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<mangix> stintel: i don't think btrfs or bcachefs are flash friendly
<mangix> stintel: he is not active. cotequeiroz is his nick when he is
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<Grommish_> Rene__: ping
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<owrt-snap-builds> build #680 of mediatek/mt7629 is complete: Failure [failed pkgbuild] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/mediatek%2Fmt7629/builds/680 blamelist: Bj?rn Mork <bjorn@mork.no>, Daniel Golle <daniel@makrotopia.org>
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<Grommish> Ooo.. It's like a giant game of chicken! Suicide Linux - https://qntm.org/suicide
<Grommish> Esp since WSL auto-mounts the Windows NTFS drives as /mnt/c
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<russell--> whut? my bash doesn't "correct" my typing
<rsalvaterra> And the day it starts doing it, I'll change my shell.
<russell--> the intarwebs suggest this is a zsh optional feature
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<russell--> ENABLE_CORRECTION="true"
<rsalvaterra> What a great idea!
<olmari> yeah, typin ls and you obviously mean sl ;)
<rsalvaterra> And if you don't have sl, it will install the package for you. :P
<ynezz> nbd: ping, can you check /query from me 3 days ago?
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<Festivenari> I have a question relating to the git submissions. Do I really have to use my real name and email address?
<olmari> "signed by imaginary people" is not exactly reassuring, wouldn't it? :)
<Festivenari> olmari: true, I suppose
<grift> its a weird question to ask here
<grift> if youre going to use fake name then you probably wouldnt even be asking this
<Festivenari> grift: I guess I will use my real name then, I suppose
<grift> its not like the community does a background check
<grift> either that or just set up a fake name and email but asking here whether its allowed seems weird
<Festivenari> grift: well, I was just looking through https://openwrt.org/submitting-patches
<rsalvaterra> grift: Actually, it's not a weird question at all. In the Linux kernel, for example… https://marc.info/?l=linux-crypto-vger&m=141795521524440&w=4
<grift> hmm, maybe, i dont see it like that though, either you do it or you dont. its not like anyone will ever find out if you do right anyway
<olmari> mm.. openwrt specifically is still.. well... as far as I know an hobby to everyone involved, as in no one is getting paid to work with it, correct me if I'm wrong... and for broad general using actual name is just logical
<olmari> And like implied, rarely there are actual checks nor desires for one either
<Borromini> rsalvaterra: lol. 'got out of use since a porn actress used it as her on-stage name'
<Borromini> openwrt requires your real name afaik
<Borromini> Festivenari: what's the issue with using your real name here?
<grift> yes ofcourse, it wouldnt make sense to say otherwise
<grift> but practically its not required because practically if you do it right then no one will even question it
<Festivenari> Borromini: oh, well, hmm... I guess I will
<rsalvaterra> Festivenari: Think it this way… if you're contributing, your contributions are unquestionably attributed to you.
<Festivenari> probably should register this nick on freenode, actually
<Borromini> Festivenari: if you're in IT it also helps potential employers to assess your previous work, when looking for a job
<Festivenari> I suppose so
<grift> anonimity is just a thing
<Borromini> if you say you're a kernel dev e.g. but can't link to any commits...
<olmari> And in broad general an identifiable nickname can be as effective as realname, but no one believes "Bugs Bunny" etc
<grift> agreed
<olmari> Obviously still not same thing, but somewhat related
<grift> but you should not ask whether its allowed and expect people to say yes
<grift> just do it or dont do it
<Borromini> stintel: i wonder who 'Dick ridin' Dave' is
<Borromini> sounds like a nice nickname.
<Borromini> disclaimer: i am not gaybashing.
<Borromini> neat, i didn't know you could tell jffs2 what kind of compression to use
<rsalvaterra> Borromini: You can. When this is accepted upstream, I'll take care of the OpenWrt (and fstools) part… ;)
<Borromini> ;)
<Borromini> what's the compression gain?
<rsalvaterra> Expect a compression *loss*, not gain. The point is to reduce the number o compression algorithms in the kernel to the least possible (ideally one which is good for everything, and the best candidate at this time is zstd).
