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<owrt-snap-builds> build #815 of tegra/generic is complete: Failure [failed gitcheckout] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/tegra%2Fgeneric/builds/815 blamelist: ?lvaro Fern?ndez Rojas <noltari@gmail.com>, Shiji Yang <yangshiji66@qq.com>, Paul Spooren <mail@aparcar.org>, Adrian Schmutzler <freifunk@adrianschmutzler.de>
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<owrt-2102-builds> build #9 of mxs/generic is complete: Failure [failed gitcheckout] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/openwrt-21.02/images/builders/mxs%2Fgeneric/builds/9 blamelist: ?lvaro Fern?ndez Rojas <noltari@gmail.com>, Shiji Yang <yangshiji66@qq.com>, Daniel Gonz?lez Cabanelas <dgcbueu@gmail.com>
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<owrt-2102-builds> build #9 of mpc85xx/p1010 is complete: Exception [exception dlfindbinpl df ccachestat] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/openwrt-21.02/images/builders/mpc85xx%2Fp1010/builds/9 blamelist: ?lvaro Fern?ndez Rojas <noltari@gmail.com>
<owrt-snap-builds> build #816 of tegra/generic is complete: Exception [exception dlfindbinpl df ccachestat] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/tegra%2Fgeneric/builds/816 blamelist: Rosen Penev <rosenp@gmail.com>, ?lvaro Fern?ndez Rojas <noltari@gmail.com>, David Bauer <mail@david-bauer.net>, Daniel Golle <daniel@makrotopia.org>,
<owrt-snap-builds> Daniel Gonz?lez Cabanelas <dgcbueu@gmail.com>, Ilya Lipnitskiy <ilya.lipnitskiy@gmail.com>, Adrian Schmutzler <freifunk@adrianschmutzler.de>, Eneas U de Queiroz <cotequeiroz@gmail.com>, Hauke Mehrtens <hauke@hauke-m.de>, Rui Salvaterra <rsalvaterra@gmail.com>, Sander Vanheule <sander@svanheule.net>, Stijn Segers <foss@volatilesystems.org>, Shiji Yang
<owrt-snap-builds> <yangshiji66@qq.com>, DENG Qingfang <dqfext@gmail.com>
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<russell--> fyi: xtables-addons build is failing for me
<russell--> ERROR: "crypto_alloc_shash" [/home/openwrt/src/lede/build_dir/target-mips_24kc_musl/linux-ath79_generic/xtables-addons-3.13/extensions/pknock/xt_pknock.ko] undefined!
<KGB-0> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/openwrt/openwrt_mediatek.html has been updated. (100.0% images and 98.3% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
<aparcar[m]> lipnitsk: ping
<lipnitsk> hey
<lipnitsk> haven't quite gotten to that script yet, maybe in an hour or so?
<aparcar[m]> sure just wanted to make sure I did not miss the PR
<lipnitsk> nope, was busy
<aparcar[m]> no stress
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<lipnitsk> aparcar: ping
<aparcar[m]> lipnitsk: pong
<aparcar[m]> ack
<lipnitsk> still has a temp commit
<lipnitsk> but take a look at the detection and see if you want to test another case
<lipnitsk> once it's good I can dump the temp commit
<aparcar[m]> I'm working rn on the docker CI fixup but will check it afterwards
<aparcar[m]> thank you very much for the work!
<lipnitsk> okay let me know or leave a message in the PR
<aparcar[m]> lipnitsk: download speed here is low so I got wait times, please check comments
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<lipnitsk> aparcar: i know the nested loop looks ugly, but seems to be a case of "it works well enough"
<lipnitsk> not a bash/awk guru ;)
<aparcar[m]> agree
<lipnitsk> I should test it on my treewide patch refresh commit LOL
<lipnitsk> maybe I'll revert that and see how well it detects things
<aparcar[m]> fun
<aparcar[m]> keep me posted once you think it's ready
<lipnitsk> aparcar: it took 6 seconds on that monster commit
<aparcar[m]> beautiful
<aparcar[m]> yea looks good
<aparcar[m]> please remove the debug commits and I'll merge it
<lipnitsk> ok
<lipnitsk> aparcar: done
<lipnitsk> actually wait
<lipnitsk> I want to fix shellcheck
<mangix> lipnitsk: jeffreyto wants that patch backported to 21.02. I don't think we should.
<aparcar[m]> mangix: why not?
<lipnitsk> aparcar: okay, done for real now - please merge whenever
<lipnitsk> mangix: that is completely your call... Sorry, don't think I can help much. I can see his point, but then again, running refresh before cherry-picking is not hard either...
<lipnitsk> does the release branch see a lot of PRs typically?
<aparcar[m]> lipnitsk: non invasive patches, yes
<aparcar[m]> lipnitsk: isn't grep -v /src/ better? imagine a package is called `showsrc` or something
<aparcar[m]> cornercase
<lipnitsk> let me think. Yeah I strip that other slash earlier, maybe that should be done later
<lipnitsk> or better yet, move grep -v "/src/Makefile" to happen earlier
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<lipnitsk> aparcar: okay, fixed the cornercase
<lipnitsk> BTW, just thought of a clever hack - do you guys enforce somehow that people base the PRs on a recent-ish tree? Otherwise somebody could base their work on an old tree without some CI features :)
<aparcar[m]> lipnitsk: not sure how GH handles this.
<aparcar[m]> if you developed a taste for CI, please check https://github.com/openwrt/packages/issues/14870
<lipnitsk> fun
<lipnitsk> don't know if I like it that much :)
<lipnitsk> how frequent is that issue?
<lipnitsk> or rather, how often does it result in failures? Or does it cause CI to miss checks?
