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<rsalvaterra> blocktrron: I have no idea why the at803x patch broke. I saw the changes and they looked fishy, but they were completely automated. I trusted quilt had done the right thing… :/
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<mangix> hmm armvirt 32-bit has a too capable setup
<mangix> wonder if it's easy to change
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Typo?
<rsalvaterra> CONFIG_HZ=100 looks correct…
<mangix> oh I can't read
<rsalvaterra> Well, I just woke up and had no coffee yet, so it could be me, for sure. :P
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<rsalvaterra> mangix: Speaking of HZ, is there any reason for some targets to select HZ=250 instead of HZ=100, like most do?
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<blocktrron> rsalvaterra: happenes
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<nitroshift> rsalvaterra, o/
<rsalvaterra> nitroshift: Hi, there! :)
<nitroshift> rsalvaterra, after you have your coffee can you pm me please?
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<mangix> rsalvaterra: nobody has an answer honestly.
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Thought so… :)
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<ldir> how dare you slow my kernel down! Moar faster is better!!!!
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* ldir sets CONFIG_HZ to 100000000000000000000000000000
<rmilecki> hey guys
<rmilecki> i need firewall / routing / NAT help
<rmilecki> i have 2 networks connected using wireguard
<rmilecki> only 1 network has public ip
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<rmilecki> I want OpenWrt router in my network with public IP to port forward requests to another network client
<rmilecki> it doesn't work
<rmilecki> port forwarding to "lan" local device works of course
<rmilecki> port forwarding to "lan" device accessible over wireguard connection doesn't work
<rmilecki> can I fix that?
* ldir doesn't know
<rmilecki> can DNAT redirect work for dest_ip being device in wireguard connected network?
<tmn505> rsalvaterra: now history makes full-circle;a=commitdiff;h=3a761c90afc0af1a17a03241534508b52a235410
<rmilecki> jow: my firewall & routing guru ^^
<PaulFertser> rmilecki: what I'd be doing is reading raw iptables -t nat -L -v -n output (and same for -t filter). That would show the counters for specific rules. DNAT should be there and you can see if it ever matched, and if it did you see all the options used and you can try e.g. pinging the host listed etc.
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<rmilecki> i'm trying to forward port 5821 TCP requests to the
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<rmilecki> is my main router (public IP) wg IP
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<rsalvaterra> tmn505: Why the upstream default? 100 Hz ought to be enough for everybody™. :P
<PaulFertser> rmilecki: were the command performed after at least one try to contact that port from the outside.
<PaulFertser> ?
<rmilecki> yes
<rmilecki> i tried telnet few times
<rsalvaterra> tmn505: Oh, that's an old commit, I see now.
<ldir> Well as the idiot who committed that - personal view - stick with kernel defaults scratched my OCD/keep the defaults unless you really don't want them itch
<rmilecki> PaulFertser: oh, wait, I check that again
<rmilecki> PaulFertser: now every telnet try results in increasing pkts and bytes in the zone_wan_prerouting
<rmilecki> after 9 requests:
<rmilecki> 9 540 DNAT tcp -- * * tcp dpt:5821 /* !fw3: towg */ to:
<ldir> personally again, I think all targets should use whatever the openwrt default is, unless there's a damn good technical reason why not (like it doesn't work/smoke comes out)
<PaulFertser> rmilecki: rmilecki: I wonder if the counters in zone_lan_forward are changing too.
<rmilecki> no
<rsalvaterra> ldir: My reasoning for keeping everything at 100 Hz is twofold… first, it consolidates the definition in the generic kconfigs; second, the our scheduling frequency requirements aren't high (we're not running DAWs in OpenWrt, I think :P), so we might as well tune for server-like workloads. :)
<rmilecki> PaulFertser: -t nat updated
<rmilecki> ah, wait, zone_lan_forward is not a part of -t nat
<rmilecki> PaulFertser: i checked -t filter and zone_lan_forward counters don't increate on telnet attempt
<PaulFertser> rmilecki: hm, I think counters in zone_wan_forward should be increasing as the traffic is coming from wan in this case.
<PaulFertser> rmilecki: and in your previous paste I see 2 packets in zone_wan_forward were recognised as cstate DNAT.
<rmilecki> PaulFertser: i guess it could be some other traffic (non 5821 port)
<rmilecki> uh, it's annoying
<PaulFertser> rmilecki: you also have reflection enabled for that rule. Probably it adds to the confusion.