<Borromini> ok
<rsalvaterra> Compression algorithms are relatively large beasts. Having just one is beneficial.
<Borromini> ok
<Borromini> does openwrt include multiple by default? sorry for the basic questions.
<rsalvaterra> Yes, it does, especially for jffs2. It even includes lzma, which is not even part of the kernel proper. Just take a look at 530-jffs2_make_lzma_available.patch.
<Borromini> ok
<rsalvaterra> It's all the sorts of insane I can imagine, and most likely lot of them I can't.
<rsalvaterra> Granted, it's an *old* patch… forward-ported since the dawn of days, I wager.
<Borromini> lzma has been around for a while
<rsalvaterra> The algorithm, yes. But there's no upstream kernel support for lzma (and it doesn't make sense, nowadays).
<Borromini> as in newer and more efficient algorithms have popped up?
<rsalvaterra> Borromini: Exactly. Case in point, zstd. :)
<Borromini> guys, i can overrule dts properties right? if a dtsi has wifi0,0 blabla i can do &wifi0,0 in my top dts to override those settings?
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<svanheule> Borromini: that should work.
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<mangix> The solution is to replace jffs2 with f2fs.
* mangix hides
<stintel> =)
<stintel> I believe that also has problems with small sizes
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Dude! :P
<Borromini> svanheule: thanks. would this work? https://paste.debian.net/plain/1188995
<Borromini> thing is the eeprom property used not to be in the dtsi.
<Borromini> erm sorry the @ should be an &
<svanheule> Borromini: no, that won't work (even with &)
<svanheule> & can be used with a label
<svanheule> i.e. "node_label: node {...}"
<svanheule> alternatively, you can specify the full path: /pci_whatever/wifi@0,0 {...}
<rsalvaterra> For those who might think f2fs is a good solution, remember f2fs assumes wear leveling at the lower layer. And don't get me started on the (space) overhead. :P
<Borromini> svanheule: ok so i'd need to strip it from the dtsi again then
<svanheule> Borromini: is this a new DTSI, or an existing one?
<mangix> rsalvaterra: mtd-utils might need patching as well
<Borromini> svanheule: it's an existing one, mt7621_netgear_sercomm_chj.dtsi
<mangix> It's somewhat strange that LZMA is used
<rsalvaterra> mangix: s/strange/insane/
<Borromini> svanheule: commit 0cf889db00 has shuffled some stuff around.
<mangix> rsalvaterra: how so?
<svanheule> Borromini: in the DTS, specify the node in the same way as here https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/blob/master/target/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_netgear_sercomm_chj.dtsi#L80
<Borromini> svanheule: there the wifi nodes do overrule the eeprom property, so i'm a bit confused
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Have you seen the size of the lzma patch?
<svanheule> Borromini: so "&pcieX { wifi@0,0 { ... } }"
<mangix> I have not. Not on a computer ATM
<Borromini> svanheule: ok, so i overrule the complete node in the top dts?
<rsalvaterra> mangix: It's over 140 kiB. In a *single* patch.
<svanheule> Borromini: well, I think that's just specifiying where the node is located in the tree, so that (property) overrides happen in the right place
<mangix> rsalvaterra: got a link?
<rsalvaterra> mangix: https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=blob;f=target/linux/generic/pending-5.10/530-jffs2_make_lzma_available.patch;h=1bccb30a69f69ff8e2e70a747b1f3b25d1079c8f;hb=HEAD
<svanheule> Borromini: mt7621.dtsi is where those pcieN labels are defined, that netgear DTSI is already complementing/overriding it.
<Borromini> svanheule: yeah
<Borromini> so i'm overriding the override huh :)
<mangix> rsalvaterra: huh. Doesn't the kernel already include LZMA?
<rsalvaterra> mangix: No.
<mangix> weird
<rsalvaterra> It includes xz, not lzma.
<mangix> Well then
<mangix> xz == LZMA2
<rsalvaterra> And I think it's only for kernel/initramfs decompression.
<rsalvaterra> Sorry, no compression.
<mangix> interesting...
