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<oliv3r> gooood morning everybody!
<robb83> good morning too, oliv3r!
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<HeHoPMaJIeH> Morning !
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<hno> morning
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<rellla> morning everybody!
<rellla> after backreading the weekend's logs i come to the conclusion, that this may become a good week for sunxi ;)
<rellla> as i'm new to vdpau, what dependencies does one need to run "mplayer -vo vdpau" successful?
* rellla will google for it ...
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<hramrach> wingrime: I get a crash with mplayer 1.1.1 built from source too:
<mripard> hno: hi
<mripard> hno: I finally took some time to dump the BROM on the A31, do you want me to put it somewhere?
<mnemoc> ?
<arokux1> hi all. i'm back from vacation now, will continue my work on usb support
<mnemoc> mripard: can you test sshing to and writting something in public_html/ ?
<mripard> it seems to work fine
<mnemoc> great :)
<mnemoc> feel free to abuse it
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<MrBar> hi sunxi
<MrBar> what is sunxi?
<mnemoc> the name of the family of arm-based SoCs made by allwinner
<mnemoc> sunXi with X between 3 and 7 currently
<MrBar> but what is A10 A13 and like crap?
<mnemoc> A10 is a SoC of the sun4i arch, A13 is a sun5i
<MrBar> just alias?
<arokux1> MrBar, yes
<mnemoc> not really, a10s is also sun5i
<mnemoc> also a12
<mnemoc> and there are two known sun6i
<mnemoc> a31 and a31s
<MrBar> looks like chinese crap
<mnemoc> they are pretty good SoCs, but you are free to label them as you like
<MrBar> ok
<MrBar> who know about axp209?
<mnemoc> the PMU used with A10 and A13
<MrBar> yes
<MrBar> and it work like crap
<MrBar> ok sorry for bad lexic
<MrBar> maybe someone know how to
<MrBar> how to avoid to boot in charge only mode? (androidboot.mode=charger) and how to complete remove android platform from uboot and linux?
<MrBar> android just work like java crap
<tijs> I dont think you can pull it apart that easy
<tijs> you should rather pull out the uboot info, and drivers, and merge it into linux.
<MrBar> may be there some #undef ANDROID_CRAP ?
<MrBar> and remake all
<MrBar> power_on button have random behavior while boot in debian, but android work stable
<tijs> yeah just remake all, then you have also lots of other options for the linux kernel to use. However, it seems that linux drivers and android drivers are not the same. So if you want linux on it, you will have to rewrite some.
<MrBar> i think someone use some GPIO to extracontrol AXP209 and change it from android
<MrBar> android is just malware injected in linux kernel
<mnemoc> there are defconfigs with android enabled and others with android disabled
<mnemoc> pick what suits you
<MrBar> heh nice joke
<Turl> mnemoc: mali broken :( see ML
<tijs> GPU's are always fun :P
<mnemoc> Turl: so benn's update is a20-only?
<Turl> well, not theorically, but seems so practically :p
<mnemoc> :(
<hno> MrBar, remoiving Android is not hard. Or you could just boot whatever you like from an SD card.
<Turl> I'll see if I can come up with a fix
<Turl> but someone else will need to test
<Turl> mnemoc: thoughts?
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<stulluk> Hi,
<stulluk> HeHoPMaJIeH: Did you be able to figure out why new SDK doesn't work on Sun7i ?
<HeHoPMaJIeH> stulluk, i had been busy these days, today i will try to debug it
<Turl> ssvb: I think that junk is really needed :)
<stulluk> HeHoPMaJIeH: Thank you. I have downloaded file, decompredded it, and it gave me lichee-2.0
<mnemoc> Turl: I don't remember how was that code before. pre sun7i also used reserved mem
<stulluk> I copied & decompressed it to my old SDK, i.e just replaced lichee folder
<stulluk> And tried to compile, and compiled fine
<stulluk> But when I run, almost everything is failing, display, devices...etc
<Turl> mnemoc: I looked at benn's patch, and that code is all new
<stulluk> When I run uname -a, it shows 3.4.39 though
<Turl> mnemoc: I assume we can just keep it around for sun7i if it works :)
<Turl> mnemoc: v2, I derped the CONFIG_,
<stulluk> Is that fully correct?
<mnemoc> Turl: smells incomplete or fixing the wrong problem
<ssvb> Turl: good:) I tried to build stage/sunxi-3.4 with sun7i_defconfig and somehow it did not fail for me
<HeHoPMaJIeH> stulluk, yes you can
<stulluk> Cool, I just wonder if this one is fixed on this config:
<stulluk> Because I also need to use multiple UART interface
<stulluk> Is that fixed?
<ssvb> Turl: what kernel configuration are you using to get this "drivers/gpu/mali/mali/platform/ca7-virtex820-m400-2/mali_platform.c" file actually compiled?
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<Turl> TARGET_PLATFORM is "mali400-pmu" for all sunxi
<ssvb> Turl: wait a second, do you mean that you need to patch this into stage/sunix-3.4 to get mali working on A20?
<Turl> dunno
<ssvb> Turl: what about the reports from the people who claimed that mali already works on A20 with stage/sunxi-3.4?
<Turl> well then you obviously don't need this :)
<Turl> just wondered why it wasn't building and fixed it :P
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<ssvb> mnemoc, Turl: my guess is that benn has probably just copied the redundant source file from 3.3, but never verified that it is really needed
<Turl> ssvb: even if dropping this file though, it'll still leave sun45i broken
<Turl> or maybe not, just saw the unknown symbol was unrelated to the ump and not the phys thing
<ssvb> Turl: it works on sun4i if you remove the MEM_VALIDATION entry
<Turl> I guess that's it then :)
<Turl> I need to get going, see you later guys
<arokux1> hno, ping
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: have you started integrating sdk 2.0 into our lychee branches
<stulluk> oliv3r: I figured out uboot tfp problem, because CONFIG_CMD_NET was undefined in u-boot source, so network scripts are not working..
