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<uwwint> Hi Guys, I am running 21.02 snapshots on a WRT1900ACS and have a wifi client on 5GhZ spuriously loosing connection. I know the iwlwifi driver is a piece of hot garbage. But would like to help figuring out what's going on. I noticed a higher softRQ on the device but don't know how to isolate what the issue is.
<uwwint> Anyone here that could help me?
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<pkgadd> the problem is that absolutely no one is maintaining mwlwifi anymore, Marvell sold out their wireless division to NXP - and the first thing NXP did, was EOL'ing these chipsets. the (almost-) fullmac firmware is closed, and the driver has always been problematic and is known buggy
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<uwwint> Yeah I know it's hot garbage :D. But I didnt experience this with the 19.07.7 so this time it might be something different :D
<uwwint> Because the link stays (WiFi is connected)
<uwwint> but not IP traffic goes through.
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<OutBackDingo> wow ouch! whats happened to the trunkn tplink archer v4 builds... no 5ghz now, out of space on the images
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<ptpt52> hi all
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<rmilecki> i see that 21.02 comes with (wolf)ssl by default now
<rmilecki> * check_data_file_clashes: Package libustream-openssl20201210 wants to install file /lib/libustream-ssl.so
<rmilecki> But that file is already provided by package * libustream-wolfssl20201210
<rmilecki> if I want to use openssl - should I just uninstall wolfssl first?
<ptpt52> sure
<ptpt52> remove libustream-wolfssl
<guidosarducci> rmilecki: what exactly is requiring the OpenSSL version of libustream? Normally, I can use other OpenSSL enabled SW without messing with libustream...
<guidosarducci> .. but they just want libopenssl
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<rmilecki> guidosarducci: oh, no, i just wanted openssl in general
<rmilecki> libustream just as a result of that
<ptpt52> then drop libustream-openssl as u wish
<guidosarducci> rmilecki: sure, if you just want to replace all things wolfssl with openssl that would be needed. Just be careful not to break anything SSL related that's needed to swap things on a running system (i.e. opkg). Better to do this with an image, or at least use opkg to first download *all* the packages you expect to need, *then* upgrade.
<rmilecki> guidosarducci: thanks
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<ynezz_> rmilecki: I've just forced build of bcm4908 for 21.02-rc1 as it was missing https://buildbot.openwrt.org/openwrt-21.02/images/#/builders/71/builds/1
<ynezz_> perhaps you would like to give it a try once it completes
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<ynezz> bcm4908 is already present as new target in https://openwrt.org/releases/21.02/notes-21.02.0-rc1#new_hardware_targets
<rmilecki> ynezz: sure
<rmilecki> thanks
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<thagabe> Testing out 21.02 rc1 and I'm getting substantially less internet speed. I have comcast 1 gig down (1200 mbps) and tested with 19.07.7 (908 mbps down), original firmware (915 mbps), now tested with 21.02 and it lowered all the way down to 770 mbps
<russell--> ath79/wzr600dhp still panic'ing on boot with no /dev/root
<russell--> on 5.10
<thagabe> im using mvebu
<russell--> [ 0.738524] spi-nor spi0.0: mx25l12805d (16384 Kbytes)
<russell--> [ 0.748118] spi-nor spi0.1: unrecognized JEDEC id bytes: 20 18 c2 20 18 c2
<russell--> [ 0.755089] spi-nor: probe of spi0.1 failed with error -2
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<Namidairo> I wonder if anything touched the soft offload code recently
<blocktrron> russell--: hmm,i have a device with multiple spi-nor chips running, however it is ar934x
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* russell-- thinking it might be the david bauer spi-nor commit, try a build with that reverted
* russell-- has to go into the basement to recover, because tftp uses a LAN port instead of wan (eth1), have to swap ethernet cables around
<thagabe24> I'm trying to get apcups work on luci-statistics and im getting this error
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<russell--> reverting 28623cab32 didn't help
<russell--> was working as of r16500-d0adc4865c
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<rsalvaterra> Namidairo: The obsolete routing cache, maybe? https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commit;h=17576b1b2aeacf0a23bb9a911d675bd324754745
<Namidairo> think it might be a bit futher back than that
<Namidairo> kept getting 20s stalls on random http requests until I turned soft offload off
<nbd> Namidairo: what openwrt version are you running, and which kernel are you using?
<Namidairo> OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r16582-3326b5e75c, 5.4.113
<Namidairo> so one commit before that it looks
<nbd> maybe it'll work better after switching to linux 5.10
<nbd> lots of changes to flow offload in there
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<thagabe> Sorry, I have been offline for a bit
<thagabe> did anyone give me any advice?