<Borromini> svanheule: so this would be the right thing(tm) to do? https://paste.debian.net/1188997/
<mangix> Well, zstd is definitely the way forward
<mangix> Lower CPU and RAM
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Yep, that's why I went with zstd. :)
<Pepe> Borromini: Hm, but what about if you are working under NDAs and such?
<Pepe> (oh this one should be to "thread" about working as kernel dev, but can not link any work)
<Borromini> Pepe: concerning the e-mail/real name stuff? i don't think that's what Festivenari is doing. he has a pile of old Broadcom stuff he's playing with
<svanheule> Borromini: AFAICT only the mediatek,mtd-eeprom properties are different, so you don't have to specify the other ones. But then information is really scattered acros files, so reviewers may not like that
<Borromini> svanheule: ok. as you can see from commit 0cf889db00 that's how it used to be (just the eeprom property). but if this works for this guy i'll send in the patch with the full nodes
<Festivenari> Borromini: yep, you're correct. I do have a pile of broadcom-based routers (luckily a few are already supported by OpenWRT)
<Borromini> a few extra lines that help readability won't annoy most people i reckon, like you say
<rsalvaterra> lipnitsk: That's a patch from LEDE. Have you tested MT7621 without WEAK_REORDERING_BEYOND_LLSC in a recent kernel?
<Festivenari> Borromini: I must admit that it is a shame that broadcom is not willing to open-source their drivers
<Festivenari> I have to wonder how many vulnerabilities there are in their drivers
<Borromini> Festivenari: it is, but most big companies seem to think security by obscurity is a good thing.
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<Borromini> svanheule: thanks for your help. another happy mt7621 customer :^)
<svanheule> Borromini: np :-)
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<johnf> I'm having a pretty strangy problem with a custom build of openwrt
<johnf> I have xfrm-interface selected
<johnf> johnf@johnf-desktop:~/tmp/build/openwrt-tl842/openwrt$ grep -i xfrm .config
<johnf> CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod-xfrm-interface=m
<johnf> but when I look for the resulting file it doesn't exist:
<johnf> find ./ -name xfrm-interface.ko
<johnf> this returns nothing
<johnf> (even if I use an _ and not a dash)
<johnf> I get a .ipkg file, but it contains no binary
<johnf> I see it's building correctly on snapshot
<johnf> how can I see why this module isn't getting built?
<Borromini> johnf: did you install the package?
<Borromini> =m isn't included in the image =y is
<Borromini> johnf: maybe it's one of those kernel things that can only be included statically
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<stintel> it's not
<johnf> nah, if you grab the lastest matching kernel from snapshot it's clean
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<johnf> ./lib/modules/5.4.102/xfrm_interface.ko
<johnf> it contains that once you extract it's data file
<johnf> this is working on other builds that I have
<Borromini> johnf: make V=s on the package in your buildroot?
<johnf> you can do that for a kmod?
<johnf> ok, I made the kernel clean and I'm doing a V=s
<johnf> teeing into a soon to be large log file
<johnf> I didn't think I could compile a kmod package like that, I thought that was more packaging the result of the full kernel build
<johnf> I love compiling on my personal computer
<johnf> it's like, 15 times faster than the build server
<stintel> :P
<Borromini> make package/kmod-xfrm-interface/compile should just work i think
<johnf> the Ryzen 7 3700X + NVMe is alot faster than a really stale Xeon and overburdened shared storage ;)
<Borromini> hehe
<johnf> Borromini: wow, ok, wish I'd known
<Borromini> i'd like a 5800X but my 1800X still works, so... :P
<stintel> I'm also good for now with dual E5-2673 v4 :P
<stintel> although the clock speed is a tad bit low
<johnf> well, I got this and it replace a i7-4771
<johnf> I like buying higher end procs
<johnf> but I run them forever
<johnf> wow, very very nice stintel
<Borromini> aah. Intel's '4 cores oughta be enough for anybody' schtick
<stintel> johnf: 2nd hand HP Z840, 40 cores + 256GB RAM, twas kind of a steal
<johnf> wow
<stintel> 3k EUR ex VAT
<Borromini> :P
<stintel> and since I had just messed up the socket on the mobo of my i7 3930k box I kind of needed a replacement instantly
<rsalvaterra> stintel: No POWER9, though. :P
<stintel> so I got in the car and picked it up - friend bought it 2nd hand for AI/ML stuff but the clock speed was to low for his workload
<stintel> rsalvaterra: yeah, the problem with that talos II is the shipping
<stintel> + VAT + import duties
<rsalvaterra> stintel: No, the problem is the base price. Shipping is a whole other problem. :P
<stintel> nothing wrong with the base price, try getting similarly spec'd workstation from HP or Dell or so
<stintel> there is absolutely nothing wrong with the base price imo
<stintel> it's simply not for home/personal use
<stintel> get a blackbird then
<rsalvaterra> The Blackbird is RAM-channel-castrated.