<oliv3r> gawd today is horrible ar $work
<stulluk> Is there a way to use community u-boot to be compiled together with this SDK ?
<oliv3r> working nonstop since 8:30 till now
<mnemoc> oliv3r: not even extracted it yet. pretty busy with work and life issues :(
<oliv3r> stulluk: you can't fix the multiple uart 'problem' as there is no problem. YOu as a developer decide which pin does what for you, and then create a fex file appropliatly for it. There is no '1 fex file to rule them all' for your board, because it is a dev board for one
<oliv3r> stulluk: i dout none of us really use the SDK; we only extract kernel code from it at the most
<oliv3r> mnemoc: yeah i can only imagine :( no pressure
<oliv3r> mnemoc: just drawing you back into sunxi :)
<arokux1> oliv3r, something interesting happened during two last weeks here?
<oliv3r> mnemoc: i just came to realize today, that with our most recent effort, the sun457i might be the worlds most open 'PC'
<oliv3r> arokux1: USB broke :)
<mnemoc> oliv3r: :)
<oliv3r> arokux1: but more interestingly; check
<arokux1> oliv3r, about last one i've seen 5 news items already :)
<oliv3r> :p
<arokux1> oliv3r, you mean this: usb:sunxi:Fix "device not recognized" problem during android boot (3.4)
<arokux1> ?
<arokux1> btw, is that available for us: ?
<oliv3r> arokux1: no idea what really was going on
<rellla> oliv3r: i had fun, backreading logs ;)
<oliv3r> rellla: hahah, i mentioned your name a few times the last week i think
<oliv3r> arokux1:oh wow, that's SDK v3.2; we JUST received SDK v2.0
<arokux1> rellla, yes, especially how oliv3r replaced its PHY :)
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: ^ when are you getting SDK v3.2?
<rellla> saw it. rellla can test this, rellla can do that. lol
<oliv3r> yeah PHY is still broken (or broken again)
<arokux1> oh..
<oliv3r> i think it may be a power issue, that blew it up again
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: nvm; this is a31 sdk
<Tsvetan> oliv3r for A20 Wits said 2.0 is latest
<oliv3r> arokux1: that was sdk v3.2 for A31, i don't care about the A31 tbh
<Tsvetan> we do not have A31 board
<rellla> oliv3r: "fairly unbiased" is my personal favorite ;)
<arokux1> i see, where is 2.0 at ?
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: good :p
<Tsvetan> and probably will not do one because of the powervr
<oliv3r> arokux1: yes
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: yeah I really try to avoid working on the a31 for that exact same reason
<arokux1> powervr is yet another closed IP?
<oliv3r> arokux1: for a31(s)
<Tsvetan> libv said stay away from the powervr and Im listenting to him :)
<mnemoc> arokux1: users/amery/
<arokux1> mnemoc, thanks
<arokux1> Tsvetan, :) what is so bad about powervr?
<Tsvetan> no open source drivers and as seemd never would have
<arokux1> ok, i've found some info on irc log
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<MrBar> HeHoPMaJIeH : hello where u from?
<HeHoPMaJIeH> MrBar, form Bulgaria
<HeHoPMaJIeH> *from
<MrBar> where it is?
<mnemoc> earth
<MrBar> near earth?
<MrBar> i from outer spac
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<MrBar> far far away from galaxy milky way
<mnemoc> quite sad for us that you discovered how to communicate from there without notizable latency
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<MrBar> i use space-time hole near sun star
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<MrBar> but here 8 min latency still
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<hno> arokux1, yes?
<hno> mnemoc, should we try collecting the SDKs in a more structured manner?
<mnemoc> sure
<hno> /SDK/... ?
<mnemoc> sounds good
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<hno> upload permission for HeHoPMaJIeH so he can upload diectly when Olimex gets a release maybe?
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<mnemoc> sure
<mnemoc> do you have his ssh key?
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<MrBar> wooow
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<mnemoc> they should take elop back
<mnemoc> and stop f*ing nokia
<MrBar> i like nokia hardware
<mnemoc> do you know that in spain "Lumia" means slut?
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<mnemoc> nice marketing research they did
<MrBar> heh
<leviathanch> Turl: hi
<jlj> I just learned a new word in Spanish!
<leviathanch> Turl: is there DMA support for A20 within your branch already?
<jlj> lurking irc sure is educational
<arokux1> hno, is it possible to track down how GL850G usb hub is powered on mele? I think on-chip usb controller is working nice, but there is a failure during talking to the external usb hub.
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<MrBar> no its not possible
<arokux1> MrBar, do you own mele?
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<MrBar> no
<MrBar> but i have axp2009 based board it just pain
<MrBar> *axp209
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<arokux1> MrBar, what board exactly?
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<MrBar> noname tablet
<MrBar> A13 based
<MrBar> there rtl8188E that crap too
<arokux1> MrBar, I wonder why have you bought this tablet at all.
<MrBar> heh
<MrBar> really?
<arokux1> MrBar, well, you say everything in it is crap..
<MrBar> i get it witout money
<MrBar> i wonder why realtek make crap too
<mripard> because you're not working there I'm sure
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<oliv3r> mripard: lol
<oliv3r> mripard: Hi!
<oliv3r> mripard: if you are so unhappy with your crap; why not go out and buy something that's not crap :)
<MrBar> right
<MrBar> someone know samsung make crap or not?
<mripard> oliv3r: hey, I know what I'm buying
<oliv3r> of course it's crap; it's from asia
<oliv3r> mripard: you buy crap too? :)
<oliv3r> well my tablet was a gift from my GF
<mripard> yeah, but when I do, it's on purpose ;)
<oliv3r> and i'm very happy with its crappyness
<stulluk> oliv3r: when I use the fex file here: , my kernel crashes during boot
<oliv3r> stulluk: does it tell you why it crashes?
