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<rsalvaterra> dangole: Good news, clean master with Linux 5.10.20 doesn't exhibit the mt76 EEPROM problem. I guess I'm on the right track now.
<rsalvaterra> I may have screwed up my kernel config somewhere…
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<rsalvaterra> blogic: Actually, MIPS (the architecture) might not be dead yet… https://www.eenewsanalog.com/news/mips-moves-china-samoa
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: don't taunt blogic like that.. He seemed so happy it was gone ;p
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<lipnitsk> rsalvaterra: so all that bisecting and other stuff was because of something not clean in your tree?
<lipnitsk> rsalvaterra: i mean a clean build would have just worked?
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<blogic> stintel: yes, downgrade to the version prior to your update
<blogic> stintel: that is what I was seeing
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<KGB-0> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/openwrt/openwrt_mediatek.html has been updated. (58.3% images and 97.9% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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<mangix> blogic
<mangix> whoops
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<rsalvaterra> lipnitsk: It's possible. I hadn't dircleaned in months. But I could also have screwed up my kernel configuration, I'm not sure yet.
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<stintel> blogic: but how can that fix anything if I'm not seeing frames in tcpdump?!
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<rsalvaterra> mangix: Uhh… have you tested musl 1.2.2 on ramips (mt7621)?
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<mangix> mangix: what issue are you having?
<mangix> btw libselinux was fixed with version 3.2
<mangix> sorry rsalvaterra
<rsalvaterra> mangix: It's hard to say, since I don't have a serial UART on this device. I compiled/installed an image from master, only with the musl 1.2.2 patch set applied, and for some reason Dropbear isn't responding, as if it had crashed (or didn't even start).
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Yeah, I dropped the libselinux fix in my tree and rebased.
<mangix> dropbear not responding is almost always keygen related
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Not after a sysupgrade -n, right?
<mangix> -n would do it
<mangix> -n removes dropbear's key
<rsalvaterra> That's what I thought.
<mangix> do you have urngd installed?
<rsalvaterra> For testing, I'm always doing sysupgrade -n, to be sure.
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Yes, I do.
<mangix> hmm yeah no easy solution
<mangix> i wonder if dropbear uses /dev/urandom or /dev/random
<mangix> should be using the former
<rsalvaterra> mangix: I have no reason to suspect of a low entropy issue… the router is wired to both WAN and my laptop, the network interface is also a source of entropy, if I'm not mistaken.
<mangix> you could try building with openssh and then installing dropbear to see what's happening
<rsalvaterra> Yeah, or (ugh…) telnet.
<rsalvaterra> (Is it even possible to use telnet in OpenWrt, nowadays?)
<mangix> yeah
<mangix> jow has a package in the packages feed
<rsalvaterra> Actually, in the age of the VPN, telnet might not be such a stupid idea… we just delegate security to another layer.
<mangix> :)
<rsalvaterra> And BusyBox has a telnetd applet…
<mangix> I stopped exposing ssh to the WAN after wireguard
<rsalvaterra> mangix: That makes two of us. ;)
<mangix> the busybox applet was retired for a specific reason. don't remember the details
<rsalvaterra> If it weren't for a couple of forwarded ports, I'd be 100 % stealth.
<mangix> i think it can still be enabled
<mangix> having said that, my 1.33 update removed a maybe needed telnet patch
<jow> mangix: do you mean mac-telnet? thats not a classical telnet
<jow> ordinary, rather
<rsalvaterra> jow: What's your opinion on reviving telnetd (for smart people with VPNs :P)?
<mangix> rsalvaterra: it's still there under customize busybox
<rsalvaterra> This is 3 years old… https://openwrt.org/inbox/howto/telnet_enable
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<rsalvaterra> mangix: Not a first class citizen, though. You can enable the applet, but there's no init script for it out of the (Busy :P)box.
<rsalvaterra> And speaking of first class citizens, it's high time we'd document (at least with a placeholder) /etc/udhcpc.user and /etc/odhcp6c.user. These scripts can be incredibly useful.
<rsalvaterra> For example, in my case, with udhcpc.user, updating DDNS entries *only when needed* is trivial: https://paste.debian.net/1188502/
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<jow> rsalvaterra: my opinion? waste of space
<rsalvaterra> jow: On telnetd? Yeah, possibly…
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<jow> rsalvaterra: or did you mean revive i nthe sense of packaging a standalone telnetd?
