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<wb9688> Nah, I have 112 ;)
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<guidosarducci> Great, just wasted more of my time trying to test 21.02 using IB, and traced it to dnsmasq-full builds failing for ath79 in 21.02-SNAPSHOT. Looks like someone was playing with $(FPIC) and broke the libnfnetlink dependency.
<guidosarducci> Seems related to multiple, coordinated FPIC changes in master, with only some being backported (e.g. https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/commit/dc31191ec3e5c). My guess is this at least also needs backporting: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/commit/7fae64cc0657. Hauke or ldir, help?
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<mangix> guidosarducci: please fix bpftools. thanks.https://gist.github.com/neheb/02f42d32eda541be1ce3794f76bb4a3f
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<guidosarducci> mangix: fix what exactly? You've provided zero context for reproducing, and a gist that could be a compiler/build system issue...
<mangix> want a .config?
<guidosarducci> mangix: how about start with what what troubleshooting you've done so far?
<guidosarducci> mangix: This seems rather strange: gcc: error: unrecognized argument in option '-mabi=64'
<mangix> not really
<mangix> it's using gcc instead of TARGET_CC somewhere
<rmilecki> ynezz: i saw that, thanks
<ynezz> rmilecki: you should build with CONFIG_BUILDBOT=y in order to reproduce the failures locally
<rmilecki> ynezz: first I had problem finding error in that long log
<rmilecki> but got it finally
<rmilecki> ynezz: do you think it would make sense to build using "make -j $FOO V=s|| make V=s" ?
<rmilecki> ynezz: so after failing build with multiple threads, a next attempt it made with single thread
<rmilecki> and so error is easy to find
<ynezz> IIRC we've discussed this already, it makes sense, patches are welcome :)
<rmilecki> ynezz: possibly, i could forget
<rmilecki> ok, thanks
<rmilecki> FWIW: ERROR: module '/builder/shared-workdir/build/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-bcm4908_generic/linux-5.4.109/drivers/crypto/ccp/ccp-crypto.ko' is missing.
<ynezz> while at it, it might probably make sense to use similar approach as in phase2/packages, thus build with BUILD_LOG=y and do `make -jMAX || make -j1 V=s`
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<guidosarducci> mangix: Huh? You're expecting that error? Based on what analysis? And why do you think it's an issue with bpftools package and not your build system, or your latest test GCC? Can you be more forthcoming and clear? Otherwise I doubt I can help you. Post your analysis, troubleshooting, steps to reproduce, etc somewhere and I'll try to look later, but need to run now.
<rmilecki> jow: hey, i'm looking for a way to use "uci" cli in 2 isolated contexts
<rmilecki> jow: both -p and -P seem to *add* new delta path
<rmilecki> jow: so if my old app code uses /tmp/.uci and new one uses "uci -P /tmp/.foo" i still have that one look in /tmp/uci
<rmilecki> jow: should (and could) I add uci cli option for using exclusive delta path?
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<karlp> wb9688: how do you even keep track of that many? are most of them just every private message ever?
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<rsalvaterra> ldir: Your 5.10.29 bump is running great here.
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<aparcar[m]> what's up with this new target which always fails?
<aparcar[m]> rmilecki: does it build now?
<rmilecki> aparcar[m]: i didn't fix anything yet
<aparcar[m]> okay... I'm just receiving all these sad docker emails since the build fails...
<rmilecki> i'll check that fails after I manage to understand UCI cli :|
<aparcar[m]> rmilecki: maybe I can help out, what's the problem?
<rmilecki> aparcar[m]: i don't understand -p and -P options
<rmilecki> i wanted to have one bash script do uci changes without affecting any other uci cli user
<rmilecki> so I wanted my app to do things like uci -[pP] /tmp/.foo uci set foo.bar=qwe
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<rmilecki> but -p and -P seem to *add* delta dir path to existing list
<rmilecki> so it seems uci still looks in /tmp/.uci I guess
<rmilecki> and I don't understand that -P adds CLI_FLAG_NOCOMMIT
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<rmilecki> it seems I can't do uci -P /tmp/.foo uci set foo.bar=qwe; uci -P /tmp/.foo uci commit because of CLI_FLAG_NOCOMMIT
<aparcar[m]> can you point me to the code where you need that function?
<rmilecki> it's a set of my own bash scripts
<rmilecki> no upstream code
<rmilecki> i have UI doing all sort of "uci" cli calls
<rmilecki> and I want my other bash script to change something in uci *without* interferencing with my UI
<rmilecki> so I wanted a totally separated UCI cli context for my bash script
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<aparcar[m]> and that's needed to fix the new target?
