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<aparcar[m]> mangix: so we keep gcc7
<aparcar[m]> ?
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<mangix> aparcar[m]: I mean, it should be removed eventually.
<mangix> GCC7 can't compile gerbera for example
<mangix> std::filesystem came with GCC8
<mangix> for an unrelated reason, I tried to move it to boost::filesystem but that's not equivalent surprisingly.
<aparcar[m]> gcc8 is default anyway right?
<mangix> yeah
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<pkgadd> aside from the incorrect signed-off-by, there is no indication that this change really has an effect on the archer c2600. ipq806x is using cortex a15 since day one (so roughly 2016), it would (imho) need a whole lot more of a justification to change that after half a decade
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<mangix> pkgadd: huh that's funny. look at target/linux/ipq806x/patches-5.4/0065-arm-override-compiler-flags.patch
<mangix> upstream kernel.org seems to disagree
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<pkgadd> more verbose commit messages would certainly help, but that equally (respectively even more-) applies to that new PR
<pkgadd> it would be interesting what lineageos is doing as well
<mangix> pkgadd: fewer toolchains would be nice
<mangix> even if there is no real problem with a15
<pkgadd> mangix: armvirt is also using cortex-a15
<pkgadd> sure, reducing the set of architectures would always be nice, but there should still be a justification in the commit message - that may very well be that cortex-a7 works well enough, but not that it "might eventually" fix the c2600 without clarifying if it really does
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<pkgadd> (I wouldn't assume that there'd be a significant performance difference for typical routing tasks either)
<mangix> pkgadd: that armvirt seems to be wrong
<mangix> given that it is not true with most devices
<mangix> i would think qemu targets should be using something close to hardware
<pkgadd> well, so far both targets have the justification that there's the other one also using cortex-a15 ;) I've never used armvirt and have no idea if using cortex-a15 might be faster there
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<pkgadd> interesting enough, ipq40xx was apparently using CPU_TYPE:=cortex-a15 && CPU_SUBTYPE:=neon-vfpv4 as well, without any ill effects
<pkgadd> (while ipq40xx was still supported within the ipq806x target)
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<lipnitsk> just discovered CONFIG_MODULE_STRIPPED
<lipnitsk> seems to hide/bypass a bunch of modpost checks
<lipnitsk> like: FATAL: modpost: sound/soc/ralink/snd-soc-ralink-i2s: struct of_device_id is not terminated with a NULL entry!
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<Grommish> Silly question, but what does the build system mean when it returns "Nothing to be done for 'compile'"? I can see it not actually doing anything, even when I force the define with $(call Build/Compile/Default). it never calls the make invocation
<lipnitsk> did you misspell the target?
<Grommish> lipnitsk: I'll check, but I didn't see anything in particular
<lipnitsk> paste your command
<Grommish> make -j1 V=sc package/feeds/packages/libhtp/{clean,prepare,configure,compile}
<lipnitsk> Grommish: libevhtp?
<lipnitsk> can't find libhtp in packages
<Grommish> I'm creating it
<Grommish> Again, I'm missing something stupid, I know i t, but I can't see it
<philipp64> uhh... why package/feeds/packages/ and not just package/
<Grommish> Build/Compile doesn't get called, even when a direct make is called
<Grommish> philipp64: Because I maintain a repo in which I forked feeds/packages
<Grommish> so Everything goes into feeds/packages, and gets worked from there\
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<lipnitsk> package/feeds/packages/ works better actually, especially for 'refresh' etc
<Grommish> So, make package/feeds/packages/<pgkname>
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<lipnitsk> it flattens the tree so it's helpful
<Grommish> It's all symlinked anyway
<lipnitsk> ya
<Grommish> I use it because itmakes its easy to deal with PRs
<lipnitsk> Grommish: try getting rid of ${PKG_NAME}, it may not get eval'ed in time
<lipnitsk> I mean in "define" statements
<Grommish> Ok
<Grommish> Yeah, it didn't have an issue with Prepare or Configure
<Grommish> just Compile says Go away without telling me why
<Grommish> Just "Nothing to be done"
<Grommish> But even the echo check I put in doesn't go off
<lipnitsk> yeah, something didn't get linked up. there are a bunch of layers that make it all work
<lipnitsk> "make <YOUR_TARGET> -j1 V=s --print-data-base" helps too sometimes
<lipnitsk> you can see all the MAKE variables in that output and usually see what is wrong with your particular package
<Grommish> Its a standard autogen.sh, ./configure, make, make install
<Grommish> I just dunno why the Build/Compile isn't working
<lipnitsk> Grommish: yeah that's strange...