<stintel> still should be good enough for home/personal/hobby use ;)
<stintel> but yes, it's true, it's the reason I don't consider it
<svanheule> stintel: I recently got a dual E5-2630v4 with SSD storage at work, I should totally try building OpenWrt on that machine...
<rsalvaterra> stintel: Yeah, me neither… it's a shame, as I *really* like the POWER arch… :(
<stintel> rsalvaterra: I would love to have the Talos II but the premium to get in EU + shitty performance compared to recent x86 ...
<stintel> if I'd make twice what I'm making now, nobrainer
<stintel> but it'd cost >10% of my yearly turnover, it's a bit hard to sell, even if it's to myself
<rsalvaterra> Unfortunatelly, you can get a top Threadripper for the price of a dual-CPU Talos II… and it will run rings around it.
<stintel> also by now it's old tech
<stintel> I'll reconsider when Raptor offers a Power10
<johnf> hmm, ok
<johnf> so it looks like you can't build a single kmod like that
<johnf> my target/linux/compile contains no references for xfrm_interface
<Borromini> johnf: sorry
<Borromini> make package/kernel/xfrm-interface/{clean,compile} V=s
<Borromini> try that
<johnf> ok, sure, just a moment
<Borromini> although there's no subdir in package/kernel so that might not work either
<johnf> make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'package/kernel/xfrm-interface/clean'. Stop.
<Borromini> nope
<johnf> ok, so I could give you the full build logs probably
<johnf> CC [M] net/ipv4/xfrm4_tunnel.o
<johnf> I do see other xfrm packages getting built
<johnf> but nothing for xfrm_interface
<johnf> this is very confusing
<stintel> svanheule: that reminds me I should really get my OpenWrt build + deploy pipeline back up and running
<stintel> I had staged deployments for my Raspberry Pi Zero W's - 1 testing, if it came back after sysupgrade, all others were auto sysupgraded too
<stintel> can do the same for my ERL as I have two
<stintel> (and only one of them running in production)
<johnf> there's a kernel config, that get's generated from the settings in .config
<johnf> right?
<stintel> yes
<stintel> tmp/.kconfig-target-subtarget or something
<stintel> tmp/.kconfig-target_subtarget
<johnf> CONFIG_XFRM=y
<johnf> # CONFIG_XFRM_INTERFACE is not set
<johnf> ok, so this is the root cause of my issue
<johnf> now look, I'm not going to lie to you, I may have done a few things to this kernel
<johnf> to free up ram
<stintel> johnf: maybe rm -rf tmp/ and build again, just to be sure it's not a temp glitch
<johnf> building
<Borromini> stintel: would you mind sharing the code for that?
