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<mangix> test
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<aparcar[m]> mangix: test
<aparcar[m]> nyt: what's the conclusion with x86 metadata?
<pkgadd> aparcar[m]: I guess https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commitdiff;h=29167cbca3653de05a8b915bc21327dac7d05174 is supposed to sort it
<aparcar[m]> pkgadd: thanks, I had the same idea happy to see it's fixed
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<mangix> aparcar[m]: switched from irssi to quassl
<mangix> seems to work so far
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<damex> mangix: quassel will work. see no reason why it won't. i am using exclusively quassel-core with postgresql backend on one of the arm nodes and one of the quassel clients on devices like tablets, phones or laptops
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<mangix> Yeah. Looks like on mobile I have to use quassel-web. The Android app works poorly it seems.
<mangix> damex:
<damex> mangix: which android app ? :)
<damex> https://quasseldroid.info this one ?
<mangix> Yeah
<damex> mangix: should work pretty well. i would suggest contacting them at #quasseldroid - it is one of the best mobile clients out there
<damex> currently i am on iOS so using quassel-web or woboquassel (worse experience compared to a web version)
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<Pepe> I'm using weechat (I should try to packaged it to OpenWrt) with Glowing Bear or just use quassel as you suggest as it is in OpenWrt.
<mangix> Pepe: I run quassel in a docker instance on a NAS
<mangix> damex: no idea about iOS
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<mangix> speaking of docker, I just redid my setup. It sucks running services on a low powered ARM device
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<damex> mangix: it gets better when there is <multiple low powered arm devices>
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<grift> seems bit of a pity that umurmur has not been updated for 15 months, must be some reason for that i guess
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<Grommish> Hey all :)
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<swalker> updated openwrt/upstream, https://sdwalker.github.io/uscan/index.html
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<Pepe> grift: There were two releases of umrumur in 21 days. See https://github.com/umurmur/umurmur/releases and in OpenWrt packages feed pull request with bumping a version will lend soon
<grift> nice thanks, yes i noticed that upstream
<grift> ill look into adding support for it in the selinux security policy once a new package drops, its a neat poor mans voip solution
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<rr123> how can I get rid of the annoying feeds install -a warning: "WARNING: Not overriding core package 'iperf'; use -f to force"
<rr123> './scripts/feeds install -a -f' will still report: "Overriding core package 'iperf3' with version from packages"
<rr123> how can I flush this away, do I need manually uninstall them from core?
<ldir> rm -rf tmp (NOT rm -rf /tmp)
<rr123> everything a package is removed from core this came up...
<rr123> ldir: thanks! will this cause a longer 'make' rebuild as it has to re-assembly the tmp dir?
<rr123> s/everything/everytime/
<ldir> it's a little longer as it re-finds all the packages but not significant
<ldir> it shouldn't prompt a rebuild of the entire toolchain if that's what you're worried about!
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* ldir sets off to drive home in the snow - hope I make it
<rr123> safe driving, thanks!
<Borromini> ynezz: did you get any testing confirmations concerning 1fb413e6579a34a0040b526e681298909dfaa5ac ?
<Borromini> just asking because i need to open up my device for serial, in case there have been no testing reports.
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<Grommish> I decided I was going to repurpose a spare laptop into a WSL2 box to build with :) So far, it's been very smooth
<Borromini> Grommish: why not linux?
<Grommish> Borromini: I do have a standard Ubuntu server box I use, but I wanted to be able to test
<Grommish> and O"ve never used WSL before :)
<Borromini> =)
<Grommish> Honestly, it's exactly the same with the single step of removing Windows paths
<Grommish> Even Rust is building :D
<Borromini> isn't it a full vm with wsl2?
<Grommish> I was running Server2016 on the box to act as a WSUS and PXE boot server and decided it was too much of a PITA to maintain
<Grommish> Borromini as far as I can tell yes
<Grommish> but, the i7-7500u is faster than the i7-37xx in the other box, even if it's VMed.. I don't have quite as much RAM in this box, but I think it should e quicker to build this way
<Borromini> time for zen 3 eh ;)
* Borromini hides
<Grommish> I looked at a Dual Epyc Rome board
<Grommish> but NewEgg wants 14k for the Mobo/CPU
<Grommish> I consider that tasteful Tech p0rn
<Grommish> but a legit -j256 would be yummy
<Grommish> and obscene, but fun
<lynxis> Grommish: IMHO: as long you don't build everything, for a basic openwrt images you don't rellay need more than -j 18
<Grommish> I just -j9 now and it's enough, and I do build CONFIG_ALL from time to time, but only for single targets
* Borromini is on -j16 but zen 1
<Grommish> But again, I just looking at it :) I can't drop that on a server box.. and it doesn't even come with a case or others. like the PSU to run it haha That'll be easiler 20k+ by the time you're done with it
<Grommish> I'd have to get another rack :x
<Grommish> Also, isn't it the general consensus -j should be nproc*2+1?