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<Grommish> I'm going to override everything and do it in prepare to see what happens
<plntyk> 8 out of 13 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file ltmain.sh.rej failed patch phase
<plntyk> ?
<plntyk> not sure that autogen.sh and using autoreconf as fixup will work
<plntyk> because those do often the same thing
<plntyk> maybe subtle differences
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<guidosarducci> ndb: Hi Felix, can I ask you to look at https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3926 regarding an old change of yours that appears no longer needed?
<guidosarducci> nbd: Hi Felix, can I ask you to look at https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3926 regarding an old change of yours that appears no longer needed?
<guidosarducci> ^^^ I mean instead...
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<Grommish> plntyk: I turned them off, but it didnt seem to help
<Grommish> plntyk: Still getting a Nothing to be done for 'compile'.. hmm
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<dhewg> mkresin: you recently pushed lantiq patches, could you please take care of https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3524 and https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3660 ? It's just two small patches which are waiting for quite some time...
<Grommish> Well, if anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'd be appreciative :) https://forum.openwrt.org/t/nothing-to-be-done-for-compile/92299
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<Grommish> plntyk: It was because .config didn't have the package symbol set to m or y :/
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<aparcar[m]> guidosarducci: should I merge https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3926 now that felix approved it?
<guidosarducci> aparcar[m]: Yes, please. Thanks.
<aparcar[m]> please see my comment on your other PR
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Yay, about time! :D
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<ldir> I tried to bump openssl to 1.1.1k but 430-e_devcrypto-make-the-dev-crypto-engine-dynamic.patch won't refresh
<ldir> and I ain't messin' with openssl
<rsalvaterra> ldir: Try refreshing it before.
<rsalvaterra> All current OpenSSL patches need refresh (I did it in my tree).
<ldir> so the current tree has fuzz in the openssl patches? That's pretty shit and means prior bumps/tweaks haven't done make package/foo/refresh.
<aparcar[m]> ldir: we need a CI
<rsalvaterra> ldir: Tons of fuzz.
<ldir> rsalvaterra: that's very, very shit quite frankly.
<rsalvaterra> We need people to *refresh patches* before committing.
<ldir> expect a fuzz cleaning commit shortly
<rsalvaterra> ldir: Yes, please, thanks!
<aparcar[m]> is it just about refreshing patches? I think I even did a PR for that
<guidosarducci> aparcar[m]: thanks, saw your comment and tried to respond. We can clarify here too if easier.
<rsalvaterra> (The huge diff happens because quilt converts the rename into add/delete.)
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<aparcar[m]> jep I remember
<aparcar[m]> mangix suggested to add makefile magic...
<mangix> ldir: cotequeiroz handles that
<ldir> as soon as I see patch fuzz it tells me someone doesn't understand the openwrt quilt patch build process
<mangix> and yes, he did not refresh
<mangix> almost nobody does
<mangix> I discovered it probably two weeks before it became mandatory in the packages feed
<mangix> rsalvaterra: use Makefile magic
<rsalvaterra> mangix: I'm not sure I follow you. What does that do? :)
<mangix> fixes that large diff since quilt cannot handle renames
<rsalvaterra> ldir: Does the refresh make the 1.1.1k bump easier?
<aparcar[m]> guidosarducci: we need to wait at least until the buildbot have the prereq installed :)
<ldir> don't know yet - I doubt it.
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Maybe quilt needs to be taught about renames…
<ldir> well I've pushed the refresh
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Ah, I see, you rename the file first.
<rsalvaterra> ldir: Another commit I can drop from my tree, thanks. ;)
<aparcar[m]> ...e_devcrypto-make-the-dev-crypto-engine-dynamic.patch | 2646 +++++++++++++++++++++--
<aparcar[m]> heh
<guidosarducci> aparcar[m]: yikes, so it seems people change build prerequisites in the wiki uncorrelated to actual systems...
<guidosarducci> aparcar[m]: do I need anything special to use that gitlab?