<johnf> really appreciate the help stintel, Borromini
<stintel> Borromini: it was OVH CDS based and I decided it's too hard to maintain my own CDS
<stintel> other option is to use public gitlab and local runner but I don't trust cloud-based things enough to add an SSH key that allows root login to my OpenWrt devices
<stintel> even if it's only on the runner
<stintel> the runner can be controlled by the cloud, so there's a possibility that can be exploited
<stintel> so a local CI/CD thing is the only acceptable thing for me
<stintel> also I really don't like gitlab, that was my reason for looking at alternatives in the first place
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* stintel making it hard on himself since 1984
koniu has joined #openwrt-devel
<johnf> lol
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<johnf> ok, it's still building, but I took a peek in tmp
<johnf> same behaviour, that module isn't selected
<stintel> johnf: then I'd suggest to look at the dependencies in the kernel source
<johnf> hmm
<johnf> │ Selects: PACKAGE_kmod-ipsec6 [=n] && PACKAGE_kmod-ipsec4 [=m] │
<johnf> that's from the menuconfig info
<rsalvaterra> stintel: I like GitLab… :P
<stintel> depends on XFRM && IPV6
<johnf> kmod-ipsec6 isn't selected and I have disabled IPv6
<stintel> did you disable IPv6? :)
<johnf> fuck
<johnf> yes, of course
<johnf> it's so big
<stintel> yeah, don't do that, it's 2021. there's no valid reason to do so
<johnf> 32MB of RAM says there's a reason
<johnf> but I do see what you're saying
<rsalvaterra> johnf: No, there isn't. I have IPv6 enabled on a 32 MiB device (AirGrid M2).
<stintel> another option is: drop IPsec and use wireguard
<stintel> I'm seriously considering that, unfortunately I'm having major issues with wireguard on openwrt
<stintel> didn't get to debugging that yet
<stintel> when I can get that fixed I'm even going to stop maintaining strongswan in the packages feed
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<johnf> I have like 2000 routers running variants of this image
<johnf> I'm not moving to wireguard any time soon
<stintel> ok, that might be difficult :)
<johnf> though I have used it for some other stuff quite well
<johnf> rsalvaterra: not with strongswan, quagga/frr and some other stuff
<stintel> I have only 4 OpenWrt devices with IPsec, and even that was enough to hold off on migrating to wg
<johnf> hmm
<stintel> spent a lot of time optimizing that setup, and don't fix if not broken etc
<johnf> is there a way I can update that kconfig file without actually building?
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<Borromini> johnf: if you throw out PPP you should still have quite a bit of wiggle room even with 4/32
<Borromini> it sounds like actually if you disable ipv6 you shouldn't even be seeing xfrm-interface as selectable, if it needs ipv6
<Borromini> johnf: make kernel_menuconfig
<johnf> need PPP for mobile
<johnf> it's giant too
<johnf> I'm amply aware :/
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<johnf> man, I was so happy when I finally got this thing built
<stintel> johnf: can you do vti instead of xfrm?
<stintel> xfrm is nicer, sure, but maybe it's an acceptable solution
<johnf> already have 300 XFRM devices deployed, and my cisco core needs this XFRM setup
<johnf> it's these ancient routers that are proving particularly challenging
<johnf> and I have rather a lot of them
<stintel> hmmm
<stintel> I believe one side can use XFRM while other side can use VTI no problem
<stintel> actually I'm sure it can, I'm doing it
<johnf> hmm
<johnf> I really want to just get this module built
<johnf> I've already put a lot of effort into this current config
<johnf> don't want to fragment things further
<johnf> but we'll see what options I have
<johnf> where did you get that DEPENDS info above stintel?
<stintel> well I guess you'd have to look into the possibility of dropping the IPv6 requirement for the xfrm_interface module, but that might be even harder :)
<johnf> lol
<stintel> johnf: linux.git net/xfrm/Kconfig
<johnf> that's not in the cards
<johnf> ah
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<johnf> ok, so I've brought kernel IPv6 back
<johnf> but not userspace
<stintel> I will add that dependency to the kmod
<johnf> but when I'm building
<stintel> saves other people the trouble in the future :)
<johnf> that module appears to still not be selected
<johnf> XFRM is definately selected, builds as well
<johnf> CONFIG_IPV6=m
<johnf> global v6 is present (as a module, is that a thing?)