<Grommish> Or I guess Thread*2+1
<Borromini> :D
<Grommish> I was on the WSL2 wiki and there was general conflicting messages and confusion
<Grommish> but I've always used the thread*2+1
<Borromini> Grommish: i thought so too, until i bumped into why the actual amount of threads (and not +1) is better
<Grommish> Hmm
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<Borromini> 1800X 8c16t here and i used to do -j17
<Grommish> I'll have to check a timed build.. I'd be interested to see..
<Grommish> is it an overhead issue?
<Borromini> no idea.
<Grommish> All of my baseline times are skewed because it's based on the other machine.. slower Cpu, more RAM and an SSD rather than a HDD.. I wonder how badly that is going to tank, or if it's all mostly memory bound
<Borromini> i did a few runs between an S-ATA and NVMe SSD a while ago
<Borromini> barely any difference, really
<Tapper> I do -j15 on my ryzen 7 2700 and after looking at the cpu usage through out the build there is quite a lot of time when the CPU is wateing for data from the drive or the memmory.
<Borromini> Grommish: but that won't help you since you're talking HDD and SSD, sorry
<Tapper> I don't see much of a diff from a sata 3 ssd or a m.2 drive.
<Borromini> nope
<Grommish> I had to decide between a 480SSD or a 2TB 7200 hehe
<Grommish> I had to cop to the space
<Tapper> I have 16 gig memmory and a build including building the toolchane will use up to 11.75 gig
<Borromini> Grommish: storage is HDD here as well. just not on the desktop, but in a home server
<Tapper> I can see why you made that chose Grommish
<shibboleth> Borromini, what the build time on that?
<Grommish> *nod* I've got 24GB Ram in this laptop, and it's at least using it
<shibboleth> like, from clean master minus download times for deps
<Tapper> That most be some laptop!
<Tapper> must*
<Borromini> shibboleth: i gotta check sometime, with or without toolchain?
<Borromini> i dumped ccache a while ago so times have gone up :P
<Tapper> ccache seems to mess up to mutch.
<Grommish> I've got an AW-M17xR4 for one machine.. that has the i7-37xx, 32GB ram, 64GB m.2 boot, 500GB SSD and 1TB HHD for storage.. this one is the i7-7500u, 24GB ram, and the HHD
<shibboleth> git clone master, scripts/feeds update/install, make defconfig, make mencuonfig, c2600, make -j16
<Grommish> ccache was more trouble than it's worth
* Tapper nods!
<Grommish> shibboleth: I'll run a c2600 run minus the rust stuff to give ya a time if you want.. i need to do it anyway. and it'l require a toolchain compile
<shibboleth> nice
<Grommish> I just need to finish this build
<shibboleth> i have an xeon 1235v3 doing it in about 20 minutes
<Grommish> With the toolchain I'm around 45-60 I think on the othe rmachine
<shibboleth> from scratch, few minutes for secondaries
<Grommish> I had a couple of iDataPlex 645s a while back for building.. ended up having to get rid of them:(
<Borromini> shibboleth: is c2600 ipq806x?
<shibboleth> yes
<Borromini> k
<shibboleth> like, keep+ the dl folder ofc
<Borromini> i'll give it a shot as well
<Grommish> shibbolet Any chance you'd want to do me a favor and test a package if you get bored and time? :D
<Borromini> just the make though (but will be a new toolchain, i don't have any ipq806x)
<shibboleth> Grommish, "test a package"?
