the vendor trusted firmware and the vendor uboot, this efuse is only accessible in EL3 so I have to use non standard ARM SMC calls , while normally this efuse should be accessible without secure mode
<ayufan> OK
<ayufan> I know that on rk3328 some region is readable, some is marked as secure:
<rperier> the solution I have for this is : use uboot mainline (does not work, LPDDR3 not supported) or use upstream ATF, not working too... so... I have no solutons for now
<rperier> that's with a geekbox rk3368 btw
<rperier> yeah, the problem is when it's marked as secure, you get CPU exception when you try to access it from EL1 (normal)
<ayufan> yeah
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<kloczek> hi
<kloczek> guys is it any generic way how to install linux on rk3399 firefly over PXE?
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<xevious> ayufan: I'm trying to get your MAC address fixes for the RK3328 working on an A95X R2. The A95X R2 uses the gmac2phy NIC, not gmac2io. I know gmac2phy is unstable on Rock64 (caused by insufficient power, I believe) but I had it working and stable with an older build on the A95X R2. I've created a custom device tree with gmac2phy, and now the MAC address isn't changing. However, I can't use the network interface yet because I'm getting this
<xevious> error (several times) on boot: stmmac_open: Cannot attach to PHY (error: -19)
<ayufan> xevious: gmac2phy works fine for me on mainline kernel with applied fixes
<ayufan> so, it is just misconfiguration at this point :)
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<ayufan> btw. I received your e-mail, give me a few days to think that throug
<ayufan> I tested rock64 gmac2phy with es9023 audio pot board
<xevious> Is the mainline kernel compatible with your MAC address fix, or does your kernel fork have changes for it?
<ayufan> My mainline kernel fork has them
<ayufan> I use now mainline uboot with fixes to solve a few issues
<ayufan> Grab my latest linux image 0.5.6 and install mainline kernel from 0.5.7 and t should work
<xevious> This system is built with your linux-kernel, linux-u-boot, and linux-build repos, with the rockchip-linux rootfs repo.
<xevious> Ok, I'll try that next. Thanks!
<xevious> ayufan: About the email - thanks! I hope you decide you want to work with us. I could definitely use your help :)
<ayufan> The biggest problem is time :)
<xevious> haha I understand that, for sure! :D
<xevious> I have to head out for the weekend, and I'll be AFK (unfortunate family stuff). I'll try linux 0.5.6 + kernel from 0.5.7 on Tuesday.
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<via> paulk-gagarine: dammit, i just got it flashed, but i guess i didn't enable all the flags i needed
<via> i have 0x11
<via> i guess i need the dev flag on too -_-
<via> can i just confirm exactly what i need?
<via> i need to add 0x8?
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<paulk-gagarine> via, I have 0x30 on my images
<paulk-gagarine> you probably want to have 0x10 at least
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<paulk-gagarine> which is dev_boot_usb if I'm not mistaken
<via> i'm not sure how 30 works
<via> no dev switch related stuff would be on
<via> even dev switch on didn't seem to work, trying alt-os now
<via> fcurently fllashing 0x9d
<paulk-gagarine> if you already have dev switch on, you don't need to force it with gbb
<paulk-gagarine> (actually in my case I don't want to force it, which is why it's not there and 0x30 is enough)
<via> in fucking with it last week i might have hit the space bar to turn off dev mode
<via> it keeps telling me that the device i inserted doesn't contain chromeos
<via> i suppose i could have set up the usb stick wrong
<via> nope suddenly everything works
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<via> partition table fixed, my debian install is working again
<via> thank you
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<paulk-gagarine> via, neato
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<phh> anyone has any news about vulkan on rk3288?
<phh> I can't find any Mali-T760 platform with vulkan driver, yet does claim T760 is vulkan compatible...
<phh> ok, looks like r14p0 has it, though there is no public release of it
* phh is dreaming of android 7+vulkan on his gpd xd
<via> anyone know if uboot support's the display on rk3288 (acer chromebook)
<kloczek> kloczek
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<via> guessing not based on the very sparse 'device drivers' section in menuconfig
<via> is there *any* payload i can use for coreboot that supports some type of ui for booting?
<via> looks like depthcharge has some suppor for a basic ui but i'm struggling to find docs on it
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