<mangix> great. more people who don't test their changes to procd.
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<mangix> sorry dangole: ^^
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<lipnitsk> mangix: wait where is jail.c?
<lipnitsk> mangix: did you mean to create a new patch within the patch or something?
<dangole> mangix: thank you, good catch
<dangole> anyone got an idea how i can force the steps in `Device/Build` in include/image.mk to happen sequential instead of in parallel?
<dangole> because like now all images and artifacts are created in parallel, which sucks because you can't reference images in artifacts or use preceding artifacts in following ones
<lipnitsk> dependencies somehow? create temp .stamp files or whatever to indicate rule completion?
<dangole> I do understand how to do that in a "normal" Makefile, but I don't get how it could work in image.mk in OpenWrt with all the level of indirection piled on top of Make
<lipnitsk> good point.
<aparcar[m]> mangix: ping
<lipnitsk> mangix: nevermind, just discovered https://git.openwrt.org/project/procd.git
<dangole> hmmm, maybe we really need a third thing. IMAGES, ARTIFACTS and maybe call it ASSEMBLIES (?) for things potentially assembled from IMAGES and ARTIFACTS, ie. runs after the both have completed.
<mangix> aparcar[m]: pong
<mangix> lipnitsk: there's no other place to propose patches for procd
<lipnitsk> yeah I figured. sorry.
<mangix> maybe private email
<rsalvaterra> Speaking of procd… can we please merge my patches and kill tmp-on-zram with fire? :P
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<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: thanks, that's similar to what I had. I'm trying to keep down to 2 variants, as each is a full blown package compile, and I felt pushing it when originally adding the tc variant.
<mangix> rsalvaterra: what is this zram-swap?
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: supporting shared libs only for tc-full is needed, so may need to use 4 variants in the end (yuck!)
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: I'll share something after a bit of juggling...
<rsalvaterra> mangix: It's an obsolete procd feature which allows you to directly mount /tmp on a zram block device. Useless and redundant, since we have zram-swap and tmpfs is backed by anonymous memory.
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: I haven't tested if building a statically linked tc(-tiny) will make a huge difference, yes.
<mangix> description says A script to activate swaping on a compressed zram partition.
<mangix> so this is an alternative to a normal swap partition?
<rsalvaterra> mangix: I'm not talking about zram-swap.
<mangix> I am
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Yes, zram-swap is an alternative to a swap partition.
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: I posted some sizes in the last iproute2 PR, not promising so didn't use.
<mangix> sounds pointless
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: In that case, I'm fine with dynamic linking. It's already smaller than my baseline.
<mangix> storage is cheap
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Not so durable, though… especially on an embedded device without USB ports. ;)
<mangix> erm, how would you use zrap-swap with no USB?
<mangix> *zram
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Ok, do you know what zram is and how it works?
<mangix> roughly. but you says zram-swap is an alternative to normal swap. I typically create swap partitions on USB drives
<urjaman> it's entirely in-ram compression
<rsalvaterra> mangix: zram is a block device on which written data is compressed.
<urjaman> so, nothing backing it, swapping to it just compresses the pages
<mangix> funny. i got more out of reading the init script
<mangix> makes sense now
<rsalvaterra> mangix: God, that init script is a mess. :P
<rsalvaterra> I actually cleaned it up a bit in my tree.
<mangix> yeah. I skipped to the start section
<mangix> seems it needs shellcheck love
<rsalvaterra> Mine is a bit different because I also factor in the expected compression ratio when defining the device size. I haven't sent this upstream because I don't feel like dealing with the changes LuCI requires. :P
<rsalvaterra> Off to bed now. Cheers!
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: 'night
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<hurricos> is it possible to successfully spawn pppd from a console? o_e
<hurricos> I've tried exec + removing askconsole from the inittab but no dice
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<owrt-1907-builds> build #271 of ar71xx/generic is complete: Failure [failed targetupload] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/openwrt-19.07/images/builders/ar71xx%2Fgeneric/builds/271 blamelist: Adrian Schmutzler <freifunk@adrianschmutzler.de>
<owrt-snap-builds> build #688 of octeon/generic is complete: Failure [failed targetupload] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/octeon%2Fgeneric/builds/688 blamelist: Rafa? Mi?ecki <rafal@milecki.pl>, ?lvaro Fern?ndez Rojas <noltari@gmail.com>, Sebastian Kemper <sebastian_ml@gmx.net>, Daniel Golle <daniel@makrotopia.org>
<owrt-2102-builds> <paweldembicki@gmail.com>
<owrt-2102-builds> build #14 of ath79/generic is complete: Failure [failed targetupload] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/openwrt-21.02/images/builders/ath79%2Fgeneric/builds/14 blamelist: Rui Salvaterra <rsalvaterra@gmail.com>, Georgi Valkov <gvalkov@abv.bg>, Ronny Kotzschmar <ro.ok@me.com>, Stefan Lippers-Hollmann <s.l-h@gmx.de>, Pawel Dembicki
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<Grommish> For the package folks.. Usig PKG_INSTALL = 1 should call make install after the first make, correct?
cirfis has joined #openwrt-devel
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<damex> Grommish: when did you start having a packet loss on your itus shield? after 5.10 or after cn63xx errata patch merge?