<Grommish> :D
<shibboleth> thought i'd throw a dual-socket x5690 at building openwrt just for shits and giggles, but ofc it's gonna suck
<shibboleth> i'm thinking the 1235 is gonna crush it, so i haven't bothered
<Grommish> I need more testing for failure with the rust toolchain
<Grommish> because I need to patch the source for each target type
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<Pepe> Maybe you should first fix the errors according to Github Actions to know more. ;-)
<Grommish> I don't want Actions to run at this point
<Grommish> Because it's a massive compile for no gain
<Grommish> It's a host only package
<Pepe> But you can try it to include it with Suricata commit and by using CI you know if it was compile tested and download artifacts which you can use on routers
<Grommish> Right
<Pepe> and right now even host package is not compiled
<Grommish> the target triples uses OpenWrt's default, which is x64_86-openwrt-linux-musl, etc
<Grommish> It compiles locally on a fresh system install
<Grommish> with the exception of libunwind I had to change to recognize mips64 hehe
<Grommish> It's still very much a WIP though
<Grommish> I need a way to create/verify the sha256 hash on the created installation binary tarball
<Pepe> Package hash check failed in the PR which you mentioned and it is really trivial to fix that
<Pepe> WARNING: rust-1.49.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu_powerpc-openwrt-linux-musl-install.tar.xz is missing, please run make download before re-running this check
<Pepe> WARNING: PKG_MIRROR_HASH is missing, set to e7c3fefe77ee8c15b49fac4c89c9f7025c57e8f6ff3079d905e51a96bda3042d
<Grommish> powerpc-openwrt-linux-musl that is what i need :)
<Grommish> PKG_MIRROR_HASH shouldn't be set at all
<Grommish> I don't use it because there is no source tarball to get..
<Grommish> But, I have been working on clean up the extranious crap to make it cleaner
<Pepe> Then something with your Makefile is wrong, but you should really check CI which is used in package repository ( https://github.com/openwrt/packages/actions/runs/478343032 ) to know more as I said in comments. What's compiled, its uploaded to artefacts which you can download. You can find there logs, packages and the later one comes handy. Also, compile tests will fail because there is PKG_HASH:=skip
<Pepe> and there is no chance to pass it with it. You should put there correct has
<Pepe> h
<reiffert> Hi. I'm running 19.07.5 on MikroTik RouterBOARD 750Gr3 / MediaTek MT7621 ver:1 eco:3 and OpenWrt was dying today after only 11 days of uptime. I have remote syslog but there no messages at all visible. It looks like the IP stack was suddenly dying. When looking at the physical device its LAN LED was still blinking. How can I prepare for a better diagnosis for the next time, idK write syslog on an
<reiffert> external USB or flash drive? Please suggest.
<reiffert> probably / can be
<Grommish> Pepe: yes, I need to put the hash in, but I was waiting until I figure out what revision I end up using, but I'll toss it in there
<Borromini> shibboleth: https://paste.debian.net/1182591/ build started at 20:49:38 and ended at 21:03:42
<Borromini> this is just the make -j16 though (but with the whole toolchain, so clean compile)
<aparcar[m]> mangix: could you please give https://github.com/openwrt/packages/pull/13534 another look?
<shibboleth> thanks. and this is an amd what? specs
<Borromini> 1800X at stock speeds, Samsung 970 Evo 1TB NMVe, 32 GB DDR4 2933
<shibboleth> 22m31s on an ivy/1235v3, 960 sata, 32gb 12800e
<shibboleth> -j8
<shibboleth> now, if anyone has a mac mini/mbp a1 and care to give it a spin?
<lynxis> reiffert: take a look if the kernel created a crash. /sys/kernel/debug/crashlog should exists then.
<shibboleth> sorry, 860 sata
<reiffert> lynxis: I was restarting the device two times since the event and there is no file
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<mangix> reiffert: this issue is solved in master/snapshot builds
<mangix> there is no easy way to fix for 19.07
<mangix> aparcar[m]: uhhh why do I remember an OpenSSL patch that I submitted upstream. I can't find it.
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<mangix> oh. I sent a merge request to my own forked repo. Worthless.
<mangix> and making a merge request against the source repo was actually difficult
<mangix> What kind of alternative to github is this?
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<aparcar[m]> mangix: thanks, where did this error strike you? it seem to compile fine with the SDKs?
<mangix> aparcar[m]: disable deprecated APIs under libssl
<aparcar[m]> mangix: ok thanks
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<mangix> aparcar[m]: I think every package is fixed to compile actually. Would be interesting to run a buildbot to see if any package remains
<aparcar[m]> mangix: I think a buildbot runs once a day?
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