<rmilecki> PaulFertser: i believe fw3 does that by default
<ldir> rsalvaterra: like I said "I know nothing" and having a global default suits me fine even if that global default is different from upstream.
<PaulFertser> rmilecki: it does, yes
<rmilecki> i didn't enable anytng like that in the "config redirect" UCI section
<rmilecki> ok
<ldir> rmilecki: - 'reflection' - maybe it helps you
<PaulFertser> rmilecki: is your wg tunnel supposed to pass traffic from IPs outside the specific range you defined?
<PaulFertser> rmilecki: or do you expect port forwarding to SNAT all packets to the router's address?
<rmilecki> PaulFertser: i don't think i understand that question
<rmilecki> PaulFertser: in routing on my main router (public IP) i have:
<rmilecki> * U 0 0 0 wg0
<rmilecki> is network of my other network (no public ip)
<PaulFertser> rmilecki: so you have some packet coming from the internet, and it has source IP of some outside internet host. And you eventually want that packet to be received by some internal host that's accessible via the wireguard tunnel. Do you expect that packet to pass the wireguard tunnel while still having that external source ip address?
<rmilecki> PaulFertser: i don't need that, a simple DNAT is fine
<rmilecki> (i don't need replacing source IP)
<rmilecki> ah, i'm wondering if that is not aproblem
<rmilecki> it source IP doesn't get replaced, than my my be sending reply directly
<rmilecki> not back thought the NAT
<PaulFertser> You'd see it in tcpdump running on your
<rmilecki> definitely
<rmilecki> good idea
<PaulFertser> Not sure if it's indeed the problem but for cases like that looks like the best answer.
<ldir> rmilecki: when you get it working document it :-) I don't need to port forward across to my wireguard private subnet yet... but I might one day.
<PaulFertser> Pretty please configure IPv6 routing instead. DNAT is just a hack and so has limitations and unexpected quirks.
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<rmilecki> PaulFertser: i don't see any incoming traffic on when running "tcpdump port 5821"
<PaulFertser> I'd check on the router itself too
<rmilecki> (it I connect from my main router (public ip) lan network - i can see "tcpdump port 5921" output)
<rmilecki> PaulFertser: nothing on my other network router (no public ip)
<rmilecki> so my main router (public ip) doesn't seem to even forward that request over wireguard
<PaulFertser> rmilecki: in cases like that I usually try to correlate the counters to see where the packet gets lost.
<PaulFertser> And watching tcpdump on the device doing firewalling.
<rmilecki> PaulFertser: i just run tcpdump of device doing firewalling (main router with public ip)
<rmilecki> nothing
<rmilecki> i'm not sure if tcpdump is expected to show forwarded traffi
<PaulFertser> If you use the interface where the traffic goes, yes.
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<rmilecki> well, it does show TCP packets when I do "telnet" from local network device (no port forwarding from wan)
<PaulFertser> So must be getting lost in firewall somehow. Some counter in -t filter should be increasing.
<rsalvaterra> tmn505: Any idea on how to answer these questions?
<rsalvaterra> tmn505: I just ported the patches, I don't know if they're relevant or not.
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<Pepe> Hauke: would it be possible to update mac80211 to the latest 4.19 kernel in OpenWrt 19.07? What is the preferred wokflow for you? I'd like to have this fix in the stable release
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<tmn505> rsalvaterra: done.
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<rsalvaterra> tmn505: Nice, thanks a lot! :)
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<KGB-0> has been updated. (100.0% images and 98.3% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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<Spyro1248> PaulFertser: I've got an issue you can probably help with... I have two zones here (192.168.{1,3}.0) and I'd like to be able to contact from the zone
<PaulFertser> Spyro1248: then it should be a matter of adding a rule that would allow it. By default forwardirng between zones is prohibited.
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<stintel> > Unfortunately, we will not be able to deliver the part 115-HF105-000 .
<stintel> sigh, no HiFive Unmatched for Europe
<stintel> stoopid regulations
<stintel> ok, after some uptime, something seems definitely wrong with octeon on 5.10
<stintel> but that's why we have testing kernels right :)
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<stintel> seems to be memleaking
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<plntyk> stintel, is there some info what the issue is - that board doesnt have wifi - is it some patent issue ?
