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<hramrach_> for tablet a20 is actually not so good choice
<hramrach_> there are cheaper chips for low-end tablets and for high-end tablet it is probably not powerful enough
<hramrach_> but I don't actually have an a20 tablet so it's only a guess based on the performance of other Allwinner chips in tablets
<furmuwon> OK. Thank you for advice :)
<hramrach_> nice, you don't get that daylight saving annoyance in KST :)
<furmuwon> ... I cant understand an idiomatic expression
<hramrach_> no problem with that. was just idle talk
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<Skaag> hramrach_: some people managed to get chromium to work on certain armhf devices
<hramrach_> it's not you cannot run it. it's just that the Debian maintainers did not fix the Debian package to build on armhf
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<hramrach_> hmm, seems mmc clock gating works flawlessly on mainline
<mrnuke> it better. These guys have been busting their asses with allwinner devices for too long now :p
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<jmss> Hi, I'm trying to use a GPIO from an OLinuXino-LIME but I can't find the correspondence between the GPIO and the pin, where is that configured in the DT?
<mrnuke> mripard, bbrezillon, wens: When I do "git fetch --all" git is telling me that it's fetching each of you
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<wens> huh?
<wens> i have a least a dozen remotes setup, though not all get fetched
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<mripard> mrnuke: what's wrong with it?
<mrnuke> mripard: nothing wrong with your explanation. It makes more sense to me now
<mrnuke> although, I still have no idea how to generate a /dev/spidev entry without a .compatible entry in spidev.c, which seems just as bad
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<oliv3r> hello!
<mrnuke> hi oliv3r
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<mripard> mrnuke: I was more talking about your git fetch :)
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<mripard> but yeah, I'm not a big fan of the compatible list in spidev
<mripard> It's a bit better, but it's still not perfect
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<mrnuke> mripard: nothing wrong with the git fetch
<wens> mripard: are you sending out a new version of the mmc phase patches?
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<mripard> wens: during the weekend yeah
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<hramrach_> what will those do?
<hramrach_> jmss see the LIME manual or schematic. It should tell you what connector pin is wired to what SoC pin
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<wens> mripard: great, i'll rebase and send v2 of mine after you
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<mripard> hramrach_: handle the clock phase properly on the MMC clocks
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<oliv3r> ijc: you going to fosdem again this year?
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<rellla> nove: thanks, i try to find some time to read about that all during christmas days...
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<ijc> oliv3r: Yes I am. You too I suppose?
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<oliv3r> ijc: i signed up for a boot (for my employer) but haven't heard from fsodem yet :)
<ijc> a "boot"?
<ijc> oh, a booth!
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<libv> oliv3r: i am sure that philip would love to give you a boot :p
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<oliv3r> heh; boot up de bum
<oliv3r> yeah i rather have the booth :)
<ijc> I did wonder if maybe you wanted your employer to kick you over the border or something ;-)
<oliv3r> i hope fosdem is interested in having my company with a booth
<oliv3r> yeah ' you scum, go to belgium'!
<ijc> :-D
<ijc> we've got an application in too, not sure when they are announce though.
<oliv3r> what was your employer again?
<oliv3r> who*
<Seppoz> it he gets a boot i want a boat
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<oliv3r> if you get a boat; i want a boob!
<mripard> only one?
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<ijc> oliv3r: I work for Citrix, but by we I meant
<oliv3r> mripard: gotta start small
<oliv3r> ijc: ahh; ok i'm trying to get us a booth as Ultimaker :)
<oliv3r> which I find utterly exciting; but i hope #fosdem agree's :p
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<dan-and> Good morning mripard - just wanted to confirm that 3.18.0 works so quite well, I just aligned the u-boot dram/voltage parameters. Since then the mainline works quite stable
<oliv3r> dan-and: what do you mean with aligned dram/voltage para's?
<oliv3r> mripard: though I confirm; beeing running 3.18 for a while and looks solid to me :)
<dan-and> oliv3r, I have a few cubieboard 2 and cubietrucks. Similar to some owners around the world, I had 2 boards which freezed here and there with the 3.4 kernels due to a bit too low voltage and edgy ddr speed setting.