<oliv3r> i've bought so much crap; i doubt there is non-crap out there even :)
<MrBar> where backtrace?
<stulluk> I tried almost everything, when I enable UART6 or 7, it tell me like this: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 000000c4
<stulluk> Let me give whole log by pastebin, wait
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<mripard> leviathanch: you should read the wiki before sending mails
<stulluk> Here you go:
<MrBar> stupid kernel why they can't dereference NULL pointer
<stulluk> :)
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<stulluk> Here is my kernel .config:
<stulluk> Am I missing something?
<MrBar> stulluk: really A20 fast?
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<stulluk> When I compare with IMX6Q, I think is acceptable :)
<oliv3r> stulluk: if you enable uart6 or 7; make sure to disable EMAC
<stulluk> Oh ! Why should I ?
<leviathanch> mripard: sorry. damn. >_>
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<arokux1> how would you dump memory from user space?
<hramrach> wingrime: so tried mplayer svn and with that mlayer does not crash, it just fails
<stulluk> oliv3r: I couldn't understand, EMAC and UARTs have no common PINs, am I wrong ?
<mripard> leviathanch: and just like hans was saying, the MMC doesn't need the dma controller as far as we know
<leviathanch> ok
<oliv3r> stulluk: because uart 6 and 7 are pinmuxed to EMAC, OR pinmuxed to SPI0/1 so you have to be carefull
<oliv3r> stulluk: this isn't 100% complete, but should give you an indication which pins are muxed together
<hno> arokux1, no idea.
<stulluk> oliv3r: so, you mean, if I need to use UART6 or 7, that means I can't use EMAC ?
<oliv3r> stulluk: uart6 and 7 are mapped to either PortA; or PortI
<oliv3r> you have to decide which pins to use, and make sure you don't use them with anything else
<mouchon> hi
<arokux1> hno, ok. can you recommend a multimeter to buy?
<oliv3r> stulluk: you can't just use a fex
<stulluk> oliv3r: Currently, in my config, Ethernet is PortA, and UART6-7 are PortI
<oliv3r> you have to think about it ;) but the default fex SHOULD work for normal use
<oliv3r> arokux1: cheap 5E one :p
<oliv3r> arokux1: get a few, incase you blow one up
<oliv3r> arokux1: for the heavier work; you get a fluke
<oliv3r> stulluk: and SPI0, is that also PortI
<stulluk> oliv3r: SPI fully disabled
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<stulluk> Let me show you my FEX
<mouchon> stulluk a20-olinuxino_micro.fex seem to be incorrect regarding uart.6 and 7 mux 4 is used but mux 3 should be used
<stulluk> mouchon, I have seen your message on the forum
<stulluk> and tried fixing it
<oliv3r> mux 4 is 'External Inerrupt'
<arokux1> oliv3r, what's 5E? (google is unable to give me a reasonable response)
<oliv3r> arokux1: 5 euro
<stulluk> but the problem is, if I enable UART6 or UART7 on PortI, kernel just die and give 8250 backtrace
<stulluk> Let me show you my sys_config.fex
<stulluk> mouchon, did you be able to fix UART issue in your Sys_config.fex?
<oliv3r> mouchon: are you using uart6 + 7 successfully
<arokux1> oliv3r, (it is contracted to EUR, than :P) doesn't matter which one?
<oliv3r> arokux1: any cheap multimeter will do :) 5 USD, 5 Euro's 5 rupies
<mouchon> i changed the mux on my own fex and uart.6 and 7 is working for me, but i use fex file provided by debian r2 image provided by olimex
<stulluk> can you give me that FEX file? Here is my FEX:
<oliv3r> fex files aren't magical :p
<oliv3r> they only configure pins :)
<stulluk> yes, but I couldn't figure out what is wrong with my above fex ?
<stulluk> by the way, debug UART is working perfect..
<mouchon> not try both a same time but i will cross rx/tx from both to test
<oliv3r> mouchon: check you spi0_para, PI12 is there defined too
<oliv3r> i know spi_used = 0; but i wouldn't trust that too hard
<stulluk> mouchon: Can you please show me your fex file?
<mouchon> stulluk: yes in 2 minutes just the time to put it somewhere
<oliv3r> stulluk: have you tried ONLY uart6 or ONLY uart7?
<stulluk> thank you I am waiting
<oliv3r> i see ap6xxx_bt_wake = port:PI20<1><default><default><0> is defined for you
<stulluk> oliv3r: not tried, I will check that too
<oliv3r> which might be your conflict
<oliv3r> try only UART6
<oliv3r> as i think the conflict is with UART7
<mouchon> stullik :i try both but not at same time
<stulluk> ok, let me try one by one
<HeHoPMaJIeH> stulluk, try this configuration in fex file
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<stulluk> it will take some time, because I am building on Kubuntu1.02LTS, and writing the whole image to board by Livesuit... Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to write only /env partition
<HeHoPMaJIeH> stulluk, what is kernel version that you use ?
<stulluk> 3.3
<HeHoPMaJIeH> try 3.4 i just test them
<mouchon> stulluk i am on 3.4
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<stulluk> Ok, let me change back to 3.4 and let you know
<oliv3r> stulluk: fex2bin; copy script.bin /boot/script.bin
<oliv3r> (mount nanda to /boot)
<mouchon> HeHoPMaJIeH: did you have lcd fb console working with 3.4 on A20-Micro ?
<stulluk> oliv3r: Pls remember 3 days ago, I am running android, and even I delete script.bin, my system is booting fine :)
<stulluk> Later I realised that it has another partition called ENV
<HeHoPMaJIeH> mouchon, yes, now with touch screen
<stulluk> and it store those script.bin into there
<oliv3r> stulluk: and script.orig
<mouchon> HeHoPMaJIeH: did you need to patch the kernel ?