<mangix> lipnitsk: most people that backport PRs are the turris people. They're competent.
<mangix> Backporting is not something typically done.
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<russell--> something in the xtables-addons package required kmod-crypto-hash, but it isn't configured in for some reason
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<russell--> fudged by CONFIG_kmod-crypto-hash=m, this seems like a regression somewhere
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<mangix> hmm I'm getting spam for some reason
<Grommish> ?
<russell--> freenode spam? /mode russell-- +R
<mangix> nah. random freenode accounts messaging me with completely random messages
<Pepe> Maybe they are trying to check if you are using screen and crash your instance like they are doing that for Minecraft servers?
<russell--> mangix: if you set the +R mode for your nick (like in my example) that apparently blocks unregistered people from /msg'ing you
<russell--> "Due to today's high wave of spam, you might want to set yourself +R to block PMs from unidentified users."
<SwedeMike> they just msg:ed me some random words, anyone know what they're trying to do?
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<svanheule> Hauke: could you also apply the sg150x patch (773949c15) on 21.02? otherwise the R6800 and R6700v2 won't have working LEDs in the release
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<rsalvaterra> 'morning!
<Grommish> 'Morning
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<rsalvaterra> Hmm… just registered a fw3 complaint: "Warning: Section @nat[0] does not specify a protocol, assuming all"
<rsalvaterra> I'm not sure I agree with this being a warning at all. The common case for NAT is doing it for every protocol (SNAT/DNAT/MASQUERADE), so why complain? :/
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<olmari> Likely because "all" _can_ be something not wanted
<olmari> and hence warn as it isn't failure, but potentially gives away more than is intended
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<Grommish> Is there a luCi app or mod that displays DHCP info with Hostname, IP, MAC, etc? Aside from the Dashboard, whcih doesn't show IP
<Grommish> *sigh* Disregard ;p
<grift> luci-app-ttyd can be used to display whatever you want
<Grommish> Yeah, but I have console for that. I did find it however, at the bottom of the Status page
<Grommish> I just never scroll down
<Grommish> For some reason, one of the TV's is tryibg to use Google's DNS
<Grommish> and I couldn't ID it
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<mangix> rsalvaterra: no idea how to set the mode
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Set the mode? Sorry, I'm missing context. :)
<mangix> +R
<mangix> ah I meant russell--
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<rsalvaterra> Eheheh!
<russell--> /mode mangix +R
<mangix> Sweet
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<russell--> jow: should the xtables-addons in the packages feed have a PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS on kmod-crypto-hash?
<adrianschmutzler> hi, I wonder whether we can convince quilt to not cut the index lines
<adrianschmutzler> anybody has an idea, since the manual is not really easy ...
<guidosarducci> russell--: thanks for verifying iproute 5.11. Are you otherwise OK with https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3904?
<russell--> guidosarducci: yes, looks fine to me
<guidosarducci> Damn conspiracy theory spam...
<guidosarducci> russell--: great, thanks. I'd like to see this as the baseline for 21.02 too, it should be clean.
<rsalvaterra> Ouch… iproute is getting really fat…
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<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: most things just got skinnier due to dropped dependencies
<russell--> the default ip command comes from busybox iirc
<guidosarducci> and the ip-tiny from iproute2 has been manually gutted to reduce size
<rsalvaterra> Yeah, I only use ip from BusyBox, ever since I fixed wireguard-tools to not depend on ip-tiny… but I need tc for sqm-scripts. :)
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: and there's no "light" version of tc. What would you drop: filters, classes, or qdiscs? :-)
<ynezz> (Re: 5.10 LTS Kernel: 2 or 6 years?)
<Grommish> ynezz: Advice for moving to a testing kernel? I've mod'ed the kernel_versions.mk, but do I just copy the patches-/confg-5.4 to a 5.10 version? The patches, only 1 had to be removed, the rest were still clean
<Grommish> But I'm not sure how to build the kernel config from scratch
<Grommish> the actual .config file, I mean
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: one other thing that grows footprint re: sqm implementations is the "kitchen sink" of kmod-sched modules. I've been meaning to reorganize things more like ipt-mod-*. Is there other interest in that?
<owrt-2102-builds> build #9 of lantiq/xway is complete: Failure [failed gitcheckout] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/openwrt-21.02/images/builders/lantiq%2Fxway/builds/9 blamelist: ?lvaro Fern?ndez Rojas <noltari@gmail.com>, Daniel Gonz?lez Cabanelas <dgcbueu@gmail.com>
<rsalvaterra> True… I have sch-* stuff I don't use at all. Maybe split sqm-scripts into variants…? I mean, most people probably use fq_codel and/or cake…
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: well, split kmod-sched up, and then other consumers like sqm-scripts, qos-scripts, nft-qos, can be updated to use what's installed. It's not difficult; I have a 3-year old sqm rewrite that could do this now...
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: the glaring example is every standard shaping qdisc being bundled together when most people will just use one.
<rsalvaterra> I only use sqm-scripts, never tried anything else (isn't qos-scripts obsolete?)…
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<adrianschmutzler> Grommish: just look at the recent bumps that have been merged
<adrianschmutzler> you can then just select the testing kernel via make menuconfig (in global options)
<Grommish> That doesn't tell me how to generate the kernel .config
<Grommish> Oh, Ive done that
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: probably yes, but I was still asked to "fix" it when it broke from another change. :-) A few years ago I rewrote most of sqm-scripts for ease of use, maintainability, etc., mostly for friends/family I had to support. That's been my daily driver a long time.
<Grommish> My issue is after copying patches-5.4 to 5.10, should I do the same thing with config-5.4..
