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<guidosarducci> russell--: not sure if you had time for review, but the NLS fixes already merged, and I've added them to a backport PR. Would appreciate if you and nbd could confirm it looks OK: Thanks again.
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<guidosarducci> aparcar[m]: Hi Paul, any update on the libelf conversations you mentioned before? If there are still questions/concerns probably best to review and post in my BTF PR. Cheers.
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<ashkan> ashkan
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<russell--> guidosarducci: i'm not good on backports, since I don't build "releases" in my normal workflow
<xdarklight> Hauke: oh, I need to fix that tonight. thanks for reporting back
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<guidosarducci> russell--: Fair enough. The 21.02-to-master delta is small enough I didn't need to make changes, just repeat testing from the master PRs. I expect it's all OK, but any suggestions for testing or corner cases would be welcome.
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<xback> blocktrron: ACK ?;a=commit;h=d23297c33b3a94a7a0ff21cc831502e1354b5180
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<xback> _lore_: I've just scheduled an installation for 802.11ac dynack testing
<xback> We should have 2 AC sectors (wave 1 2x2) in IBSS and AP/STA at sea in a few weeks from now
<xback> distance will be roughly 22km again, like last time for 802.11n dynack testing
<xback> both points are directly reachable through fiber for easy testing and flashing
<_lore_> xback: have you implemented it for ath10k?
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<xback> _lore_: Ben Greear already did so it seems for a client of his. He was going to ask them if it could be mainlined
<xback> It's been a while since I've seen Ben here. I'll ping him via mail
<_lore_> ah ok
<_lore_> nice
<_lore_> if he shares the code we can probably have common library or similar
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<karlp> is there an easy flag to turn off -Werror?
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<xback> ynezz: I just started testing 5.10 kernel on imx6
<xback> ynezz: did you encounter the PCI sysfs spamming on your devices?
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<enyc> Hrrm, openwrt 21.02SNAPSHOT seems to be breaking/self-rebooting on BT HH v5 type A ...
<enyc> I'll try to swap the HH v5 type A's on other HH v5 a working as AP here where I have better logging (serial console etc.)
<enyc> may have device with older -master fw
<enyc> Suspecting this ath10k candelatech firmware issue or so
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<ynezz> xback: I vaguely remember such stuff
<ynezz> xback: FYI there is WIP of imx split into subtargets in order to support cortexa7 imx6 cores
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<KGB-0> has been updated. (0% images and 98.1% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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<stintel> nice, esp32-c3 (risc-v based) can be ordered!
<stintel> ordered 20 at once, aiming to replace all my ESPs with them
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<stintel> aparcar[m]: fwiw, I approved it
<aparcar[m]> guidosarducci okay please convince stintel to merge it *hide*
<stintel> hey I approved it, just wait for the 2nd approval and merge it yourself ;)
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<aparcar[m]> well I got sort of a disapproval from ynezz
<stintel> 1 disapproval isn't the end of the world
<stintel> we had a disagreement, asked for documentation about the counter proposal, got zero response, other devs liked my PR, so merged it anyway
<stintel> people disagree
<guidosarducci> aparcar[m]: stintel: thanks for looking over things so far. Disapproval regarding what? TBH, having folks post concerns in the PR itself would make for easier discussion, as I can't respond to something I can't see.
<stintel> don't let it stop progress
<stintel> especially now since we've just branched, there is room for new/experimental/maybe-even-broken stuff in master
<stintel> if something really messes up we can revert, as we agreed in the second last meeting
<aparcar[m]> to proceed with that we need the buildbots to use the latest docker image which contains those packages. since ynezz maintains a good chunk of them we should wait for his response
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<guidosarducci> aparcar[m]: True. Aside from my PR, there's a general question of consistency too. I simply added build-time checks for needed host prerequisites, one of which is pre-existing, so this seems the Right Thing To Do. That it highlighted a deficiency on buildbots is a good thing IMO.
<jow> aparcar[m]: does it increase the kernel size? If so, then nack :)
<guidosarducci> stintel: agree with the sentiment, though that doesn't keep me from testing as thoroughly as I can. Not fun when others break things you use. :-/ (BTW, that's a nice little MCU you're getting)
<stintel> guidosarducci: 20 of them - my first RISC-V HW as the HiFive Unmatched delivery was delayed with ~2 months :(
<jow> and new build deps, meh
<stintel> guidosarducci: and 100% agree with others breaking things you use, I've been complaining about that a lot recently
<stintel> guidosarducci: but the PR seems mostly new/optional stuff so the chance for breakage is probably limited
<guidosarducci> jow: it doesn't change the default kernel size. Enabling it, as with KALLSYMS, will add to size. Unlike KALLSYM, BTF is off by default in debug and release builds.
<jow> well, I am very sceptic about that entire (e)BPF business atm
<guidosarducci> stintel: BTF support came in close to the 5.4 kernel release, and by 5.10 is much more widespread.
<jow> I won't use it, I won't ,maintain it and it appears to introduce a lot of complexities and new dependencies. So nack/neutral from me
<stintel> I can't wait until we fully embrace it
<stintel> BPF is hawt
<jow> I'll complain once it starts breaking stuff
<stintel> jow: reasonable enough
<stintel> though I'd suggest you try getting some hands on experience with it
<stintel> I liked what I touched so far
<jow> so for what is that BTF stuff needed?
<jow> for XDP?