<johnf> ah sweet, it is built
<johnf> and I have an xfrm_interface file
<stintel> oops
<johnf> hmm, no such commit
<stintel> mea culpa
<stintel> untested, someone please do :)
<johnf> with pleasure, give me a few minutes
<stintel> thanks
<johnf> cloning
<johnf> actually, while we're talking about this stuff, I had a question
<johnf> at one point I wanted to make a change to quagga
<johnf> and I couldn't find some of the packages on github
<johnf> I think it was the net repo that comes out of feeds
<johnf> but I could be remembering wrong
<johnf> a few of the packages I'm using have been orphaned and removed
<johnf> I'd like to get some of them back in and support them
<stintel> that's where quagga is
<stintel> as for orphaned packages, feel free to do a PR to add them to the packages feed
<stintel> but you should be willing to maintain them
<johnf> yes, I am
<johnf> very happy to give back in the small ways that I can
<stintel> glad to hear that :)
<johnf> ok, so https://git.openwrt.org/feed/routing.git is then available as openwrt-routing
<johnf> I was unable to make the connection
<johnf> oh, I see
<johnf> openwrt-routing is a top level entity
<johnf> as opposed to like
<johnf> well that explains why searching all of https://github.com/openwrt/ for quagga didn't return anything even moderately modern
<stintel> =)
<johnf> thanks for that
<stintel> I used to be a quagga user, but I migrated to bird a long time ago
<johnf> I moved to frr with these upgrades
<stintel> now I still have migration to bird2 on my todo list, only partially completed
<johnf> but these ancient tiny ones can't deal with frrs bloat
<johnf> vtysh is insane
<stintel> do you happen to have a frr with full IPv6 BGP feed somewhere? I'd be interested in the mem usage
<johnf> it takes like 2MB of RAM to load
<johnf> hmm, no I don't
<johnf> and I don't have access to a full v6 table
<johnf> I could potentially do something like that with v4
<johnf> though I winder
<johnf> wonder
<stintel> root 7284 0.5 0.8 33328 32932 ? S Feb20 168:01 /usr/sbin/bird -f -c /etc/bird.conf -P /var/run/bird.pid
<stintel> 32MB including full IPv6 BGP :P
<johnf> lol
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<grift> show me avc denials that illustrate your issue
<grift> wrong chan
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<ldir> this is new - daemon.err modprobe: failed to find a module named act_ipt - and I can't find the cause
<johnf> stintel: builds clean, I have the resulting package:
<johnf> ./targets/ath79/generic/packages/kmod-xfrm-interface_5.4.102-1_mips_24kc.ipk
<johnf> how can I add a tested by or whatever
<stintel> you can write it here and I'll add it
<johnf> Signed-off-by: John Marrett <johnf@zioncluster.ca>
<johnf> here's one of my ancient commits ;)
<stintel> johnf: cheers!
<johnf> oh wow, my C7 one is there too, I thought that someone else had got the commit in before I did
<stintel> johnf: mind testing if disabling ipv6 in menuconfig hides the kmod-xfrm-interface entirely in menucofnig ?
<stintel> well I could quickly do that myself too
<johnf> no problem man
<johnf> not at all
<johnf> just a second
<johnf> though if it does, it's deceptive
<johnf> ok, so it does, but that's not really the right thing to do
<johnf> the real dependancy is actually on
<stintel> you prefer enabling kmod-xfrm-interface enables IPV6?
<johnf> no no
<johnf> just give me a second
<stintel> or is there a kernel-specific symbol for IPV6
<stintel> ok :)
<johnf> sorry, trying to find the right way to express this
<johnf> yes, the second one
<johnf> │ Symbol: IPV6 [=n] │
<stintel> patience is not always my strong suit :P
<johnf> this, in make kernel_menuconfig
<johnf> is what actually is needed
<johnf> in the kernel I just built
<stintel> but that's what I did, no ?
<johnf> I have kernel IPv6
<johnf> I think you have usermode IPv6
<johnf> global build settings "Enable IPv6 support in packages"
<johnf> is that what you are looking at, or the kernel setting?
<stintel> johnf: if you check the help for that: │ Enables IPv6 support in kernel (builtin) and packages. │
<johnf> so, in the build I just did
<johnf> I have that off in make menuconfig
<johnf> but I have turned on, in make kernel_menuconfig, kernel IPv6 support
<stintel> oh
<johnf> this actually works
<johnf> well, I think it does, I'll know for real quite soon
<johnf> I did get a .ko file
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<johnf> but I don't know if you can express that dependancy
<stintel> ok, so my change would actually mess up what you're doing
<johnf> I sort of think no one should do what I'm doing
<stintel> :D
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<ldir> aha! it's bleeding edge sqm-scripts thing.