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<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Oh, my…! This is crazy, indeed. https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=blob;f=package/kernel/linux/modules/netsupport.mk;h=2c2fe82fa09ee9123353007aab6bb637e06bec42;hb=HEAD#l722
<adrianschmutzler> Grommish: you copy config from 5.4 to 5.10 and then refresh via make kernel_oldconfig
<Grommish> a better question might be is there a kernel_defconfig type option
<adrianschmutzler> the first patch in the series not just copies patches, but also config (both without change)
<Grommish> I'm being ignorant adrianschmutzler, but I'll figure it out :)
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: You should see if tohojo accepts your sqm-scripts rewrite… :)
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: yeah, many of those small "jelly-beans" belong in a core package, but hfsc, htb could be separate for example. I have notes mapping out a lot of changes, so will try to do it for current master.
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<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Also this… https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=blob;f=package/kernel/linux/modules/netsupport.mk;h=2c2fe82fa09ee9123353007aab6bb637e06bec42;hb=HEAD#l884
<russell--> jow: test case, add CONFIG_PACKAGE_iptables-mod-condition=y to a vanilla config, the make target/linux/clean world ... my build is dying in the xtables-addons build due to missing kmod-crypto-hash dependency (only needed for some subpackages in addons, like kmod-ipt-sysrq)
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: that ship has sailed! Tried back than, but faced pointless argumentativeness and outright obstruction, as a couple others also noticed and mentioned to me. Just never gotten around to widely sharing my version yet, but mean to soon ;-]
<owrt-snap-builds> build #774 of apm821xx/nand is complete: Failure [failed gcc] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/apm821xx%2Fnand/builds/774 blamelist: ?lvaro Fern?ndez Rojas <noltari@gmail.com>
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: yeah, there's lots of opportunity to clean up the netsupport modules... I'll ping you when I start the PR, probably a "WIP" type.
<rsalvaterra> Gah… is it sacred, or something? Why can't we improve things when they can be improved? :/
<rsalvaterra> Sure, I could help you testing, at least, since you already have a head start. :)
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: not sacred, but when getting a review/merge done can take 6-9 months one tends to prioritize one's efforts.
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: I also thought 20.xx was coming too soon and didn't have time to fix all the dependent packages. I guess I was wrong!
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: I also understand the other side, reviewer bandwidth is scarce… I just keep pushing, since I'm quite patient… :P
<karlp> adrianschmutzler: thanks for looking at quilt.
<karlp> adrianschmutzler: one option would be dropping the requirement that refresh get run.....
<adrianschmutzler> karlp: sorry, I don't get that
<adrianschmutzler> and be aware that I'm looking at this for the first time, I just used it so far
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: "pushy" helps too :-). But also, over the ~decade I've followed OWRT, reviewer bandwidth as well as attitudes go up and down. Things are certainly better than the bad old days.
<karlp> well, manginx and friends pushed on us this massive "trample all the patches to one uniform style!!!" commit
<karlp> which is ... yes, uniform.... and lets "refresh" run cleanly.
<karlp> but was fairly clearly noise and removed useful data and context from completely valid patches.
<adrianschmutzler> karlp: reference?
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: thanks, I'll make sure to ping you on the PR.
<adrianschmutzler> apart from that, note that I generally like stuff like the index being removed etc.
<karlp> packages:treewide: refresh all patches... ?
<karlp> you're clearly seeing the same thing now, that you refer to in your devel mail.
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Thanks! ;)
<adrianschmutzler> well, my problem is not so much refreshing patches and removing unneeded stuff, I just think that particular issue I mentioned should be treated
<adrianschmutzler> which would probably already remove 50 % of the lines in stuff like "refresh all patches"
<karlp> exactly,
<karlp> which is what I tried to raise on the PR, but.. well :)
<karlp> refresh all the patches!
<mangix> I don't know that there's a solution for the context lines.
<karlp> so the solution is to destroy all context in patches?
<mangix> .....
<guidosarducci> russell--: ah, I forgot to ask if you could add your "Checkmark" (or whatever it's called) to the iproute2 PR. Thanks very much for looking.
<karlp> take a nice perfectly formed upstream git patch file and just toss most of it out? to keep quilt happy?
<mangix> I'm talking about what adrian mentioned
<mangix> Patch description was not removed
<russell--> guidosarducci: review is limited to people with write access which i don't have afaik
<adrianschmutzler> mangix: but this is actually done by quilt?
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<adrianschmutzler> cause I did not find any documentation on it (just want to make sure we don't just cut it ourselves somewhere)
<adrianschmutzler> other stuff seems to have options, like --no-index etc.
<mangix> AFAIK, quilt uses GNU diff by default.
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<guidosarducci> russell--: oh, I was asking because you're listed as the maintainer. Just a comment would do as well I suppose.
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<karlp> the line truncation is the biggest source of wtf noise though
<adrianschmutzler> probably I will have to look at the quilt source
<karlp> I can live witht he other mangling just fine
<karlp> but the line truncation genuinely makes the patches worse.
<mangix> I am not a fan of the truncation either.
<karlp> but you went ahead with it anyway?
<karlp> even with ones that didn't do any truncation, you removed irreelvant htings, with no refresh, in things like https://github.com/openwrt/packages/commit/5d8d4fbbcb5c5de9370711c19bb3510210989a98#diff-424aeb52001f2adea4b697d7ee2b37cebec68ac87936f1700c7bd8a3be2be5c1L12
<karlp> _heaps_ of them had only that level of change.
<adrianschmutzler> be aware that if we don't truncate, we will get similar diffs on _all_ kernel patches
<adrianschmutzler> that will be a hell of a patch
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<mangix> :)
<karlp> so what'ðs the goal, support patch files from upstream, or make refresh generate the smallest change sets?