<mangix> ldir: looks like a mistake not handling the rename
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<aparcar[m]> guidosarducci: you can use your github account to login, if it's to much of a fuzz I'll do it
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<ldir> fuck it - revert it - I don't care - the tree is turning to shit
<aparcar[m]> ldir: noo just because I mess up JSON fixes 3 times in a row doesn't mean everything is going to shit
<mangix> ldir: I'll fix and send a patch
<rsalvaterra> I'm starting to feel sorry for bringing the issue up… :P
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<mangix> sent
<rsalvaterra> Yes, but…
<rsalvaterra> … why the rename in the first place…?
<guidosarducci> aparcar[m]: ok, logged into gitlab/buildbot, will try...
<aparcar[m]> guidosarducci: good luck
<mangix> rsalvaterra: the patch makes it an external engine, not a built-in one
<mangix> I believe it's an upstream backport
<aparcar[m]> mangix: is your patch for the reverted or the unreverted repo state?
<mangix> unreverted. didn't realize it was
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Since you're doing fw3 work, could you please take a look a this, when you have time? I have it in my tree since I posted it, with no issues. https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/openwrt/patch/20200130135422.15939-1-rsalvaterra@gmail.com/
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Wait, actually, that's horribly outdated.
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: The two topmost commits, here… https://github.com/rsalvaterra/firewall3/commits/salvaterra
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<mangix> aparcar[m]: if you want to update https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3899 , you should base it on https://github.com/neheb/openwrt/commits/refresh . Fixes the annoying renames
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<aparcar[m]> mangix: please create new openssl patch which does the rename and the refresh at once
<aparcar[m]> actually, please just use my genius script and I'll close the PR
<guidosarducci> rsalvaterra: have you pinged jow? Not much I can personally do, and I'm loath to do cleanups in "security" components I don't fully understand anyway. Do your changes fix bugs? How are you testing it? Regressions? I'd probably be more a PITA than jow TBH. :^)
<rsalvaterra> guidosarducci: Heh… just code consolidation and cleanups, nothing fancy… :)
<mangix> aparcar[m]: what genius script?
<aparcar[m]> in the patch description
<mangix> maybe tomorrow. turns out these lua packages also have host patches...
<karlp> behaving differently with quilt sounds like a recipe for explosions that down the road honestly.
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<mangix> karlp: The good news is, it's only three packages in base and one in packages
<mangix> OpenSSL will be gone with the 3.0 version update I believe
<rsalvaterra> mangix: We're dropping OpenSSL? o_O
<mangix> no I mean version bump to 3.0
<mangix> oh ffs. I found a bug with quilt.mk
<guidosarducci> aparcar[m]: this might be futzed up, but see https://gitlab.com/openwrt/buildbot/-/merge_requests/1
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Phew… don't kill my Tor, please. :P
<mangix> cotequeiroz handles the version updates not me.
<guidosarducci> aparcar[m]: not sure it's meaning, but also seeing: "Failed to get security report information. Please reload the page or try again later."
<mangix> aparcar[m]: seems that script can be simplified
<mangix> while read PKG; make package/$PKG/refresh ; end < packages.txt
<mangix> do/done for bash
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<Hauke> mangix: I think it is not a problem when something does not work with gcc 7 any more in master or 21.02
<Hauke> it is not the default since some time and from my point of view only usefull if you see a problem which could be compiler related to check what happens with the older compiler
<rsalvaterra> Hm… And what's keeping us from bumping both gcc and binutils in master? :)
<Hauke> rsalvaterra: yes should probably be done
<rsalvaterra> FWIW, I'm on both latest versions for months.
<rsalvaterra> Hauke: Wait. Actually, we need to merge mangix's musl bump before, as it contains gcc 10 build fixes.
<rsalvaterra> In any case, the musl bump is also good to go, all known issues are fixed.
<Hauke> I would like to have some weks between them
<Hauke> mangix: rsalvaterra: are umdns and umbim the only applications you are aware of that do not compile with gcc 10?
<rsalvaterra> Hauke: As far as I know, yes (I don't use any of them, though).
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<rsalvaterra> So, I'd say we merge the musl bump, at least to give it more exposure. There are only so many systems we can test on (ath79, ramips, mvebu and x86-64, in my case).
<rsalvaterra> In a couple of weeks, we can do the toolchain bump.