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<stintel> plntyk: no, I tweeted @sifive
<stintel> let's see if they respon
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<stintel> EdgeRouter Lite + 5.10: [54157.508486] Kernel panic - not syncing: System is deadlocked on memory
<stintel> oops
<stintel> should we revert testing kernels on such bad issues?
<stintel> I'd say no because testing though
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<rsalvaterra> stintel: Yikes, what happened?
<stintel> nothing
<stintel> simply 5.10 that seems really leaky
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<stintel> plntyk: < SiFive> [c0->84] @stintel Hi @stintel, we'll check on this and let you know.
<stintel> at least they responded :)
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<hurricos> stintel: Were you the commenter on that thread RE: XAUI init?
<stintel> hurricos: yes
<stintel> it's the same nickname, no ?
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<hurricos> stintel: Actually, I'll comment on the forum. But I have to tell you just how excited I am that you are actually looking at this as well. I haven't had the time or encouragement to touch it for months.
<stintel> hurricos: alright works for me ;)
<hurricos> Yes, I noticed. I only briefly recalled that I got an email from the forum telling me someone had replied, and I said "ugh" through my chocolate and sat back down to playing Moonlighter :'(
<stintel> hehehe
<stintel> I'm mostly a bit bummed that I have devices without NAND
<hurricos> Well, it's not a huge issue since you almost certainly have to stick it into a motherboard anyways :^)
<hurricos> Unless, of course, you've gotten some extra electrical hints about the heavy, power-looking 4-pin header at the top right corner.
<hurricos> anyways, inline on forum i shall respond. Thank you very much for coming back to this!
<hurricos> just before I go on the forum and probably forget to finish posting when I get called away due to work: If you are in North America I will happily send you cards
<hurricos> Hopefully US, specifically. I have 50 of them with NAND
<stintel> well actually I had hoped to put 2 of them in 1 single 1U rackmount case, each separate power supply, and just put them in something like this:
<stintel> hurricos: no I'm in Eastern Europe unfortunately
<hurricos> Ah!
<stintel> which is why I never bothered asking you :)
<stintel> but a solution like that would a super fancy HA setup imo :)
<hurricos> HA? hadoop?
<stintel> High-Available
<hurricos> zoinks! You've been doing this a while!
<stintel> yeah :)
<stintel> I think in 2007 I did my first setup like that at home
<rsalvaterra> stintel: Oh, the ER Lite is octeon. I'd be worried if it were MT7621, as it could possibly be my fault. Carry on, then. :P
<stintel> but even earlier I did some HA setup for the company of the father of one of my best friends
<stintel> my network now is ... you don't want to know :P
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<stintel> I suspect the vsc848x driver is going to be have to rewritten some more though
<stintel> I managed to get it to compile, and I've added some printks, the driver is registering but it doesn't seem to the detect the phys
<stintel> but I'm somewhat excited that I managed to make it detect the SFPs in the slots
<stintel> so I'm hoping we're not too far off of network connectivity :)
<hurricos> Yes, I was able to read the serial content of the device using i2c-detect
<hurricos> But actually setting up the PHYs was past me
<stintel> well, disabling that reset to fix xaui probe seems to have worked, that means your debug patches are no longer needed I think
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<rsalvaterra> stintel: Actually, you should probably write a blog post about your network setup. Who doesn't like some network porn? :)
<stintel> if we can manage to get those CN6640-SNIC10E to run standalone and I replace my APU2 (main) and ERL (backup) routers, then maybe I'll do just that :P
<hurricos> stintel: you just tried it now?
<stintel> tried what ?
<hurricos> Oh, OK. I'm all caught up on the chronology of what happened. The heisenbug you found, and then killed with Aaro's patch properly applied to CN66XX
<hurricos> with XAUI init hanging the board
<hurricos> Am I correct in saying that you have access and are using OpenWrt's buildsystem?
<hurricos> Like, the internal one? The buildbots I should say
<hurricos> scratch that, of course you do, you're pushing to the OpenWrt git. Never mind.
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<hurricos> Can we have a Gitlab project somewhere to track all this so I can get back to it? :^)
<hurricos> I can offer you, or we can use Gitlab for-real, or some other minor issue-tracking thing elsewhere. I'd like to find time to find and sync up my fiddly changes to the SDK's u-boot tree and then actually track them
<hurricos> stintel:
<stintel> hurricos: I am pushing to my staging tree so not using the build infra. I just build manually here
<hurricos> Ah ok.