<mangix> The goal is to remove fuzz and bad offsets
<plntyk> wasnt line length extended in Linux Kernel recently - or at least "softened"
<rsalvaterra1> I just remembered, now we've already branched 21.02, maybe it would be a good time to address the elephant in the room… the black sheep of mvebu, WRT1900AC v1/v2. :/
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<mangix> Welcome back
<rsalvaterra> Mamba/cobra are dumbing down the whole mvebu/cortexa9 subtarget, by being the only ones not supporting both NEON and VFPv3-D32.
<Borromini> :P
<rsalvaterra> Anything else (Armada 38x) is basically castrated at birth. :/
<Grommish> Borromini: You still looking for octeon TZ wierdness?
<Borromini> Grommish: yes, it's still on my list
<Borromini> you bumped into something?
<Grommish> I can confirm it at least
<mangix> Seems there's a cortex-a9 target
<mangix> Non NEON anor vfp
<Borromini> Grommish: ok you only get UTC shown as well?
<Grommish> I just put one of the Shields up as my live edge so I actually have acess to it
<mangix> Move it there?
<Grommish> No, actually, I get UTC set to UTC-3.. I have to offset by -8 to get EST
<adrianschmutzler> karlp: mangix: I will have a look at the quilt code later; but having to make the kernel patch diff lines longer again will probably kill any attempts eventually
<Borromini> Grommish: all over the place it seems...
<Grommish> I'm fully able to select TZs
<Borromini> but it doesn't do a thing?
<Grommish> It does on the Time Zone page in luCi
<Grommish> Interesting
<rsalvaterra> mangix: We should move it somewhere, yes… Either that, or create yet another mvebu subtarget.
<rsalvaterra> I don't believe the latter will fly…
<mangix> It will not
<mangix> .
<Borromini> Grommish: in the LuCI overview do you see EST or what the router prints on the CLI?
<Borromini> because for me it's both UTC no matter what (should be on CET)
<Grommish> Status Page shows "Local Time" in UTC.
<Grommish> If you go into System/System
<Grommish> You can show Local time change when you mess with the drop down
<Grommish> Now, its just showing Local time, regardless of what i set :D
<Grommish> Anyway, if you find somehing I can help with, lemme know
<adrianschmutzler> mvebu neon subtarget has been tried several times and never met acclaim at committers
<Borromini> Grommish: will do, thanks. i have no idea what to dig for for now, lots of people already suggested stuff but all those settings seem standard, and ironically it all works on all my non-octeon stuff (it's basically a custom uci defaults script presetting all the timezone stuff here)
<Grommish> my /var/TZ files is correct
<Grommish> EST5EDT,M3.2.0,M11.1.0
<Borromini> Hauke: would you mind backporting 773949c152, b5bc53813d and 06356f0020 to 21.02?
<karlp> adrianschmutzler: mangix what about what I suggested that refresh only be pushed on patches that result in fuzz being applied?
<Borromini> Grommish: yeah string is fully correct here as well.
<karlp> rather than just blanket all patches?
<Grommish> Borromini I'm going to give 5.10 a try to see what fails.. Aside from a wireguard error, nothing so far, so I'm hopeful
<Grommish> I did a rebase to sweep up anything I missed
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<Borromini> Grommish: cool! you got octeon patches for 5.10 ready?
<Grommish> Everything but 100-* moved over clean
<Grommish> It had been upstreamed
<Grommish> and it says it built
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<Borromini> :^)
<Grommish> I almost want to test this ;p
<Borromini> haha
<Grommish> Says it built fine. I had wg-tools and it died on those because its' built in now.. and a few personal packages that don't work right now.. other than that,. it's clean
<Grommish> But, it'll have to wait for the test machine. Only one I have access to from here is the edge router ...
<Grommish> so tempting
<russell--> coward
<Grommish> Very much so haha
<Grommish> Of course, I can build Borromini an image ;p
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: With current master, you can get WireGuard working if you compile it in the kernel (and select the wireguard-tools package). Gross hack, while support for 5.10 isn't merged, but better than nothing. :)
<Grommish> I mean, under 5.10, you have to remove the wg-tools
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<Grommish> Says it's un-needed since >5.6
<rsalvaterra> Oh, unneeded? I missed that one…
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<rsalvaterra> No, you still need wireguard-tools to configure the connections.
<zx2c4> lipnitsk: i pushed a bunch of changes
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: gotcha.. Must have been in one of the comits I grabbed.. it was complaining wireguard-linux-compat is a no-no now
<rsalvaterra> zx2c4: The memory savings are nice, to say the least. ;)
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: You need to disable the kernel module compilation (kmod-wireguard), as it's still the compat version.
<Borromini> Grommish: sorry wonky MT7613 radio :)
<Borromini> timed out
<adrianschmutzler> karlp: I actually like that uniform style
<adrianschmutzler> however, due to that kernel patches problem, one might choose what you suggested eventually
<karlp> well, you're going to get "noise" on _every_ first refresh right now, but at least it's only on the first refresh? :)
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: kmod_wireguard now has a KERNEL-5.4 requirement, so it must have been fixed by a commit I grabbed after the error :)
<rsalvaterra> Yes, that workaround was merged yesteday. :)
<rsalvaterra> *yesterday
<adrianschmutzler> karlp: well, the optimal case of cause would be if patches are submitted already after a refresh has been run
<Grommish> do I have to manuaky enable that kmod in kernel?
<karlp> that seems to be at odds witht he stated goal of making it easier to submit changes :)
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: Yes, but not as a module. Built-in.
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: Gotcha. Thanks :)
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<adrianschmutzler> so, after several hours of trying to understand quilt, what have I found out?