<oliv3r> ahh; okay; yeah, i have a truck like that
<oliv3r> well my truck is even more worry some :(
<dan-and> There is a howto align the fex accordingly ( like 0.05V higher voltage and 360 Mhz instead of 480)
<dan-and> I just used the same setting which worked out fine for the 3.4 FEX stuff in the mainline u-boot and it runs quite stable since then.
<dan-and> I have been briefly in contact with mripard when I had a few questions (3 weeks ago ? ) and he told me to inform how it goes.
<oliv3r> ahh okay; right
<oliv3r> align just sounds weird in the context :)
<dan-and> It's still just playing around with it, but it looks quite promising (at least when you use them headless as I am doing)
<dan-and> let's exchange "align" with "modify".
<dan-and> :-P
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<dan-and> I am basically using mripard's sunxi-next repo, but upgraded it to the "final" 3.18.0 ( )
<mripard> dan-and: I totally forgot about it :)
<dan-and> no worries, mripard :)
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<rellla> mainline kernel guys, is this a suitable uEnv.txt:
<rellla> yesterday i tried newest mainline uboot and mainline kernel and got stuck at the point, where my device was waiting for a tftp server...
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<dan-and> rellla: uEnv.txt ? I should build and create a boot.scr
<rellla> dan-and: isn't uEnv.txt working with mainline?
<dan-and> Not that I know of, but here are more experienced guys in the channel ;)
<wens> don't think so, seems to only look for boot.scr
<dan-and> My boot partitions just utilize the boot.scr + uImage + the board's dtb
<rellla> hm. having some txt-file without the need of compiling is much prettier imo. like in uboot-sunxi. i'll try the boot.cmd way
<wens> you can write a boot.cmd that loads uEnv.txt
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<dan-and> wens, thats actually a good idea
<oliv3r> ah; i'm using 'vanilla' 3.18 :)
<oliv3r> rellla: mainline u-boot doesn't use uEnv.txt does it?
<oliv3r> wens: i'd drop the .txt extsion though; think it sounds silly imo, should be .env if anything :)
<oliv3r> u-boot.env or boot.enc
<oliv3r> env*
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<hramrach_> oliv3r: uEnv.txt is read by default environment. patch the default environment in u-boot and you have uEnv.txt on mainline. I used to patch cross-compilation options, too
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<oliv3r> i don't like the .txt extension; and the idea is to leave mainline u-boot as patchless as possible
<oliv3r> i'd favor a boot.cmd that reads the uEnv.txt instead
<oliv3r> and rename it to boot.env or the like
<mripard> oliv3r: then send a patch
<oliv3r> mripard: allready working on it :p
<oliv3r> i'm revamping the BSP as it is
<oliv3r> also, there is nothing to patch really, as the point is to NOT patch u-boot
<mripard> uEnv.txt is a standard u-boot file.
<mripard> just like boot.scr is
<oliv3r> so what is all this talk about mainline not supporting uEnv.txt then :S
<oliv3r> why does everybody keep saying that that is a sunxi patch?
<oliv3r> you guys should just stop confusing me
<mripard> because for some reason the default environment prefers a uEnv.txt over boot.scr
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<oliv3r> well i'll be digging into all that with the bsp revamp; so it'll be sensible then :p
<mripard> so you can either patch the code to change the default environment, or just not use the default enviroment at all.
<mripard> why is that BSP stuff still alive btw?
<oliv3r> what is against it?
<oliv3r> i actually use and need it for my $job; so might aswell patch it up and fix it up
<oliv3r> what's wrong with it?
<mripard> why not just use any used and solid build system out there?
<hramrach_> what solid build system is out there?
<mripard> instead of having to "revamp the bsp" every now and then, effectively reinventing the wheel
<mripard> hramrach_: buildroot, yocto, openwrt, openbricks, pick one.
<hramrach_> the point of BSP is you run $image_build_command and it runs all the $solid_build_command for each part of the image
<oliv3r> the BSP is 'like' openbricks, openwrt, yocto or buildroot; but much more simplyfied
<oliv3r> it basically only builds a hw_pack
<oliv3r> e.g. bootloader, kernel
<oliv3r> that hwpack you plug into any existing method
<mripard> hramrach_: yeah, so just like any build system out there?
<oliv3r> it builds a bootloader + kernel specific for your board
<hramrach_> you could revamp it to so that it builds the hwpack using one of the more complex commands of the existing system
<mripard> oliv3r: again, just like any build system out there.