<mouchon> or this only config change
<HeHoPMaJIeH> for rtp ts you need to patch kernel yes
<mouchon> and for the fb console, i try different setup but no luck
<mouchon> stulluk: i try both in same time and it work crossing rx/tx
<oliv3r> stulluk: but remember, script.bin is stored in nanda so you need to mount /dev/block/nanda somewhere /mnt, or /boot
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<stulluk> oliv3r: I even deleted script.bin from my nanda, and my board still worked
<stulluk> I changed my script.bin in nanda, and it didn't take effect
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<stulluk> Later, I understand that it gets parameters from env partition
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<oliv3r> stulluk: script.bin AND script.orig, configure the pins, it can work as it will reset to some default config of course, but a lot of functionality will be missing
<hramrach> wingrime,jemk can't really play the sintel trailer either with the vdpau plugin. I don't see the screen but I get tons of errors about incompatbile output
<mouchon> HeHoPMaJIeH: can you tell me wich boot param you use to have console on lcd ?
<oliv3r> mouchon: not sure if that's possible :)
<oliv3r> mouchon: console output only works on uart afaik
<HeHoPMaJIeH> mouchon, you mean debug console or standart fbcon
<HeHoPMaJIeH> ?
<mouchon> fbcon
<HeHoPMaJIeH> mouchon, this is my fex file
<HeHoPMaJIeH> i use stage sunxi-3.4 kernel
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<HeHoPMaJIeH> my test board is Olinuxino A20
<mouchon> me too :-) for both
<mouchon> HeHoPMaJIeH: thanks
<HeHoPMaJIeH> mouchon, np
<mouchon> HeHoPMaJIeH: simple question, lcd_width/ heigh params are in which unit ?
<HeHoPMaJIeH> in pixels
<mouchon> what's the diffrence with lcd_x and lcd_y ?
<oliv3r> X resolution and Y resolution? :)
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: i'm just reading the forum and you wrote you have issue with TS right now?
<MrBar> how to boot linux from nand?
<mouchon> olivr3r: may be stupid question but does both are not same if you want use all the lcd surface ?
<Tsvetan> oliv3r: old post?
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: on the A20 forum :) you said 'there is issue with ts but we are investigating it
<Tsvetan> this is written last Friday
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: I don't have an LCD but was talking to HeHoPMaJIeH and I think he has the same issue (not sure since you didn't mention what issue) :)
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: yeah i'm slow in reading posts :p
<Tsvetan> today Dimitar solved the TS issue with you as far I understood
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: ohh himitar and HeHoPMaJIeH are the same :D
<Tsvetan> hahahah right
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: but yeah, the TS driver wasn't ported yet which should be good
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: now with dimitri's work :)
<Tsvetan> and today UART6 and 7 are also working with correct multiplexing
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: but i couldn't test any of his code as i don't have that particiular hardware, but i'll review his patch and possibly do a naming unification and get it merged
<Tsvetan> so basically everything on A20 is working in 3.4
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: i think the only ussue with uart6 and 7 was fex specific I don't think the driver needed any work (but i haven't checked my email yet :)
<Tsvetan> Allwinner misleaded us when they said that if Ethernet works the UARTT6 and 7 should be forgotten
<mouchon> Tsvetan: so a new image soon :-)
<Tsvetan> they didnt made good explanation why they muxed them on PA and PI then, so today we found what they say is wrong
<stulluk> mouchon, I checked your sys_config.fex, and you have disabled EMAC
<Tsvetan> probably again lost in the translation
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: hehe, yeah often happens; but also when answering these questions I just go by what I know, i never used uart6 and 7 :)
<Tsvetan> today I reminded them we are waiting hardware encoding demo
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: awesome
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: i hope they respond timely
<stulluk> mouchon: sorry, I confused... Let me try with your FEX file again
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<Tsvetan> oliv3r usually they respond quickly when they have it, I think they do not have such demo and now somebody start doing it ... as we exchanged several e-mails and the ppl in CC list grow up to 7-8
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: Hahaha, yeah i imagine
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: they probably don't even know why you want it >: )
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<Tsvetan> shhhht :)
<oliv3r> :D
robb83 has joined #linux-sunxi
<stulluk> mouchon: when I use your FEX file: port_to_index err: port 7, port_num 13, please check sys_config.fex
<stulluk> and this one: script_init:mmc1_para->sdc_det gpio cfg invalid, please check sys_config.fex!
<stulluk> So, now I will change back to 3.4 and try again
<Tsvetan> oliv3r allwinner just benefit from being the first who will have completely open source drivers for everything
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: and they don't even seem to care half the time :(
<hramrach> they only ask how much money does it make them. in the short term there is definitely no benefit. in the long term they can probably sell the old chips that actually work due to having actual drivers
<hramrach> but that remains to be seen if htere is profit to make there and if they are able to make it
<hramrach> of course, working drivers are cool but the manufactureres usually don't care :/
<mouchon> HeHoPMaJIeH: with you fex file fbcon seem working, need to adapt it for LCD7'' but something is displayed, thanks a lot.
<HeHoPMaJIeH> mouchon, just change lcd settings , you can find fex files in olimex's github i think
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<mouchon> <HeHoPMaJIeH>: have one from the r2 image tnks
<HeHoPMaJIeH> mouchon, i am not sure
<HeHoPMaJIeH> if it is done in r2 but this line in config may look like this
<HeHoPMaJIeH> lcd_pwm_pol = 0
<stulluk> HeHoPMaJIeH: Did you be able to compile new SDK for Android ?