<damex> because on 5.4 it was tested to be working fine.
<Grommish> damex: I never had a working 5.10 version
<Grommish> I get the same ehci kernel panic Borromini gets on the ERLite
<Grommish> I've not had time to test anything further because dnsmasq is being stupid
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<Grommish> damex: I'm working on a SysBench package to run benchies between versions though
<Grommish> damex: https://github.com/akopytov/sysbench I'll see hard numbers this way
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<owrt-snap-builds> build #885 of pistachio/generic is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/pistachio%2Fgeneric/builds/885
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<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: ping
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<owrt-snap-builds> build #826 of tegra/generic is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/tegra%2Fgeneric/builds/826
<owrt-snap-builds> build #581 of bcm63xx/smp is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/bcm63xx%2Fsmp/builds/581
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<ynezz> nbd_: 0a497c4640a05bafa is probably causing issues when building packages with SDK and out of tree as there is -DABIVERSION="" which then results in install: cannot stat 'libubox-2020-12-12-35787769/ipkg-install/usr/lib/libubox.so.*': No such file or directory
<ynezz> nbd_: IIRC I've reported it 2 weeks ago when it was spotted for the first time https://gitlab.com/openwrt/project/ubus/-/pipelines
<owrt-snap-builds> build #627 of bcm27xx/bcm2711 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/bcm27xx%2Fbcm2711/builds/627
<ynezz> I've now scheduled daily builds (in addition to after push builds) for all projects which have CI support, in order to catch those regressions sooner next time
<owrt-snap-builds> build #808 of lantiq/xway_legacy is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/lantiq%2Fxway_legacy/builds/808
<jow> ynezz: I'd suggest -DABIVERSION="$(if $(PKG_ABI_VERSION),$(PKG_ABI_VERSION),0)"
<jow> or, slightly cleaner: PKG_ABI_VERSION ?= 0 somewhere at the top of the Makefile
<jow> but maybe I confused something... what do you mean with "SDK and out of tree" exactly? Does that mean that the ABI version mechanism does not properly work for SDK built packages?
<rsalvaterra> Yay! First LuCI pull request. :P https://github.com/openwrt/luci/pull/4863
<Borromini> the 'completely untested' sounds extremely tempting ;)
<rsalvaterra> Borromini: Heh… they're not exactly earth-shattering changes… :P
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: the last time you said that it invoved gutting ssl ;p
<Borromini> xD
<jow> my motivation to merge untested commits is zero, as I personally lack the time
<ynezz> jow: CI uses Docker SDK containers, so for example openwrtorg/sdk:ath79-generic-master and creates CMake toolchain file https://gitlab.com/ynezz/openwrt-ci/-/blob/master/openwrt-ci/sdk-build.mk#L12 so it can then build package out of tree, usually checked out by CI in /builds/openwrt/project/libubox directory having SDK unpacked in /home/build/openwrt
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: But the OpenSSL axe murder is fully tested (and running) on my machines. ;)
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: Oh, well, nevermind then
<ynezz> jow: so the only difference between native (host) and target (SDK) is CMake's toolchain file
<jow> ynezz: ah ok, I understand
<ynezz> jow: this out of tree builds usually expose different kind of CMake issues as well, hardcoded/implicit stuff etc.
<rsalvaterra> jow: I fully accept and understand. The idea was just to get it out there, someone interested will probably test it. ;)
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: I'll leave it up and mess with it tomorrow if you'd like
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: If you use LuCI and zram-swap, that would be great, thanks! :)
<Grommish> LuCI, yes, zRAM no.. no swap on the device
<Grommish> I was going to ask about that ;p
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: zram is a RAM-based compressed block device. The typical use case for it is to create a compressed swap partition in RAM.
<rsalvaterra> (To be honest, I never saw it being use in a different way.)
<rsalvaterra> *used
<owrt-snap-builds> build #822 of ath79/nand is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/ath79%2Fnand/builds/822
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: Come to think of it, you use Suricata, which has some really "interesting" memory requirements. It's probably a good idea for you to have zram-swap. ;)
<Grommish> Oh? Hmm.. I'll have to check it out after I do this other thing
<Grommish> and right now, Suricata isnt working. It won't find the pcap.h file ;/ I suspect it's an issue on their end and reported it. I can't imagine anyone trying to not use the host libs
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<owrt-snap-builds> build #612 of bcm27xx/bcm2710 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/bcm27xx%2Fbcm2710/builds/612
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: This is how zram swap looks on my machine… https://paste.debian.net/1187484/
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: The UCI configuration is different from upstream, at least for now, as I have this in my tree: https://github.com/rsalvaterra/openwrt/commit/ef37b16eacc5969665316e3d1d4e84a097b4e209
<jow> ynezz: another idea, maybe simply export PKG_ABI_VERSION=$(date +%Y%m%d) in your container?