<guidosarducci> jow: few deps and little complexity that I see. It's simply an extra kernel debug option. It also exposed various upstream problems with cross-compilation, which I've all upstreamed.
<stintel> XDP is one application. improved debugging/tracing/... is another
<stintel> I will not mention firewall5 ;)
<guidosarducci> jow: there are 2 main BPF usage tracks: packet processing (your tc and XDP hooks) and...
<guidosarducci> jow: ... tracing/monitoring/debug, the same space that 'perf' operates in, but on steroids. BTF enables much more on the tracing side with BPF.
<jow> and this is relevant for OpenWrt how exactly?
<jow> I mean it took *years* to embrace DSA which is arguably a lot less complex than cross compiling object code on-target to load it into an in-kernel VM
<guidosarducci> jow: it as relevant as 'perf', more so as being easier/featureful to use.
<stintel> I could think of 1 thing: SQM is completely unusable for me on APU2 (which is considered powerful hw), it limits my 1Gbps uplink to maybe 160Mbps, the new, BPF-based tracing/debugging tools might be able to shed a light on "why" this happens
<stintel> the other option is "just disable SQM"
<guidosarducci> jow: apples and oranges. Also there's no cross-compilation on-board.
<guidosarducci> stintel: yes, my original motivation for fixing bugs in iproute2 and better enabling BPF support in OWRT was around SQM/QOS!
<stintel> well that's good to know
<stintel> I am forced to disable SQM, but that means WFH videoconf is subject to wef9pj23r-9023r90-u2rt3-]9u02r3-0r23 when some other device hogs bandwidth
<jow> load a Debian/CentOS/Gentoo and debug it there
<stintel> I run OpenWrt on my device
<stintel> loading Debian/CentOS/Gentoo on it for just debugging purposes makes no sense
<stintel> if OpenWrt makes that kind of debugging difficult, maybe I should reconsider using OpenWrt at all
<guidosarducci> stintel: that seems pretty low for an APU2. What's the UL/DL asymmetry?
<stintel> guidosarducci: 1000/600
<stintel> guidosarducci: no sqm -> 900/600 on to local node
<stintel> guidosarducci: sqm on -> maybe 160/160
<stintel> if I'm lucky
<jow> Thanks for the information. I'll pass on it though
<jow> I am sure it'll find another contributor to ack it
<guidosarducci> stintel: nice base stats, but 320 Mbps aggregate is very, very low. So many other things could be wrong however...
<stintel> guidosarducci: I welcome any hints to debug this
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<stintel> but I'm mostly becoming an old(ish) fart with a strong opinion but little skill
<guidosarducci> stintel: Yeah, I can sympathize. How bad is the bloat/latentcy without SQM. Often we find with higher-speed links it's not that bad. Your videoconference comment above garbled...
<stintel> guidosarducci: and that's not even aggregate, that's single direction testing :P
<stintel> guidosarducci: if I'm in a videoconf and usenet starts going it's over
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<guidosarducci> stintel: Yikes! Worse than I thought... I assume this is configured to use CAKE with priority tiers? The videoconf/usenet conflict could be due to lack of or misconfigured prioritization. Does you CPU usage stay low through all this?
<guidosarducci> stintel: btw, what results do you get for non-SQM speedtests (e.g. DSLreports) that measure bloat and induced latency?
<stintel> let me just try that
<guidosarducci> stintel: point of comparison, from a throughput test on I believe APU2, sees ~700Mbps with SQM in single direction ( Are you using a VPN/wireguard? Things get much worse.
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<stintel> guidosarducci: I've some IKEv2 tunnels (strongSwan)
<stintel> but the slow traffic is not going over them
<stintel> also tried to migrate to WG but that's a horrible disaster, I though strongSwan was difficult to get reliable ... WG is ... I've no words
<stintel> the worst I've tried since I've started using OpenVPN 20 years ago
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<guidosarducci> stintel: the posted measurements were pushing all traffic through VPN/wireguard. Probably OK if you're using low bandwidth through the tunnel.
<stintel> I will bookmark that post and pay some attention to it on Friday probably (I went from full-time to 4 days per week so I'll have time)
<stintel> thanks
<pkgadd> the performance limits of the apu2 are a bit surprising (considering that the CPU isn't that bad), but rather well established I think
<guidosarducci> stintel: np, the only way to troubleshoot these things is systematically, "shotgun" approach of trying random things is popular but doesn't work.
<pkgadd> should be even worse on xBSD
<guidosarducci> pkgadd: well, he's seeing 4-5X lower throughput than others reported, so worrisome.
<pkgadd> yes
<pkgadd> I would have expected roughly a 500 MBit/s figure with sqm
<pkgadd> +/-
<pkgadd> and VPN shouldn't hamper it that much either, yes, it's all single-threaded, but the VPN stuff itself should 'just' hog one core, sqm another
<guidosarducci> pkgadd: yes, at least that. So many way things can go wrong, but few ways of getting it right. :-/
<stintel> not it's consistent, enable SQM, speed drops below 200Mbps
<stintel> I'd love to debug that with someone who has time for it and knows what he/she's dealings with
<stintel> someday
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<guidosarducci> stintel: sure, catch me one evening when both free. cheers.
<stintel> guidosarducci: you in CEST?
<guidosarducci> stintel: no, PST (-8ish)
<stintel> ow
<stintel> I'm EEST (+3)
<stintel> we'll see, thanks for the offer already
<guidosarducci> stintel: np, take care.
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