<HeHoPMaJIeH> stulluk, still not , i have a lot work today
<stulluk> HeHoPMaJIeH: Let me make clear about one thing: If I use old SDK, UART6 -7 would still be working? Or I should switch to new SDK ?
<HeHoPMaJIeH> stulluk, i don know you may test it yourself
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<stulluk> I am going really mad... now I tested UART5 ( not 6 or 7), and when I enable them in sys_config.fex file in "lichee/tools/pack/chips/sun7i/configs/android/wing-k70/" folder, just enable UART5, change PINs from PH06-PH07 to PI10-PI11, and kernel die again...
<stulluk> Unbelievable..
<panda84kde> Hi everybody. Does this enable full support of Mali 400 on A20 or is it just a starting point? Thank you
<panda84kde> mmm... looks like just a first step:!topic/linux-sunxi/9kXglMp4VwY
<stulluk> HeHoPMaJIeH: The SDK2.0 file that you provided two days ago, it has, and there is OSEPP folder... When I check OSEPP folder, everything is OLD. Only new part is IS there a seperately ?
boycottg00gle has joined #linux-sunxi
<hno> arokux1, I bought my multimeter 25 years ago. haven't needed to buy another one since.
Soru has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
<atsampson> I used to think that way, and then CPC had a special offer on multimeters with RS232 output... since then I've found a number of uses for multiple multimeters ;)
<boycottg00gle> is there a newer fedora image to test?
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<xDR1TeK> hi all
<arokux1> I think I'll get EM 393
<arokux1> Hama* EM393
<xDR1TeK> i am changing the default touch screen driver of an android image v4 in init.sun5i.rc but everytime i reboot the change is lost.
<xDR1TeK> please can someone explain why?
<xDR1TeK> also i need to cat /dev/ttyS0 or any other one to get the touch feedback
<xDR1TeK> till now i have invalid number
<xDR1TeK> sorry invalid length
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<wingrime> hramrach: ping
Soru has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> panda84kde: this is a newer mali discussion thread -!topic/linux-sunxi/3shLgrbun4c
<ssvb> panda84kde: people report mali to be usable on a20
<panda84kde> ssvb: thank you so much for pointing me, I'll read it carefully
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<xDR1TeK> root file init.sun5i.rc has in On Boot this
<xDR1TeK> insmod /system/vendor/modules/A13_gslX680.ko
<wingrime> ssvb: so thay can be signed?
<xDR1TeK> I remve the delimiter and save then push back to tablet, then reboot
<xDR1TeK> after that the delimiter returns back
<wingrime> ssvb: I thinked that two components , is x ,y
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<panda84kde> guys, the "Ubuntu Alip" link here is broken: Is there a newer link or a new recommended rootfs?
<ssvb> wingrime: is one of the ways to represent signed numbers
<wingrime> ssvb: ok, I will look for other solution, I don't know , V1 can be in kernel for a while (workaround) ?
<ssvb> wingrime: in any case, I don't see any reason to touch the X coordinate, it seems to be working fine
<ssvb> wingrime: I only observed problems with negative Y so far
<ssvb> wingrime: which could still be either a hardware bug or a software bug somewhere in the disp driver
<wingrime> ssvb: there is only one place it could be ,
<wingrime> ssvb: tmp = ((((__u32) (win->y)) >> 31) << 31) | ((((__u32) (win->y)) & 0x7fff) << 16) | ((((__u32) (win->x)) >> 31) << 15) |
<wingrime> ssvb: if you see, I only fixed positon _before_ register wrtie
<wingrime> ssvb: after this bug dispapeared
<ssvb> wingrime: when the layer is scaled, the pixel data passes through both DEFE and DEBE
<wingrime> ssvb: so , you think it can be in HW?
<ssvb> wingrime: the code line that you shown configures DEBE, but DEFE might need to be also configured in some special way to handle negative offset
<ssvb> wingrime: with only DEBE active without DEFE (non-scaled layer), negative X and negative Y coordinates are working fine
<wingrime> ssvb: yes, I can't explain display shift with only that BE registet
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<wingrime> jukivili: are you finded bug?
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<robertjw> has anyone tried the sunxi fedora scripts on the MK808 or MK809III devices?
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<jukivili> wingrime: no.. I think you should ask at mailing-list with lsusb, config and bisect attached
<hno> wingrime, that's a bit odd shifting, but not broken. Assuming win->y is a 32-bit integer.
<wingrime> hno: tmp = ((((__u32) (win->y)) >> 31) << 31) |
<wingrime> ((((__u32) (win->y)) & 0x7fff) << 16) |
<wingrime> ((((__u32) (win->x)) >> 31) << 15) |
<wingrime> (((__u32) (win->x)) & 0x7fff);
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<hno> wingrime, yes. What I thought the rest looked like. Nothing wrong there, only a little written a little odd.
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<hno> makes numbers wrap with the same sign.
<robertjw> does anyone see any reason that the fedora scripts should not work on the MK808 or MK809iii devices?
<hno> robertjw, not even u-boot have support for those two. What are they?
<hno> MK808 seems to be a RK3066 based device.
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<hno> MK809iii seems to be a RK3188 based device.
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<hno> so no, sunxi Fedora can not support them. It's not sunxi family CPUs at all.
<robertjw> hno: thanks for saving me from a useless purchase, I'll get the MK802 instead.
<hno> MK802 also exists in multiple versions, so select with care.
<hno> MK802 III (dual core) is RK3066. based.
<hno> robertjw, ^
<arokux> Turl, there? was your patch with dev. tree for mele merged, if so in which tree?
<robertjw> hno: how about this MK802 version:
<arokux> Turl, question is closed.
<hno> robertjw, that seems to be an A10 version with 1GB ram. But it does not say if it's the improved version with AXP209, or the earlier version with fixed DCDC converters (those had stability issues)
<jelly-home> oh yeah, mine got rather warm, bordering on hot and stopped booting after wroking that way for 24-36 hours
<hramrach> wingrime: pong
<robertjw> any suggestions on selecting a device in the lower price range which includes the AXP209 power chip?