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<ynezz> jow: yes, probably something like that if it's expexted and WONTFIX :)
<ynezz> s/expexted/expected/
<russell--> weird, i have an old soekris net4826 which is locking up during first boot, after a line that looks like this: [ 2.274158] Working around Cyrix MediaGX virtual DMA bugs.
<russell--> power cycle, and it's all good again
<owrt-snap-builds> build #667 of layerscape/armv7 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/layerscape%2Farmv7/builds/667
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: zram makes a disk-based swap partition to use as RAM, like regular swap?
<russell--> oh wait, maybe i'm just losing the serial console (somehow) ... tries flashing again
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: zram resides entirely in RAM, no physical storage involved. :)
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: Then what's the point?
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: I'm not understanding why partition RAM in RAM.. for the compression?
<karlp> that's what the z is...
<Grommish> karlp: Right, but I'm still not sure what hte practical benefit is
<Grommish> karlp: I'm not using it, and the question is, should I be :)
<karlp> from my understanding, opionins ar emixed :) the fans love it....
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: Simple: a lot of code and data is used only once. If you can't swap it out, it will reside in RAM forever.
<karlp> try it and see?
<russell--> a little of both
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: By having a compressed swap in RAM, you can free those allocated pages by swapping them out.
<Grommish> karlp: I"m still trying to quantify the octeon mess to see if a hit is taken :(
<karlp> if you cant' quantify, then... did it happen? :)
<Grommish> karlp: but I'll check it out and see
<Grommish> My device came in after it was broken, so I'm not sure what the effect it might have, however others have raised the issue it has bad things on the newer octeon targets
<Grommish> at the expense of a single device that isn't maintained
<Grommish> so.. I want to find out if and how much it effects things
<rsalvaterra> Oooooh…!
* rsalvaterra totally forgot he can now set vm.swappiness to 200, on Linux 5.10.
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: You'd be proud, i had to rebuild the MS WSL kernel for modules :)
<rsalvaterra> I build the kernel every week… :P
<Grommish> and it still worked.. MS did a really decent job with WSL
<rsalvaterra> Right now: Linux presler 5.12.0-rc1+ #78 SMP Mon Mar 1 11:59:23 WET 2021 x86_64 GNU/Linux
<Grommish> Linux DESKTOP-N35LRJ4 5.10.17-microsoft-standard #4 SMP Wed Feb 24 23:27:58 EST 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
<rsalvaterra> Nice…! 5.10.17 on WSL? (I never used WSL.)
<Grommish> Yeah WSLv2
<Grommish> the WSLv2 kernel doesn't come with modules enabled and headers
<Grommish> but, after that, it's been smooth.. once I limited the RAM it was eating
<rsalvaterra> Not having modules sounds like a feature to me… ;)
<rsalvaterra> Modules require core kernel exported symbols. Exported symbols are compiler optimisation barriers. Modules == less optimisation opportunities, especially as far as total kernel size is concerned.
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* rsalvaterra thoroughly despises compat for that very reason…
<KGB-1> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/openwrt/openwrt_x86.html has been updated. (100.0% images and 98.2% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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<jow> sigh nftables
<jow> iifname/oifname matches not working but iif/oif does
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<jow> Assertion failed: (((len) + (8) - 1) / (8)) > 0 (expression.c: constant_expr_alloc: 394)
<jow> Aborted
<jow> ... sigh
<jow> apparently the ifname string matching is not actually matching ifnames
<jow> staged four different counter rules to test:
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<rsalvaterra> jow: Hacking on firewall4? :)
<jow> its done more or less. But whenever I stop looking for a week, the groundwork is crumbling
<rsalvaterra> Wait, you mean nftables is still a moving target?
fracticated has joined #openwrt-devel
<jow> apparently?
<jow> whenever I look at it too long it falls over
<jow> but its probably my fault
<rsalvaterra> I wouldn't know, to be honest… I never used nftables, so I will have to learn from scratch.
<jow> it looks promising
<jow> for example I was able to consolidate ipv4 and ipv6 into one ruleset
<jow> within the af agnostic "inet" table
<jow> anonymous sets etc. are nice as well
<jow> syntax is okayish
<jow> but it is quite a paradigm shift
<lipnitsk> https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3960 boom, I hope it gets merged
<rsalvaterra> jow: That's why I'll wait for firewall4, firewall3 helped me understand a lot of details about iptables. :)
<Tapper> jow will firewall 3 just be swaped out with firewall 4.
<Tapper> swopped*
<jow> Tapper: yes, for the majority of use cases you cna just replace the package
<jow> config etc. remains identical
<Tapper> Will there have to be changes to other packages like addblock and banip egeg
<jow> no
<jow> or rather, depends
<jow> if they do firewall ops via ubus, then no
<Tapper> Sounds good
<jow> if they do manual iptables, then yes
<Tapper> kk
<jow> however iptables and nftables can coexists to some extent
<jow> but it'd be a waste of space and hard to debug if things do not work
<Tapper> What be the advantages of firewall 4 then?