<hurricos> The other side of all of this is, just so you're aware, all of the hardware setup. I link that patchset multiple times, there's a lot that needs to be done to setup Cavium hardware queues, etc
<hurricos> it's the SFP PHY setup, but then it's also the VSC848X PHY setup, and then the Cavium XAUI init, and after all that, all of the hardware queue stuff hinted at by Aaro's patchset
<stintel> yeah, I hope we can poke it hard enough so that it'll work :P
<hurricos> as far as I know though, if you don't set up hardware queues you can get away with piss-poor performance
<hurricos> something like 2Gbit/s
<stintel> ah but that's a good start
<stintel> so we don't need the hw queues for working ethernet?
<stintel> I'm gonna have another go at that vsc848x driver
<hurricos> stintel: Can you upload your diffconfig somewhere?
<hurricos> the other issue with nand is U-boot, sadly
<stintel> u-boot doesn't support the NAND?
<hurricos> yes and no. I tripped over some bugs with a recompiled u-boot. Actually, it's mostly not knowing how to manage NAND without ubi
<hurricos> Vaguely remember being able to nand load into RAM with the original copy of U-boot, not sure about the newer one.
<stintel> ah, but could do a "hybrid" setup like u-boot + kernel on NOR and use NAND only for rootfs/overlayu
<stintel> just updated it, even sensors is showing stuff about the SFP modules and the device
<hurricos> stintel: if you can fit the kernel in NOR
<stintel> I suspect it should be possible
<lynxis> stintel: you're running on a pcie card?
<Hauke> Pepe: the mac80211 update is on my todo list
<stintel> lynxis: credits to hurricos
<Hauke> Pepe: I think xback already backported some fixes amnually
<lynxis> stintel: what can you do with it?
<hurricos> lynxis: It's a standard 8-core MIPS64 processor with two XAUI ports and some hardware cores for AES etc which BSD is able to use
<stintel> lynxis: well it has 2x10GbE SFP+
<hurricos> sorry. two SFP+ ports, connected via two lanes of XAUI to an older XAUI-to-XGXS
<hurricos> ... phy
<hurricos> (the phy in question being VSC848X)
<stintel> so for me it would be extra nice because I would plug both ports into my switch' SFP+ slots so I win 4 wired ports again =)
<stintel> using DACs
<lynxis> so how is the pcie connected?
<hurricos> The standard driver is supposed to be liquidio in Linux, it's supposed to push a firmware to it which boots it. However, the firmware *doesn't work*, or the driver doesn't like what state it finds the firwmare in after booting it.
<hurricos> Host with PCIe connector -> board, with a bootloader, NOR flash, and sometimes NAND flash on it, plus 2GB of soldered-on RAM
<hurricos> s/connector/slot.
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<stintel> lynxis: are you interested in having a few? I'm arranging shipping from US to BG
<stintel> can forward some to DE if you want
<lynxis> stintel: soo many hardware is already lying around :P. I was just looking on ebay for one.
<stintel> I know the feeling :P
* stintel looks at the WatchGuard Firebox M300 under his desk
<lynxis> stintel: if you have enought, it would be great if you could send me one.
<lynxis> stintel: interesting device too ;)
<stintel> yeah, absolutelt
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<ephemer0l> stintel I have one of these that just works what switch are you working with?
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<stintel> ephemer0l: Huawei S6720-32C-PWH-SI
<stintel> ephemer0l: but it works as a NIC or as a standalone device ?
<ephemer0l> stintel I have 10g SR sfp's to an ex-4200
<stintel> yes but can you run OpenWrt on the NIC?
<stintel> that's what I want to do ;)
<ephemer0l> that I doubt ;-)
<hurricos> OpenWrt on the NIC is interesting enough -- bolt the NIC atop any SFP+ VLAN-aware switch and add a serial voltage converter and a 12v power supply and you have a 46-port OpenWrt switch ;^)
<hurricos> of course, of course, that's not actually how it works.