<hramrach> that's cubieboard for me ;-)
<hramrach> the HDMI sticks are cheaper but you get random insides with same case and name
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<jelly-home> indeed
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<jelly-home> also, pins exposed properly are a great boon
* jelly-home still has to figure out where the hell is UART on Mele M5
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<damed> is u-boot in linux-sunxi gitbub usable for cubieboard2 ?
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<wingrime> hramrach: are you tested vdpau?
<wingrime> mnemoc: mripard hno ping
<wingrime> I find something interesting
<damed> found ... works
<damed> solved
<wingrime> oliv3r: ping
<oliv3r> wingrime: pong
<hramrach> yeah, tested jemk's vdpau module
<oliv3r> wingrime: what did you find
<hramrach> it fails
<wingrime> EXPORT_SYMBOL(sw_hcd_host_tx);
<wingrime> * Host side RX (IN) using Mentor DMA works as follows:
<oliv3r> is that a comment in the AW source?
<wingrime> oliv3r: ^^^^^^^^^^^
<wingrime> oliv3r: thats from our usb
<hramrach> mplayer 1.1.1 crashes, maplyer svn fails to play anything
<wingrime> hramrach: witch hw are you using?
<hramrach> did you try the sintel trailer?
<wingrime> hramrach: big bug bunny
<hramrach> cubieboard
<wingrime> hramrach: strange
<hramrach> a10 one
<wingrime> hramrach: also you change disp and cedar_dev to be 777
<wingrime> ?
<hramrach> no. I run everything as root
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<hramrach> other cedar players used to work, anyway
<oliv3r> wingrime: well we know that the USB-OTG port is from mentor something
<wingrime> mnemoc: ^
<wingrime> oliv3r: now we have prof
<oliv3r> wingrime: if that's in our stage/sunxi-3.4 then yeah, someone of us added that since we identified it
<oliv3r> if this is from 3.3 or the sdk 2.0; then that's really interesting to know
<techn_> there is already sunxi musb driver in stage/sunxi-3.4
<oliv3r> well it's REALLY nice to see it 'confirmed' as its still only suspescions on our side
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<hramrach> wingrime:
<wingrime> hramrach: H.264 720p HDTV 10-bit
<wingrime> hramrach: not sure there is any hw decoder in world who can handle 10-bit
<wingrime> jukivili: ping
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<hramrach> wingrime: so the codec is useless :/
<hramrach> the sintel trailer is 10bit also?
<wingrime> hramrach: -vf spp,scale
<hramrach> I don't really care about 10 bit but every other tard knows how to frob the slider to encode 10bit and they do just because they can. And if you cannot decode that your codec is useless
<hramrach> wingrime: it just sasy that but it's bogus
<wingrime> hramrach: sintel not looks like 10b
<hramrach> it inserts scale automagicall on its own and I don't have spp
<hramrach> it does not play back anyway
<hramrach> same error
<wingrime> hramrach: have you any .mplayer/config
<hramrach> empty
<wingrime> hramrach: I will try myself with sintel
<hramrach> oh, added vf=scale there to try out that awsome advice
<wingrime> hramrach: and so?
<hramrach> so what?
<hramrach> it's just bogus
<wingrime> hramrach: works?
<hramrach> it's some generic advice which would work if the decoder worked
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<oliv3r> hramrach: remember, libsunxi is only testing/PoC code; it isn't to be used for anything else then to test and improve
<hramrach> well, for PoC it should decode something at least
<hramrach> of course, it may decode very narrow profile of media atm but then it has to be determined what profile it is so the results are reproducible at least
<oliv3r> hramrach: did you try buck bunny?
<hramrach> where do you get the exact buck bunny encode that works?
<hno> wingrime, ah, USB. There is very little doubt that the OTG controller is a modifived musb.
<hno> <hno> most registers match, but register map is somewhat different, but should be solveable with a little glue.
<hno> <hno> oliv3r, it's from the original AW code.
<hno> <hno> Javen <>
<hno> <hno> usb: add otg, ehci, ohci
<oliv3r> hramrach: to be specific
<oliv3r> hno: then it's really good to know
<oliv3r> that our thoughts are now confirmed
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<hramrach> that 10bit file does not play with vlc nor xbmc so maybe cedar really cannot do that
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<wingrime> hramrach: I very doubt that 10b hw decoders exsist
<jukivili> with host and peripheral modes (but without mode sensing / autodetection).. and appearently atleast peripheral does not work with sun5i
<hramrach> well then hw decoders are useless
<wingrime> hramrach: 10b not lead any standard
<hramrach> any decoder is good only so long it can actually decode random videos
<hramrach> if you need to recode every other video to get any playback at all
<hramrach> you can as well live with a hand crafted NEON coded for one very specific format and recode *everything*
<oliv3r> well then cedarX is simply crap
<oliv3r> but do we know of any hardware (assisted) decoder that can do 10b?
<hramrach> suposedly the Exynos decoder is just filter pack
<hramrach> so basically some vector (or matrix if you wish) numeric coprocessor
<oliv3r> heh which version? i know the S2 is having some issues decoding 1080p stuff
<oliv3r> doubt its doing it in software, but might be
<hramrach> so technically should be able to decode any format you can express in the arithmetic operations it supports
<oliv3r> so it's hardware assisted
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<hramrach> it does not mean the performance is awesome or that it's used by every software or even that the drivers are good enough for it to be usabel at all
<hramrach> see the cedar drivers which fail to work even for formats technically suported by hardware
<wingrime> hramrach: you have bad carma
<wingrime> hramrach: I just get 720p sintel
<oliv3r> well hardware assist is much better, but problem with HA is that it costs a lot of memcopies
<hramrach> yeah, bugs love me
<hramrach> they throng around me :p
<hramrach> oliv3r: depends on the hardware. if it can output to usable memory regions you do not have to copy more than with software
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<wingrime> oliv3r: I get sintel 720 working
rings_IIV has joined #linux-sunxi
<hramrach> I just got the big buck bunny. same as sintel
<wingrime> hramrach: where was problem?