<jow> future proof
<jow> iptables is being phased out and nowaday it is just a compatibility wrapper around iptables
* Tapper nods
<jow> *around nftables I mean
<Tapper> kk thanks for your work on this then
<rsalvaterra> jow: Future proof… until bpftables takes off, of course… ;)
<jow> yeah
<jow> well they opted for the virtual machine route, so in the end it's all just different language frontends
<jow> which will be compiled to some low level matching vm
<rsalvaterra> Somehow, that will require an eBPF compiler in the router itself… I can imagine the storage requirements skyrocketing in the near future.
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<lipnitsk> any opinion on squashing cherry-picks together in a 21.02 PR?
<lipnitsk> yay, nay, doesn't matter?
<jow> rsalvaterra: yes, and ebpf stuff in its current form is not really cross-compilable and requires the llvm framework to build elfs to upload to the kernel
<jow> a different compiler frontend or a cross-compile toolchain will be needed
<jow> the latter will make it impossible to change rules/filter programs on-target though
<rsalvaterra> jow: That's going to be wonderful on 8 MiB devices. :)
<jow> so either you write a generic ebpf program which you can somehow pass parameters to, like building a crappy variant of nftables
<jow> or you build another compiler frontend which emits the necessary risc byte code and which does the ELF framing manually
<rsalvaterra> jow: Or you generate your rules on the local machine and upload the ready-to-eat BPF bytecode to the router…
<jow> yeah or that, but compared to plain text rules that is quite impractical
<jow> requires a linux machine / docker container / sdk / webservice to compile opague binary blobs which you then load into the kernel
<jow> does not really inspire confidence
<rsalvaterra> Right, too convoluted for my taste.
<olmari> Inquiry from the curious: is that said binary compiled FW ruleset then also more performant than plain text? :)
<jow> sometime this year I want to take a stab at building an alternative compiler for ebpf
<rsalvaterra> olmari: Insanely fast, according to some prototype benchmarks I've seen years ago.
<olmari> In that case I can fully understand and see why... not that it "fits" too perfectly on openwrt general case of "all the small devices" in space requirement sense, but as perf... well... in general case personally I'll take the perf always :)
<rsalvaterra> And comparing the performance of iptables and nftables, I can't see a compelling reason to switch to nftables.
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<hurricos> So what, rebuild the linux kernel network filtering stack to be more like how graphics work?
<hurricos> everything precompiled jit? those'll be some fat libraries :|
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<jow> hurricos: essentially, yes (bytecode/jit)
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<hurricos> christ, I'd love to imagine a world where OpenWrt could self-compile those at runtime and host different arch toolchains
<hurricos> and you could have like, your cross-compiler running on an Openwrt Cavium manycore MIPS host and clients would reach out to it for new rulesets or fallback to native iptables
<hurricos> but on the other hand, spend more than 4 seconds thinking about it and that looks so
<hurricos> so so so bad
<hurricos> I mean -- I'm all for completely software-driven implementations, but ... think of how frequently iptables rules can change in e.g. a routed mesh network
<hurricos> or wait no.
<hurricos> Well
<hurricos> OK, the one thought there is that, maybe for bigger managed switches.
<hurricos> Like, imagine if a vendor marks redistributable some switch ASIC binaries and now suddenly the P2020 whitebox switches are on the market
<hurricos> P2020 is not a slow processor, and you get plenty of storage on those boards, and they have 10GBe interfaces -- and for those *sometimes* where you need to route stuff through the CPU, that's big gains
<hurricos> but still, can't see the synergy with OpenWrt's main targets
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<hurricos> also ONIE already has that market cornered
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<blogic> ...
<blogic> so today 2.3. i turned 42 ;P
<blogic> been waiting for my 2342 day for decades
<blogic> what are the odds on that one ....
<Redfoxmoon> happy birthday:-)
<rsalvaterra> blogic: Heh… I'll be 40 this year… :P Happy birthday! ;)
<blogic> spent the day with my daughter building the big lego harry p[otter castle ;)
<rsalvaterra> I miss the Lego (Technic) from my childhood… It's all very commercial, nowadays.
<blogic> yeah
<blogic> still was fun
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<lipnitsk> is openwrt-devel ML alive?
Borromini has joined #openwrt-devel
<lipnitsk> and my email either got rejected or the list is just dead?
<Borromini> it's not just you ;
<Borromini> ;)
<Borromini> thanks for the detective work on the ramips 5.10 PR btw
<lipnitsk> haha, is that controlling the ML operations?
<Borromini> no it's a site that offers you a sanity check :)
<lipnitsk> yeah, good thing there are willing testers.
<lipnitsk> No, I mean the infradead site
<Borromini> infradead.org hosts the ML yes
<lipnitsk> okay, so just resend when it's back up?
<Borromini> it hosts multiple i think.
<lipnitsk> or will it process the queue?
<Borromini> yeah, probably
<lipnitsk> i guess just wait and see
<Borromini> i have no idea, sorry.