<oliv3r> yeah, exactly, at 1% of the size and complexity
<oliv3r> the bsp is just a cd u-boot; make + cp
<mripard> except that it already works, it's documented, and you don't have to hack into it every time you do something
<oliv3r> also, how do any of these build systems build android or debian?
<hramrach_> well, we have sunxi-specific u-boot handling. it even changed a few times
<mripard> debian has its installer, with an already built kernel, so I'm not sure how it applies there
<hramrach_> so whatever you use you have to patch it
<oliv3r> bootloader, 3.4
<mripard> and Android uses pre-compiled kernels, so again, not really comparable
<oliv3r> don't think _only_ mianline
<oliv3r> android needs the sunxi 3.4 kernel
<oliv3r> the bsp is really just a small thing and does not even compare to the complexity the other systmes bring
<mripard> buildroot already compiles a 3.4 kernel.
<hramrach_> does yocto/openwrt/buildroot/openbricks not work with 3.4 kernel?
<oliv3r> 'our' sunxi 3.4 kernel i'm talking about, with our sunxi u-boot
<oliv3r> with script.bin etc etc
<mripard> I know
<mripard> and I'm talking about that too
<hramrach_> if you can make BSP as a configuration file + 1 line shell script that runs one of the existing systems you get 1% the complexity of the current BSP
<mripard> linux-sunxi 3.4, u-boot sunxi, and fex
<hramrach_> and with openwrt you get eg. full readonly root with no updates if you want
<oliv3r> also, the debian installer really isn't suited to generate embedded system image imo
<hramrach_> saves you flash
<mripard> oliv3r: make up your mind, you were the one that spoke about debian in the first place.
<oliv3r> yeah, debootstrap :p
<oliv3r> not d-i
<oliv3r> + ubuntu; whcih can be done with debootstrap; dunno if ubuntu has an armhf installer allready?
<hramrach_> but that's not suitable for generating images. you can do it by hand but if you use it for $job it's better to base it off something that is *designed* for generating images
<hramrach_> it probably has installer and if you dug into installer you could make Debian armhf installer images for sunxi
<hramrach_> and ubuntu probably uses d-i for serve, anyway
<oliv3r> dunno; but debootstrap works really well :)
<hramrach_> +r
<hramrach_> it's what d-i uses + some random scripts
<oliv3r> aye
<hramrach_> if you really want Debian automation you probably want to discuss d-i patches with d-i maintainer
<oliv3r> what i need; is a debian based system in a tight space, e.g. embedded debian; which you can really only do with debootstrap; as I think embdeb still doesn't have an installer or buildsystem or anything
<hramrach_> if you want automation and don;t insist on debian it is out there already
<oliv3r> also; i don't need to build anything (which is what openwrt;buildroot etc do no?) i just want to use the existing tested armhf packages
<oliv3r> i guess could always use the openwrt ipkgs
<hramrach_> there is half dozen systems so I am sure some have packages. yes, openwrt is one of them
<oliv3r> we may still switch to openwrt; but openwrt relies too much on its own networking stack; and connman is a really nice alternative
<hramrach_> own networking stack?
<oliv3r> doesn't uci control the whole networking configuration?
<oliv3r> or isn't the whole networking configuration done by/via uci
<oliv3r> anyway, we might still go with openwrt; it is a strong contender still :)
<hramrach_> doesn't debian's own ifupdown control the whole networking on Debian (by default)
<oliv3r> not if you only install minbase
<oliv3r> you get to choose whatever you want; connman may pull in ifupdown; not sure on that
<hramrach_> there is probably an option to configure network differently on openwrt by now
<hramrach_> haven't seen it for ages
<mripard> oliv3r: tight space and debian don't really fit together
<oliv3r> well the lime has 4gb of flash :p
<hramrach_> cubieboards aren't really that tight
<mripard> then it's not night at all.
<oliv3r> but i want to only use 512mb for the debian bit
<hramrach_> or limes
<oliv3r> so aiming for 512mb
<hramrach_> they are like hangar for openwrt
<oliv3r> hehe, true
<oliv3r> but as I said; we may still go with openwrt; it's either that or debian
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<oliv3r> and for ow, during development, it's debian for sure
<mripard> the current openwrt build I'm using takes 8MB, kernel included
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<oliv3r> thing with openwrt is, there's still no connman packages or support afaik
<oliv3r> anyway, we can all still change that if needed at a later point
<gianMOD> hi everyone!