<hramrach> I have no idea
<hramrach> it just crashes or fails to decode
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<hramrach> well, adding the scale filter makes it fail and not crash so it definitely helps :p
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<hramrach> if you have some idea where to add debug prints or some mplayer/vdpau-sunxi debug patches ..
<wingrime> hramrach: not sure that bug in our code
<hramrach> maybe I have some slightly different version of something that is not compatible
<hramrach> well, mplayer works without that code
<hramrach> but you cannot test mplayer using vdpau and not using your code so ..
<oliv3r> swap some binaries around to test :)
<hramrach> also do you depend on osme recent kernel changes?
<hramrach> I have Linux A10 3.4.43+ #7 PREEMPT Wed Jul 24 07:47:24 CEST 2013 armv7l GNU/Linux
<hramrach> I did swap some bianries but I am out of ideas now
<hramrach> tried 3 different mplayes and upgraded libvdpau from .6.3 to .7
<wingrime> hramrach: I use debian sid
<hramrach> since each mplayer comes with its own version of most librraries there is not much to change
<hramrach> I use debian wheezy
<wingrime> hramrach: i can be helpfull if there somethig in our code crashes etc
<hramrach> I can't really tell what crashes
<wingrime> hramrach: but looks like our code not get control
<hramrach> I had some very useless stack traces
<wingrime> hramrach: also , how much freemem?
<hramrach> actually it looks like it does get control:
<wingrime> hramrach: question, can you paste me your current boot cmdline
<hramrach> procs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- -system-- ----cpu----
<hramrach> r b swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in cs us sy id wa
<hramrach> 0 0 0 80220 25364 624768 0 0 12 24 294 344 17 1 78 4
<hramrach> vmstat ^^
<wingrime> hramrach: are you tested same video with blob?
<hramrach> yes, at elast teh sintel trailer works
<wingrime> hramrach: I can't say whats happend
<hramrach> there are artifacts due to the gradient thing but it plays
<wingrime> hramrach: can you build default new stage 3.4 kernel and test again for make sure thats not related
<hramrach> well, the crashline is mixer_ctx_t *mix = handle_get(mixer);
<wingrime> hramrach: witch file?
<hramrach> video_mixer.c:142
<hramrach> but that might be bogus due to overoptimization
<hramrach> if not it crashes somewhere in the handle_get() call one level below vdp_video_mixer_set_attribute_values
<wingrime> hramrach: bus error
<wingrime> hramrach: is try to access to unalligment code
<wingrime> hramrach: looks like bogus compiller
<hramrach> gcc (Debian 4.6.3-14) 4.6.3
<oliv3r> what did I add to u-boot again to print boot data? the console comes up nicely but the kernel is completly silent otherwise
<hramrach> maybe early printk in kernel?
<hramrach> or set up serial console in kernel?
<oliv3r> should be on; i do get the console and can use everything just fine
<oliv3r> but i'm missing the bootlog itself, and earlyprintk I think was on, but i double check
<oliv3r> but it think it was a u-boot default env change
<wingrime> hramrach: thats strange error
<hno> oliv3r, console=ttyS0,115200
<oliv3r> hno: i think that's still set in my env
<hramrach> wingrime: what gcc do you have?
<hno> Olaff, cat /proc/cmdline
<hno> sorry, meant oliv3r
<hramrach> oliv3r: see /proc/cmdline
<oliv3r> ok let me build a new kernel and let me double check
<wingrime> hramrach: 4.6.3-15
<oliv3r> hah! earlyprintk was off; lemme see if that fixes it
<hramrach> quite likely. It adds alot of noise
<wingrime> hramrach: I hope your dram config normal
<hramrach> I have the cubieboard dram config ;-)
<oliv3r> nope that's not it
<oliv3r> yeah cmdline is empty; i'll just add console= to the default
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<oliv3r> loud kernel; yes i like it
_enrico_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<n01> Turl: how can I check if the LOSC is multiplexed to ExternalOSC?
<oliv3r> mripard: is this my fault?
<hramrach> mnemoc: looks like you need this:
* hramrach updating kernel tree
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<oliv3r> i'm pretty sure i submitte that change :S
<hramrach> it looks like it did not kame it into stage so far
<hramrach> make
<arokux> evening
<arokux> jukivili, ping
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<wingrime> jukivili: ping
Black_Horseman has joined #linux-sunxi
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<arokux> ping Turl
rndnick8383 has joined #linux-sunxi
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<jukivili> arokux: pång
<arokux> jukivili, how are you doing, I'm back from vacation and the connector is there too, will test you code soon :)
<oliv3r> mnemoc: what is 'mach' used for in the BSP?
<wingrime> jukivili: I find issue with a13
<oliv3r> mnemoc: (in
<wingrime> jukivili: I will make patch soon
<hramrach> a13 usb \o/
<jukivili> wingrime: great.. what was it?
<wingrime> jukivili: Kconfig
<wingrime> jukivili: but I have to remove "device only"
<wingrime> jukivili: or some how make it builds
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<oliv3r> mripard: that pasted crash only happens on sun7i; not on sun4i
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<hramrach> mnemoc: are you sure it's ok to include this?