<rmilecki> I'm not sure if that was clear enough? example just in case:
<rmilecki> 1. UI app does: "uci set system.hostname="foo"
<rmilecki> 2. Bash script does: "uci set system.timezone=UTC; uci commit system"
<rmilecki> I don't want bash script to commit UI changes
<rmilecki> aparcar[m]: absolutely not :D I'm just busy with this uci problem right now
<rmilecki> aparcar[m]: i'm focused on it, once I get it done, I'll focus on broken bcm4908 target
<aparcar[m]> can't you just tell the bash script to copy current files into /tmp/.special_tmp/ and then use the -c option?
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<rmilecki> aparcar[m]: uh, copying all config files sounds a bit hacky
<rmilecki> well, not all
<rmilecki> but still sounds a bit hacky
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<rmilecki> nbd: can you tell me, why do we do that? https://git.openwrt.org/?p=project/uci.git;a=commitdiff;h=cd2883daece34b501ef5e8f5c764fbb162f3aef4 ("cli: don't commit, if the savedir was overwritten")
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<nbd> rmilecki: because the savedir override is for overlays
<nbd> that should not be commited into the main config
<rmilecki> nbd: does it mean i shouldn't use -P for my case? can you see my description up in IRC log?
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<nbd> i guess uci will need to be changed
<rmilecki> nbd: can I use deltas for that though?
<nbd> i guess i still don't fully understand your use case
<nbd> so you want a separate confdir and a separate savedir that behaves like normal uci, but does not touch /etc/config at all?
<rmilecki> no separated confdir
<rmilecki> I want 2 apps to operate on the same /etc/config/ set of files
<rmilecki> both apps use uci CLI tool
<nbd> but once you commit to /etc/config, it'll be visible to the other one as well
<rmilecki> i want each of app to stash their changes independently
<rmilecki> right, that's expected
<nbd> so i guess you need to change uci to add a flag like -P which does not set the nocommit flag
<rmilecki> 1. UI app does "uci set system.hostname=foo" *without* commiting - let'ssay that change is *not* ready to be commited
<rmilecki> 2. Bash script does "uci set system.timezone=UTC; uci commit system" - that will commit changes of UI app
<rmilecki> nbd: yes -P without CLI_FLAG_NOCOMMIT woud work for me I beleive
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<rmilecki> (i don't want bash app to accidentally commit UI *pending* changes)
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<kristrev> Hi. I got my hands on an mt7622 board that I would like to try to port OpenWrt to. I am not very familiary with the platform, are there any recomended places to start or resources to look at?
<kristrev> I have found and looked at Daniel Golles work for E8450, so I have a rough idea of where to start
<kristrev> Tha board is running a really old version of u-boot, so my goal includes replacing the bootloader
<Ivan__83> kristrev: you should create dts file and add your dev to 02_network
<Ivan__83> and in .mk
<Ivan__83> this is minimal things to do to get working openwrt on device
<kristrev> Thanks. I have added support for a couple of other boards, so I am aware of that step. I am not so familiar with mt7622 or arm, so I would like to try to do some research before I head too far in the wrong direction :)
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<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#45](https://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/#builders/17/builds/45) of `ramips/rt305x` failed.
<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#44](https://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/#builders/13/builds/44) of `lantiq/xway_legacy` failed.
* enyc meows
<enyc> hrrm .. at least one of my Lantiq xrx20 HHv5a OpenWRT is rebooting itself .....
<enyc> intermittent problem with candelatech firmware, maybe
<enyc> I'm going to have to get the router I have TTL serial debug attached to, back in service, test older Master build, test updated 21.02SNAPSHOT, monitor ........
<clayface> rmilecki: Unsure how to proceed with this bcm5862x platform issue re: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3996
<clayface> Basically it is working nicely as is incl VLAN with DSA drivers. Apart from name and using the different DT to the 5301x platform, the b53 swconfig driver isn't 58xx or Serdes compatible which is needed. ar8216 would also need modified to work with b53 vlans even if both the former were fixed.
<rmilecki> clayface: it's on my list to look at it
<rmilecki> clayface: right after uci & failing bcm4908
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<clayface> rmilecki: Thanks!
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<jow> rmilecki: nice work on the uci save patch
<jow> rmilecki: or rather a very good idea
<rmilecki> jow: "work" is too much for a 3 lines diff ;)
<rmilecki> but thank you
<rmilecki> too big word i mea
<jow> I wonder if it could be even made default
<rmilecki> jow: without manually specifying -t directory? how?
<rmilecki> some per-pid directory?
<rmilecki> can bash get pid of caller? i don't think so
<PaulFertser> PPID?