<gianMOD> just happy to announce that the MOD Team has now an A33 tablet
<gianMOD> let the hacking begin!! :-)
<oliv3r> cool :)
<oliv3r> i still haven't touched mine :( stupid $job
<gianMOD> that is one cool thing in working with the MOD
<gianMOD> hacking this toy IS our job :-D
<mripard> oliv3r: then take buildroot
<mripard> there's connman
<gianMOD> i'm still in China
<mripard> gianMOD: great :)
<gianMOD> thx mripard
<gianMOD> thursday I'm back in Brasil
<oliv3r> mripard: maybe that's a much better idea eventually; but that's for a nother day to tackle :)
<gianMOD> and I'll hand it to the guys
<gianMOD> mripard: I've contacted free electrons
<gianMOD> they've mentioned you
<gianMOD> in case we need we'll probably rely on your services :-D
<gianMOD> monday I fly to germany and I'll talk to the In-Circuit team
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<mripard> gianMOD: yeah, I was in Cc :)
<mripard> it would be great
<gianMOD> it surely would
<gianMOD> let's see what the future reserves to us :-D
<Net147> oliv3r: Yocto works for me. more heavyweight than Buildroot though.
<oliv3r> well the fact that there's tons of armhf packages available though easily pulled from the debian mirrors is still something very tempting ;)
<mripard> Net147: that's an understatement ;)
<Net147> Yocto takes a long time to get your head around and understand
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<oliv3r> mripard: buildroot doesn't have a repo with pre-compiled packages does it?
<oliv3r> or rather; i can't seem to find it
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<mripard> it does not support precompiled packages at all
<oliv3r> ah; ok
<oliv3r> i take it has 'scripts' that build on demand then; just like openwrt/openbricks?
<oliv3r> openwrt and openbricks both do actually atleast 'build' packages and host a repo
<oliv3r> buildroot doesn't have a package manager like openwrt that allows users to install packages/
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<mripard> nope
<oliv3r> ah ok; then we can't use buildroot :( bummer it did look quite interesting
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<mripard> but on the other hand, it also allows to exactly taylor your system like you want it, which wouldn't be possible with packages.
<mripard> why?
<mripard> do you really expect the user to add packages on a 3d printer ? :)
<oliv3r> yes
<oliv3r> that's an intended feature
<mripard> ok
<mripard> then openwrt or yocto
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<oliv3r> openwrt lacks connman support :)
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<mripard> anyway, the point is, I really don't get why we should continue to develop anything on this
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<dan-and> Struggling with getting simplyfb running with mainline. It looks like the u-boot (2015 rc3) handles the fb well. I have a screen and I can even use a usb keyboard, but at the point were the kernel (3.18.0) gets loaded, I see: "Cannot setup simplefb: node not found". I found that error in u-boot's drivers/video/sunxi_display.c when the offset < 0 , however I don't get it what is missing in my current
<dan-and> setup which causes this
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<mripard> dan-and: you need linux-next for that to work
<mripard> all the simplefb stuff will be merged in 3.19
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<dan-and> mripard ... oh 3.18 is not enough?
<dan-and> okay. good to know :)
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<dan-and> That was an easy one :-P
<dan-and> Thanks mripard
<mripard> dan-and: no
<mripard> it's not enough :)
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<mripard> so either take the latest kernel from here:
<mripard> or wait for a week or so for the 3.19-rc1 to be released
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<dan-and> ... oh dear ... Read the fine Wiki pages ... Sorry for that
<dan-and> Thanks mirpard
<dan-and> I will get the current linux-next. Thanks
<oliv3r> mripard: simple, because there's abook out that uses it :p and it by far is the easist way to build kernel + bootloader for 3.4 :)
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<hramrach_> hmm, I ordered an a33 tablet and it got lost :s
<hramrach_> not that my a23 tablet is of much use, either way
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<sico> mripard: can I build a cubietruck working image using ?
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<hramrach_> do we have USB on mainline?
