<owrt-snap-builds> build #791 of mediatek/mt7622 is complete: Failure [failed pkgbuild] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/mediatek%2Fmt7622/builds/791 blamelist: Petr ?tetiar <ynezz@true.cz>, Felix Fietkau <nbd@nbd.name>, Perry Melange <isprotejesvalkata@gmail.com>, Clemens Fruhwirth <clemens@endorphin.org>
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<owrt-snap-builds> build #669 of layerscape/armv7 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/builders/layerscape%2Farmv7/builds/669
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<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: just so you know, I was able to build everything with gcc 10.2.0 for ppc *without* any of those iproute2 patches, so I'm doubtful the gcc version was the culprit. Plus that problem didn't show up on buildbots IIRC. Perhaps one of the local changes in your tree...
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<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: I find that exceedingly unlikely, tried to build master directly, without any of my patches. Something's fishy… :/
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<nyt> so i just cleared out some old files on my overlay, including passwd file, and notice new file has a user for ubus
<nyt> unfortunately, when a ubus user exists, there's some issue where procd cannot connect to ubus
<nyt> and the boot hangs
<nyt> it was running as root before with no issues, but when there's a ubus user and it runs as that, no joy
<nyt> any ideas?
<rsalvaterra> nyt: Have you updated ubus through opkg, at any point in time?
<nyt> neg, i think i found it
<nyt> might be old etc/config/rpcd
<nyt> gonna try clearing that out and see what happens, but not sure itllh elp
<rsalvaterra> https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commitdiff;h=de7ca7dafadfd650d031e0379ce0c002868d5936
<rsalvaterra> There was an issue, but it was fixed a while ago.
<nyt> fresh build off master
<nyt> doesnt seem related to that
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<nyt> yeah so only change, if i edit passwd and remove the ubus line, so ubusd runs as root, everything works great
<nyt> otherwise, [ 18.729220] procd: Connection to ubus failed
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<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Meanwhile, I set the patch as not applicable. I have no idea what's going on. Could it be a config (OpenWrt and kernel) problem?
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<nyt> figured it out
<nyt> somehow passwd was umask 77
<nyt> ubus would hang repeatedly trying to read it
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<rsalvaterra> mangix: Hm… musl 1.2.2 is a bit chubbier.
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<karlp> silly users demanding that previously skipped features be implemented :)
<rsalvaterra> karlp: I only complain about unnecessary chubbiness. :P
<rsalvaterra> And musl 1.2.2 had me at mallocng. :P
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<rsalvaterra> (And 64-bit time_t, of course, but that's basic necessity.)
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<owrt-2102-builds> build #15 of ath79/generic is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.openwrt.org/openwrt-21.02/images/builders/ath79%2Fgeneric/builds/15
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<Festivenari> Hi, I need some help with porting OpenWRT to a device; a netcomm router (BCM6368) that has a mini PCI-e slot with a 3G modem inside. I don't know what it is, but after running binwalk on both the original and the builder's generated image, the partition order is wrong (something else?)? I'm not too sure what I need to change in the dts file/device config block; original firmware binwalk: https://i.imgur.com/Vk5KGUJ.png and the
<Festivenari> generated image binwalk: https://i.imgur.com/0CAj5Px.png
<Festivenari> I tried to install it on the device, but since the order is wrong, it refuses to upgrade to my image
<Festivenari> I've read through the docs too
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<Borromini> Festivenari: what's the flash layout the OEM firmware reports?
<Borromini> pastebin instead of screenshot please
<Festivenari> Borromini: uh, sure. You mean /proc/mtd, right?
<Borromini> does your openwrt initramfs boot?
<Borromini> Festivenari: yes, but also what's reported in the boot log (both show the same but in a slightly different way)
<Festivenari> sure, let me get the device and extract that info
<Borromini> svanheule: been looking for any openwrt supported outdoor APs but it really looks like that EAP225 Outdoor is the only one that has real PoE afaict, not the 'passive' PoE like some other stuff, and a gigabit uplink.