<adrianschmutzler> it's a diff bug
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<adrianschmutzler> diff -pu my/a.txt my/b.txt
<adrianschmutzler> or not really a bug, rather they hardcode 40 characters max:
<adrianschmutzler> karlp: and that will probably mean that the are seen as different from quilt anyway, so filtering refresh on changed files won't help here either
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<karlp> I was suggesting just to look in the logs for the "patch applied with fuzz" and only then consider any sort of patch refresh, rather than trying to automate it.
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<adrianschmutzler> ah, okay
<karlp> because that's the only time the patches actualyl _need_ anything, and it instantly eliminates any noise changes.
<karlp> so yes, flag/reject submissions that the PR builders find "fuzz applied" in the logs, but otherwise don't interfere.
<adrianschmutzler> well, changing positions might also get a problem, just not so quickly
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<karlp> and buildbots doing daily snapshots can even autofile bugs on fuzz applied if someone bypasses the premerge checks
<karlp> if it applies cleanly to the wrong place, refresh won't help anyway?
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<adrianschmutzler> these things typically change gradually
<adrianschmutzler> you have a patched driver with offset 10
<adrianschmutzler> during next kernel refresh it's 50
<karlp> right, but everytime they do, the daily buyildbots will have a fuzz line int he log
<adrianschmutzler> then 100
<karlp> and they can be addressed then.
<adrianschmutzler> and suddenly it will be 150 and match to the wrong section
<karlp> I'm not sayign to ignore them, fix them as they come up,
<adrianschmutzler> this might happen without any fuzz
<karlp> s/fuzz/with offset or fuzz/ then :)
<karlp> that's what I meant anywya :)
<karlp> but huge chunks of those refreshes were not even refreshing offset, just stripping the line endings and git index info
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<grift> linux 5.10 looks to work nicely on my wrt1900acs, dmesg looks ok theres 2 messages about how cpu hotplug and cpu idle are currently broken but otherwise looks normal
<rsalvaterra> grift: Awesome! B)
<grift> thanks for that
<rsalvaterra> Yeah. Hotplug, idle and frequency scaling are basically broken. Hardware bugs, I guess.
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<philipp64> russell--: it's defined in linux-5.4.99/include/crypto/hash.h ... What kernel are you building?
<JMV2009> Worked on bluez-pulseaudio before. I don't think it works now. : [pulseaudio] ltdl-bind-now.c: Failed to open module module-bluetooth-discover.so: Error loading shared library module-bluetooth-discover.so: No such file or directory
<plntyk> some pulseaudio modules might not be compiled or need extra package
<plntyk> pulseaudio with bluetooth is kind of messy
<plntyk> discover needs avahi
<plntyk> probably
<Borromini> russell--: did you get the chance to test 5.4.100 on your dir-860l?
<Borromini> wondering if that instability issue is back.
<lipnitsk> zx2c4: thanks, LGTM. I pushed a minor rename (duplicate 082-... patch in 5.10 backports)
<plntyk> JMV2009, maybe try to recompile without -Dbluez5=false as build switch - it was added in update to 13.0
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<JMV2009> plntyk: probably
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<zx2c4> lipnitsk: super
<blocktrron> lipnitsk: looking at the buildbots if we broke something
<blocktrron> Looks like p1010 is under the wheels now
<lipnitsk> blocktrron: uh oh - the kmod PR?
<blocktrron> yup
<blocktrron> let me check
<lipnitsk> do you have fail link?
<blocktrron> WDR4900 failed due to missing space on the kernel partition
<lipnitsk> oh so some stuff was added that pushed it over the limit?
<blocktrron> yes
<lipnitsk> yeah, I didn't clause everything with LINUX_5_10
<lipnitsk> maybe that's the problem?
<blocktrron> But we were driving on tens of KB with that board anyway
<blocktrron> So this was set to happen with 5.10 anyways
<blocktrron> so it's fine
<lipnitsk> ok
<blocktrron> I'll just push a patch to disable the wdr4900
<lipnitsk> okay, thanks, glad it's just a bloat fail (well, not really glad, but still)
<blocktrron> We've had the discussion around 2 years ago
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<blocktrron> nobody cared to come up with a proper fix in the meantime
<blocktrron> So let's move forward
<Borromini> btw is ipq80xx a DSA target?
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<Hauke> svanheule: Borromini I will backport the changes to 21.02, but I think b5bc53813d is not needed as we do not want to support the realtek target in 21.02
<Borromini> Hauke: i was keeping quiet since i wasn't sure if opinions had changed or not :^)
<Hauke> enyc: I was not aware of this problem with the ath10k-ct firmware
<Hauke> enyc: I do not have the time to debug this, but it would probably help to know since when this problem happens
<adrianschmutzler> Hauke: we should decide about realtek at some point
* Borromini is in favour of keeping it in 21.02
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<owrt-2102-builds> build #14 of ath25/generic is complete: Failure [failed gitcheckout] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/openwrt-21.02/images/builders/ath25%2Fgeneric/builds/14 blamelist: Daniel Golle <daniel@makrotopia.org>
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<philipp64> anyone have a template .xml file for qemu/libvirt on CentOS to run an x86_64 UEFI guest?
<philipp64> indeed, what about creating a directory in the repo and storing such information for testing, etc?
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<plntyk> probably separate repo is better - uefi guest requires OVMF firmware package installed
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<plntyk> philipp64, added uefi cmdline for qemu on https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/virtualization/qemu
<plntyk> with libvirt you simply select uefi in virt-manager when creating new machine
<philipp64> OVMF is usually part of the platform (host) packaging...
<philipp64> why, have you gotten it to work?
dedeckeh has joined #openwrt-devel
<plntyk> on archlinux host i am running several uefi-enabled guest images
<plntyk> even some uefi-applications do work in qemu
<philipp64> can you paste your XML?