<stintel> :P
<stintel> oooh my DACs will arrive tomorrow
<stintel> so where I am still stuck:;a=blob;f=target/linux/octeon/patches-5.10/710-netdev-phy-Add-driver-for-Vitesse-vsc848x-single-dua.patch;h=456d94e4aab5188d649d64358dc12d147991d615;hb=fb55b3a5ef067ef8b17f142bcb4b04cdb7befb13#l705
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<stintel> struct phy_driver does not have a driver member anymore it seems
<stintel> and I couldn't figure out where I have to move that with its of_match_table member
<hurricos> So my undersatnding is, the of_memory_accessor patch stuff was based on an understanding that there was no way in kernel 3.10 to map memory as was desired by Aaron Williams
<hurricos> from a device that needed to be initialized by the kernel. Of course, since mapping devices into virtual memory so they can be trivially accessed is the point of device trees I don't know if thta understanding is solid.
<hurricos> Frankly, I don't even know if my spoken / unspoken assertions / assumptions about the function of device trees / OpenFirmware is accurate
<hurricos> since it's the kernel's memory, I think. I remember attempting to compile in the patches from;a=commitdiff;h=fb55b3a5ef067ef8b17f142bcb4b04cdb7befb13 and failing.
<stintel> well, I think I got that memory_accessor working, otherwise I wouldn't see the SFP type + SN I think?
<hurricos> for exactly the reason you'd found, the hacks present in the kernel have since disappeared
<hurricos> That's just i2c provided by your new dts from b44df9861a
<stintel> I do believe we had a similar issue for reading MAC addresses of wireless device
<hurricos> if I'm not mistaken, and I probably am, but ... the issue was that the VSC PHY was not able to handle, as other PHYs were, the passthrough of ... well. Something to do with EEPROM. And even that part doesn't make sense, what EEPROM if not for that exposed already by i2c?
<stintel> and I believe the proposed solution was finalized and accepted
<hurricos> And I'll even add: I set up sensors-detect on OpenWrt and did *not* get as far as you did, probably for lack of having b44df961a
<stintel> b44df961a ?
<stintel> what tree am I looking at :)
<stintel> ahh, b44df961a is ambiguous
<hurricos> My sensors-detect on top of 5.4 did not catch any of this even if i2c-detect scanned and showed me some info.
<stintel> sensors-detect should not be needed
<hurricos> The point is that sensors showed nothing, and adding sensors-detect to show more things did nothing.
<stintel> that's just to generate modprobe.conf or something
<hurricos> So it could be user error, kernel 5.4 -> 5.10, *or* that commit
<stintel> I added kmod-hwmon-tmp421 (just enabled all kmod-hwmon-* then checked result)
<stintel> so that's how I found that tmp421 shows the octeon temp
<hurricos> Oh, that would probably be it, then!
<stintel> and those SFP details come from adding that stuff to the DTS yes
<stintel> but I think the main issue now is the vsc848x driver
<hurricos> stintel: Can you start spinning this into an issue tracker somewhere? I really want to work with you on this but really also must get back to work ;(
<stintel> ok. preference for gitlab github gitea or something else or doesn't matter ?
<hurricos> If they're all equal choices, gitlab, and the main one. But if you have any preference, I've used all of them.
<hurricos> s#the main one#
<stintel> well I'm not a fan of gitlab because UI/UX is pretty poor imo but I don't mind
<hurricos> No problem, Github works
<hurricos> PM me a link and I'll get back to this when it's appropriate :^)
<stintel> alright
<hurricos> It's been a few months but I think ... when I found that phy_driver stuff was missing, I walked through a chain of commits about at24-compatible EEPROM
<hurricos> and how that had been moved to using the nvmem framework
<hurricos> Specifically because I thought that the patch that creates the OF_MEMORY_ACCESSOR symbol -- this one: ";a=blob;f=target/linux/octeon/patches-5.10/800-of-Add-of_memory_accessor-to-map-device-tree-node-to.patch;h=b6fc10e7473780aac989e59d158bff183d0c0225;hb=fb55b3a5ef067ef8b17f142bcb4b04cdb7befb13" -- that patch was using some of that stuff
<hurricos> and I wanted to see if I could get rid of it with newer kernel stuf
<hurricos> a bad idea seeing as I don't know how to write kernel code.
<hurricos> If you haven't already seen it, all of this is in the yocto apaliwal/octeon tree here:
<hurricos> you probably did already see it but :shrug:
<stintel> ah yeah, reading through the forum post again I found that
<hurricos> Looking at an issue tracker will straighten my brain and help shake out the details, specifically and importantly, whether I am thinking about phy_driver or something else that didn't compile.