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<Borromini> you can ping dwmw2_gone i think he runs it/has access to it
<Borromini> lipnitsk: is that XTAL_MASK 3 bits in 5.4 still btw? i looked for it but couldn't find it
<lipnitsk> nah, its not even in 5.10
<lipnitsk> oh i mean sorry
<lipnitsk> I think it was just an issue on mainline
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<lipnitsk> I tried backporting the mainline to 5.10 and it backfired, but we found the bug as a result
<lipnitsk> my PR just uses the staging version of the driver from 5.10 now with a small Kconfig change.
<Borromini> ok so should be OK on 5.4? the commits you linked to in one of your comments, i sent in those patches adding explicit resets for the PCIe bus
<Borromini> ok
<lipnitsk> the reset issue is something else, I was confused
<lipnitsk> resets may be misconfigured and that's fixed via device tree, but this was a driver bug.
<Borromini> ok. i thought it was related going by what was said in the comments, but I know nothing about the code really.
<lipnitsk> I know nothing about that code either, and Sergio was very helpful in patiently explaning it ;)
<lipnitsk> I guess he got a bug fix and some testing out of it so he should be happy ;)
<Borromini> yeah he is very helpful. he helped me troubleshoot that reset issue earlier as well (i had been running dengqf6's 5.10 ramips PR on a DIR-860L for a while)
<lipnitsk> now if we can bisect the packet loss that would be great. I think the branch is pretty much ready to merge even now..
<Borromini> :)
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<rsalvaterra> Guys, is it possible to test DSA on ath79 devices already? :)
<lipnitsk> I also started a thread on LKML about "BUG: Bad rss-counter state mm:(ptrval) type:MM_ANONPAGES val:1" and even got a response from Linus! Still investigating that one though, but that issue is pretty benign
<Borromini> rsalvaterra: blocktrron has this but no idea about the state: https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/staging/blocktrron.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/dsa-ar9344
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<Borromini> lipnitsk: sounds even more way over my head ;)
<rsalvaterra> Borromini: I was actually thinking of my TL-WDR3600… It's got a AR8327N switch, should be supported by qca8k, no?
<Borromini> i have no idea about what qca8k supports, not familiar with it sorry.
<Borromini> isn't it supposed to be the next driver for QCA switches in openwrt at some point?
<Borromini> rsalvaterra: do you have any mwlwifi devices?
<lipnitsk> infradead is pretty aptly named at the moment, because it is well... dead
<Borromini> i thought so but might be confusing you with someone else.
<rsalvaterra> Possibly… It was written by blogic, he probably knows better. :)
<Borromini> :)
<Borromini> mwlwifi doesn't do WPA3 does it?
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<rsalvaterra> Borromini: Nope, mwlwifi doesn't do WPA3 or WPA2 with PMF. Only plain WPA2.
<Borromini> someone on the forum is claiming his wrt1200ac does...
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<Borromini> makes you wonder (about his statement)
<rsalvaterra> Borromini: Probably someone special. :P
<Borromini> :P
<rsalvaterra> A friend of mine has both a WNDR3700 and a WRT1200AC. Guess which one is his favourite.
<rsalvaterra> Borromini: blocktrron's branch backports the ar9331 switch driver to 5.4. It's available natively in Linux 5.10, so that might make things easier.
<Borromini> rsalvaterra: neat
<Borromini> you really want to play with 5.10 don't you ;)
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<rsalvaterra> Borromini: I *am* playing with 5.10, both on the Omnia and on the TL-WDR3600. Archer C6 will be next. And I'm just waiting for lipnitsk's pull to land, to install it on the RM2100. ;)
<Borromini> hehe
<rsalvaterra> But now I'm trying to understand why tc is failing to build here… I'm compiling libelf with MIPS16, I wonder if that's a problem (libbpf can't be compiled with MIPS16 and depends on libelf)…
<KGB-0> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/openwrt/openwrt_ar71xx.html has been updated. (99.1% images and 98.4% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
<philipp64> Now CI/CD is failing because of dovecot? https://paste.centos.org/view/a50b814d
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<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: pong. hey, stop breaking things! :-) I turn MIPS16 explicitly turned off for bpftools -- not an accident, as the assembler errors in your logs will probably show.
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: But I like breaking things… :P
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: in other news, finished testing a nice clean, non-kludgy iproute2 update for a tc-tiny. Writing a description and then PR.
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Aww! I'm at it too! :P
<rsalvaterra> Bring it on! :D
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<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: then don't make it sound like iproute2/bpftools broke, when you broke it on purpose :-P
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: yeah, give me a few minutes to write something clear. I'm not a committer; I can't get away with one line "update package XXX" committs to master...
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Well, I didn't break it on purpose… thing is, my tc-tiny doesn't link to libbpf (nor libelf), so I hadn't noticed the breakage until I tried building tc-full.
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: didn't I tell you that's a tricky package to maintain? Tell me about it... :-)
<rmilecki> blogic: happy birthday
<guidosarducci> russell--: were your able to confirm your oxnas build issue went away with https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3956 ?