<jow> that'd be fine for me, unless it involves me doing work of any kind
<rsalvaterra> jow: I was thinking more of something for the advanced user… A standalone package which would select the required BusyBox features and install the necessary scripts. Of course, it would not installable with opkg (or even available in the official images).
<jow> which makes it a non-starter
<jow> packages triggering conditional compilation elsewhere are highly discouraged
<jow> in the offical feeds at least
<rsalvaterra> jow: Fair enough. :)
<rsalvaterra> Are you opposed to documenting udhcpc.user and odhcp6c.user? If not, I can take care of that.
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<grift> why is quilt used? what is its added value?
<grift> i can't help but to hate it
<jow> ability to manage stacks of patches
<jow> refresh, interactively add/rebase etc.
<grift> always complaining about dirty patches ...
<jow> doesn't match my experience
<grift> its just a diff
<plntyk> quilt is probably some middle ground between package without patches and full external git tree package
<jow> exactly
<rsalvaterra> grift: It's extremely useful. Granted, it has its learning curve, but allows you to use the upstream versions of the code, applying only the patches you need for your specific use case.
<jow> you don't need to use it if you have better tooling available to manage the patch stacks, like importing the vnailla sources into git and add modifications as commits which are thne exported with git-format-patch or similar
<rsalvaterra> The alternative would be having repositories for all the apps whose code needs to be patched.
<grift> so its telling me this:
<grift> 2021-03-09T13:11:27.3040826Z Dirty patches detected, please refresh and review the diff
<jow> never seen that message
<grift> so what am i supposed to do? patch <p1 *.patch applies fine ...
<rsalvaterra> Refresh the patches…?
<jow> I've also never seen quilt printing messages with timestamps
<grift> how? please dont tell me to install quilt?
<rsalvaterra> How are you supposed to do OpenWrt development without having quilt installed…?
<jow> I thought quilt is the one complaining?
<grift> lol i get the message ...
<jow> eh "Dirty patches detected, please refresh and review the diff"
<jow> is not related to quilt or openwrt
<jow> that seems to be some random ci check the folks added for the packages feed
<rsalvaterra> Yeah, never seen quilt saying that…
<grift> o ok my bad
<grift> anyway the patches apply fine locally
<jow> maybe it detects fuzz
<grift> but yes imagine this, your updating to upstream. everything is fine in the build system. so now you create a pull request, and the ci rejects it. no reason just say's "review the diff"
<grift> what diff?
<grift> and why does it build fine in openwrt build system but not that ci?
<jow> no idea, I'd love to help but I fail at even finding the code for the ci
<grift> what is the fuzz with a bit of fuzz
<jow> seems to be hidden in random containers (?)
<rsalvaterra> jow: Who knows the MT7621 platform better?
<jow> blogic
<jow> I guess
<rsalvaterra> I'm seeing strange things in the device tree… I mean, both the GDMA and the HSDMA nodes are disabled, but we have drivers for them…
<rsalvaterra> And I see both GDMA and HSDMA enabled in the vendor firmware…
<jow> grift: ok, so the CI check performs a package/xxx/refresh
<jow> grift: if the end result produces output in "git diff", it means the patches contained in the commit are not in the canonical format
<jow> yes, they might apply cleanly, yes they might work but patch headers could be different (e.g. -p a b style, truncated context lines) or there could be fuzz
<jow> that seems to be what this check is about
<grift> thanks for digging that up
<grift> my package depends on policycoreutils-setfiles on the host
<grift> currently i have a PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS:=policycoreutils/host
<grift> however i have a feeling that this will not ensure that policycoreutils-setfiles is installed on the ho... o wait
<grift> it wouldnt work anyway
<grift> sigh
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<rsalvaterra> blogic: ping. Any specific reason for the GDMA and HSDMA nodes being disabled in the MT7621 device tree, when we have drivers for both of them?
<mangix> grift: make package/x/refresh
<grift> mangix: ?