<plntyk> philipp64, https://paste.debian.net/1186804/ for example
<plntyk> with cmdline qemu you can map a normal folder to a fat drive - dunno how syntax is in libvirt
<Hauke> svanheule: Borromini backprot is done
<svanheule> Hauke: thanks!
<Borromini> Hauke: thanks a lot.
<enyc> Hauke: ok, how would I get back-versions of master or so to test? I have at least one older device...
<enyc> [which has jan-ish master on it, would need to check problem NOT happening there]
<enyc> then somehow 'work forwards'
<Hauke> enyc: you could try to revert a commit updating the ath10k-ct firmware to just use a older version
<Hauke> when did this work the last time?
<enyc> Hauke: i'm not yet a git-voodoo / bulding my own, have been using Master builds or 21.02SNAPSHOT builds as downloads.openwrt.org provides
<enyc> Hauke: I would need to check but I believe i wasn't having toruble with ~january-ish master build
<blocktrron> aparcar[m]: "build/json: generate json file for initramfs" broke mpc85xx-p1010, can you check that?
<hurricos> enyc: are you good at Makefiles and Docker?
<hurricos> If so, I have https://git.laboratoryb.org/hurricos/docker-builder that gives Makefile recipes to build a Docker image of the builder and then build a particular config at a particular commit
<enyc> hurricos: understand makefiles in principle and cound proabbly successuflly manage. Docker no, but happy to learn.
<hurricos> it's got some hard-coded trees though
<hurricos> ah, ok
<enyc> hurricos: used to chroots and dpkg-buildpackage and all of that
<hurricos> s/trees/filesystem paths/
<hurricos> That bit I don't know about :^)
<enyc> hurricos: are you saying there isn't an archive of downloads snapshots builds I could just 'use' ?
<hurricos> they get cleaned I expect? It's more than a few gigs of artefacts ...
<enyc> ok
<hurricos> if you use that project above
<hurricos> Well, actually, don't. It presupposes you know how to set up docker and possibly increase default volume size
<hurricos> :Cc
<enyc> in any case, why all this commit fun, couldn't I just swap aut the ath10k-firmware opkg or at leath the underpinning /lib/firmware/ etc file?
<hurricos> but other than that you could clone that down onto a fresh machine under /devel/docker and literally just do `make built/openwrt-builder-$commit.sentinel`
<hurricos> enyc: Kernel vermagic changes if you breathe on it
<hurricos> you could possibly do the latter
<hurricos> opkg's are just compressed .tar's, I think vaguely similar to how debian does it
<hurricos> you could similarly git log `linux-firmware` and find the versions of *ct fw
<hurricos> and checkout those and then copy them where you need.
<hurricos> problem is driver<->fw may not play nice together necessarily
<hurricos> just for Jan probably fine.
<enyc> in any case, which firmware commit !?!?!?!
<ynezz> Hauke: what about gcc version bump? :)
<hurricos> Clone down linux-firmware tree from Torvdalds and git log the actual file you're looking at.
<hurricos> it'll show you the commit that exist and approx when they endd up in OpenWrt. Probably.
<ynezz> Hauke: I think, it's about time to switch
<hurricos> there's ike 20 versions max
<hurricos> ynezz: you folks love bleeding edge don't you :^)
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<ynezz> well gcc10 is more then year old, no edge anymore
<Hauke> ynezz: Yes I would like to use GCC 10 in master
<Hauke> and musl 1.2
<ynezz> so lets break it all at once or incrementaly? :p
<ynezz> first gcc, then when dust settles bump musl?
<Hauke> I would prefer to wait with gcc 10 till we have 21.02-rc1 or rc2
<hurricos> Borromini: got the ports to come up on my P2041 :D
<hurricos> ynezz: kidding :^) it's good practice
<hurricos> I like knowing when my things are going to be broken
<Hauke> till then we could see some bugs in master
<Hauke> and then about 3 weeks after the gcc 10 update do the musl 1.2 update
<hurricos> and the only way to know is to be on newer gcc, of course
<rsalvaterra> Woohoo! Break^W Update it! \o/
<hurricos> thanks you all for keeping it up
<rsalvaterra> I don't know about musl, but gcc 10 is building all my images just fine.
<Hauke> I think mangix prepared there some patches for gcc 10 and musl 1.2
<rsalvaterra> (And has been for months.)
<hurricos> nah, I just mean that in principle things can only break by being changed and they're going to have to change eventually
<ynezz> Hauke: sounds like a plan
<Hauke> ynezz: what is missing for 21.02-rc1?
<rsalvaterra> Hauke: Well, the patch I sent you yesterday, fixing the Omnia would be nice… ;)
<Hauke> jow: what is the status of DSA in LuCi? ;-)
<ynezz> I'm not aware about anything blocking rc1 apart from luci/dsa
<Hauke> rsalvaterra: Is this patch also needed for kernel 5.10?
<rsalvaterra> Hauke: The three patches are already in 5.10, as part of the bringup I did.
<Hauke> rsalvaterra: nice
<ynezz> rsalvaterra: what's wrong with omnia in 21.02?
<ynezz> cosmetic stuff :p
<rsalvaterra> It's not in 21.02, it's all the way back to 18.06.
<ynezz> 18.0 is EOL
<ynezz> 18.06
<rsalvaterra> I know it's EOL, but the IRQ storm was there. :P
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<rsalvaterra> ynezz: Do you have an Omnia to test? :)
<ynezz> are you scared to open gitlab.com javascripts in your browser?
<rsalvaterra> Uh? What do you mean?