<rsalvaterra> But like I said, it's probably the old libelf MIPS16 commit I had causing issues. I reverted it, let's see how it goes.
<rmilecki> ynezz: thanks for the d01f449c008a ("of_net: add NVMEM support to of_get_mac_address")
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: strange, in PR https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3926 I made sure to test by compiling against iproute2. What are your logs showing?
<rmilecki> ynezz: i hope we can get upstream MAC reading support soon
<guidosarducci> blogic: many happy returns!
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Still building. Pentium (4) D here, it'll take a while. If it fails, I'll let you know. :P
<owrt-snap-builds> build #689 of octeon/generic is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/octeon%2Fgeneric/builds/689
<jow> yay, nftables i/oifname matching bug tracked down to kernel strncpy() behaving differently on mips
<rsalvaterra> jow: Oh, my…
<rsalvaterra> Must have been a nice rabbit hole. :P
<rmilecki> jow: what?
<guidosarducci> jow: does a fw4 + nftables support all uci firewall config options?
<guidosarducci> jow: I remember seeing a while ago it switches to using something ECMAscriptish too? What improvements does that bring?
<guidosarducci> philipp64: ping
<philipp64> guidosarducci: pong
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<guidosarducci> philipp64: howdy, was wondering if you had a chance to look at the libelf updates related to x86_64 on 5.10? Any thoughts?
<jow> rmilecki: apparently the kernel shipped quite naive asm implementations of strcpy(), strncpy() and strcmp() which aren't really better than the generic C counterparts but which lack certain side effects
<philipp64> I glanced at them, but was going to give it a more hermenutical reading later... Right now I'm eyeballs deep in trying to figure out what CircleCI is so broken, and why we keep seeing false positives. It's been weeks since it gave a valid x86_64 build result...
<jow> rmilecki: the strncpy() function is supposed to pad the remainder of the dest buffer with zeroes even if the src string to copy is shorter than the given length
<jow> rmilecki: the MIPS ASM variant does not
<rmilecki> jow: i had to be painful
<philipp64> jow: "more harm has been done by unnecessary micro-optimizations than all naivete combined..." (-me)
<Borromini> blogic: happy birthday ^_^
<jow> nftables relies on that behaviour, it copies IFNAMSIZ bytes into a scratch buffer and expects it to be zero-initialized
<rsalvaterra> jow: You're basically saying nftables is broken on MIPS. Peachy!
<philipp64> "he strncpy() function is supposed to pad the remainder of the dest buffer with zeroes even if the src string to copy is shorter than the given length" -- you sure about that? the glibc man page states otherwise:
<philipp64> The strncpy() function is similar, except that at most n bytes of src
<philipp64> are copied. Warning: If there is no null byte among the first n bytes
<philipp64> of src, the string placed in dest will not be null-terminated.
<karlp> glibc isn't exactly the one truth these days....
<rmilecki> jow: congrats on finding that
<karlp> kernel vs libc definitions yaya
<philipp64> the safest way to use strncpy() is: dst[sizeof(dst)-1] = '\0'; strncpy(dst, sizeof(dst) - 1, str);
<jow> in practise it looks like this on an mt7621 device right now: https://pastebin.com/iR6gXbuT
<jow> sreg is the scratch buffer, data the compare buffer
<jow> they're memcmp'ed
<philipp64> karlp: they are pretty zealous about following the ANSI/ISO standards and calling out when they don't...
<philipp64> if you're going to provide a function with a cannonical name like strncpy(), why give deviant semantics? that's just asking for trouble... I don't care if it is in the kernel...
<karlp> philipp64: your definition absolutely won't do what the kernel version does...
<karlp> kernel world doesn't give a rats abotu what user calls look like.
<philipp64> or rather, the kernel won't do what I described (which is what the ISO C99 language spec requires).
<philipp64> well, you get into deep kimchi for iptables/netfilter developers that write code for both sides of the kernel (kernel- and user-spaces)... only a matter of time that someone ends up forgetting about the subtle differences between the two versions. Asking for trouble.
<rsalvaterra> philipp64: Let's put it this way: libc relies on the kernel, not the other way around. ;)
<philipp64> rsalvaterra: I get that. But there's an infinite number of alternate names for the function that was unfortunately called "strncpy()" in the kernel...
<jow> can confirm that it fixes the issue for me
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<philipp64> Bash was updated last on Dec 30, 2020. Why am I *now* seeing breakage when building it?
<philipp64> The following seems to fix it, however: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/kBDZxQtGqx/
<rsalvaterra> jow: You're testing on Linux 5.4, right? From the patch date, it's probably already on Linux 5.10 (haven't checked).
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<jow> yes, 5.4
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<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: https://paste.debian.net/1187564/
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<guidosarducci> philipp64: understood re: libelf, just didn't want it to fall off the stack. Let me know if anything I can help with. And can't agree more about senseless overoptimization, but it's become common culture and good luck changing people. :-)
<jow> guidosarducci: yes, fw4 will support allmost all uci options
<jow> guidosarducci: about the ECMAscriptishness, main advantage is that it is easer than maintaining a C wrapper
<jow> and idea is to eventually reuse ucode in other places as well where shell script is not well suited (lack of complex data structures, json/ubus integration)
<guidosarducci> jow: sure, I was concerned with it looking like a one-off, and your own fork at that, so a maintainability issue. Not sure if I misunderstood.