<rsalvaterra> ldir: The sqm-scripts package should be split… :/
<rsalvaterra> Lots of stuff depending on it which, most of which goes unused (kmod-sched).
<rsalvaterra> I wager most people install sqm-scripts for cake.
<johnf> stintel: so, for that patch, is there a way for you to validate the kernel IPv6 configuration?
<johnf> I suspect not :/
<johnf> or, at least, really not easily
<stintel> actually: KERNEL_IPV6
<johnf> # CONFIG_KERNEL_IPV6 is not set
<johnf> that's strange
<stintel> yeah, it doesn't check what happened in kernel_menuconfig
<johnf> ah, I see
<stintel> maybe I'll just nuke the patch
<johnf> and there's no direct way to set that
<stintel> indeed
<johnf> what would be awesome
<johnf> would actually be
<johnf> if the build failed
<johnf> if I'd known I'd created an ipkg with no file in it
<johnf> I could have then figured out why then
<johnf> not found out a month later that the package I installed didn't contain a .ko
<johnf> oh wow, I think the upgraded version didn't boot
<johnf> :/
<johnf> let me get this onto the board with serial headers
<stintel> problem is kmod packages can be empty while not being an issue, like when a specific target kernel config has something built-in and user still selects the kmod package (and buildbots enable all kmod packages)
<stintel> so we can't really fail on empty kmod package
<johnf> hmm
<johnf> if it was in the package spec then you could detect issues like this
<johnf> but that's not a small change
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<johnf> ok, so this is complete insane
<johnf> things appear to be ok for the xfrm module
<johnf> but my lan has stopped working
<johnf> ifconfig: br-lan: error fetching interface information: Device not found
<johnf> ifname is properly configured
<johnf> option ifname 'eth0'
<johnf> however, I see the interface in a bit of a strange state
<johnf> 2: eth0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc fq_codel state DOWN group default qlen 1000
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<owrt-snap-builds> build #747 of armvirt/64 is complete: Failure [failed pkgbuild] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/armvirt%2F64/builds/747 blamelist: Daniel Golle <daniel@makrotopia.org>, Bj?rn Mork <bjorn@mork.no>, ?lvaro Fern?ndez Rojas <noltari@gmail.com>
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<lipnitsk> rsalvaterra: thanks, I'll take a look. Would love to just drop that weak reordering patch, but was thinking it was really needed by the platform. I'll do some testing without it, but it really depends on how intermittent the issue was in the first place
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<rsalvaterra> lipnitsk: Hi! :) I'm running an image without that patch as we speak. ;)
<rsalvaterra> So, give me a couple of days to make sure it's stable.
<rsalvaterra> I can send a patch to delete it afterwards, how about it?
<lipnitsk> rsalvaterra: thanks. Yeah good find on that kernel fix too
<lipnitsk> rsalvaterra: sounds great to me
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<rsalvaterra> Great! I'll cc you on the patch, then. :)
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<rsalvaterra> Makes me wonder how many obsolete hacks we've been carrying…
<lipnitsk> rsalvaterra: yay! One of the patches did get accepted upstream too, so one less patch eventually.
<lipnitsk> rsalvaterra: yeah I know. Btw I removed the lpj calibration hack locally, works fine on my er-x
<rsalvaterra> lipnitsk: Ah, yes, I saw that one too! :)
<plustwo> have you noticed my msg? (been disc)
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<lipnitsk> rsalvaterra: yeah. Or just leave 5.4 alone and let it die eventually. Though you might get a bit more testing with people still on 5.4?