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<hramrach_> well, it says support was merged in 3.15 but all I get on cb2 is [ 0.983565] usb2-vbus: disabling
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<hramrach_> hmmm, broken module loading
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<hramrach_> wow, using new kernels with debian ..
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<Froolap> blink
<Froolap> I need some help, maybe what I'm trying to do is just impossible to begin with. I have bananapi, I found a link with mali drivers here: I just created an SD card with fedora21 on it. I haven't been able to log into the box yet but it does connect to the router.
<Froolap> If I can get to the point of actually logging into the banana will I be able to get video to work by compiling those drivers or am I going to find that I need binaries that won't function with the fedora21 kernel?
<lioka> Froolap: no. mali isn't about video, it's about GLES and stuff
<Froolap> Thanks.
<lukas2511> actually, it's about ethics in videoaccelleration journalism
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<Froolap> Ok, I guess I'm at square 1 again.... I'm muddling through this. I would like to have working hdmi video and I would like to have networkmanager 9.9 so that I can configure wireless networks from the comand line. I was hoping for fedora20 or 21.....
<Froolap> Is there a path to get there and is there a web page that will tell me how to get there?
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<Froolap> Seems like I keep getting caught up in things like hwfp swfp, gpu and I don't know the stats or where to find out that information.
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<hramrach_> have you looked at the web page in the topic?
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<Froolap> The ONLY ready made image that I know of for the bananapi comes from lemaker..... And looking at the logs after booting looks like it's doing "bad" things. So if there is something else, YES, I want to try it.
<Froolap> I've tried debian, but their version of network manager is 2 years old and I can't make it connect to a wireless network from the command line.....
<Froolap> I can install fedora21, but no video and no idea of if it weill even be possible to get video no matter what I do...... I don't mind putting forth the effort.... I just want to know that it's possible to cross the finish line
<hramrach_> I use wicd on Debian
<hramrach_> it has multiple interfaces
<Froolap> I tried it, I couldn't make it work. networkmanager didn't support creating a connection to a new network from commandline till 9.9.
<hramrach_> whatever image you choose most were probably built before bananapi was around so you probably want to install the fex file and u-boot for bananapi
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<Froolap> I've heard about the fex file..... but no idea what it actually is/does.....
<hramrach_> is it not explained in detail on
<Froolap> If it is. then it's in a format of code that I can't read and thus don't remember it.
<hramrach_> that code is English
<Froolap> No, jtag_enable: 0 to disable JTAG, 1 to enable JTAG That's a bunch of code, and after reading it I have no idea where it comes into play, It's out of sequence of events, I don't need it before I format my SD card. What's the first step?
<hramrach_> that's not in the description section
<hramrach_> did you look at ? there is ready made fex file linked a few paragraphs below
<hramrach_> or did you look at this?
<Froolap> Yes, I looked at it. But it has no meaning to me. After reading the description of the fex file I still don't know what it is or what it does.... What loads it when? How? What to do with it? I don't know.
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<hramrach_> makes use of a fex file. that's what you do with it
<hramrach_> also if you tried search for fex on │·····
<Froolap> Banana Pi's GMAC is not supported in the community kernel. Does that mean I'll never get video to work?
<hramrach_> it's not video
<Froolap> and cvommunity kernel sounds to me like I have to get your kernel, and then get all the source code for ls, pam, startx, etc and compile everything from the ground up.
<hramrach_> why would you do that?
<Froolap> There has to be a starting point somewhere.
<hramrach_> does mention compiling ls anywhere?
<Froolap> I have an empty sd card, I copy a kernel onto it, now what?
<hramrach_> if you want to start with an empty SD card then follow
<hramrach_> if you put Debian or Fedora or whatever on it and only want to update fex file and u-boot only follow the part that installs fex file and u-boot
<hramrach_> but Ethernet controller (GMAC) on bananapi seems to have a hardware glitch and requires special driver patch to work
<hramrach_> wired ethernet
<Froolap> I wwould like to use wireless.... not cat5
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<Froolap> Used IP cores. IP to me is internet protocol..... what does it mean here?
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<libv> intellectual property
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<cinatic> :v
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<mrnuke> I don't mean to start a pointless argument, libv, it's just that the term "inteletual property" makes me shrug
<libv> mrnuke: whatever. the term is used like that.