<Hauke> I would prefer to do the gcc 10 update first
<Hauke> at least I would expect there less problems
<rsalvaterra> In that case, you need to cherry-pick the fixes in mangix's musl pull, no?
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<Hauke> yes
<Hauke> I already did over the time
<Hauke> It had over 20 commits in the beginning
<rsalvaterra> Ok, that's perfect, then. :)
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<philipp64> aparcar[m]: thanks for fixing the dependency issue... well, "fixing". yeah, something better is needed.
<philipp64> that's a vexxing one.
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<Pepe> aparcar[m]: Would it be possible that you will obtain commit access for openwrt-routing? There is no CI and integration with packages feed is stalled. Would be good to have there Github Actions as it is in packages and telephony feeds.
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<aparcar[m]> Pepe: sure I'll ask
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<owrt-2102-builds> Build [#12](https://buildbot.openwrt.org/openwrt-21.02/images/#builders/70/builds/12) of `x86/legacy` failed.
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<mangix> Hauke: yeah it's just umdns and umbim. The former patch was rejected by ynezz. The latter's not a real fix.
<mangix> gdb and bpftools patches are for musl 1.2.
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* enyc meows Hauke
<enyc> Hauke: alas irl building-works and stuff all getting in way, not got to homehub v5a (lantix xrx200 with ath9k+ath10k) debugging, but can say current 21.02SNAPSHOT crashing and rebooting one awy or another....
<enyc> there was that issue with ath10k CT firmware etc
<enyc> tho that just made the ath10k reboot, not crash whole system iirc
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<rr123> really like the dashboard luci
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<aparcar[m]> guidosarducci: ping
<aparcar[m]> rr123: same
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<mangix> well, that was a fast NAK
<jow> :)
<jow> I fail to see the problem with having a remove/add patch actually
<aparcar[m]> jow: yea impressive rtt
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<jow> and I fail to see taking such pains to optimize a rename case for a file that does not even end up being shipped in the resulting .ipk
<rsalvaterra> jow: I don't seen any problem with it too. Harder to review, maybe?
<jow> *fail to see the reason
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<jow> nobody reviews patch refreshes
<jow> if at all you review the source before/after and do a compilation test
<jow> also wth. do we even need patches renaming entire files in the source tree?
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<rsalvaterra> jow: I asked exactly the same. :P
<mangix> jow: in the packages feed , there's one package that needs to rename poll.h to avoid conflict with the libc one
<mangix> the alternative to doing renames in Makefile is quilt blowing up the patch files with file creation and deletion.
<jow> which is fine for me since those patches should be the absolute excpetion
<mangix> I think the middle ground is to manually edit the patch files after quilt with rename entries
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<rr123> jow: https://openwrt.github.io/luci/jsapi/LuCI.html Documentation generated by JSDoc 3.6.3 on Thu Aug 06 2020, is the online luci wiki page up to date?
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<Pepe> OpenSSL update 1.1.1k would be cherry-picked into OpenWrt 21.02 and 19.07, right?
<rsalvaterra> Guys, I feel tempted to backport this… https://marc.info/?l=linux-crypto-vger&m=161678608013795&w=4
<mangix> rsalvaterra: that's not even merged :P
<rsalvaterra> mangix: #yolobackport :P
<rsalvaterra> Eight iterations, though…
<mangix> jow: how many CPU cores to the buildbots have?
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<rr123> is build.config supposed to be in the release image or not
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<Borromini> rr123: if you're talking the image you build, not unless you configure the buildroot so
<Borromini> but you can conigure it so
<Borromini> * configure
<aparcar[m]> mangix: ususally 8 cores
<aparcar[m]> rr123: your choice, there is an option for that
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<rr123> found it, thanks
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<mangix> aparcar[m]: cool. Ninja will speed it up then
<mangix> AFAIK, it builds with -j 1
<aparcar[m]> What,m
<aparcar[m]> How will it then speedup anything?
<mangix> ninja doesn't care about -j parameters. It always builds in parallel
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<mangix> oh no it seems I ran out of disk space
<mangix> WSL begone!
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<JyZyXEL> should i replace a 8M GigaDevice SPI flash with the 16M variant or a cheaper WinBond alternative?