<stintel> but it's all pretty old
<hurricos> That's the only VSC848X code that exists that I've found :P
<hurricos> other than Wind River Linux 5 stuff, which I wasn't able to clone down but did find references to
<hurricos> That's where, notably, the aforementioned patches, also on*, came from
<hurricos> Oh, hey!
<hurricos> I found my compiler error log, I wasn't thinking about phy_driver, but about the memory_accessor stuff from
<stintel> yeah I managed to fix that, both the memory_accessor, hooking it into at24 and the vsc848x driver compile now
<hurricos> Anyways, that's from a post in February, months ago. And oh yes, you've fixed it! :D
<hurricos> See, this is why we need an issue tracker. :^) poke poke
<stintel> I forked openwrt in gitlab to my personal account and gave you dev access
<stintel> that should allow you to create and edit wiki pages, branches, etc
<hurricos> Ah thank you stintel. If only you'd found the post months ago, you'd have saved me from a month of depression and nearly throwing away my entire CN6640 stockpile
<hurricos> the only reason I still have it was because I've been too lazy to go to the dump.
<hurricos> :D
<stintel> heh :)
<stintel> maybe I should have contacted you earlier, it's been a while since I found your post
<hurricos> Thank you, I've put eyeballs on it in gitlab and can confirm. I'll be back on this in a few hours :^)
<hurricos> No worries, it's not your job to save other people from drowning in useless hardware
<hurricos> After all, the most empowering thing here is you can make something useful out of what I left unfinished. And that has made my day
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<stintel> hurricos: started basic documentation on
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<barhom> We loose about 1-2% of routers "sysupgrade -n" that we do when we upgrade about 5k routers. Is there some recommendation of things to do before running a sysupgrade? Should I reboot, clear some cache, ram etc that might make things unstable?
<stintel> sysupgrade already stops most userspace apps and drops caches
<stintel> the problem is that you can't really see what goes wrong anymore, I had some idea to improve that but never got around to working on that :(
<barhom> :/, sounds like a hard one. I guess Ill try to add a reboot before running sysupgrade just in case. Or do you think thats just not going to help at all?
<stintel> it might, guess it depends on the actual cause
<barhom> Right now my recovery image is giving a webpage on to upload a new image (made by the router manufacturer). Wouldn't that be possible to change so that when you enter recovery it would do DHCP on WAN, download the image from our webservers and flash directly?
<barhom> At least I would give the customers a way to recover without needing to send the router back to us
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<svanheule> stintel: ping
<svanheule> stintel: for mdio_driver you need to put the compatibles in mdio_driver.mdiodrv.driver. It appears to be the same for phy_driver
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<stintel> svanheule: my hero :)
<svanheule> stintel: ^_^
<stintel> barhom: without more background about the exact setup that's hard to tell
* stintel looks for phy_driver.phydrv
<stintel> svanheule: if that works I'm going to owe you even more beers :P
<svanheule> stintel: whenever you have a chance to get back to BE ;-)
<stintel> October the latest. celebrated my birthday in Bulgaria 2 years in a row, now it's time for Belgium again :)
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<stintel> svanheule: ow yeah, it compiled at least :P
<stintel> but something is terribly wrong
<stintel> hahaha
<stintel> now all those missing symbols don't really make sense ... maybe the build is just hosed
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<stintel> yeah did a clean build and not seeing that anymore
<stintel> still doesn't seem to detect anything though
<barhom> stintel, can I flash the recovery partition from a running system or does it need to be completely reflashed? I know its a dangerous operation
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<stintel> I don't have experience with recovery partitions really
<barhom> I meant the uboot partition, I guess it's the same thing
<stintel> oh, never touched that on any device
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<rsalvaterra> I ought to enrich my English expletive vocabulary in order to adequately express the full extent of my hatred for my ISP's router.
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<rsalvaterra> How, in any part of the know (or unknown) universe, would someone think it would be a good idea to enable UPnP by default…
<rsalvaterra> … without giving the user *any possibility at all* to disable it?
<rsalvaterra> Sure, power users just set the sodding thing to to bridged mode, and use a real router, but… sweet baby Jesus, why?!
<barhom> rsalvaterra, because 95% of the users like things to just work and ISPs want less phone calls to their customer support (even if it might be a security issue). But yes, the ability to not let you disable it is weird
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<barhom> I have a file I crosscompile that includes openssl/sha.h, since we switched to wolfssl that file cannot be found obviously. I tried including wolfssl/sha.h instead but no go. Any ideas?
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