<libv> mrnuke: people use it, it is an active part of language
<mrnuke> I know. Can we call it IP for "idiotic policing? :p
<mrnuke> JK
<libv> why you think you need to express your dissatisfaction with the explanation of a common term, i do not know
<libv> it is rather pointless, and it is especially pointless to do so here.
<mrnuke> true. I should probably just up now
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<mrnuke> *I should probably just shut up now
<cinatic> can someone help me out, on two archlinux images exist, ct-arch and ct-arch-v2 is this the board revision or the version of arch oO
<libv> cinatic: #cubieboard
<libv> cinatic: /join #cubieboard
<cinatic> libv: ty
<Froolap> hramrach_: Thanks very much for the help. I wish I had more understanding but I'll give it a try. smile
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<Froolap> I'm seeing a lot of reference to cp linux-sunxi/arch/arm/boot/uImage But I don't see any reference as to where that file comes from. I don't see anything that looks like that path on my system.
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<libv> Froolap: did you build a kernel?
<Froolap> huh what? who said anything about building a kernel? Looking at
<libv> build a kernel.
<Wizzup> Froolap: the linux-sunxi folder you are talking about is a linux kernel folder
<Wizzup> you need to configure and build a kernel to get the uImage file.
<Froolap> I downloaded the fedora20 image for a10 that supposedly will work on my a20. I grabbed the cubbieboard_hwpack and I'm trying to follow the instructions line by line.
<libv> Froolap: use find
<Froolap> Apparently there are some modules that get copied over at some point. I can see the modules from the hwpack, but I don't see any step for copying them over.
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<Froolap> I did use find. I don'
<libv> Froolap: hwpack is grossly underdocumented
<Froolap> don't have any path that starts with /linux
<libv> most howtos assume that you built a kernel
<libv> do some creative digging inside the hwpack.
<libv> i actually wonder how recent hwpacks are
<libv> Froolap: what's the date on that hwpack you downloaded?
<Froolap> I'm not trying to build a kernel, I'm just trying to install the pre built image and it apparently needs to have some extra stuff tossed in for the video to work because fedora won't ship that.
<Froolap> apparently the kernel that I need is supploed by the image you have the link to in
<libv> "you" being ...
<Froolap> supposedly in the image....
<Froolap> you being look at the url in the topic
<libv> Froolap: and which obscure corner of our wiki would that be?
<libv> Froolap: or do you expect me to have a full copy memorized in my brain?
<libv> Froolap: let's cut this short and let me just tell you to go follow the manual build howto
<libv> it's not rocket science.
<Froolap> Well, it's nice to see that I'm not the only one that hasn't been able to memorize it.
<libv> ...
<Froolap> I was working from and it doesn't seem possible to take that step by step. I even made a copy of it to my hard drive so I could look at it in one window and cut and paste
<libv> you cannot take that step by step when you are cobbling together your data files from all over the web and do not have a kernel image around
<Froolap> maybe it's not hard for someone who has done it 100 times and only needs something to refresh their memory, but for a first time lets do this.... it doesn't work
<libv> you expect every howto in that wiki to be tailored to _your_ _specific_ _situation_, which is very non-standard?
<libv> Froolap: manual build howto.
<mrnuke> Froolap: it's just a handful of people. You can't expect them to maintain the wiki on an hourly basis, unles you pay them to. Yes, some information may be slightly out of sync
<libv> stop being lazy and getting into more trouble because of it
<Froolap> No, I'm expecting to find something that will take the image file that the wiki says to use and make it useable.
<libv> manual build howto
<libv> i wish i was paid for my time on the wiki, that would've been a whole years revenue right there.
<libv> Froolap: if you cannot find a uimage, you are lost.
<libv> either work through what initially seems like a lot of work, but actually really isn't (especially in comparison), or you are on your own
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<mrnuke> Froolap: building a kernel is easy:
<Froolap> I'm willing to put forth the effort, But ya know, there's gotta be a starting point and an ending point. The wiki is not presented in a step by step and you'll get there, it's presented in a spiderweb of links that are out of sequence, and if you haven't done it then you can't.
<libv> Froolap: the channel name says "linux" not "android forum", we do not cobble together random binaries into images and call ourselves developers here.
<Froolap> I'm not asking you to.
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<libv> Froolap: feel free to go buy other hw and use their wikis