<Borromini> slim pickings :P
<Festivenari> Borromini: https://pastebin.com/NVgv2N7X
<Festivenari> It's not a 4/32MB device technically (5MB flash), but it does have 2x USB ports
<Festivenari> And here are my source code modifications (dts file contents and bcm63xx.mk edits): https://pastebin.com/4W8amexV
<Festivenari> weird... the CHIP_ID is incorrect
<Festivenari> guess my IDE made a mistake
<Festivenari> but when I compiled it, it was correct
<Festivenari> oh, right... the boot log
<Borromini> Festivenari: that first paste isn't showing the boot log
<Festivenari> Borromini: so, uh, would dmesg suffice? My serial to USB adaptor broke and I'm still waiting on them to come
<svanheule> Borromini: Unifi UAP-AC-M also claims to support standard 802.3af http://dl.ui.com/datasheets/unifi/UniFi_AC_Mesh_DS.pdf
<Festivenari> Borromini: dmesg log: https://pastebin.com/a1mHHCY5
<svanheule> Borromini: not sure if there's any benefit over the 225-Outdoor (like a Mediatek radio)
<Festivenari> I could try and use my RPI to get the serial output, but hmm
<Festivenari> last I tried, it just wouldn't work
<Festivenari> I'm willing to sacrifice a few of these routers since I have so many on hand (which is the reason why I'm porting OpenWRT)
<Borromini> svanheule: no, and with this MT7613 i don't know if having mt76 wireless is such an advantage xD
<svanheule> :P
<Borromini> specs look almost identical
<Festivenari> Borromini: actually, I will try and get the RPI for the entire boot log
<Festivenari> *use the
<Borromini> Festivenari: that's your way to get serial on the device?
<Festivenari> Borromini: yep, until those adaptors arrive
<svanheule> Borromini: UAP-AC-M is also ath10k https://fccid.io/SWX-UAPACM/Internal-Photos/Internal-Photos-3092372, so the TP-Link will most likely be cheaper
<svanheule> Borromini: it does look like serial access on the UAP-AC-M might be easier than on the EAP225-Outdoor
<svanheule> i.e. an actual header instead of PCB test points
<Borromini> that's a pre yes. tp-link is 75-ish euros
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* Borromini hates Ubiquiti's ungoogleable product names
<Festivenari_> oops... disconnected the wrong ethernet cable
<Borromini> well UBNT is a tenner more expensive
<Borromini> not the end of the world
<russell--> Borromini: /proc/mtd doesn't show addresses, just sizes. for the flash layout, the bootlog is really the only choice
<Borromini> russell--: yeah that's why i asked both.
<Borromini> /proc/mtd is easier for sizes :)
<russell--> /proc/mtd is useless
<Borromini> well my hex isn't as fluent as yours no doubt.
<russell--> "dmesg | grep 0x0" does a decent job
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<Festivenari_> oh, great, I need a RS-232 level converter now...
<Festivenari_> Borromini: well, is there another way of getting the boot log?
<russell--> can you ssh?
<Festivenari_> russell--: yes, I have telnet access
<Festivenari_> I can run any command as root
<Borromini> Festivenari_: you really want serial access once you start breaking things.
<russell--> dmesg gives you the kernel part (post boot loader)
<Festivenari_> Borromini: yeah, too bad the shipping time out of China sucks...
<Borromini> Festivenari_: you can't get those things from local webshops?
<Festivenari_> Borromini: uh, I can, but I mean, waiting 3 weeks or so isn't too bad, considering local eBay sellers would charge $10 each
<Borromini> i'm not seeing any storage defined in your dts either btw
<Borromini> but i'm not overly familiar with it
<Festivenari_> Borromini: hmm... I took it from another device that had similar specs
<russell--> i buy 10-30 of the $2 dollar ones from china at a time to compensate for the slow shipping, then on average it only takes a few days each
<Festivenari_> russell--: yeah, I suppose that's a very good idea considering it's too easy to short one of them out
<Festivenari_> I might see if there's a store in my city that sells those adaptors
<russell--> Festivenari_: what part of the world are you in?
<Festivenari_> russell--: Australia
<Festivenari_> I already know the local places to get them, but I have a feeling those adaptors will come soon because it's been 1-2 weeks so far, so waiting a few more days can't hurt
<Festivenari_> actually, might just order 1-2 of them from a local store, I suppose
<Festivenari_> >$22.45 per adaptor
<Festivenari_> yeah, think I'll wait
<Borromini> :)
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<Festivenari_> Borromini: well, I'll probably return when they come. Well... thanks for the advice, I suppose
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<rsalvaterra> mangix: ping
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<plntyk> anybody knows how to "fix" packages pull-request ci - are the fails only from too many parallel builds or sth similar ?
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<rsalvaterra> Borromini: So today I discovered update_kernel.sh… :P
<rsalvaterra> Ah, he's gone.
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<rsalvaterra> Borromini: Hey, there! :)
<Borromini> rsalvaterra: hi!
<Borromini> what's up
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<jmv09> I think I have loss of openwrt stopping issuing ip addresses to clien for second time.. By dnsmasq I think. 19.07.7 on x86. Is there a reason. This didn't happen on 19.07.6. Anything known?