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<Tapper> blogic: happy birthday
<guidosarducci> jow: first thought was what ruled lua out as a good fit TBH.
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: sorry, missed your link earlier.
<jow> guidosarducci: thought a whilr about Lua as option but in the end I found the code too verbose
<jow> also the incompatibilities with each version were annoying as well, the lack of a good standard lib, functions such as map, filter
<jow> lambdas
<jow> clear array vs table separation
<jow> json parse & formatting
<jow> ubus integration
<jow> yes, can be all supplemented with modules
<jow> but then you need to forward port to lua 5.4
<guidosarducci> jow: yeah, I can sympathize. Am I right that's it's your own JS fork/version? Is there something with upstream support we can use?
<jow> its neither a fork nor JS, its a custom implementation that happens to reuse ecmascript syntax but without the class and prototype inheritation model
<jow> upstream would be me
<guidosarducci> jow: also, there's a flip side to verbose code. TBH I found the f3 code rather opaque and inaccessible, which is worrisome given how central it is to OWRT and security.
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<jow> me too, therfore I didn't want to write it in C, again
<jow> but then I don't want to write 15 lines of code every time I want to remove an item from an array
<jow> or restructure loop conditions because there's no continue
<jow> (Lua 5.1)
<guidosarducci> jow: I also worry about the lack of regression testing (that I've seen) for fw code. Does this change help enable any such improvements?
<jow> sure, since fw4 simply renders nftables syntax which is fed to nft via stdin you can simply feed it uci and compare the expected output
<guidosarducci> jow: but how do we test the fw3 to fw4 transition?
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<jow> I am going to focus on testing that fw4 produces the expected nftables result from the given uci
<jow> in the end we have to rely on nftables performing as intended
<guidosarducci> jow: Right, I expect "all of us" is the real answer to "who/how". But if we can even build a test set going forward that'll still be very useful.
<guidosarducci> jow: thanks for the insight, I appreciate it. Can I bug you about a fw bug? The DSCP/MARK targets completely ignore interface. Everything is run in PREROUTING, all interfaces and directions. It hurts people transitioning to use fw uci rather than custom iptables rules.
<guidosarducci> jow: ^^^ I'm actually talking about the targets in fw3 uci.
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: saw your log. I build iproute2/bpftools all the time and don't see that compile error, so first question is what did you change? :-P
<jow> guidosarducci: right, the mangle table management in fw3 lacks the entire zone/chain matching infrastructure
<jow> so it's not so much a bug but rather a lacking feature
<jow> the bug would be not warning/rejecting MARK/DSCP rules with option src/dest
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Let me push it, I'll show you…
<guidosarducci> jow: well, IIRC the usage description when it was implemented said it should work.
<jow> did it? couldn't find a usage description in the commit messages from a quick glance
<guidosarducci> jow: no it does indeed accept src, it just doesn't use it as originally intended. I'd like to fix 'src', and then add 'dst'.
<guidosarducci> jow: it was either a forum discussion, or an older wiki page version I can't seeem to find just now.
<guidosarducci> jow: it correctly rejects 'dst':
<guidosarducci> Warning 'dest' for DSCP target
<guidosarducci> : Section @rule[13] (Test-MARK-3) must not specify 'dest' for MARK target
<jow> to fix src (and possible add dest) you'd first need to setup the entire chain structure in the mangle table
<jow> and add the appropriate zone match rules (e.g. -i br-lan -j zone_lan_mangle)
<jow> but for mark/dscp that's likely not feasible
<jow> so you likely want to keep it flat (stuff all in PREROUTING) and loop over all permutations of (&rule->_src->networks and &rule->_dest->networks)
<guidosarducci> jow: would that consolidate the filter and mangle stuff in the same framework? Might be good in any case.
<jow> so if you have a config rule; option src lan; option dest wan; option target MARK; option set_mark 1234 with zone "lan" and "wan" having multiple interfaces or subnets each (e.g. eth0+eth1 in wan, eth2+eth3 in lan)
<jow> you'd need 4 iptables rules with -i eth0 -o eth2; -i eth0 -o eth3; -i eth1 -o eth2; -i eth1 -o eth3
<jow> no for filter we act differently
<jow> there you have a src matching chain (e.g. -i eth2 and -i eth3 both jumping to zone_lan_input
<jow> and the dest part is realized by jumping into the appropriate target chain
<jow> you could do the same for mangle, e.g. have a zone_lan_input which is then jumping into a zone_wan_dscp or zone_wan_mark
<guidosarducci> jow: right, that's what I was imagining for mangle too.
<guidosarducci> but it sounds like that requires a lot of infrastructure to do.
<jow> yes
<jow> also I'm a bit fuzzy atm
<jow> in which contexts does set-dscp or set-mark make sense?