<grift> if thats about the dirty patch challenge i faced, then nevermind
<grift> i was doing duplicate work anyway someone else already addressed the package updates
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<Grommish> Ooo.. The ER10x is here.. Now to poke and prod at it
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: You should try the "world's most powerful wireless router". :P
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: Someone sent this to me to try and getr Owrt on it hehe
<rsalvaterra> Old, but gold. ;)
<Grommish> and ramips looks scary
<Grommish> and the whole console has to be set to 57600 was a nice curve
<rsalvaterra> That ER10x is ramips/mt7621, right?
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: My hazmat suit into rated level-b.. wil I be alright? ;p
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: It's optional… XD
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: yes, with the realtek switch on top
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: That link is amazing.. Thank you ;p
<rsalvaterra> Ok, it would be nice if you could give mangix's musl 1.2.2 pull a spin, eventually. After dropping the pull, I managed to get my RM2100 on Linux 5.10.20 just fine… :/
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: This ia NiB, so its still running EdgeOS
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: I want to see about pulling a working dts from it before I go playing
<rsalvaterra> Oh, of course! :)
<Grommish> I found drivers for the upper ports, but the 5.12.x kernel removes the openwrt "second, but never upstreamed" switch defines
<Grommish> :/
<Grommish> but that should be for teh boards switch, not the realtek chipset switch
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<KGB-1> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/openwrt/openwrt_x86.html has been updated. (100.0% images and 97.8% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: You need to figure out how the Realtek switch connects to the SoC… but the device tree will be helpful, for sure. Aren't the sources available?
<rsalvaterra> Speaking of device trees…
<rsalvaterra> noltari: ping. I have decompiled the device tree from an undocumented (closed source, GPL violating) BCM96838 device… is this interesting?
<rsalvaterra> noltari: It's this thing: https://www.alticelabs.com/content/datasheets/FL_GR241AG_FiberGateway-4x4_ALB_EN.pdf (But seems to be missing a lot of stuff.)
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: `If its closed source an obtained questionably, I don't know how it could be used.. Any derivitive work would be tainted by it
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: Uhh… not in the EU…? Reverse-engineering is allowed.
<Grommish> Yes, but what about Intellectual Property rights?
<Grommish> is that covered as well?
<Grommish> I'm not versed in EU standards, so I'm asking :)
<Grommish> You can Reverse Engineer in the US, as long as it's a clean-room dev environment.. which means you can't have seen or interacted with the closed source
<rsalvaterra> Well, IANAL, but this is the law… https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/HTML/?uri=CELEX:32009L0024&from=EN
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<Grommish> rsalvaterra: Article 6, 2 (c) might bite you
<Grommish> )
<Grommish> to be used for the development, production or marketing of a computer program substantially similar in its expression, or for any other act which infringes copyright
<Grommish> Oof. Sorry
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: I interpret it in the opposite way. The keyword is interoperability. :)
<Grommish> Production or Marketing...
<Grommish> You are trying to recreate their IP for us outside of their control
<Grommish> Dunno.. I would find true legal advice though
<Grommish> because I'm not it (obviously)
<Grommish> and unless you can prove you were "fixing bugs in their binary".....
<Grommish> rather than "trying to use their binary to fix their OS"
<Grommish> which would be a different pig altogether
<Hauke> isn't reverse engineering also allowed to build a compatible product then the interface description is not available?
<Hauke> e.g. When you want to implement a network protocol which is not documented to talk to some device
<Grommish> Hauke: Dunno, but I bet BCM would argue using their IP for OpenWrt would cut into their profits somehow
<Grommish> Hauke: You know as well as anyone how squirrley Copyright IP can be
<Hauke> clean room reverse engineering should be ok
<Grommish> Hauke: Right, but he has decompiled source
<Grommish> Hauke: which is why I questioned it
<Hauke> if it is linked to the Linux kernel it should be GPL
<Hauke> ;-)
<Grommish> hehe Well.. Should and is.. Broadcom SHOULD make their drivers source public.. but... heh
<Grommish> rsalvaterra: Of course, nothing says you can't take that knowledge and use it locally for yourself :)
<decke[m]> Grommish: there is some code for it and it can also be seen in their dts file from the GPL sources of their stock firmware
<Grommish> decke[m]: *nod* I'm wanting to pull the full tree from the running config on the device and compare it to the existing mt7621.dtsi and see what is different so I can find the switch info
<decke[m]> Grommish: so the realtek is connected via the rgmii link to the SoC
<Grommish> I think I'm going to have to re-arrange my setup to be near a network drop for this
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<Grommish> But, I can always YOLO it.. I need to read up on debricking
<Grommish> decke[m]: Easy enough it looks like
<decke[m]> Grommish: yeah looks well documented
<decke[m]> Grommish: i found this post to be very informative about the ER-X
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<shibboleth> i've noticed that master doesn't have an option build "generic" ath79/mikrotik images (16/64mb, nor/nand ac/non-ac) like those available for 19.07
<shibboleth> is this an omission or will each specific device have to be supported "manually"?