<jow> rmilecki: sorry got distracted by a call, yes like PaulFertser suggested
<jow> using some getppid() dervied save directory by default
<jow> that could probably break some esotheric code invoking some uci calls in a subshell and some not
<rmilecki> jow: sounds good, but I still would like to have -t for usages where a single context has different "uci" callers
<jow> but it'd make the commit operations somewhat safe by default
<rmilecki> jow: right, for such cases I'd like to have -t still there
<jow> sure, one could keep -t but also modify the default
<rmilecki> sounds good to me
<jow> hmm, potential problem could be leftover garbage though
<jow> if some broken scripts leave hundreds of uncommitted temporary save dirs lying around
<rmilecki> oh, right
<jow> so maybe forget about that braindump of mine
<jow> your patch is useful as-is
<rmilecki> ok
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<mgiganto> Happy Monday!!!!!
<mgiganto> I am looking for a caritative soul to enable back my access to modify the wiki, I think I lost my access due to the hack
<PaulFertser> mgiganto: please tell me your existing nickname and e-mail
<mgiganto> Thank you PaulFertser, all working now :D
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<Zero_Chaos> looks like a fairly important quoting mishap in openwrt-21.02 https://dpaste.com/C3MZT95JR
<Zero_Chaos> for the lt_prog_compiler variable in libnfnetlink (I'm guessing)
<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#45](https://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/#builders/64/builds/45) of `realtek/generic` completed successfully.
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<Zero_Chaos> the fix for my issue turned out very simple, I hit another issue which I bet is the same. I'll fix the other similar issues and post a patch in a few
<Zero_Chaos> it's just quotes on the right line of the makefile
<Zero_Chaos> nevermind, new issue is different
<Zero_Chaos> Package iptables-nft is missing dependencies for the following libraries:
<Zero_Chaos> libiptext6.so
<Zero_Chaos> jow: can you please fix this in master and openwrt-21.02? https://dpaste.com/HYT9FCZUS
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<Hauke> Zero_Chaos: guidosarducci: libnfnetlink is fixed again
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<Zero_Chaos> Hauke: thanks!
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<Hauke> xdarklight: should we wait till the next 5.4 stable release to merge the DSA changes?
<xdarklight> Hauke: I think yes, we should wait. mkresin has patches for 5.10 (as testing kernel version) in his tree already. that way I don't need to duplicate the backports but we simply wait for the next stable release
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<Hauke> xdarklight: are the problems still seen xrx300 related?
<xdarklight> Hauke: yes no and maybe. there's this crash log from Aleksander from xRX200: https://pastebin.com/A01Hj6aY (I have never seen this before)
<xdarklight> Hauke: then there's some people reporting problems with the FritzBox 5490 (xRX200) - I have no idea there yet, I didn't speak with the owner of that device yet
<xdarklight> Hauke: and then there's various xRX300 issues on which you have commented
<Hauke> hmm the crash log from Aleksander loks strange
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<xdarklight> Hauke: just out of curiosity: is the GPHY firmware executed in-place? meaning: we need to have a dedicated chunk of DDR memory for each GPHY instance (like we do have right now) or is only the code in RAM but the "work area" is somewhere in internal SRAM?
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<Hauke> I think it is executed in place
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<xdarklight> Hauke: makes sense, I think that's the straight forward way to implement it
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<xdarklight> Hauke: this is the PHY11G (and PHY22F) initialization code from AVM: https://pastebin.com/dYbN1S9B - note line 267 and following. they're using a 200ms delay after asserting the reset line and also a 200ms delay after deasserting it. also they re-try multiple times if the PHY shows up on the MDIO bus
<xdarklight> Hauke: compared to that we're currently missing the 200ms delay after asserting the reset line in the lantiq_gswip.c driver. our deassert delay is 300ms so we should be fine there. also we don't implement any retry logic, but I'd avoid that if possible...
<xdarklight> Hauke: I also found some file in UGW which also uses a 200ms delay: ifxmips_vr9_gphy.c
<Hauke> xdarklight: it looks AVM uses 500ms before and after releasing the reset
<xdarklight> Hauke: funky, they use different delays in the same driver...
<Hauke> looks like they wrere experimenting and at some time it worked ;-)
<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#50](https://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/#builders/6/builds/50) of `lantiq/xway` failed.
<xdarklight> Hauke: so from that guy on the pull request with my 200ms delay patch: "This seems to have at least fixed the first problem! After about 15 router reboots, I haven't seen the inicialization error once"
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<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#55](https://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/#builders/2/builds/55) of `layerscape/armv7` failed.
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<owrt-snap-builds> Build [#45](https://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/#builders/13/builds/45) of `lantiq/xway_legacy` completed successfully.
<guidosarducci> Hauke: Appreciate the quick turnaround. Could you also please take a look at https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/4068? This is similar to a fix you previously made for sunxi, and also needed for 21.02. Thanks.
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