<stintel> yawn
<rsalvaterra> Borromini: I discovered update_kernel.sh… :P
<stintel> rsalvaterra: welcome in 2017 :P
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<Grommish> So. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to why dnsmasq refuses to work unless the WAN port is connected and up?
<rsalvaterra> stintel: Hey, I'm not working on OpenWrt since 2017… XD
<Borromini> rsalvaterra: how come? :D
<stintel> rsalvaterra: me neither ;)
<Borromini> very handy huh ;)
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: bind-interfaces?
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<rsalvaterra> And listening at the wrong "door"?
<rsalvaterra> Borromini: Indeed, but going from 5.10.18 to 5.10.20 is going to require manual work… :)
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<Borromini> lots of patches or just a few?
<Borromini> i usually wait till graysky pushes his updates, he's always pretty quick bumping kernels :)
<rsalvaterra> Borromini: 5 reverse-appliable, 17 refreshed, as of yet.
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: No.. If I leave the WAN port unplugged, dnsmasq on the LAN ports refuses to work.. it won't even bring the ports fully up.. they report up but th br-lan refuses to acknowlege even a ping
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: the minute I plug WAN in and it pulls an IP, the rest works fine
<rsalvaterra> And one isn't applying at all. Some Freescale .dts change.
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: and br-lan is statically set
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: How's the router connected?
<Grommish> anything connected to the LAN ports before wan is up pulls a 169.x autoconfig IP
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: It's got 3 Eth ports.. eth0/1/2. No switch chip. br-lan is 1/2 bridged, wan is 0
<Grommish> br-lan is static, wan is dhcp/dhcpv6
<Borromini> rsalvaterra: if it's really reverse applied, those are easy
<Grommish> and it works - as long as WAN is up and has an IP
<Grommish> but no wan = no lan for whatever reason
<rsalvaterra> Borromini: Yep, just git rm.
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: That's indeed very odd. Unfortunately I don't have an answer… :/
<Grommish> Maybe it's just a hardware issue, but makes no sense that way
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: Me either >_<
<rsalvaterra> I don't believe it's a hardware issue, though.
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<rsalvaterra> Is it my impression, or is jffs2 in (very, very light) maintenance mode…?
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<rsalvaterra> 5.10 bump to 5.10.20 pull sent.
<mangix> rsalvaterra: pong
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Hi! Just to let you know musl 1.2.2 is working like a charm here. ;)
<mangix> Wouldn't doubt it. Been running it for several months as well.
<rsalvaterra> Is it just me, or do I suddenly have more memory available?
<mangix> No idea. Maybe the malloc changes are to blame
<rsalvaterra> The used memory used to hover at about 62 MiB on my Archer C6, now it doesn't go above 56 MiB…
<rsalvaterra> Might just be placebo, but I'm happy anyway. :P
<rsalvaterra> I do believe the libselinux patch should be part of the series, though…
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<mangix> Sure. I'll add it later
<mangix> There's an interesting bug with musl and PPC. libgcc has long double as 128 bits whereas musl has it at 64. No idea how to fix GCC.
<mangix> GCC9 and above I believe.
<rsalvaterra> Just to make sure, this is the patch you have, right? https://github.com/rsalvaterra/openwrt/commit/cbc2b627346affc1dcd581ecceb3bb4c0c014dad
<mangix> Yep
<mangix> Upstream fixed the issue. Will be part of 3.2 releasing soon
<mangix> It's at rc3 I think
<rsalvaterra> Well, if it's released before musl is merged, we won't need the patch anymore. :)
<mangix> I'm not hopeful it will be soon.
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<rsalvaterra> mangix: Nope, it's definitely not placebo. Both the Archer C6 and the TL-WDR3600 are using less memory.
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<mangix> rsalvaterra: that's...good i guess
<mangix> any theory why?
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<rsalvaterra> mangix: mallocng. Less fragmentation.
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<Borromini> Grommish: would you mind if i bothered you when i'd start looking at a dedicated dts for the EdgeRouter Lite?
<Borromini> zx2c4: ping. i am still carrying this patch in my own tree and wondered if there had been any further discussion on this since you asked florian if he'd like to see that in wireguard-tools proper? https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/openwrt/patch/20200512110634.21976-1-fe@dev.tdt.de/
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<Grommish> Borromini: Not at all, although damex is probably the best for dts help. Do you have one already? or is there one in the ERLit uboot (if it has one)?