<ynezz> [x] Turris Omnia with 21.02 snapshot on initramfs 5 hours ago
Borromini has joined #openwrt-devel
<olmari> spooky... be afraid, be ver yafraid ;P
<rsalvaterra> Oh, three of them? o_O
<rsalvaterra> Sorry, hadn't scrolled down… XD
<rsalvaterra> ynezz: See if you can find this on your Omnias' dmesg… ;)
<rsalvaterra> [ 1.523761] mvneta_bm f10c8000.bm: Buffer Manager for network controller enabled
<rsalvaterra> Before my patch, of course. :P
<ynezz> that logread log contains dmesg
<rsalvaterra> Nope! Can't find it. :D
<hurricos> ynezz: You have physical machines set up to grab from your gitlab ci pipeline?
* rsalvaterra admits not being very GitLab-literate yet…
<hurricos> ... that's obviously what I'm looking at and I'm jealous
<zorun> nice setup
<hurricos> curl registry.gitlab.com/ynezz/openwrt-device-runtime-testing/testbed<RET> >:(
<ynezz> hurricos: thats for docker
<hurricos> I know, registry :'(
<hurricos> You have literally everything setup
<hurricos> just curious about the dockerfile used for your base .... builder image? wait
<hurricos> that's ...
<ynezz> it's in that repo
<hurricos> thanks
<hurricos> Yeah, OK. I'm sold
<hurricos> I'm moving back over to Gitlab. Friend of mine convinced me the lab didn't need our own instance
<hurricos> but knowing that you can selfhost all your runners / ci stuff
<ynezz> it's based on labgrid, you don't even need gitlab for that
<hurricos> this stuff is just too good
<hurricos> yeah
<ynezz> but I find it convenient for public consumption
<ynezz> and colaboration
<hurricos> oh
<hurricos> This was actually what I was looking for!
<hurricos> looking at those yamls ... am I to draw from this, as someone who knows nothing about pytest
<Tapper> Just to let people know I have building for all my routers with gcc10 for a long time now and have no probs. The routers are r7800 wrt3200acm c7v2 wdr3600 1043nd and wdn750.
<philipp64> pintyk: thanks will look shortly.
<hurricos> ... never mind. I've needed this badly and not sure how I'd not stumbled on it earlire. Thanks ynezz
<russell--> philipp64: 5.4.99 on ath79
<Hauke> ynezz: Do you have some documentation and code on how to duplicate your test setup?
<hurricos> Hauke: It's all there, orchestrated as a gitlab runner: see https://gitlab.com/ynezz/openwrt-device-runtime-testing/-/blob/master/.gitlab-ci.yml
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<russell--> Borromini: i haven't tested 5.4.100, most recent i've flashed is 5.4.99
<Hauke> hurricos: tahnks
<hurricos> well, not the duplicate part. But that bit is what I already do anyways - hook a bunch of stuff over serial to a host with storage and copy builds to the host and tftpboot from it
<ynezz> Hauke: I plan to document it once it's past the proof-of-concept stage, when I've like 8 devices included
<hurricos> it's very shallow though, pick a device and trace it and you'll see
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<Hauke> ynezz: my frsit task would be to get labgrid running here with my hardware
<Hauke> boards, power switch, ....
philipp64 has joined #openwrt-devel
<hurricos> oh yeah, can it do power? I mean ... it can obviously, but I'm wondering about faulty esp switches I use
<Hauke> ynezz: nice
<hurricos> which work only 9 times out of ten ;(
<Hauke> hurricos: I am also using a power switch with an ESP
<Borromini> russell--: ok
<hurricos> oh
<hurricos> err, mine's WiFi. perhaps I should get something better.
<Hauke> hurricos: I am also using a wifi one china
<hurricos> `ssh`?
<ynezz> labgrid has bunch of drivers, check list
<hurricos> oh
<ynezz> it's simple gpio relay :)
<Hauke> it should be possible to add supprot for them pretty easily if it is not already there
<Hauke> it supports mqtt and http
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<hurricos> Yeah, it's `http` curls that always fail for me, I was figuring it was an ARP cache issue since it's usually only when I open my laptop to turn on the lights
<hurricos> anyways
<hurricos> details
<hurricos> it comes up a lot, faulty serial cables. But if you can shim drivers here then you can handle that type of thing.
<hurricos> e.g. I saw some `expects` in the first link
<Hauke> hurricos: you can check the status, that matches the real status for me
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<hurricos> or if you have a u-boot with a really poor interrupt handler which drops every 238th character and need a way to recover
<hurricos> but ultimately if you can automate most of it you can debug those issues very easily as they come up too.
<hurricos> It's a different world out there o_o ....
<ynezz> yeah, uarts and uboots is the most time consuming part :p
<hurricos> lol ow
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<lipnitsk> blocktrron: so was it an image too large error or that initramfs thing? Or both?
<russell--> philipp64: same thing happens on 5.10.18
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<lipnitsk> blocktrron: also, thanks for fixing PKG_MIRROR_HASH - must be because I forgot to refresh it after updating PKG_SOURCE_DATE
<philipp64> russell--: I'm building master on x86_64 just fine... wondering what the differences might be?
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<russell--> are you compiling xtables-addons?
<russell--> check your .config and see if something else is pulling in kmod-crypto-hash
<rsalvaterra> Hauke: Now for something completely different, I want to add pause frame configuration to devices in /etc/config/network. :P
<rsalvaterra> Something like: option pause 'autoneg off rx off tx off', for example.
<philipp64> Does your linux build with CONFIG_CRYPTO_HASH2 ?
<rsalvaterra> The motivation is obvious: flow control interacts badly with SQM.
<Hauke> rsalvaterra: would be a nice feature
<rsalvaterra> I don't exactly like the configuration suggestion, but that's a bikeshed for some other time, I guess.