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<ianccp> The recent update of iproute2  to version 5.11.0 in commit b048a30 breaks compilation where libintl-full is enabled. The check for the new functionality which checks for libbpf in the package's configure script fails due to an unresolved symbol in libintl-full and compilation aborts. Given that it's a crucial part of openwrt, I thought I'd mention
<ianccp> it here. If I submit a patch to the mailing list, past experience tells me that it will take a month before someone looks at it. I have the necessary patches and can post them here if someone wants to take a look?
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<ldir> ianccp: my suggestion would be to raise a github pr and poke @guidosarducci about it - Tony is interested in iproute2 stuff and very thorough.
<ianccp> can't raise a PR on the main openwrt repo
<ianccp> i'll send guido an email and let him deal with it - I've done the debugging already, so he just needs to send the patches to the list...
<ianccp> thanks ldir
<ldir> ianccp: yw - the trick is finding someone interested & with sufficient time/patience/skill - I'm interested but the last 3 are sorely lacking
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<pkgadd> philipp64: btw. I've been carrying this patch for strongswan for a long time https://paste.debian.net/hidden/8efb1017/ - just as a fyi, I haven't been using strongswan for almost a year now
<philipp64> pkgadd: have you tried upstreaming it?
<pkgadd> philipp64: no, I never got that far (having switched to a faster ipq8065 shortly after)
<Thermi> ipsec starter is deprecated and getting removed in the 6.0.0 release
<Thermi> together with ipsec stroke, ipsec.conf, and ipsec.secrets
<pkgadd> o.k., that solves it as well ;)
<Thermi> I'll see if I can spin up a different kind of loader-notifier for whatever openwrt is using
<Thermi> shouldn't be too difficult
<karlp> is there any "right" way of waiting for a network interface properly? bumping the START number like this person suggests doesnt seem safe/reliable: https://github.com/openwrt/packages/pull/15272
<Thermi> The task is just to notify the init system when the daemon finished starting
<pkgadd> but with many strongswan sub-packages installed, on a dead-slow router (well, ath79, so not thaaat slow) the timeout wasn't enough
<pkgadd> the situation als became a lot better after I trimmed my installed strongswan package set to (almost-) the minimum I really used
<philipp64> pkgadd: you could wait for PR 14708 to go it, and use swanctl instead... it groks *most* of the existing UCI settings (the ones that aren't wrong, anyway, i.e. not "left_firewall", etc.)
<Thermi> pkgadd: looks like the issue is the router or its eMMC
<philipp64> there are only two daemons that get started for strongswan, depending on whether you use ipsec or swanctl... so one really.
<pkgadd> philipp64: I had to move over to wireguard, as I'm now on a cgNAT+IPv6 network - and the wireguard android app can deal with IPv6 better than the strongswan one (not really an issue with strongswan itself, but it nevertheless forced me to switch)
<Thermi> pkgadd: Generally, you only need a very small set of plugins, so the amount of bytes read is quite limited
<Thermi> pkgadd: with a newer Linux kernel, there's UDP encapsulation support for IPv6, so you could use that
<Thermi> That was the primary issue with any roadwarriors
<pkgadd> Thermi: interesting, thanks - I'll probably need to take another look
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<Thermi> pkgadd: using UDP encapsulation with IPv6 requires setting a check mark in the config for the VPN
<pkgadd> VPN was the biggest question I had when I signed up with my current (cgNATed + IPv6) ISP - but fibre vs VDSL and using IPv6 for the incoming VPN connections helped me to settle
<jow> karlp: uci managed network interface?
<Thermi> Actually, we don't even need another wrapper around libcharon. We can just use a start-script entry to notify the daemon basically
<Thermi> errr to notify the init system basically
<Thermi> eh
<Thermi> with procd, we can't even do that because the process needs to run in the foreground
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<Thermi> That makes it impossible to reliably chain other services to strongSwan on OpenWRT because it's not known when the daemon is ready
<Thermi> That's a problem.
<Thermi> There needs to be a readiness watch function or something. Like inotify for a pid file, or any file actually
<Thermi> Like a socket
<Thermi> A setting like "readinessobject" or something that can be a path to a file, or a socket address
<Thermi> e.g. tcp:// or something
<Thermi> If it's a file, procd subscribes to an inotify for the directory is in and sets the service as having started once the file exists
<Thermi> If it's a socket address, procd checks if the socket is connectable once a second