<russell--> r16542 is bad
<russell--> trying r16521
<thagabe> OpenWrt 21.02.0-rc1 r16046-59980f7aaf / LuCI openwrt-21.02 branch git-21.106.55967-06dd6b5
<thagabe> running this
<thagabe> mvebu
<thagabe> Speed test is so slow vs 19.07
<thagabe> or the original firmware
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<guidosarducci> thagabe: file a bug report, as I also see this is broken. It's worked the last 4 years for me, since first submitting the feature. Very annoying.
<rsalvaterra> nbd: Speaking of flow offload, the CONFIG_NF_FLOW_TABLE_HW symbol is dropped in 5.10, isn't it?
<rsalvaterra> Or is it still used?
<nbd> it's dropped
<nbd> no separate module for hw offload anymore
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<barhom> On firstboot openwrt copies files to /overlay somehow - not sure exactly how that works. But in the process if you are logged in to SSH, once it finishes you get the error, "getcwd openwrt unknown no such file or directory" and need to logout and login again
<barhom> Is there anyway to know when the copying is done so I make sure I do not try to run any kind of scripts before the overlay copying is done?
<russell--> r16521 is okay, trying r16532
<blocktrron> russell--: 2683eeb627aabc7c01fb46fc5e825ece626aeaa5 <-- This probably broke it
<PaulFertser> barhom: on first boot overlay is in ram, and then jffs2 is being prepared in background, and then the files are copied and overlay switches to jffs2.
<barhom> Yes, and I assume that I get this error, "getcwd openwrt unknown no such file or directory" once all of that is done right?
<blocktrron> russell--: This flag was needed to trigger the CS function of spi-ath79 if the GPIOs provided are valid
<barhom> That happens when the overlay switches to jffs2
<rsalvaterra> nbd: Thanks for the info, I made a kernel_oldconfig and noticed it had gone, I just wanted to make sure.
<PaulFertser> barhom: part of this happens in libfstools/overlay.c switch2jffs() function
<karlp> barhom: you shouldn't need to log out, just "cd"
<barhom> karlp, I think thats true but until I do logout the prompt says "(unknown)"
<barhom> Anyway, the question was more if there is I way to find out when the process copying the jffs is done. I do not want to start cron and other tasks until overlay is finished
<russell--> blocktrron: yeah, that looks likely
<PaulFertser> barhom: afaict it happens after "mount_root done" returns.
<PaulFertser> But I can't tell how to track that.
<PaulFertser> barhom: probably just moving it past 95 is enough?
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<PaulFertser> (so taht it runs after S95done)
<russell--> trying master HEAD with 2683eeb6 reverted
<Thermi> logread probably
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<Thermi> logread and follow, pipe into shell with read, check if line corresponds to regex of string describing copying is done, then return from the function
<barhom> PaulFertser, I'll try that - thanks. Cron is S50 right now, Ill try moving it further down
<Thermi> procd or sysvinit, barhom?
<blocktrron> Hmm, yeah, this is steel needed
<blocktrron> russell--: can you revert it and report if it works again?
<barhom> Thermi, I assume Im using procd - whatever is default in 21.02
<PaulFertser> Thermi: oh that would be such a dirty trick
<blocktrron> Most likely it will, it's still needed, as spi-ath79 sets use_gpio_descriptors
<PaulFertser> barhom: I've traced the calls in the source code, it really looks like you just need to run after "done".
* PaulFertser read "steel needed" as "steel indeed" and so was wondering when a discussion about materials started :)
<barhom> PaulFertser, in what file?
<PaulFertser> barhom: libfstools/{overlay.c,mount_root} , base-files/files/etc/init.d/done
<barhom> Seems like done is S95, since cron is S50 I should be fine making cron S95+. I cant see that openwrt relies on cron for any other things than my own custom files
<barhom> Thanks for the help
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<russell--> blocktrron: yep, that was it, reverting fixes it
<Thermi> barhom: procd does not track start completion or service completion. Therefore the problem exists that copying and cron still run into each other
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<barhom> What about a way to check if the overlay is mounted?
<barhom> using 'df' for example. What would I look for?
<PaulFertser> barhom: are you sure what I suggest doesn't really work?
<barhom> Putting it after done? Probably it works but that means I need to remove /etc/init.d/cron default file
<barhom> I'd like to avoid removing as much defaults as possible
<PaulFertser> barhom: not removing, just making a symlink with not default name.
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<blocktrron> russell--: okay, I'll revert that with another patch i plan on upstreaming
<blocktrron> Can i ping you, so you can verify it still works then?
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