<Grommish> Borromini: Or, you can pull it from the running system and we can see what's different
<Borromini> Grommish: it's using the generic one that comes with the linux kernel atm
<Grommish> Borromini: If you opkg install dtc, you can then run: dtc -I fs -O dts /sys/firmware/devicetree/base
<Grommish> Borromini: and it'll export the running dts to stdout
<Grommish> that's at least a good start
<Borromini> Grommish: it's already supported on openwrt, just using the 'generic' dts that is upstream in the linux kernel
<Grommish> Borromini: Yes, but if you generate a new one, we can compare them
<Grommish> and see what needs to be changed.. or, is there a dts already for thge lite?
<Grommish> floating aroudn
<Borromini> ah, i see
<Borromini> i don't think so
<Borromini> sec
<Grommish> Check that out :)
<Grommish> but that looks like the internal kernel one
<Grommish> so if that is what Owrt is using, it should find it. What needs to be added/removed?
<Grommish> I'm still trying to fix my wsl install, so I can't dig into the source right now
<Borromini> Grommish: i remember talking to damex about it, i thought it was on github. i'll have to crawl through my history
<Borromini> no worries, the erlite is a testing device here, it's all good
<mangix> why wsl?
<Borromini> it's my edgerouter 4 that's in production
<Grommish> mangix: My main build system is a bare-metal install on another machine
<Grommish> mangix: wsl2 lets me do it here as well
<Grommish> But, that other machine is also my streaming/recording/editing box
<Grommish> so, I like having more options
<mangix> i personally use wsl to ssh into my main box
<Grommish> I give the Ubuntu WSL vm 16gb ram and it seems happy
<mangix> this laptop is too slow with its 4 cores
<Grommish> but, either docker screwed it up, or my fstab changes did, or something else
<Grommish> My other system is a Alienware M17xr4, so it's older, but I have 32Gb ram in it, a tb 7200RPM drive for windwo and a 500 ssd for Linux.. i7-3xxxx series
<Grommish> THis one is a i7-7500 with 32gb ram, but no SSD, just a 2tb hhd
<Grommish> They compile about the same though honestly
<Grommish> so now I'm converting my wsl2 to wsl1 to see if I cna get it to boot, fix the issue, then convert it back.. I exported the image and its' 75gb on disk, so its going to take a while I suspect
<mangix> uhhh intel?
<mangix> AMD is much faster with its ridiculous L3 cache
<Grommish> NOW it is ;p
<Grommish> In 2013 when my AW was made, ot 2018 when I got the second one, it wasn't
<mangix> that L3 cache massively helps with compilationm
<Borromini> :P
<Borromini> i'm just waiting for Dell to release an XPS with Zen3.
<Borromini> Grommish: i held out till zen to upgrade my ailing Phenom II X6
<Grommish> Althought I hear they are going to release a new CPU SKU that has 96 cored
<Grommish> err cores per CPU
<Borromini> Grommish: the rumored upcoming epyc you mean?
* Borromini forgot the name
<Grommish> It's another Italian name, yes
<Borromini> rome or milan
<Borromini> i don't know which one is the long awaited one :P
<Grommish> Genoa
<Borromini> oh!
<Borromini> yes.
<Borromini> see...
<Borromini> >_>
<Grommish> Genoa is the new one with 96 cores suposedly
<Borromini> and i go to italy every year :P
<Grommish> I had to look it up ;p
<Borromini> well, went.
<Borromini> ty covid >_>
<Grommish> But yes, that is very tasty and way outside my price point
<Grommish> but, we can dream
<Borromini> hehe
<Borromini> i'd be happy with a 5800X to bump from my 1800X atm :^)
<Grommish> Especially since AMD is supporting ECC RAM out of the box with it
<Borromini> yeah
<Grommish> about time
<Borromini> well AMD has been doing that before zen3 i think already
<Grommish> Not officially
<Grommish> and it's sportatic for folk to get it o wokr from what I've heard
<Borromini> no, true
<Grommish> Gah.. the system lags and bogs and my spelling and typing go to pot
<Grommish> (that's my excuse and I"m sticking to it)
<Borromini> =)
<Grommish> I feel like I"m chasing my tail with this.. If you search for "Windows Subsystem for Linux has terminated unexpectedly" the "reasons" are all over the place ;/
<Grommish> Shocker, I tell ya.. but when it was working, it was brillant
<Borromini> :P
<Grommish> and I can't get it to tell me a reason ;p even with the custom event logger template
<Grommish> Ah well, I will bookmark that dts file and see if it's in the kernel or not.. if not, I'll toss it into the tree
<Borromini> =)
<Borromini> i can't find the conversation i had with damex about it, unfortunately
<Borromini> he did mention some things were missing
<Grommish> that dts uses the cn3xxx dtsi to stub against so I moight have to grab both, though I think the dtsi is in the kernel already
<Borromini> yeah
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<Borromini> i gotta go, way past bedtime again :(
<Borromini> bbl