<jow> for output and forward?
<jow> I guess not for input
<guidosarducci> jow: really mainly for prerouting and postrouting, maybe forwarding.
<guidosarducci> jow: where forwarding case == in && out
<jow> how to configure pre or post in uci?
<guidosarducci> jow: the big use case is specifying QOS classifiers in a maintainable, portable way, rather than have people subtly breaking our firewall rules.
<jow> atm there's only src yes/no and dest yes/no
<jow> src only is input, dest only is output, both is forward
<guidosarducci> jow: pre would naturally translate from a 'src', which a zone spec?
<jow> for nat, pre/postrouting is selected according to the target (dnat vs. snat/masq)
<jow> but they're mainly considered to apply to forwarded traffic
<jow> ok so target MARK/DSCP + only src -> mangle/prerouting
<jow> target MARK/DSPC + src + dest -> mangle/forwarding
<guidosarducci> jow: exactly
<jow> MARK/DSCP + only dest -> mangle/postrouting ?
<guidosarducci> yes
<jow> gotcha
<guidosarducci> jow: I'm sure others will want to see INPUT and OUTPUT w.r.t. to on-device services but that can be a TBD. And I expect we'll have more flexibility in post-iptables, either nftables or bpfilter.
<guidosarducci> jow: so really I'm just wondering how feasible that would be for 21.02, given it dates from 19.xx.
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<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: give me a sec, multitasking. FYI, I also just rebuilt everything without issue so...
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: No worries, I'm just curious to understand where I screwed up. :)
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: that error shouldn't happen from what I see, but you should double-check further back in your log when iproute2 does its feature detection i.e. libelf libbpf etc.
<rsalvaterra> By the way, one thing that gets screwed up is the indentation, when packages conflict with each other and belong to a submenu. The most egregious example is the WirelessAPD submenu.
<philipp64> does anyone know why "dovecot" is required to build as part of the Strongswan CircleCI dependencies?
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<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: also are you applying this? PR https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3956
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<philipp64> Nothing but nothing has Depends: .*dovecot in tmp/.packageinfo so I'm wondering just how broken is CircleCI?
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Feature detection: https://paste.debian.net/1187574/
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Oh…! No, I hadn't seen that pull. I wonder if it makes a difference…
<jow> guidosarducci: I'd say not feasible
<jow> took a quick look and its going to be quite complicated
<jow> simplest fix would be simply iterating all permutations of &rule->_src->networks and
<jow> &rule->_dest->networks then select mangle/PREROUTING, mangle/FORWARDING or mangle/POSTROUTING depending on whether src/dest is set/not set
<jow> and adding all rules in a flat manner
<jow> plus passing the currently iterated src/dest as -i / -o respectively
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Nope, didn't change anything, unfortunately.
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: didn't think so but just a guess. I also note you're not using libmnl based on feature detection, but I confirmed everything still works in that case.
<jow> guidosarducci: something like this: https://pastebin.com/8gWySLGp
<jow> fw3_foreach loops at least once if the given list head is empty, so if either of option src/dest is unspecified, the loop will run once with idev/odev NULL
<jow> you still need to check ->_src and ->_dest for non-NULL though and possibly pass an empty list head instead
<jow> or do it in a separate code branch
<jow> I guess supporting "option src *" / "option dest *" makes sense too, to not require specifying a specific zone but still be able to select between PREROUTING/POSTROUTING/FORWARD
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<guidosarducci> jow: true, though I imagine these non-selective cases to be less common. If you have a code branch for this, then I have some test cases already I can run through. However, I don't have regression tests for other functionality. Are those safe?
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<guidosarducci> jow: ^^ I mean non-DSCP/MARK mangle functions, the "regular" stuff...
<jow> you could give the above one a try
<jow> there's not much to share with the filter cases since those are completely differently structured, chain-wise
<jow> the fw3_ipt_rule_... stuff could be refactored into a helper function of course
<guidosarducci> jow: that's what I expect, but doesn't stop me worrying about breakage
<jow> since line 23-36 and 49+ are mostly identical
<jow> the diff I pasted should nto affect any other rules
<guidosarducci> jow: ok, thanks, that gives me something to play with. How best to follow up? The fw3 code is on a separate repo.
<jow> try it against your use cases, see if it yields the proper result
<jow> and maybe polish it a bit, consolidate redundant code etc.
<jow> then you could git-send-email it with --subject-prefix="PATCH firewall3"
<jow> or get back to me here
<jow> need to run now, bbl
<guidosarducci> jow: thanks a lot, take care
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<pkgadd> rsalvaterra: you're successfully running kernel 5.10 on your tl-wdr3600? anything special to consider? (I was planning to look into v5.10 for my tl-wdr3600 and tl-wdr4300 over the coming days)
<rsalvaterra> pkgadd: Yes, I am, and it seems to be just fine (haven't tested my cdc-ncm connection yet, though). Built with gcc 10 and binutils 2.35.1, -mtune=74kc -O2.
<pkgadd> great, thanks! (just need to look again where I to the patches)