<rsalvaterra> lipnitsk: We need to remember there are more branches than master… ;) People are waiting for 21.02, it would be nice to give them as many bonuses as we can, no? :)
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<lipnitsk> rsalvaterra: sure, but some of these cleanups don't really qualify as fixes so seems like an uphill battle to get them merged to 21.02
<lipnitsk> Though the weak reordering thing might speed things up, just don't know how much testing it requires
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<rsalvaterra> lipnitsk: To be honest, it would be extremely strange for the 1004Kc to require WEAK_REORDERING_BEYOND_LLSC… from what I can tell, only a very restricted number of 64-bit MIPS CPUs select that kconfig option: Loongson GSx64(GS264/GS464/GS464E/GS464V) and Netlogic XLR/XLP.
<rsalvaterra> The 1004Kc is just a 34Kc with an extra pipeline stage (thread selection, for SMT). And GCC doesn't even care, just treats it like a 24Kc. :P
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<KGB-0> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/openwrt/openwrt_x86.html has been updated. (100.0% images and 97.7% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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<Rene__> lipnitsk: i tried to test of the upstream changes but there were so many changes that I could not get a compilable upstream kernel with a propper dts
<lipnitsk> Rene__: which changes are you talking about?
<Rene__> do you have a repo of your upsteam kernel so I can test my ErXsfp
<Rene__> yout trgmii patch, also saw nbd hw offload patch in the net mailing list and the clock patches
<rmilecki> Rene__: did nbd post some netfilter offloading patch?
<rmilecki> Rene__: do you happen to have a link?
<rmilecki> Rene__: awesome, thank you
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* rmilecki has pushed some mtd stuff
* rmilecki is waiting for buildbot to blame him
<lipnitsk> Rene__: honestly, I have not tried compiling upstream, just testing with 5.10 openwrt as much as time permits
<lipnitsk> Rene__: I'd like to clean up the openwrt patches a bit more - maybe then I'll attempt building and loading an upstream kernel. Will let you know when that happens, but may be a while.
<bkallus> Dissecting a stock firmware, I found a file called cferam.000, but once I boot up the router into that firmware, the file's name is cferam.068. These files differ. Can someone tell me what's going on there? I wouldn't think the bootloader would change like that
<Rene__> lipnitsk: this old commit added erxsfp dts and option to the upstream kernel a2e0e96ce20a335dae26dec1ebf9cdcc1b5379d7
<Rene__> but a lot has changed and I fail to update to the lastest kernel, dts and all mt7621 patches
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<owrt-snap-builds> build #647 of bcm47xx/generic is complete: Failure [failed kmods] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/bcm47xx%2Fgeneric/builds/647 blamelist: Rafa? Mi?ecki <rafal@milecki.pl>, ?lvaro Fern?ndez Rojas <noltari@gmail.com>
<jow> rmilecki: ^^ xD
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<rmilecki> didn't have to wait long ;)
<rmilecki> what the heck...
<rmilecki> i did ../maintainer-tools/update_kernel.sh 5.4 5.4.102
<rmilecki> so why it didn't catch patch failing to apply for bcm47xx? :|
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<rmilecki> > ../maintainer-tools/update_kernel.sh -t 5.4 5.4.102 | grep -m 1 bcm47xx
<rmilecki> refreshing bcm47xx ...
<rmilecki> i don't know why it didn't work :|
<rmilecki> ldir: ^^ any idea?
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<ldir> rmilecki: had you previously run it for that version? the scripts maintains a status in tmp dir
<rmilecki> no, i did rm tmp
<rmilecki> i guess i'll have to try it again later, with shell logging
<ldir> I don't know.
<rmilecki> ok, i'll try debugging later
<ldir> I've a bump in my tree to 105 - I had to tweak that just now after a rebase on master 'cos there's been some upstream changes.
<ldir> both modified: target/linux/generic/pending-5.4/690-net-add-support-for-threaded-NAPI-polling.patch
<ldir> fortunately a simple line number change
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<rmilecki> another try and bcm47xx has failed (without my recent fix)
<rmilecki> make[3]: *** [Makefile:25: /home/rmilecki/openwrt/openwrt-master-bcm53xx/build_dir/target-mipsel_mips32_musl/linux-bcm47xx_generic/linux-5.4.102/.quilt_checked] Error 1
<rmilecki> so I had to sth sth stupid on my first attempt
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<mangix> rsalvaterra: ping
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<aparcar[m]> mangix: pong
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