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<BorgCuba> Hi, whats the status of sunxi-linux for H3?
<BorgCuba> Do you have a TODO list or a matrix that is showing what is working and what not?
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<plaes> BorgCuba: did you try wiki?
<BorgCuba> plaes, yes. I found a page with tasks for mainline integration.
<plaes> H3 support is pretty much WiP
<TheLinuxBug> yeah was trying to find some information on SATA on the Orange Pi Plus, wanted to know if it had port multiplier support, but can't find anything on it
<BorgCuba> yes, I read it. I ordered 2 orange pi 2 mini.
<TheLinuxBug> doc on h3 seems to leave something to be desired
<BorgCuba> TheLinuxBug, it seems for the opi2+ its sata over usb (gl830)
<Wizzup> Isn't the DMA engine mergined?
<Wizzup> merged*
<TheLinuxBug> hmm so the chip doesn't support PM
<plaes> yeah, no official doc release yet from allwinner side
<plaes> Wizzup: that page is also a bit outdated
<TheLinuxBug> and I suppose the point then is USB will be just as fast as SATA so no real value of SATA over USB?
<BorgCuba> TheLinuxBug, probably (usb 2.0 - 480mbit max. including protocol etc.)
<BorgCuba> I think a10 and a20 are the only aw socs with native sata if
<TheLinuxBug> I have a decent NAS setup with BPi A20, but currently its 25M/sec write by 90M/sec read max that I have seen - thats with a software raid on a port multiplier with 3x2tb in raid5. Getting a PM with raid on board and gonna try leveraging that to see if performance increases on the A20 a bit without the extra load from mdadm
<TheLinuxBug> hoping it will be a little better
<Wizzup> fwiw I have succesfully used a port multiplier on sun4i/sun7i iirc
<TheLinuxBug> I am successfully using a PM on BPi A20
<TheLinuxBug> but I am getting one with hardware raid on board
<TheLinuxBug> so that I can have raid handled by the chip instead of by CPU time on the BPi
<TheLinuxBug> hoping to get up to the 45M/sec writes they say it can do
<TheLinuxBug> and closer to at least 150M/sec read if I can
<TheLinuxBug> though really the nic is bottlenecked at 50M/sec
<TheLinuxBug> cause thats the most you can get out of a single CPU
<TheLinuxBug> so really just want to be able to write closer to that mark
<TheLinuxBug> and I will be happy
<TheLinuxBug> my current 20-25M/sec is a bit dismal
<TheLinuxBug> I was just wanting a board with more CPU so I could get more throughput
<TheLinuxBug> but if the SATA on Orange Pi Plus is USB
<TheLinuxBug> then that won't help much even with the quad core
<TheLinuxBug> I think the board makers are afraid to make new boards with SATA because they will cause competetion for companies manufacturing these diskless raid device which basically are utilizing small arm board anyways -- though normally Marvel chip sets.
<TheLinuxBug> If there was one with a bit better SATA support it would really start giving those companies making those products a run for their money
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<camh> BorgCuba: I have an interest in getting H3 mainlined. I've got a few orange pi pluses and a few orange pi pc on the way
<jelle> nice
<camh> I'm looking at getting the network driver first working with uboot, then I'll do the kernel
* jelle plans the same with orange pi plus
<jelle> s/plus/pc/
<camh> but I'm starting from a pretty low base and have a lot to learn
<camh> for me, video (gpu & video enc/dec) are a low priority though. ( I know many want the video side working well )
<BorgCuba> camh, I am also interested in getting linux to work on the H3 but I guess Ill take some time before I receive the boards
<BorgCuba> I just ordered them yesterday.
<BorgCuba> camh, have you already downloaded the H3 SDK?
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<swiftgeek> FATAL: kernel too old
<swiftgeek> got this while trying to launch meminfo
<swiftgeek> device is running on 3.0.8
<swiftgeek> can't find anything even on "kernel too old"
<swiftgeek> oh ffs do i need to generate whole toolchain for that one binary?
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<swiftgeek> ugh recompiled toolchain, i get three different files from script0 script and meminfo xD
<swiftgeek> the most scary differences for me would be density and odt_en
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<NiteHawk> libv: ping?
<ssvb> swiftgeek: what are you trying to do?
<ssvb> the density can be automatically detected
<ssvb> the settings ".density = 2048, .io_width = 8" and ".density = 4096, .io_width = 16" are roughly equivalent
<ssvb> the former means two 8-bit chips, each having density 2048
<ssvb> the latter means a single 16-bit chip with density 4096
<swiftgeek> former
<swiftgeek> thanks ;)
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<swiftgeek> and on-die termination? should i use setting from fexc (1) or meminfo (0) ?
<ssvb> swiftgeek: do you have a picture of the PCB with DDR3 chip(s) on it?
<mathieui> is there a kernel module in mainline linux (4.2) that is required to enable the sound chip on the cubieboard 2(A20)?
<swiftgeek> this probably has a hidden question on whether i created wiki page :>
<ssvb> swiftgeek: it's difficult to see the text labels on the chips, are these two ddr3 chips right below the SoC on that picture?
<swiftgeek> PS5CB256M8GN-CG
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<swiftgeek> but i'm only interested for now in bare board, i have no LCD/cam
<swiftgeek> it's a cute little board that i got for shipping
<diego71> mathieui: sound is not yet supported in mainline
<ssvb> swiftgeek: still it is not quite clear what you are trying to do with all this information :)
<ssvb> do you want to add support for this board to u-boot?
<swiftgeek> yup
<ssvb> the mainline u-boot?
<swiftgeek> well i could propose at most and announce half-baked state on some forums i guess (again the lcd)
<swiftgeek> but i read wiki and i feel like i'm kinda missing something with all those fex contents
<swiftgeek> i probably do not want to destroy NAND chip ;)
<swiftgeek> (don't take it as i'm not willing to mainline, i just think that everything should work if it goes for mainlining... unless this isn't the case here?)
<libv> NiteHawk: what's up?
<NiteHawk> libv: is it just me, or does this suspiciously look like spam? http://linux-sunxi.org/index.php?title=Talk:Boot_Android_from_SdCard&diff=prev&oldid=14895
<NiteHawk> reverting is simple enough, but you might want to take appropriate steps on the account
<Turl> NiteHawk: looks like spam indeed
<Turl> NiteHawk: but there's no spammy link or anything :/
<libv> out with it :)
<libv> NiteHawk: no need to ask me personally
<libv> just throw this into the channel next time
<libv> this user should get blocked btw
<libv> it's probably like with wasps/ants
<libv> a sentinel
<Turl> 1 week ban applied
<NiteHawk> thx. next time i'll simply report it here
<libv> :)
<swiftgeek> so no tips on what to do with other GPIO/SDcard/NAND ?
<NiteHawk> Turl: may be an attempt to get things sneaky in through the backdoor - improve google rank or something... i just wanted to be sure we don't let it slip by :D
<swiftgeek> or this is all left for linux/devicetree ?
<Turl> NiteHawk: feel free to ping us after doing so :)
<Turl> NiteHawk: yeah, they may be "testing the waters"
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<swiftgeek> sigh then i guess i will start with uboot-sunxi and then move to mainline disregarding any extra devices
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<swiftgeek> looking at mainline though and it's not quite clear what to do either
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<swiftgeek> i just removed as much as i understand from a13-olinuxino