<shibboleth> support for each even
jmv09 has joined #openwrt-devel
<Borromini> shibboleth: i think that's the consequence of generic profiles being removed
<Borromini> commit 9b5e9b65cf
<Borromini> for ath79 e.g.
<Q_> Reading that edgerouter X article, it says there is 2 gigabit/s between the cpu and the switch. I think I also saw that the nat hardware acceleration can do 2 gigabit/s. But if I test that, I can do 930 mbit/s in 1 direction, or do about 450 in both directions.
<Q_> I guess I should read the rest of the artcile
<rsalvaterra> Hauke: It's actually linked to the first version of the Linux kernel which contains code I wrote. :P
<rsalvaterra> (4.4)
<Q_> decke: So do you think OpenWrt should be able to support 1 gbit/s symmetric?
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<rsalvaterra> Aw, wtf, sent the same patch twice. *facepalm*
<Borromini> rsalvaterra: at least you can still send them :P
* Borromini gives his vps the side eye
<rsalvaterra> Borromini: VPS? You don't develop locally? :P
<Borromini> oh no i just have my mail server on the vps. it's just a bit weird that both dovecot and postfix aren't receiving/sending anything from/to the ML anymore
<rsalvaterra> Borromini: Ah, right, I forgot you have your own domain.
<Borromini> i mostly stick to it because protonmail doesn't do plain smtp etc. ... but i found out about hydroxide and will be looking into that
<rsalvaterra> Ok, now I have a 100 % working base to test musl 1.2.2 on the RM2100.
<rsalvaterra> I'm almost sure it's broken on ramips/m7621, but I can't confirm before testing.
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<aparcar[m]1> cheesus anyone here can help me figuring out opt passing between perl functions?
<aparcar[m]1> ./scripts/feeds is no fun
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<Grommish> rsalvaterra: This setup is completely janky but I think You'd appreciate it. One laptop connected via WiFi, sharing the connection to the Ethernet port, which is connected to the WAN of the ER10x in the WAN port.. Eth1 is connected to another laptop so I can use it internal to the device (also a wifi connection from laptop2 to the network) >_<
<rsalvaterra> Grommish: That's exactly my setup, right now! XD
<rsalvaterra> In my case, I have the RM2100 connected to my laptop (Ethernet). The laptop is connected via Wi-Fi to my home network, and I'm accessing it from another machine.
<rsalvaterra> It Works™.
<Grommish> Yes :) It also means i don't have to make a 75m cat6a cable hehe
<Grommish> So I'm super happy it just works
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<rsalvaterra> It works because Wi-Fi has a lower metric than Ethernet… ;)
<rsalvaterra> Wait, no, the other way around.
<rsalvaterra> Ethernet has a lower metric than Wi-Fi. :)
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<Grommish> Yes, but in my case, the metric is not important because I'm bridging the ethernet port and the wifi adapter so that the wifi is the upstream
<Grommish> I'm using the alienware m17xr4 as a wireless bridge hahaha
<Grommish> (and a platform for resting the other laptop on actually). its buff
<Grommish> 4kg laptops are beefy
<pkgadd> as long as it's not IPoAC/ RFC 1149 ;)
<Grommish> No, I don't have a power modulator so I can do that.. and I"m running thru a power block hehe
<Grommish> and no PoE out here
<pkgadd> AC ~= Avian carriers, not mains voltage in this case ;)
<Grommish> AH
<Grommish> The coops aren't allowed in teh garage ;( They smell
<Grommish> Only _I_ can smell bad in here damnit
<Grommish> house rules
<Grommish> ah ha! and now I can do apt-get on device
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<rsalvaterra> pkgadd: And it's not restricted to IPv4… ;) https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6214