<hramrach> drivers/gpu/mali/mali/platform/ca7-virtex820-m400-2/mali_platform.c is GPL so there is defeinitely some mismatch
<hramrach> meeh, I get recursive page fault on boot of sun4i kernel :s
<wingrime> hramrach: bad carma on something bad with dram
<wingrime> mnemoc: I sended kconfig weed-out patch
<hramrach> it's 100% reproducible with the new kernel and 100% not reproducible with the old
<wingrime> hramrach: hm
<wingrime> hramrach: I have last kernel
<wingrime> hramrach: cedcab8df53bc4727b31068f288300baa1ee348b is top
<wingrime> hramrach: tested on a10/a13
<hramrach> it possibly crashes on GL init or something
<hramrach> I have only like 4 patches on top of that
<hramrach> 2 are config and 2 sun7i specific
<hramrach> so I have the same
<hramrach> wingrime: I don't think it's good idea to select OTG
<hramrach> ew, it's not select
<wingrime> wingrime: I need otg for moust
<wingrime> *mose
<hramrach> actually it is selected somewhere
<wingrime> wingrime: I send patch for make it works
<wingrime> wingrime: but otg-only still not works
<hramrach> hmm
<arokux> wingrime, what is
<wingrime> arokux: actualy short-cut to our ML
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<arokux> nice
<arokux> wingrime, what about using Allwinner instead of Softwinner?
<wingrime> arokux: there is no difference
<arokux> wingrime, the code is more consistent is using only one thing
<Turl> afternoon
<arokux> Turl, hi!
<arokux> Turl, are you going to push your clocks code upstream? :)
<hramrach> wingrime: does a84e1cc953efad247668fafc0c4651cf866f2cd6 not suffice?
<hramrach> it allows building gadgets on sun4i and sun5i should be the same now
<wingrime> hramrach: no, that define problem
<wingrime> hramrach: if you select gadget it will not build it
<Turl> mnemoc: really? :P
<Turl> leviathanch: no, no DMA
<hramrach> so what's the Kconfig hacking for if it's define problem?
<wingrime> hramrach: yes
<hramrach> actually if you look at thes line you removed -#if defined(CONFIG_USB_SW_SUNXI_USB0_OTG) || defined(USB_SW_SUNXI_USB0_HOST_ONLY)
<hramrach> it's definitely bogus
<hramrach> maybe just use the proper define names woud do?
<wingrime> hramrach: maybe
<wingrime> hramrach: but, it needs more f**n with code
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<Turl> arokux: arm-soc,
<hramrach> actually, you are using CONFIG_USB_SW_SUNXI_UDC0 which was already there anyway
<arokux> Turl, yes, that one I've seen at mripards branch
<Turl> ok, finished (speed)reading the backlog :)
<arokux> Turl, but what about pll5 and 6, mod0 clocks, etc.?
<wingrime> hramrach: yes, but not selectable, due buggy depedences
<Turl> arokux: hasn't landed yet
<hramrach> I have it selected
<Turl> arokux: 3.11 is tagged so I don't think it can make it for 3.12, but I'll try to get it merged as early as possible for the 3.13 cycle
<hramrach> also that patch renames stuff needlessly
<wingrime> hramrach: no
<hramrach> yes
<wingrime> hramrach: actualy for a reason
<Turl> arokux: all the A10s/A20/A31 basic stuff got in, so there won't be that many deps this time
<wingrime> hramrach: becose USB_SW_SUNXI_USB0_OTG needed for host-only
<wingrime> *otg only
<hramrach> first OTG means device and host so OTG and host is nonsense on its own
<hramrach> and second it't note really used, anyway
<hramrach> you mean device only
<wingrime> hramrach: yes
<hramrach> well, then the defines are wrong somewhere. or the makefiles
<wingrime> hramrach: I can't fix defines
<wingrime> hramrach: it requires massive fix
<hramrach> why is OTG required for host only?
<wingrime> hramrach: no
<wingrime> hramrach: for devide only and otg+host
<hramrach> yes, device only
<wingrime> hramrach: so I have only one way - change name here , for make code untouched
<hramrach> it's not untouched anyway
<hramrach> and there is no point not touchng the code whan it's bogus
<wingrime> hramrach: I only make host mode builds
<wingrime> hramrach: also crappy depedences
<hramrach> I only make OTG builds
<wingrime> hramrach: yes, I tested host mode , it still not working
<wingrime> hramrach: but at lest it now builds
<hramrach> heh
<ykchavan> I am following these steps
<wingrime> hramrach: there is anouther solution - remove host mode complitly
<hramrach> I only ever tested device on hte otg port tbh
<wingrime> *device ony
<ykchavan> Suddenly, In that webpage, it asks to dd spl/sunxi-spl.bin file
<ykchavan> where is this file coming from?
<hramrach> I guess soonish we get musb instead of sunxi usb which should build in any config and when it does not you can bug upstream ;-)
<hramrach> ykchavan: you build it from u-boot sources or download with a hwpack
<wingrime> hramrach: it fixes OTG broken for 120 commits
<hramrach> wingrime: did hte host mode work ever at all?
<wingrime> hramrach: never tryed
<wingrime> jukivili: ^
<ykchavan> unfortunately, my tablet is unknown(mostly A10mid512mb)
<wingrime> hramrach: untill today
<hramrach> ykchavan: look for the page on submitting new devices
<wingrime> hramrach: I go to sleep, lets talk late
<hramrach> good night
<ykchavan> hramrach, sure. Thanks.
<wingrime> hramrach: thanks
<hramrach> when you get the info you get a known tablet ;-)
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<ykchavan> hramrach, I built img file for nand before and studied log. But I did not come accross 'sunxi-spl.bin' in that log. Is this file sdcard specific?
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<hramrach> yes, that's for SD card
<ykchavan> :-)
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<hramrach> yeah, the page fault occurs after loading mali
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<hramrach> yes, moving away the mali modules avoids the page fault
<hramrach> that makes it a mali regression on sun4i I guess
<hramrach> mnemoc:
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