<philipp64> besides xtables_addons, there are dozens of things that depend on kmod-crypto-hash
<philipp64> russell--: what does "make menuconfig" tell you about it?
<philipp64> russell--: on my system, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Gx2bcF3x9t/
<philipp64> also: target/linux/x86/config-5.4:CONFIG_CRYPTO_HASH2=y
<philipp64> russell--: and https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BbghJBCQzN/
<russell--> kmod-crypto-hash is selected on x86 (e.g. on my alix2 build)
<russell--> 32 of 63 of the config-5.4 files have CONFIG_HASH=y (e.g. with "find target/linux -name config-5.4 | xargs grep CRYPTO_HASH=" )
<blocktrron> lipnitsk: it's the initramfs
<blocktrron> I've misread the log and pretty much stopped reading at wdr4900 file not found
<aparcar[m]> blocktrron: will do
<blocktrron> aparcar[m]: i have a fix already
<aparcar[m]> blocktrron: lovely, thanks
<philipp64> russell--: if you have CRYPTO==y && CRYPTO_HASH==y then CRYPTO_HASH2=y
<philipp64> anyone want to venture why CI/CD is seeing https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YTs5f9Yzc7/ ... but I don't see this when I build?
<Grommish> philipp64: Are you statically linking your x86_64 locally? That's a static v dynamic linking error it looks like
<philipp64> Grommish: I can't think of anything that I'm doing locally that would diverge from what CI/CD does, but maybe I'm overlooking something obvious...
<hurricos> the question is why fPIC isn't default
<Grommish> Hey Hurricos :)
<hurricos> locally you *should* see that first compile line as -fPIC
<Grommish> philipp64: Well, I ask because is the buildbot dynamically linked by default?
<Grommish> maybe a toolchain difference?
<philipp64> hurricos: I was just thinking that too...
<hurricos> everything is, but -fPIC protects you when making big jumps to shared libs
<hurricos> it could be a microarchitectural difference. no cross compilation there if you're on x86
<Grommish> Do targets support fPIC?
<hurricos> so `lscpu` on the remote host
<Grommish> err all targets I mean
<philipp64> going to try something stupid, i.e. adding: TARGET_CFLAGS += $(FPIC) to net/strongswan/Makefile
<Grommish> It's not stupid if you can revert it easy enough;p
<hurricos> philipp64: That first compile line on remote should have -fPIC on local
<hurricos> both net/strongswan/Makefile's are identical, so why the difference?
<hurricos> that's what you want
<philipp64> a lot of packages (like net/net-snmp) set it unconditionally, which seems sane.
<hurricos> phiplipp64: What's the env on the CI?
<hurricos> is it Alpine?
<hurricos> (based)
<ynezz> hurricos: https://git.openwrt.org/?p=buildbot.git;a=blob;f=docker/buildslave/Dockerfile;h=9ee3ae40fc29707b3c2853fb37ea3e3064929909;hb=HEAD
<hurricos> and your local's also debian or rhel eh?
<hurricos> yeah -fPIC that, ... it seems sane. I just don't think assuming is a good idea
<hurricos> otoh, if it's not sane :^) ....
<philipp64> hurricos: no, I'm not that adventuruous.... ubuntu-20.04-2
<hurricos> also I brazenly stole all I know about this in the last 100 seconds from https://stackoverflow.com/q/16575877
<philipp64> fingers crossed for https://github.com/openwrt/packages/pull/14890
<hurricos> so yeah, settig it unconditionally seems sane. The opposite is sometimes considered an error
<philipp64> hurricos: package/libs/gmp/Makefile contains TARGET_CFLAGS += $(FPIC) ... so I think the issue is when strongswan gets built without that...
<russell--> my main point is that if xtables-addons relies on the kernel having built with kmod-crypto-hash (=m is enough), the build system should probably be selecting that somehow
<hurricos> Yeah, I was just wondering why there would be a difference between your two hosts as to which option would be selected
<hurricos> or rather, assuming there is one, verifying that assumption, etc.
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<hurricos> Sorry ... I'm basically just telling you exactly what you tell me like emacs doctor mode at this point.
<philipp64> though... gmp configures with --enable-shared --enable-static... whereas strongswan configures with --disable-static
<philipp64> russell--: from what I can tell, on my system it gets defaulted, because it's definitely not in my env/kernel-config
<philipp64> no, wait, it gets inherited explicitly from the target/linux/x86/config-5.4
<russell--> yes, that's what i said above
<russell--> but only on 32 of 63 config-5.4, not all targets
<philipp64> but... you're building x86 for alix2...
<philipp64> so you should be covered.
<russell--> ath79
<philipp64> odd that you're not.
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<russell--> 12:35 russell--: philipp64: 5.4.99 on ath79
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<philipp64> sorry, missed that. can you set CRYPTO, CRYPTO_HASH, and CRYPTO_HASH2 explicitly and rebuild?
<philipp64> pintyk: not sure what's going on... I'm using https://paste.centos.org/view/895c735f and it boots then hits 100% but there's no output...
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<Tapper> Hi are the packages in 21.02 the same as what are in master at the mo?
<Tapper> moment*
<Tapper> Or is the a 21.02 package branch?
<pkgadd> no, the feeds have also been branched off at the same time as the main repo - with backports happening on a case-by-case basis; obviously they are still rather similar
<Tapper> OK thanks. I have switched to the 21.02 branch on the r7800 for testing.
<Tapper> I'm going to stick with the 21.02 branch for a wile now until master settles down a bit.
<pkgadd> Hauke: feel free to take anything you like from https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3860 for your gs1900-8 patches, I think the specifications part would augment the commit message nicely